Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring an awareness to the world-wide public that for 20 yrs the media has perpetuated a biased and distorted view of Michael Jackson’s life. With this awareness we are hoping that not only Michael Jackson fan’s but other concerned citizens of the world will join us in our endeavors to contact the media and put forth our legitimate concerns. It is apparent, that if left unchecked the media will continue to beat the drum of speculation, distort the facts and reimpose the sordid and malicious allegations that have been proven false.   The most vicious of media talking heads are only a handful of people but unfortunately the public has been duped and bamboozled by these self-proclaimed  “MJ experts”.  None of the people who continue to imply, allege, speculate and name call, have ANY supporting facts, medically, legally or otherwise to substantiate their slanderous statements, yet they keep perpetuating the negative myths. Fact is, they NEVER met Michael Jackson and have NO first hand knowledge whatsoever. The “sources” that these “experts” continually refer to when they make their “opinions” are dubious at best and we shall detail some of the outlandish claims as we work through the muck and mire of their inaccurate and malicious reporting for the sake of fame and profit.  On the flip side of this coin we will be continuing to highlight the Vanguards of Michael.  We want the world to understand how many people actually admire him, fight the continued inaccurate reports of the media regarding him and stand by their own principles in doing so.  These special people, risk ridicule and perhaps attacks on their own character for speaking out for Michael, but their convictions are stronger than the concern of some kind of media retribution. The majority of these Vanguards are people who actually KNEW him, spent time with him, understood his gentle nature, his perspective and how he envisioned improving global issues threatening our world. Others are just “freedom fighters” who have worked diligently to observe, research and uncover the insidious nature of a media that puts corporate bottom line above the sanctity of a man’s character and reputation.

There are millions of Michael Jackson supporters who know his truth and have awakened to the fact that it is up to US as his Global family of sisters and brothers to bond with each other, share our information and unite as a force to reveal his true legacy.  WE want Michael Jackson’s true legacy of unconditional love of mankind, unmatched philanthropic work, concern for the environment and his propagation of universal brotherhood to be FAIRLY represented in the media.

Michael Jackson’s Global family are approximately 30 million strong and we are not “rabid” “crazy” or “obsessive” nor are we “delusional.”  We are not idol worshippers, nor do we believe he was a saint. He was a man who had many of the same foibles as everyone else, but was forced to live under such keen observation that every gesture, habit or comment was criticized: he was defamed, vilified, derided, ridiculed and slandered with impunity by a media machine bent on capitalizing off sensationalism rather than the truth.

Rev. Al Sharpton gave a beautiful speech at Michael’s Memorial in Staples Center, it is worth another listen to understand just how much this man contributed to our world and how he inspired generations of young people to enter into charitable organizations to try to change the world and live his message.

“Michael made us love each other –  Michael taught us to stand with each other”

WE always state that MJJJusticeProject is YOU –    JOIN US

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3 Responses to Mission Statement

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  2. Mjsara62 says:

    I don’t have a mic so I can’t talk in our session meetings. But like Catherine said in one of the first session I attended, we r all importance n we all have something to share. Today “Bullying” topic hit right at home as it did for so many. If u have lived a life where u have had always been stronger one, u have lived a bless life. I story is sort of a funny one. I used some of schooling on a exco-worker who was doing everything in her power, which she had way to much, u blame all mistaken n missing ppwk. Well u got the picture. She would swear at me, n get the Plant Manager to believe her lied n he be so mad by the time I came in to work he would swear n throw things at me. I listen n study to peeps to know them n understand why they do/say the things they do. N I learn she loved Sponge Bob n her blaming fits were in kind of a cycle. I always knew tomorrow was the day she would be at her worst streading her blame n lies. So I would buy her something Sponge Bob n bring it in to work. After she would jump me n put on her big show n I tryed to tell her nicely she was wrong with the ppwk to back me, She would sit back in her chair so mad she couldn’t see straight. I would say something in my friendly, nothing just happened voice, “Oh Vickie, I was at the store with morning n I saw this n thoughts about u.” Place on her desk her new SBob n go back to mine n start my work. She hated me so very much because no happen how much she did to me I still showed her Love. She would run to the bathroom crying, because she was so mad. She, after 5 years of blaming me, got them to let me go for 3 decimal point mistakes. N she was then mad at the company for firing me because, in her words, I was the only beside her who was working out of us 5. But her lies that turned around n got her n her work load doubled til they were college girl back two months later. I really believed if I show Love n Caring it would brush on her, but it never did. But at least I knew a never treated her or anyone there badly. They even knew I had crackers n snacks if they were in need of a pick me up. Thanks letting me share this with u. Much Love to u all.


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sara!
      You have the heart of a lion. Powerful, watchful and one with much understanding, that’s you! It does not matter how that woman acted, because you blessed her…believe me! I once thought people chose me to” pick on” because I was inadequate. I later found that people who did such things were people who simply were comfortable, displaying such behavior with me. In other words, they felt safe venting on me. I must tell you, I have no doubt that when you left, you were greatly missed! She had to contain her anger. Oops! No more Sponge Bob toys! In addition, she had to take over your job. Well,that’s Karma for you. What you put out will surely come back to you. No doubt, that is what happened to her.
      Love you sooo much! Catherine


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