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When MJJJusticeproject was established on June 19, 2010, we began with an open letter to the media   http://tl.gd/88mbab We started on Twitter, and gradually opened our youtube account and our forum.

The function of MJJJP, has always been to act as a “cheerleader”. We have endeavored from day one, to help any group that works in a ‘vindicate Michael Jackson mode’ and we will continue to advertise their sites, their petitions and their campaigns. Our love for our brother is what fosters our commitment to him and our love for him surpasses any self-interest or egotistical leanings that are oh so common in human nature.

Discovery- 0ur involvement

On Dec. 6th 2010, Rev. Catherine posted a thread regarding the MJChildren’s Foundation petition against DiscoveryUK on our lefora forum. We signed the petition and immediately began to tweet the petition and our followers passed it on all around the world. Upon the suggestion of Rev. Catherine we began our letter campaign in support of the Jacqueline’s petition that had already created a buzz and again tweeted like mad to spread the word all over to the MJGlobal family.  We knew that we were working against a terrible time constraint because DiscoveryUK had been ever so careful not to alert the fan base regarding the filming and airing of this program.  We thought we could reach more people with a visual aid and issued  the MJJJusticeProject – Mission:Discovery video to send out with our campaign twitlonger messages:

It was the intuition of Jacqueline and her speedy action in getting the petition rolling that was instrumental in the success of this campaign. The fact that the DiscoveryUK kept it on the “downlow” implies that they indeed knew it would be an emotional slap in the face of his loving family and strong and dedicated fanbase.  Quite unexpectedly, from Dec.9th thru 14th 2010, nearly 400 media outlets including CNN, Billboard, TMZ etc…reported on the petition and letter campaign:

“MJ Justice Project and MJ Children have united asking Discovery Channel to stop the broadcast of a gruesome TV show featuring a re-enactment of the late star’s autopsy.”Aceshowbiz – Dec 13th 2010

At this point, the media had done for us what thousands of tweets couldn’t do – it broadcasted to the world that Michael Jackson’s supporters had united in a cause of action against Discovery.  Then DiscoveryUK released an ad in France depicting a sheeted corpse on a gurney with a sequined glove on one hand but quickly and then immediately yanked it, but it was too late. The reports from the media were a boon for the campaign because it demonstrated quite publicly to the Estate that millions of us “had their back”. The Estate had been in contact with Discovery and had ascertained, legally, they could not stop the airing of this despicable program. We can only assume that the Estate’s attorney’s were appalled by the DiscoveryUK ad and realized that the ferocity of Michael’s supporters was escalating. It wasn’t long before the Estate decided to launch a very public attack of their own which propelled the story into a whole new media stratosphere.

Utilizing the same media machine, the Estate issued and broadcasted a letter to DiscoveryUK on Dec. 29th 2010 –and was picked up by Michael Jackson Fan clubs all over the world.

Michael Jackson Fan Club posted:

“UPDATE:Estate Sends Letter to Discover Channel President“  http://www.mjfanclub.net/home/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4273:estate-sends-letter-to-discovery-channel-president&catid=85:latest-news&Itemid=82

After this very public outcry of millions of Michael Jackson’s supporters and the Estate’s letter admonishing them, DiscoveryUK “indefinitely postponed” the airing of the horrid program. This was a great demonstration of the power in a unified group, working together to address the continuing efforts of a biased media machine against Michael Jackson. MJJJusticeProject realizes we are but a cog within the great mechanism that is the “Vindicate MJ” movement surging across the globe. Many organizations were working diligently and his family and insiders were also very much involved behind the scenes to address this critical issue.

A mere “thank you” to ALL of the entities involved in this victory felt so very weak, therefore, we issued a video –

And we wrote a letter to the Estate:

January 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Branca,

We want to express our admiration for your foresight in focusing the world’s attention on the Michael Jackson Autopsy program at DiscoveryUK, by using the very medium which was so often a bane to Mr. Jackson; the media. It is quite apparent by Discovery’s lack of prolonged advertizing that they knew it would cause a stir in the hearts of millions of MJ supporters across the globe, not to mention great distress to his children and loved ones.

While we are thankful to Discovery for their reconsideration and decision to “indefinitely postpone” the airing of this morbid and unprecedented planned butchering of this much beloved man, we stand ever vigilant. Since we have partnered with MJChildren Foundation in a very public MJ Global family protest, we have both decided to continue collecting signatures and letters to be forearmed, in the event that DiscoveryUK changes these ‘indefinite” plans. Our goals are 50,000 signatures and at least 5000 letters, and by the public outpouring of love for Mr. Jackson, we are ever hopeful that our goals will be realized.

As you are well aware, despite the ever-present bias in the media regarding Mr. Jackson, he is highly revered across the globe because of his true legacy. His concerns for the environment, his unparalleled humanitarian efforts and his message of universal brotherhood are well-known by his strong fan base. It is the mission of MJJJusticeProject to bring this same awareness to the world-wide public, by exposing that the media, by and large, has perpetuated a biased and distorted view of Michael Jackson’s life for over 20 years.

As Vanguards of Mr. Jackson, we will endeavor to represent him in a respectful manner, comport ourselves with civility, and project the grace that he himself constantly exuded even under the most trying of life’s ordeals. Our vision is that a paradigm shift will occur in regards to the non-MJ fan public and they too will come to understand that the “crazy” Michael Jackson fans are not so crazy after all.

Again, we thank you, Mr. Branca and your associates for your public letter admonishing DiscoveryUK and displaying to the world that you support the millions of us who protect, defend and honor Mr. Jackson’s true legacy.



We have not yet received any notification from DiscoveryUK that the program has been permanently cancelled, so we are asking that you continue to send your letters and to sign the MJChildren’s petition and also please circulate the message that we want at least 5000 letters and 50,000 signatures.  Please see Petition links for details.

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  1. Christina Tozer says:

    Thank you, thank you…….. RIP Michael!


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