Veronica’s Story About “Billie Jean”

We don’t think we have enough superlatives to adequately describe Veronica, aka Billie. While being thwarted by the sometimes temperamental tinychat, Veronica quickly demonstrated just how determined she can be while on a quest to spread a story of God’s power through Michael’s music. After repeated attempts, tinychat relented and she was able to share with the members of the chat the story she had lovingly shared with Rev. Catherine Gross months before.  She had us under her spell the minute she began to speak and we listened attentively to her lovely accent and cried while she related this most touching story of grit, love, and the power of Michael’s song,  “BillieJean”

Veronica has so kindly sent us an email of something she had posted in March 2010, so that we might share her inspirational story with the world-

It was August 1995, for the time being, I was going to a praying group in our church.  We met weekly in any of our houses to share and worship our God. One evening, within one of those sessions, the idea of starting a work to help homeless and disabled children was born.

From my part, I was inspired in Michael’s example and wanted to be in his footprints. Moreover, we all felt lighted and guided by the Holy Spirit.

We were five friends and decided to start the new mission helping a Christian foundation bigger than us. The name of our group was “La Posada de Jesús” (something like Jesus guests house). With the blessing of our church minister, we started in October 1995, with a lot of uncertainty, a lot of doubts and a lot of fear, but full of hope and faith.

Soon, we found a little orphanage with about 30 kids between ages of 2 to 14, managed by a young girl called Elizabeth. The kids in the orphanage had several diseases from autism to brain cancer and Dawn Syndrome, but, surprisingly (for me) all of them had beautiful souls. They all were sweet and innocent like God’s angels.

In the orphanage I met one little girl called Milagros and I immediately fell in love with that little baby, she was two years old. She can’t speak, she can’t move, her skin and her hair looked so opaque and extremely dry….She was thin like a strand of grass, big fear can be seen in her brown eyes….Elizabeth told us her mother tied her to the wooden leg of a bed, in the unique bedroom of her poor house. Apparently, she was there for many months. One day, someone in the neighborhood, tired of hearing her shouting, called to the social service and they took the girl to a public hospital. The hospital took good care of her for about two weeks; then, they called to our church saying they can’t have the girl anymore because she is going to die anyway, Milagros had serious brain damage and severe malnutrition. They said they need the bed for other kids…so, she was sent to one of our church’s orphanages. That was the history of Milagros, when I met her.

We used to go to the orphanage every two week and share with the kids. Each one of us “adopted” five or six kids and our mission was to give these children special attention. I started the work with my soul plenty of joy….Through the years, we have had wonderful experiences and very hard experiences too. We have seen the glory of God in the kids, and at the same time our work has been a blessing to our lives. We have seen the kids growing; some have left, some are still there, others have passed but the truth is each one have taught us something very special.

In my group, we played a lot and had little parties together, we invented little animals tales, we had picnics under the trees, we went to the river and ran across its shores….in the morning we prayed…We danced and played wonderful games. We picked up wild flowers in the fields….We talked to the birds, to the squirrels and to the turtles in the forest….We heard the magic flute with Mozart and we sang with Michael…. Those were magical moments.

Milagros had special medical attention during all this years from 1995 to this day. She became an adolescent; she learned to walk and to stammer some words. Milagros learned to smile and to laugh…..that was sublime.

We learned to love each other… She loved gospel music and she also loved Michael’s music, in a very special way. She was able to recognize him. It was unbelievable; she shook her head and hugged me tight when she heard “Ben” or “Music and Me”. We used to listen Michael for hours…We shared the love for his music…Her favorite song was “Billie Jean” , specially the drums at the beginning of the song…..That’s where my pseudonym comes from…. She called me with a word, which sound like “Billie”.

Doctors keep saying, she was a miracle, since she had a serious brain damage….they have predicted she will never reach the adolescence, but she did, she lived many years.

But today, March 24, 2010 her heart stopped beating and she passed at the age of 17 …But her L.O.V.E. miracle is alive in my heart, I will always remember Milagros.

Today, when I am devastated for the dead of my little girl…and my God knows how much tender she gave to my soul… I want to specially thank Jesus for Michael’s music, he is an Angel, I know that, I can feel it. I saw how God used his music and how it touched Milagros heart….That was a miracle.

Michael taught me that we all need to spend time dreaming, praying, visualizing a heaven on earth and creating a place of beauty for our children.

My dearest Michael, today at nine months of your passing, I celebrate your life and the only thing I can say is thank you Angel for your art and for all the L.O.V.E. you gave to this world…you certainly help to make it a better place!!

Millions walk the earth

Many cry out

But only those with

They ear to the ground

Hear the rumbling

Of a new day

A new time

The children time

My heart

Will always hold a place

For your wonderful soul

Treasure comes in many forms

The wise see through the dross

Of circumstances, places


These days we are asking justice for you

But my God took you to his

Special place

Away from all that tarnishes

Judges and misunderstands

He is with you in the majesty

Of creativity’s bonding

That will more than suffice

Rest I n Peace Angel of L.O.V.E.

We love you for all the eternity….and beyond !!! ♥ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♥!!!♥♥♥ ♪♪♪

There’s A Place In
Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could
Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You’ll Find There’s No Need
To Cry
In This Place You’ll Feel
There’s No Hurt Or Sorrow

Our hearts were warmed by this story and we hope that your spirit would also be filled with the love that is reflected in every word.   We asked Veronica to share the name and address of this orphanage in the hopes many will be moved to send donations  directly to them:

Orphanage address:


Calle Antonio José de Sucre

Quinta Verónica # 56

San Sebastián

Estado Aragua – Venezuela

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