Be A Vanguard For MJ

One voice crying in the wilderness may be lost to the wind; but millions will be heard. Together we can convey Michael Jackson’s true legacy to the world by using the very vehicle that was so often a bane to Michael; the media.

Be a Vanguard for Michael – grasp any opportunity to comment online, in an editorial in a newspaper, on the radio.. etc.. whatever medium that is afforded to you.

In a controlled, polite and measured way, the MJGlobal family can be the voice of change. The media will no longer be able to label us “crazy” when we speak and present facts.

Theodore Roosevelt is quote “Speak softly, and carry a big stick”

As a Vanguard of Michael, we must represent him in a respectful manner, comport ourselves with civility, and project the grace of this beloved man, who is known the world over, all the while – presenting facts.

For example our MJJJP post on nymag —

” We wholeheartedly thank the Discovery Uk for their reconsideration and decision to “indefinitely postpone” the airing of this morbid: and unprecedented butchering in effigy of this much beloved man. Despite the ever present bias in the media regarding Mr. Jackson, he will remain revered across the globe because of his true legacy that the world so seldom hears about. His concerns for the environment, his unparalleled humanitarian efforts and his message of universal brotherhood are well-known by his strong fan base and should absolutely be heralded by the media, rather than the same dated, paste and copy distortions of the past 20+ years. Michael Jackson’s family, the Estate, and his loving supporters, approximately 30+million strong would appreciate Discovery UK CANCELING this program PERMANENTLY; and it should not be sold into syndication and not distributed in any form, dvd, youtube… etc….

MJJJusticeProject —

It’s Time “Be a Vanguard for Michael

Adore the icon — but LOVE the man.

03 January 2011 02:23 PM

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