Urgent! Call for Action


12/27/2010 4:00 PM – 3 hrs 13 min

The Discovery Health Channel,has circulated a picture of Michael, prepared for an autopsy. Many of you have seen this picture… However, already it has been accelerated by copy cat pictures that show Michael with his chest ripped open, and his brain out, and laying on the side. It gets worse…but what I have said is already hard enough to bear. It is critical that we come together and work to change this. We can do it, but we must be strong and we must be united. In the spirit of Martin Luther King, and for the love of our beautiful Michael…We shall overcome. Be there, we will discuss how. Guest speakers are AndJusticeForSome, Seven Bowie from MJJ-777 blog, Budsgirl and Lovelightmagic from MJ Justice Project.

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