Michael Jackson Legacy Defamation Law


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Interview of CaDefLaw Team members  and  Valmai Owens of Michael Jackston Tribute Portrait

Article – http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/hiphopmediatraining/364977/michael-jackson-fans-want-anti-defamation-law-for-deceased/

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On Thursday 23rd December 2010, @mjbrookins said:

Many of us, world wide, have had a difficult time since Michael Jackson’s passing, but his spirit continues to dwell among us, and there is strength in his presence. We have mourned, been angry, and felt confused. Now we have the opportunity to make a difference; to stand up for and make a change.

Since June 25, 2009, there have been many wonderful and loving tributes to Michael Jackson, which have been short-lived. There have also been many unkind, untrue, and hateful references to Michael, which seem to continue. Protecting and preserving the truth is the reason for this message. We are disgusted and frustrated with the amount of rubbish that continues to be paraded as fact about Michael Jackson. In looking for a way to stop the flow of distortion, we have learned that there is nothing to stop the defamation of someone who has passed on.

Michael devoted his life to demonstrating love. He encouraged us to change the world. There is no better way to honor Michael than to make positive changes wherever we can. One of the ways we can make an important difference is to work for a law to be passed that makes it illegal to defame the dead. The focus of this effort is to have such a law passed in California, because that is where Michael spent much of his life, and where his family lives.

Although the viciousness toward Michael has eased, the residue of tarnish on his name and reputation remains. It is time for us to “Make That Change”. The life and legacy of Michael Jackson should be celebrated with respect in the United States, and around the world.

We are all familiar with the level of unfair media attention heaped upon Michael in the past. Journalists hid behind freedom of speech in an attempt to destroy Michael Jackson for entertainment and profit. The freedom of speech is a right that we all enjoy in the United States, and to lose any part of that freedom would be a travesty. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Each of us has a duty to be honest, fair, and balanced in what we say. Journalists, those from whom the masses get their information, should he held to an even higher standard. It is ugly enough to attack someone while they are here, but to continue to promote old lies, innuendo, and hate once they can no longer speak for themselves is reprehensible.

We will no longer passively accept this disrespectful and cruel assassination of Michael’s name. It is time to come together and take action right now. Throughout his life, Michael relied on his faith in God to bring him strength. We can also call on God for strength and direction in making this law a reality.

Help us to convince the California Government to put a law in place that would prevent the media and uncredible others from feeding on the reputations of those who have passed on, please endorse this petition. There is strength in numbers, and many voices create a mighty roar.




The Voices behind the Michael Jackson Legacy Defamation Law Petition

We thank the many fans and celebs who have already endorsed the online petition and continue to support any group whose goal is to vindicate Michael. We especially want to thank:

Mr. Charles Thomson, (Award winning writer, Huffington Post blogger and media commentator) – UK

Mr. Teddy Riley, Songwriter/Producer – USA

Ms. Jennifer Batten, (Guitarist for MJ Concerts) – USA

Lynton Guest, Author/Writer – UK (The Trials of Michael Jackson)

Valmai Owens, Customer Service/Writer/Poet – USA(Editor for Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait)

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3 Responses to Michael Jackson Legacy Defamation Law

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  2. MJ Brookins says:

    MJJJusticeProject, thanks for posting Anti-Defamation Legacy petition on this site. As always I appreciate the support that has been given to this cause. We all have to support every MJ cause that are righteous ones and make that needed CHANGE. I forgot to add Charles Thomson to that list above. Many have signed the petition, especially the first one. We have cleaned it up but encourage everone to sign the petition at change.org. Again, thank you so very much and this vindication group is so very much LOVED and highly APPRECIATED. You support ALL of us and that is something to be grateful about. Much LOVE.



  3. Julie Richards says:

    Michael Jackson deseves respect. No one should have to endure disrespect in death.. We must be Michaels voice


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