Michael Jackson -K-Pop’s biggest idol

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Michael Jackson -K-Pop’s biggest idol?

Seoulbeats -Nov. 16th, 2014

When newly-minted international superstar Psy was asked by The Hollywood Reporter in 2012 what he deemed to be the USA’s greatest export, he answered:

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Now, the answers he chose (language & pop music) might not be surprising. But the fact that he chose Michael Jackson as an example is notable, and, as this article will convey, in no way a coincidence.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.43.38 PMOf course, some might argue that Jackson is an obvious pick. Hailed as the King of Pop for decades, and with his popularity surging up again after his untimely death in 2009, MJ would easily come to a lot of people’s minds when they think of pop music. Yet, the connection between K-Pop and Michael Jackson is surprisingly deep-rooted and his influence a pervasive one.

This connection can be traced back to the very beginnings of modern K-Pop, namely Seo Tae-ji and Boys legendary first performance of “난 알아요 (I Know)“ in 1992. Only about half a year earlier, Jackson had released his landmark album Dangerous, for which he hired a new additional producer named Teddy Riley, who was known as one of the key figures in the New Jack Swing genre

To this day, Dangerous is considered to be the most successful record of this genre in existence. Knowing that, it might not be a stretch to assume that the New Jack Swing influence which can be found in Seo Tae-ji and Boys’ early music was inspired by exactly this Jackson record.

An article released on the website of the Korean weekly magazine Jugan Chosun seems to confirm such an assumption, since it states the claim that “Hallyu is just imitating Michael Jackson”. (On the other hand, it should be added that the Jugan Chosun belongs to the Chosun Ilbo — a conservative newspaper which is not known for the accuracy and objectivity of its reports.)

This musical influence remained a considerable feature of the K-Pop landscape, and finally manifested itself in the recruitment of Teddy Riley by SM Entertainment. Though he has also produced for other artists, one of his most interesting contributions to K-Pop is his work with SHINee; especially the two songs he recorded with them for (Chapter 2) Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me. And doesn’t it almost seem like destiny that the funky, second one of these two related songs should be called “Dangerous”?

Add to this 1) Taemin’s MJ-esque first solo venture, also entitled “Danger”, this year, and 2) keep in mind that Billboard called the group “Korea’s five mini Michael Jacksons with their harmonies recalling The Jackson 5”, and everything will start coming together.

Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment, too, stated that Jackson’s music “became the definition of music to [him]”. It seems safe to say that all three big companies are run/their artists’ music is produced by people whose musical development was hugely impacted by Michael Jackson’s existence.

But Jackson has not only been a huge influence on the music of idol bands. Singers who firmly place themselves on the K-Hip-Hop/R&B side of things have also paid homage to the King of Pop. Two of the latest examples are Jay Park’s “So Good” (which sees him prancing around in a red leather jacket à la “Thriller”) and Crush and Zion.T’s “Hey Baby” (which alludes to several famous Jackson melodies and even includes a shout-out right after the first chorus).

Apart from that, Michael Jackson’s influence goes beyond music and is especially obvious in the field of dance. Many of the most esteemed dancers in K-Pop, ranging from Rain to Taeyang to Taemin, have claimed MJ as their (often very visible) formative influence.

One of SM’s choreographers, Rino Nakasone (e.g. “Replay (누난 너무 예뻐)”, “Genie (소원을말해봐)”), also cites Jackson as the reason for K-Pop choreographies having become popular:


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Looking at all these instances, It only seems right that Psy singled out Michael Jackson the way he did in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter. From the very beginning of modern Korean pop music, elements of Jackson’s sound have found their way into hits of South-Korean origin. It also seems like this sound was deliberately sought out by companies which recruited producers and singers who could provide the often imitated but seldom captured vibe of the King of Pop.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.50.13 PMHis precise, thrilling dancing and eccentric outfits, too, have had an undeniable influence on K-Pop, as well as other genres in the Korean music industry. Considering that many Koreans might have been affected by Michael Jackson’s sound and look rather than the actual words he was singing, Psy’s statement about those performances being a “universal language” holds a lot of truth.

Of course, this statement about pop music as a “universal language” also brings to mind the development of K-Pop over the last two decades. Especially on a site like Seoulbeats, it is plain to see that Korean pop music, like its idol Michael Jackson, has the potential to move and inspire people. What a responsibility, what a chance!

Much appreciation to Cherrelle @HappyChick93 for the heads up on this amazing article.

Source: http://seoulbeats.com/2014/11/michael-jackson-k-pops-biggest-idol/

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Bryton McClure – “God Bless my friend, Michael Jackson…”

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.53.08 AMWho is in the pic with Michael ~ actor Bryton McClure. A wonderful interview with Bryton now 26, who shares his memories of Michael, his times with Michael and his stays at Neverland.

Bryton met Michael when he was 5 yrs old. With Raven Simoné he was invited to give Michael the Artist of the Year at NAACP Awards in 1993. He also sang on the chorus of ‘What More Can I Give’ and appeared with other artists at the United We Stand Concert with Michael. He has also appeared on stage with Michael during concerts. Bryton was also asked by Michael to be a representative for his Heal the World Foundation.

[From the age of 3 -7, Bryton played Richie Crawford on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters. He currently plays Devon Hamilton on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.He guest starred on the drama The Vampire Diaries during its second season as Luka Martin, a warlock. Bryton also does several voiceover programmes.] Bryton founded a charity in 1996 called “RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving) Kids” and is a spokesman for many charities.


Q: How did you and Michael meet?

Bryton ~ When I was about 5 years and I played in ‘Family Matters’, we met someone who worked for the film’s production company. I wrote him a letter and my parents handed it to him to see if she could pass to it to Michael. I told him that I loved his music.

Q: At 5 years, you were already a fan?

Bryton ~ Even before the age of talking, I already loved EVERYTHING that was related to Michael Jackson. It was really inexplicable but I had this affection for him, like everyone else.

Q: Obviously, you heard from him then!

Bryton ~ He wrote me a letter back! I was invited to attend the filming of one of his music videos, “Will You Be There” From the album Dangerous. I could meet him after his performance and take a picture with him. It was very brief.

Q: When did you see him afterwards?

Bryton ~ A few months later. I was asked, Raven Simoné and myself, to give him the reward of Artist of the Year at NAACP Awards. We were just kids! My parents and I were able to talk to Michael backstage and he invited us to his home. The first time I went to Neverland Ranch, I was accompanied by my father. We spent two days there and some members of Michael’s family were also present. I became friends with two cousins younger than him, who was a little older than me. Even today, they are like brothers to me. After that, Michael kept in touch with me by phone and I went to Neverland several times a year with my parents. He opened the doors of the ranch to anyone he considered a friend. Even when he was not there, we could go and spend time there. It was the most generous person I have ever met.

Q: What was your room? Is it that there are themed rooms, such as “The Circus Room” or “The room Spaceship?”

Bryton: No, nothing like that. The rooms were very normal. His house was very simple and warm. It was not like a museum or a hotel. It was an old style, like a large cottage.

**Q: Which was your favorite activity in Neverland? **

Bryton ~ There was a big castle with four towers connected by bridges. At each station, there were giant water cannons and it was great to shoot with. There was always music and animals were amazing. And then there are things that we take for granted: there was plenty of room and it was very peaceful. When we crossed the gate out, we said, “Ugh, now I have to return to reality.”

Q: When was your last visit to Neverland ?

Bryton ~ When I was 16 or 17 years, I went to the ranch when he was there with his cousins and Chris Tucker, I stayed about two weeks.

Q: Do you think we should turn Neverland into a public park or on the contrary, it must remain private property?

Bryton ~ I want it to be maintained in the same way as when I went there. Each week, he was coming from hospitals busloads of seriously ill children, children with illnesses or who could not do normal things like going to Disneyland, in fairgrounds or parks, so that they spend the day there. I wish it continues to preserve what he did and how he opened for sick children.

**Q: Did you already asked his opinion on your music? **

Bryton ~ When the iPod came out, I had one and he had never seen one before. He thought it was really cool and I had one of my top songs. He listened and he gave me great advice. He always did that with everything I’ve done on television and in music, but he was also keen to ensure that I live things that children should live. He realized that I was totally happy to do what I did, but he wanted me to take advantage of being a child.

Q: Which is your favorite memory of Michael?

Bryton ~ There are two that I will never forget. The first is when he asked me to sing on a track he wrote for the victims of September 11. With Michael, there was Celine Dion, * N’Sync, Usher, Mariah Carey and Destiny’s Child. All these other musicians and he asked me to join the chorus. I had to go to Washington to sing with him and all the other artists. Being on stage with him and sing with him at the same thing that is an experience I will never forget. The other experience was when I went to Neverland one night and we were awoken. Everyone went to bed and we sat in the chairs in front of the huge fireplace, and we just talked and shared stories.

**Q: Where were you when you learned of his death? **

Bryton ~ I was at home and I had no idea what was happening. My father called me and told me to turn on the TV. I saw the news and at the time, I did not believe it. It took me a while to realize that it was true. I received thirty missed calls and SMS to people who knew how much I was close to him.

Q: When was your last contact with Michael?

Bryton ~ Last time I talked to him, it was just before the main trial he went through a few years ago. The previous year, I saw and I spent some time with him.

Q: What do you think of all these crazy stories that surface since his death? Bryton ~ I hope that people try to understand what it was like, his life. I hope that people will leave give him a little peace now. It happened once that I talked to him on the phone and he was on the verge of bursting into tears because he did not understand why people treated him as they treated. I believe that in the end, he understood perfectly what was the price to pay for being who he was.

Q: If you had to summarize Michael, what would you say?

Bryton ~ Based on what I experienced, it is really a example of how I want to live. He faced many intrusions into his private life and difficulties on such a grand scale … It’s amazing what people can tell of someone they do not even know. And yet, he was still someone generous, altruistic and benevolent. The thing I want people to realize is that despite all the bizarre stories, jokes, the hype, the media circus and the tabloids, he was still a nice man.

IMPORTANT -Translated article which appeared in the weekly Soap Opera Digest. Post compilation, please credit https://www.facebook.com/pages/UK-loves-MJ/116222408446161

2009 on Bryton’s official website, he left a message to pay tribute to Michael ~ “God bless my friend Michael Jackson. I cannot begin, he was a major presence for me and my family. His love, his respect, his authority and his kindness were truly amazing. Michael I miss you and I will love you forever. Thank you for some of the best moments of my life” ~ Bryton

Other source: http://www.tumblr.com/search/bryton+mcclure

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Reminder: Just Say No To Tabloid Garbage


Please read our last post that couples with MJTruth Now very nicely . “It’s All Just a Little Bit of HIstory Repeating http://mjjjusticeproject.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/its-all-just-a-little-bit-of-history-repeating-anything-for-money/

Originally posted on MJ Truth Now:

We all know by now about the disgusting allegations being made by Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck. These two men fell on hard times after Michael Jackson’s death, and promptly announced that he had sexually abused them for years. Oh yes, they did wait until it was clear that the Estate had become very, very profitable before deciding they could use a generous share. The same Robson who staunchly and repeatedly defended Michael against the self-same allegations by the Arviso family of grifter-con artists is claiming today that he now realizes he was a poor, hapless, naive, blind victim of a very evil man!

This is the same Robson who was counting on getting the position of director of the massively successful traveling Cirque du Soleil show, “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.” That job instead went to Jamie King who also went on to write and direct the Michael Jackson…

View original 505 more words

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It’s All Just A Little Bit Of HIStory Repeating- Anything For Money

Every 10 years….. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.02.31 PM


In 1994, Rush Limbaugh, (who is no fan of Michael Jackson) commented on his television show after  Gil Garcetti and Tom Sneddon made joint announcement that NO CHARGES would be brought against Michael Jackson .. (video below)

–”For the whole year since this thing came up the American people have assumed that Michael Jackson is guilty – because the press has assumed he’s guilty – Remember all the people we had talking.. We had chauffeurs, We had bodyguards, We had cooks, who ostensibly worked for him saying “oh, I saw him in compromising situations” “He loved to sleep with little boys,” oh yes and we had this young accuser and his dentist father. And everybody was saying .. “kids don’t lie” ya know that’s one of the things I hear liberals say – psychologist .. kids don’t lie….

Limbaugh plays excerpt of announcement:

GIL GARCETTI- “Los Angeles County District Attorney: We have concluded that because the young boy who was the catalyst for this investigation has recently informed us that he does not wish to participate in any criminal proceeding where he is named as a victim, that we must decline prosecution involving Mr. Jackson.”

Limbaugh then continues:

They have NO evidence.. there is NO corroborating evidence – they empanelled a Grand Jury in Santa Barbara.. Now a Grand Jury can indict this remote control unit if it wants to – you don’t hardly need anything to indict, they can indict a ham sandwich for crying out loud.

There was NO evidence but all the press reports were that there were countless people who saw and witnessed and could testify that Michael Jackson had committed the dastardly deed.

This kid was given sodium amytal – So now people are speculating that Michael Jackson was set up by the dentist who used the kid as a tool.

But how many of you were believing Michael Jackson was guilty because the press had all these people?

It’s an accusation which there is no defense- the minute the accusation is leveled- you are guilty – the press has all these people saying all these things.

It’s an accusation, which there is no defense.

There’s a great lesson here folks, about not believing — this a sensation oriented lazy press who cared more about the highlights and pizzazz of the story itself rather than the serious content of the story –

The great thing to keep in mind when you watch other fabulous court cases  is…….   the nature of the evidence is what matters. NOT the seriousness of the allegations-

Until then.

You shouldn’t believe a darn thing because you don’t know .. and neither did the press .. always a wise lesson to illustrate that the press doesn’t know what it’s talking about. “

To listen to Rush Limbaughs complete comment please watch LunaJo67 video


2003 Tom Sneddon attempts another take down of Michael Jackson spurred on by Martin Bashir’s “Living With Michael Jackson” interview that included Garvin Arvizo, with dark narrational overtones by Bashir.

At that time Gary Dunlap, an attorney and nemesis of the DA is asked his opinion of the investagion and case against Michael Jackson and states:

“.. I will tell you, the very fact that he’s being prosecuted by Sneddon’s office does not cause me to have any reason to believe that he’s guilty in that, because of what I know about the district attorney’s office, I know that they do vindictive prosecutions on a routine basis. And I know that Sneddon has been, you know, chafing at the bit because he wasn’t able to prosecute him ten years ago. And so I don’t think that there’s any question that he’s being over targeted…. And he does not fit the pedophile profile regardless of what Greta Van Susteren and Diane Dimond can talk about on their Court TV program, he does not fit the profile of a pedophile. I know that he has had hundreds and probably thousands…….and I know personally that scores of those kids have stayed overnight and have had personal relationships with him. And when you take that into account and then you only have two allegations in ten years of this kind of activity, it’s highly suspicious to me.”

Matt Taibbi, Matt Drudge  and even Roger Friedman, a constant and harsh critic of Michael Jackson publiclly denounce the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson as a travesty of justice.

AFTER 2005 criminal trial debacle for Sneddon and his “signature case” failed, an article came out in June 2005, that concisely explained that the case should never have been brought and why it failed. Below is the complete article of Jonna Spilbor* 

Not Guilty Verdicts in the Michael Jackson Case: Was Justice Served, or Thwarted?
Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005

The jury in the Michael Jackson child molestation case has spoken, acquitting the pop star on charges that the star molested a teenage cancer survivor who briefly resided with him between 2002 and 2003.

Jackson was cleared of ten charges in all. They included four counts alleging he molested, or attempted to molest, the then 13-year-old accuser; four counts alleging he’d plied the boy with alcohol; and one count alleging he’d conspired to hold the boy and his family hostage at Jackson’s sprawling Neverland Ranch.

The case began with a confident forty-six-year old Jackson dancing for fans on the roof of an SUV. But it concluded with a sullen slip of a man shuffling slowly away from the courthouse; Jackson seemed not jubilant to have won his freedom, but exhausted and spent.

So what happened? Is Jackson a wealthy celebrity defendant who was able to buy freedom for a price? Or is he a product of a justice system that, on occasion, actually works?

In this column, I will discuss how the case against Michael Jackson may indeed go down in history — not as a case that went wrong, but one that went right.

The verdict essentially vindicates the King of Pop, ending what has been described as a long-standing vendetta between Tom Sneddon, the Santa Barbara District Attorney, and Jackson himself. And it resolved this vendetta the right way: In Jackson’s favor.

When It Comes to Evidence, Quantity Can’t Make Up for Lack of Quality

The evidence against Jackson was copious in quantity, but very poor in quality, and that’s what led to the jury’s acquittal.

There was virtually no physical evidence. There was no chilling confession. So the prosecution based its case on testimony – calling eighty-five witnesses, and dragging in allegations of molestation that were nowhere to be found in its indictment.

The prosecution’s case thus turned on the credibility of those who testified. And on credibility, the case was lost: When jurors addressed the awaiting cameras, in the hours after the verdict was returned, their message was consistent and clear: They didn’t believe the key prosecution witnesses, particularly the two whose testimony was crucial: the accuser and his mother.

The defense successfully portrayed the Arviso family as a family of grifters who exploited the boy’s illness to shake down celebrities for money. The accuser’s mother, Janet Arviso had to admit on the stand that she’d lied under oath to bolster her damages in a previous civil case against retailer J.C. Penney – a case in which she’d collected more than $152,000.

In that case, Arviso had alleged that security guards had sexually abused her and her son during a shoplifting incident – causing her specific injuries. But defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. persuasively argued to the jury that these injuries were caused not by the guards, but rather by Arviso’s abusive ex-husband.

And it wasn’t just J.C. Penney that Arviso cheated, according to the defense; it was also the State of California – and thus, in a sense, the twelve taxpayers sitting in the jury box!

Mesereau showed that Arviso had failed to report her $152,000 settlement on a subsequent application for welfare benefits. When questioned about the matter, Arviso asserted her right to refuse to testify under the Fifth Amendment – which applies only when one fears criminal prosecution. No wonder Arviso took the Fifth: Failing to report income on a welfare application, signed under oath, is a felony in California.

On the whole, it would have been a naïve and gullible juror who swallowed Janet Arviso’s testimony whole. And even if jurors were inclined to believe Arviso’s testimony in part, the required jury instruction – used in all California criminal cases – as much as warned them to be cautious.

It said: “A witness, who is willfully false in one material part of his or her testimony, is to be distrusted in others. You may reject the whole testimony of a witness who willfully has testified falsely as to a material point, unless, from all the evidence, you believe the probability of truth favors his or her testimony in other particulars.”

This instruction may have hurt the credibility of the accuser too. During the defense case in chief, Mesereau presented evidence that the accuser’s mother had coached her children to lie in the J.C. Penney case, going so far as to send her children to acting school to make them better storytellers under oath! With evidence like this, a jury would have been hard pressed to believe the accuser’s testimony beyond a reasonable doubt. And the instruction was clear: If you feel a witness is lying under oath about a given issue, think seriously about whether you can believe him on other issues.

As the jury instruction indicates, testimony is only as reliable as its source – and that’s what killed the Jackson prosecution. Jurors properly evaluated the accuser’s testimony and demeanor, as well as that of as his mother, and concluded that these key prosecution witnesses were not to be believed – or, at least, that their testimony was shaky enough to create reasonable doubt.

Why the “Prior Bad Acts” Evidence Hurt the Prosecution, Rather Than Helping It

The prosecution seemingly tried to make up for the shaky credibility of Janet Arviso, by throwing more evidence at the jury – “prior bad acts” evidence, to be specific. As I discussed in a prior column, this evidence is admissible in California if the judge so rules.

But this additional evidence didn’t bolster the prosecution’s case; it sunk it even further.

Prosecutors attempted to paint Jackson as a pedophile by proffering evidence that Jackson had allegedly molested five other boys over the past thirteen years. But to try to prove this, they relied, again, on testimony the jury was unlikely to find credible, to say the least.

This testimony was almost entirely provided by witnesses who, by all accounts, were former disgruntled employees of Neverland, with axes to grind. One was sued by Jackson and forced into bankruptcy in the face of a judgment that had exceeded one million dollars; it’s hard to imagine a clearer example of the kind of bias that causes a jury to mistrust testimony.

Meanwhile, this biased testimony was countered by much less biased testimony. Prosecutors had asserted that former child star Macaulay Culkin was once a victim of molestation by Jackson more than a decade ago, when Culkin himself was a frequent visitor to Neverland. But Culkin took the stand and adamantly denied the allegations.

Might Culkin have been biased by his continuing friendship with Jackson? Sure.

Would this bias have caused him to voluntarily perjure himself on the stand – denying an incident that, if it had actually occurred, would have badly scarred him psychologically? That’s doubtful.

Was Jackson’s friend Culkin – with, apparently, no financial dealings with Jackson – much less biased than the witness whom Jackson had forced into bankruptcy? Absolutely!

In another molestation case, prior bad acts evidence might have convinced an uneasy jury to convict. Imagine a case, for instance, in which the accuser was a very young child whose testimony was convincing, but featured some troubling inconsistencies – inconsistencies that might be due to the accuser’s young age, or might be a sign his claims were fabricated. In such a case, hearing strong evidence of prior acts of molestation on the part of the defendant might convince jurors that they would not make a mistake to convict.

The convincing prior bad acts evidence, in other words, could bolster the credibility of the testimony relating to the actual offense. (Indeed, this is exactly why prior bad acts evidence can be deeply unfair: The defendant is on trial for the offense charged, not the prior bad acts. If the jury is, in effect, convicting him of those acts, due process has been subverted: The defendant has a right to know what he is being charged with, and defend against that.)

But here, if anything, the poor quality of the prior bad acts evidence probably cemented jurors in their resolve not to convict.

Prosecutor Sneddon Was Aware of the Evidence’s Poor Quality, Yet Indicted Anyway

Moreover, the parade of witnesses with poor credibility did more than undermine the prosecution’s case. It also sent an ugly, inadvertent message: This prosecutor wanted to get Jackson even if he had to suborn perjury to do so.

Attorneys have an ethical duty not to knowingly put lying witnesses on the stand.

For defense attorneys, this duty can be in tension with the duty of zealous representation: If your client hasn’t confessed, can you be sure he is lying?

But for prosecutors, complying with this duty ought to be easy: If you think your witness is a liar, don’t put him up there on the stand to lie. Yet the prosecutors in the Jackson case put likely liars up there again and again.

Is it conceivable that the prosecution testimony in Jackson was all true? Of course not. Is it conceivable that prosecutors could have been ignorant about the lies that would be told? It seems highly unlikely.

After all, Mesereau’s cross-examination – though admirably skilled, tenacious, and thorough – offered no Perry Mason moments. Santa Barbara’s top dog District Attorney was hardly caught by surprise by what cross-examination brought out. On the contrary, virtually all the ammunition for Mesereau’s cross-examination was known to both sides.

What are we to think of a prosecutor’s office that may well have repeatedly suborned perjury – and was well aware of the risk that it would?

Especially egregious was the prosecution’s decision to include conspiracy charges in the indictment, and to put on testimony to support these charges. The supposed conspiracy was to hold the boy and his family at Neverland against their will. Objective evidence suggested that these charges were ridiculous. The risk of suborning perjury was extremely high. Yet prosecutors went right ahead and tried to prove these charges.

This was not only wrong, but foolish. The conspiracy charges undermined the credibility not only of the witnesses who tried to support them, but of the prosecution that included them in the indictment.

In disproving them, the defense was devastating: It showed that during the weeks the boy and his family were supposedly being held against their will at Neverland, they were taken on all-expense paid shopping sprees and spa treatments courtesy of Michael Jackson. After the sprees and spas, they willfully returned to Neverland – three times or more. If this is imprisonment, many overworked Americans may be moved to cry out, “Imprison me too!”

Prosecutor Sneddon should have known better than to build a case around complaining witnesses who, by all appearances, wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. Even now, with a resounding ten “not guilty” verdicts ringing in the nation’s ears, he won’t apologize.

He insists he had to take his accuser as he found him. And it’s true: he couldn’t transform the Arvizos into angels. But he didn’t have to believe them. And he didn’t have to believe them when they were at their most incredible – with respect, for instance, to the conspiracy/kidnapping claims.

And he certainly didn’t have to put other witnesses who were equally lacking in credibility on the stand to try to make up for the Arvizos’ weaknesses. Sneddon might have had to take his accusers as he found them (after he decided to prosecute, that is) but he certainly didn’t have to take his other witnesses as he found them! He could have declined to call them to the stand.

So observers shouldn’t buy Sneddon’s bid to evade responsibility. It’s he who approved the indictment and the witness list, and signed off on the “prior bad acts” strategy. This case didn’t come to him full-grown, begging to be made; instead, like Dr. Frankenstein, he created it.

The Defense’s Forte: Careful Preparation

As I noted above, Thomas Mesereau’s genius was not in Perry Mason moments, but simply in consistent excellence – in preparation, and in cross-examination.

As another basis for their not guilty verdicts, jurors cited the time line of the alleged acts of molestation. Mesereau used prosecutor’s own version of the case to demolish them – in a sort of legal Kung Fu move.

Prosecutors said Jackson molested the accuser after the airing of the now infamous documentary by Martin Bashir entitled, “Living with Michael Jackson” – in which Jackson admitted sharing his bed with children.

Mesereau underlined for jurors how illogical this was: According to prosecutors, Jackson chose to strike at precisely the wrong time: while the eyes of the world were upon him.

Prosecutors also tried to convince jurors that, at the same time, despite his worldwide celebrity, and the intensification of interest in him caused by the documentary, Jackson plotted to secretly kidnap the family and perhaps spirit them away to Brazil! (Hot air balloon not included.)

Certainly, the National Enquirer would not have been able to spare a reporter to uncover that turn of events. Plainly, Jackson could have counted on being able to engineer this international crime, yet having no one be the wiser. Brilliant!

The Bottom Line: A Wrongful Prosecution Leads to a Righteous Result

This case never should have been brought in the first place. But it was – and thankfully, this smart, thoughtful jury did the right thing.

They didn’t do it lightly, either; those who disagree with their verdict should consider that – as we now know from their own interviews — they kept deliberating even though after their initial vote, in the minutes kicking off their deliberations, was a unanimous “not guilty.”

Many juries would have reported their verdict back to the judge immediately. But these jurors were anxious to make sure they did the right thing. So they continued to mull the evidence for the better part of 30 hours; their further deliberations spanned seven days.

That’s right: These twelve people sat in a courtroom for thirty hours – taking time away from their jobs, families and other commitments, despite their initial unanimity — just to make sure justice was done.

It was: These jurors did not mistake quantity for quality when it came to evidence. Nor did they mistake shaky testimony for credible testimony – as the prosecutor’s office repeatedly did, knowingly or not.

In his closing argument, Mesereau called the family a pack of scam artists trying to pull off the ”the biggest con of their careers.”

I might say the same about the office of the Santa Barbara’s District Attorney.

~~~~~~~~~end of article ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NOW in 2013- Plenty of blogs out there discussing these latest false accusations of Wade Robson, filed 2013 -eerily again-  right about decade later, spurred by remembering his “repressed”- “not repressed” memories. It is to note that his statement speaks beyond mere molestation and has made claims of “rape” and an additional culpablility on Michael’s companies for aiding and abetting heinous sexual activities.

Howard Weitzman: “Mr. Robson has adamantly denied under oath and in numerous interviews over the past 20 years that Michael Jackson ever did anything inappropriate to him. He now wants us to believe that he committed perjury at least twice and has been lying to anyone and everyone about Mr. Jackson since the early ‘90s so he can file a claim for money. Mr. Robson’s transparent lawsuit comes nearly 4 years after Michael passed. His claim is outrageous and sad.” 

In court filings, the attorneys for the MJEstate have “categorically and unequivocally denied that ANY sexual conduct ever occured between Michael and Plaintiff “- (screenshot courtesy @Ivy_4mj

let the record show

Robson has requested legal documents from the two failed attempts of 1993 and 2005 by legal authorities to take Michael Jackson down,  this time posthumously- Obviously, lacking in kind of substantial evidence he wishes to glean information that  might bolster his case from the old files and the court is allowing these requests, perhaps to avoid appeal of the process on a later date.

Mainstream media has for the most part avoided reporting with vigor on the sensational Wade Robson statements- perhaps they finally realized it is merely sensationalism without substance.

Rush Limbaugh - “it’s the nature of the evidence is what matters. NOT the seriousness of the allegations-“

Gary Dunlap- “And so I don’t think that there’s any question that he’s being over targeted.”

Jonna Spilbor- “The Bottom Line: A Wrongful Prosecution Leads to a Righteous Result “

Matt Taibbi – “..case was bullsh—t. California vs. Jackson turned out to be basically a tale of a family of low-rent grifters trying to lay a criminal-molestation charge on a rich celebrity as a prelude to a civil suit.”

Matt Drudge -” So Sneddon’s case so far, at least going back to the past, has been a trial of tabloid rejects, or tabloid sources?” 

Roger Friedman-” Yeah, his case is largely based on the National Enquirer reporting… We were lucky they were left to a guy named Paul Baressi, who is an investigator in Hollywood, who came to me…and he said “Listen to these tapes! They will tell you about how the National Enquirer dangled hundreds of thousands of dollars in front of everyone to get them to say that Michael Jackson molested a kid or did anything inappropriate. And in all the time that they tried to do it, the National Enquirer never came up with another kid” 

These recent claims made by Wade Robson are also based on the false National Enquirer stories – and all of the people changing their stories, found perjurying themselves or too afraid to face Grand Juries – Dylan Howard the new VP of Investigational News at AMI, and Chief Editor of both tabloids has made his agenda no secret. He took over the the helm of RadarOnline and National Enquire, stated publicly he was going to follow the old successful “blueprint” of National Enquirer. So far, his staff of writers have carried on the same sort of salacious reporting replete with posting the sordid and vulgar accusations of Wade against Michael even though NO evidence has been presented –  He’s even announced the “cross-sourcing” between NE and RO .. as if that somehow validates the stories.

Dylan Howard has gleefully announced ” “Anyone who has information and wants to get paid, call me,” said Howard. “My checkbook is open.”

“Money, lie for it, spy for it, kill for it  ..  die for it”

So AGAIN  –  It’s All Just A Little Bit Of HIStory Repeating


Nat’l Enquirier Exposed http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/media/2014/07/8549576/emthe-enquirerem-exposed

Not Guilty Verdicts in the Michael Jackson Case: Was Justice Served, or Thwarted? http://writ.news.findlaw.com/commentary/20050615_spilbor.ht

Chronicle of Tom Sneddon’s Vendetta Against Michael Jackson https://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/the-chronicle-of-tom-sneddons-vendetta-against-michael-jackson-the-saga-of-arrogance-and-desperation/

Pattern of Abuse -http://mjjr.net/content/mjcase/part2.html

Gary Dunlap vs Tom Sneddon http://surftofind.com/dunlap

Three Part Transcript and Analysis of Matt Drudge & Roger Friedman reporting on 2005 trial.

http://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/transcript-of-matt-drudges-vehement-defense-of-michael-jackson-in-2005/ 1/3



Paul Baressi http://mjandjustice4some.blogspot.com/2013/07/of-sunday-people-trash-story.html

*NOTE: Jonna M. Spilbor an attorney and legal analyst on “Kendall’s Court”, airing Sundays on Fox News Channel’s Weekend Live with Brian Wilson. She is also a frequent guest commentator on Court-TV and other television news networks, where she has covered many of the nation’s high-profile criminal trials. In the courtroom, she has handled hundreds of cases as a criminal defense attorney, and also served in the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, Criminal Division, and the Office of the United States Attorney in the Drug Task Force and Appellate units. In 1998, she earned certification as a Court Appointed Special Advocate with the San Diego Juvenile Court. She is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where she was a member of the Law Review.

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Smokey Robinson Poem – “I Love Being Black”

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.46.56 AMSmokey Robinson – “I Love Being Black” poem set to a “Displaced Without A Name” YouTube video of  Black Americans pictures and historical events, posted by elisha1973.

Below the video: “I saw Smokey Robinson recite this poem a few years ago and I just decided to put a beat to it that I call “Displaced Without A Name”. Smokey’s version is “I Love Being Black”. However, do you prefer to be called- African American, Black or Negro? Just something to think about. I don’t know which side of the fence I am on for sure, but I will let you have your own opinions. Peace!!!”

Prologue of video : “As African Americans, Blacks or Negroes in this country, there lies a lot of conflict within us from being former slaves of this country. I cannot attempt to discuss all of them in such a short forum.

We have fought in WWII. We were not all “cooks”. Our heritage in this country is deep as those who stole it. Black is not something to be ashamed of, however, listen and form your own opinions.”

Displaced Without a Name 

 I love being Black.

I love being called Black.

I love being an American.

I love being a Black American, but as a Black man in this country I think it’s a shame

That every few years we get a change of name.


Since those first ships arrived here from Africa that came across the sea

There were already Black men in this country who were free.

And as for those that came over here on those terrible boats,

They were called niggah and slave

And told what to do and how to behave.


And then master started trippin’ and doing his midnight tippin’,

Down to the slave shacks where he forced he and Great-Great Grandma to

be together,

And if Great-Great Grandpa protested, he got tarred and feathered.


And at the same time, the Black men in the country who were free,

Were mating with the tribes like the Apache and the Cherokee.

And as a result of all that, we’re a parade of every shade.

And as in this late day and age, you can be sure,

They ain’t too many of us in this country whose bloodline is pure.


But, according to a geological, geographical, genealogy study published

in Time Magazine,

The Black African people were the first on the scene,

So for what it’s worth, the Black African people were the first on earth


And through migration, our characteristics started to change, and rearrange,

To adapt to whatever climate we migrated to.

And that’s how I became me, and you became you.


So, if we gonna go back, let’s go all the way back,

And if Adam was Black and Eve was Black,

Then that kind of makes it a natural fact that everybody in America is an African American.


Everybody in Europe is an African European; everybody in the Orient is an African Asian

And so on and so on,

That is, if the origin of man is what we’re gonna go on.

And if one drop of Black blood makes you Black like they say,

Then everybody’s Black anyway.


So quit trying to change my identity.

I’m already who I was meant to be

I’m a Black American, born and raised.

And brother James Brown wrote a wonderful phrase,

“Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud! Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud!”


Cause I’m proud to be Black and I ain’t never lived in Africa,

And ’cause my Great-Great Granddaddy on my Daddy’s side did, don’t mean I want to go back.

Now I have nothing against Africa,

It’s where some of the most beautiful places and people in the world are found.

But I’ve been blessed to go a lot of places in this world,

And if you ask me where I choose to live, I pick America, hands down.


Now, by and by, we were called Negroes, and after while, that name has vanished.

Anyway, Negro is just how you say “black” in Spanish.

Then, we were called colored, but shit, everybody’s one color or another,

And I think it’s a shame that we hold that against each other.


And it seems like we reverted back to a time when being called Black was an insult,

Even if it was another Black man who said it, a fight would result,

Cause we’ve been so brainwashed that Black was wrong,

So that even the yellow niggahs and black niggahs couldn’t get along.


But then, came the 1960s when we struggled and died to be called equal and Black,

And we walked with pride with our heads held high and our shoulders pushed back,

And Black was beautiful.


But, I guess that wasn’t good enough,

Cause now here they come with some other stuff.

Who comes up with this shit anyway?

Was it one, or a group of niggahs sitting around one day?


Feelin’ a little insecure again about being called Black

And decided that African American sounded a little more exotic.

Well, I think you were being a little more neurotic.


It’s that same mentality that got “Amos and Andy” put off the air,

Cause’ they were embarrassed about the way the character’s spoke.

And as a result of that action, a lot of wonderful Black actors ended up broke.

When we were just laughin’ and have fun about ourselves.

So I say, “fuck you, if you can’t take a joke.”

You didn’t see the “Beverly Hillbilly’s” being protested by white folks.


And if you think, that cause you think that being called African American set all Black people’s mind at ease…..


Since we affectionately call each other “niggah”,


I affectionately say to you, “niggah Please”.


How come I didn’t get the chance to vote on who I’d like to be?

Who gave you the right to make that decision for me?

I ain’t under your rule or in your dominion

And I am entitled to my own opinion.


Now there are some African Americans here,

But they recently moved here from places like Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Zaire.

But, now the brother who’s family has lived in the country for generations,

Occupying space in all the locations

New York, Miami, L.A., Detroit, Chicago-

Even if he’s wearing a dashiki and sporting an afro.


And, if you go to Africa in search of your race,

You’ll find out quick you’re not an African American,

You’re just a Black American in Africa takin’ up space.


Why you keep trying to attach yourself to a continent,

Where if you got the chance and you went,

Most people there would even claim you as one of them; as a pure bred daughter or son of them.

Your heritage is right here now, no matter what you call yourself or what you say

And a lot of people died to make it that way.

And if you think America is a leader on inequality and suffering and grievin’

How come there so many people comin’ and so few leavin’?


Rather than all this ‘find fault with America’ that you promotin’,

If you want to change something, use your privilege, get to the polls!

Commence to votin’!


God knows we’ve earned the right to be called American Americans and be free at last.

And rather than you movin’ forward progress, you dwelling in the past.

We’ve struggled too long; we’ve come too far.

Instead of focusing on who we were, let’s be proud of who we are.


We are the only people whose name is always a trend.

When is this shit gonna end?

Look at all the different colors of our skin-

Black is not our color. It’s our core.

It’s what we been livin’ and fightin’ and dyin’ for.


But if you choose to be called African American and that’s your preference

Then I ‘ll give you that reference


But I know on this issue I don’t stand alone on my own and if I do, then let me be me

And I’d appreciate it if when you see me, you’d say, “there goes a man who says it loud I’m Black. I’m Black. I’m a Black American, and I’m proud


Cause I love being an American. And I love being Black. I love being

called Black.


Yeah, I said it, and I don’t take it back.”

Smokey Robinson-Def Poets, 3rd Season -May 16, 2003 (c)


Smokey Robinson website http://www.smokeyrobinson.com

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Russell-Simmons-Presents-Poetry-Season/dp/B0009NZ2Z6

Spoken Poetry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGWglJbfey4



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Michael Jackson’s Simple Truth Through the Eyes of a Child

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.11.22 PM

Whenever we watch Michael Jackson accepting the MTV Japan Award its easy to see how emotional he became and completely overwhelmed by the enormous amount of love that poured out to him during this visit in 2006.  He shed tears while accepting the award and describing his appreciation of the Japanese  people. –  (Accepts award at 5:16)

“… but most of all, I’d like to say to the Japanes people, from the bottom of my heart, I love you very,  very much… I promised myself, when I came up here, that I wouldn’t get emotional because I think your very sweet, generous…  (tears) kind people. and from the bottom of my heart I thank you….. “       (7:00-7:37)

The speech below written by a Japanese boy makes viewing the video and Michael’s emotional speech- all more poignant ..

THE SPEECH MY SON GAVE: by EVE (themusiclady)

Michael Jackson Trial

Today, I am going to tell you the truth. It is about Michael Jackson. He is a genius and the world’s biggest superstar. I respect Michael Jackson more than anyone else. For, he has been energetically involved in various charity works. For example, he visits children in hospitals all over the world, donates profits from the concert tours to help underprivileged people, and is the founder of the Heal the World Foundation that works to support the poor children.

Recently, Michael Jackson was involved in a very unfortunate incident. Well, it was not just an incident, but a conspiracy. He was accused of the crime of “child abuse.” Although there was no evidence, he was arrested and brought to court. He was accused by a child he liked very much, and Michael’s heart was broken into pieces. Michael was very sad, but he had to win the trial. He couldn’t lose a trial based on no evidence. And, finally, after months of witnesses’ statements and arguments by the prosecution and the defense, Michael Jackson got a verdict of “Not guilty on all charges, “by a jury of 12 people on June 13, 2005.

Do you believe Michael Jackson’s innocence? If your answer is NO, please tell me the reason. If you think you can explain why you said NO, please answer the next question. Have you followed the whole record and process of the trial? Do you know all that was said at the trial? If so, even a ten-year-old child can tell that Michael Jackson was completely innocent.

You may not believe this, but most of what is reported on TV about Michael Jackson is not true. To get a high viewing rate, they sensationalize everything. “Michael Jackson in trouble” can earn good viewer ratings. Please go and research the facts about Michael Jackson on the Internet and get the truth by yourself.

What is so funny about seeing a person like Michael Jackson being lynched by the media? What is so entertaining about looking at a person like Michael Jackson in distress? Can you answer these questions? I must tell you this. Michael Jackson’s innocence is a fact and the truth.

When you voice your opinion, it should be based on accurate information and proven truth. Otherwise, you would end up giving someone suffering. In this society full of information where the media tends to seek sensationalism, a false rumor is often reported as a fact, and the truth can’t be found so easily. Even so, we should try to be as truthful as possible.  Please give it a thought again today.” Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.31.55 AM

Photo taken during Michael Jackson’s visit to Seibi Gakuen Children’s Home In Tokyo (the day after he received the Award from MTV Japan)

Background information from the mother of this child regarding this speech and trophy he won.

“Hi Friends,
Something very nice happened to my 13-year-old son, and I wanted to share the happiness with you.

My son has been Michael’s fan for 10 years, and Michael is his life. He started learning dance five years ago, because he wanted to dance like Michael. And, some time ago, he became the winner of “Michael Jackson Dance Battle.” You can imagine how proud he was! He received a very nice trophy as a prize.

He also won the second place in the ALL JAPAN JUNIOR ENGLISH SPEECH CONTEST which was held this February this year by his speech on Michael Jackson Trial.

Ms. Raymone Bain was extremely kind and understanding to me, and when I saw her to hand in one of the newspapers with Michael and Ms. Bain’s photo on it on Tuesday, she said that she would try to let Michael sign his autograph on the trophy. Of course, as Michael has many many things to do – it might not be possible. Still, I hoped it would be possible. Separately, I also handed the manuscript of my son’s speech to a Japanese staff.

Then, on Wednesday, one of the staff told me that Michael read the speech. My son was overjoyed to hear this, as you can imagine.

However, the trophy was still not back, and we had absolutely no idea when Michael would leave! Michael might leave any moment. Also, there are thousands of presents Michael was receiving from fans and it could just get lost among all other things. The hotel people also said that they would not keep things for the fans at the concierge. So, how can we retrieve the trophy?

My son said that he would be happy to give the trophy to Michael, but, as a mother, I knew what that trophy meant to my son. It was a proof of his love to Michael.

The security of the hotel was incredibly tight and it was just impossible to have a direct contact with Ms. Bain. They just pretend that there is no person called Ms. Bain in the hotel.

So the drama started. The wonderful member at MJJF, MJDANCER123, kindly offered me help to get through to Ms. Bain. She and I started writing to each other day and night by e-mail, trying to get hold of the situation. It was not easy, as Ms. Bain was very very busy and flooded with all other messages.

I was in total panic, and frantically kept on writing messages to MJDANCER123, “What will I do?” “What can I do?” “Help me, please!!” MJDANCER123 is just an ANGEL, and did everything she could, although she had never met me, she had not known me three days before. She even made a phone call to the hotel from the USA.

There were all sorts of speculations about when Michael would leave, and at one moment, I was sending e-mail messages to MJDANCER123 from the PC room in the hotel in confusion, like, “They say the security people are leaving now, Michael may leave probably any moment!” (It turned out later that it was just a shift-change!)

MJDANCER123 patiently read my messages, and she finally secured a word from the staff that, although it was not clear if Michael would sign it, Michael would not leave without returning the trophy to my son! You simply cannot imagine how relieved I was.

Around the same time, a Japanese fan, who was trying to help me by talking to the staff, wrote to me saying that one of the staff saw my son’s trophy in Michael’s room! Then, last night, when Ms. Bain tried to call me to say that the trophy was signed to be collected, I was with my son in Shibuya, coming across with Michael just by chance. I was getting calls from other Michael fans (who gave me the information about Michael’s visit to Shibuya) and Ms. Bain could not reach me by the phone!

When we got back, still drunk from the excitement of witnessing Michael, MJDANCER123’s mail was waiting for me, telling me about the trophy!!! It was too late to go to the hotel to collect it, so we went to bed. The best night ever!

The trophy is now back, with Michael’s autograph, AND Michael also attached a signed self-portrait photo with my son’s name on it. My son is still at school, but I think he is going to faint as soon as he sees them. They are now treasure of our household.

Although my son did not have any chance to talk to Michael (he just saw him with thousands of other fans from some distance), but his love and respect for Michael, I hope, reached Michael.

My sincere, deepest gratitude goes to MJDANCER123, Ms. Bain, Japanese staff, my fellow Japanese fans, and of course to Michael Jackson, who brought so much happiness to our lives.  ” Eve (theMusicLady)

*Note: Any further infomation on the identification of the child and mother/family’s full name would be greatly appreciated.


Mira Jackson https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205354702293893&set=a.1512701464346.2067710.1438690853&type=1&theater&notif_t=comment_mention



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Tom Sneddon. Their BEST man did his BEST job and found NOTHING. New ‘witnesses’ are requested Not to Disturb


Time for a BOOM reblog — >

Originally posted on Vindicating Michael:

The conversation with Brian (our new witnessof  molestation’ emerging in the comment section) has made me change plans again and say a word of praise about our favorite guy – the Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon.

Yes, you’ve heard me right. I’m not going to look much into all the wrong Tom Sneddon did to Michael Jackson, which everyone knows about – I’ll focus on a special kind of professionalism Sneddon displayed during his 10-year long persecution of Michael Jackson –  the professionalism which should be constantly thrust into the face of Michael’s haters.

Tom Sneddon was the BEST man the prosecution could ever muster. Their BEST man did his BEST job with the BEST support he could get from the media and nevertheless reached NOTHING as a result (except ruining Michael’s health, alas)….  If such an experienced, skillful and dedicated hater of MJ as Tom Sneddonwasn’t…

View original 4,319 more words

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