“Michael Jackson Inspires Me” -Sierra-

Recently, in our tiny chat, The Power of Unity, a lovely young woman, named Sierra joined us with her Aunt. Sierra was quite a delight and had such warm and loving things to say about why she admired Michael Jackson, that we prompted her to write it down so that we could share it with the world. It is clear by her twitlonger below that his herculean humanitarian efforts did not go unnoticed by Sierra. She is a future ‘soldier’ in MJJJusticeProject army of MJ’s  love and justice and SHE inspires us to forge ahead with our mission of fighting media bias against this gentle human being. There is whole new younger generation coming into this campaign mix and we are assured by this phenomenon, that his truth will be finally and fairly represented and his messages of universal respect of the individual and universal brotherhood will finally be heard the world over.

Please read Sierra’s note to our Twitter

@MJJJusticePrjct hello my name is sierra and I am 15 yrs old!! The list could go on forever on ways michael inspires me. But the one thing that inspires me most of all, is that he went to orphanages and children’s hospitals!!! besides performing thats the thing he loved most of all is to help someone in need. he even went on his days off, and nobody in the music industry does things like that on there days off. because i believe that they dont have that big of a heart as michael had.

If your wondering why it inspries me soooooo much its bc when he went and done things like that it made u want to be right there with him. It makes me wanna help in anyway i can just by watching him. The child like spirt he had and the way he worked with children was the icing on the cake!! 🙂 he gave them toys autographs albums anything he could give to little children to make them smile and make there life better he would do it!!

Though the press never published or said anything about it, thats because they always want bad news.. they thrive on all things neagative. Some people that do this are there to wave a flag and say ” oh hey look me” …… but not michael. he did it from his heart and more people need to notice that. the love i have for michael is so special to me. i love him with with every bone in my body,with all my heart,with all my soul. just always remember the great man he was and always will be. always remember the love he had for all man kind.

I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!   http://tl.gd/883q15

http://tinychat.com/thepowerofunity <- Our chat is open Mon-Fri. 6pm-8pm CST – Please check the time in your area of the world and JOIN US for inspirational discussions regarding our brother, Michael. If you are interested in speaking on the mic within the chat format, please contact Rev. Catherine Gross on mjj@innocent.com so that we can arrange to have your microphone is in working order,  prior to your time to speak.

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1 Response to “Michael Jackson Inspires Me” -Sierra-

  1. MJ has made some of my favorite songs. Some days I miss him and all the good he’s performed for mankind. His legend will carry on forever.


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