MJJJusticeProject For MJ and Humanity

On Monday 28th June 2010, @lovelightmagic said:

What I will say now, is just food for your thought. Please allow me to paint a picture so you can further understand the impact the media has on someone’s life.

Imagine every aspect of your whole life printed for the world to see.
Imagine the news papers, tabloid and other media countrywide focusing on distortion and misrepresentation of your life for the entire world to see – incessantly.
Imagine reading news reporters calling you names, speculating about your personal life (sexuality, preference, and relationships).
Imagine perceiving your career, relationships and everything you value threatened because of it and feeling you can do nothing about it.
Imagine your integrity, motivations and dignity are repeatedly chastised, exploited and ridiculed based on media distortions and lies.
Imagine feeling the world that once embraced and supported you, now seem to turn away.
Imagine the emotional impact on YOU.
Now, imagine the impact to your loved ones.
Imagine your own voice …..silent though you are speaking and trying to set it straight and even those words are analyzed and scrutenized.
Imagine your past (mostly the worst) in gossip, speculation, scrutiny in hundreds of new papers, tabloids, television and radio.
Imagine being called names or considered “guilty” for something horrible you did not even do.
Imagine reporters referring to you using an unkind name that is not yours.
Imagine knowing your reality, but the truth is not vocalized nor supported because other media does not think it is “interesting enough” to report the truth.
NOW again….IMAGINE the emotional impact to you, your family, your loved ones, your supporters….

Imagine this for years to come. Good, now we have that picture painted… tell me: Could you bear this, fight the internal struggle and hold your head up to the world in all your integrity and dignity? I bet you can’t.

You see, that is what the media world does to human beings at the worst. No one in the history of mankind suffered as MJ and his family. NO ONE. He asked for it to stop. He tried to set it straight. He was not supported by many reporters because they “felt it was not interesting enough”. Wonder why he wanted to SCREAM?

It is about time that the media establishment realizes the impact they have on life.

Now do you understand the importance of the MJJJusticeProject?

03 July 2010 05:15 AM

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