LABELING Michael Jackson

DiscoveryUK wanted to rip bits of his body up for all to see, NOW Murray’s defense is planning to rip up what’s left of his legacy. How? By using the labels that the media has mischaracterized Michael with for the last 20 years.  It’s so utterly offensive and the time for the MJ Global family to stand united behind our brother is at hand.  The time has come for all of us to set the record straight and make sure that the court of public opinion, swayed by speculative stories, does not aid Murray. Murray was not a good friend and obviously not even an adequate physician either, IF you gauge his expertise on not knowing CPR, incorrectly inserting IV lines, illegally administering Propofol outside a controlled monitored hospital setting, leaving the patient to go talk on the cell phone to his current baby’s mama….as any indication.

The Murray Defense will attempt to use the 20+year misrepresentation of Michael as a “demanding drug addict” by the media as an excuse to BLAME the victim for his own death rather than on the blatant malpractice of Murray. The bullying and hounding of Michael Jackson by the tabloids is well-known and mainstream media pretty much jumped into the fray with, as CEThomson has coined it, their own sloppy “copy/paste” research.  Many in the media, forced Michael Jackson into seclusion with their incessant violation of his private space, peace and his individual pursuit of happiness. Then after pushing him into seclusion, they pointed at him and sneered ” Look, he’s freakish and lives isolated from normal people.” One doesn’t have to look far to figure out why Michael withdrew and refused to give interviews to these vultures. Whenever, he went anywhere the paparazzi and reporters lined up, even at the exits of hotels, shops and clinics that his bodyguard had hoped to keep secret.  He told Barbara Walters that they even put a camera up under a bathroom stall and clicked away while he was utilizing the toilet!   Please watch these video and listen to what the tabloid press did to Michael and how he describes what they did to Princess Daina. It was harassment and bullying of the highest grade-

Some say that’s “the price of fame”, but surely that can not be an acceptable adage. Fame in itself should not have burdened him with a life, of seclusion nor facing a gauntlet of microphones, cameras and outstretched arms every time a day trip was planned. Nor should it have set him up to be sought out by unscrupulous people who would use their children’s as pawns to extort money from him.  We as a society let Michael Jackson down by allowing the yearning to know about all aspects of his life to supersede his own personal liberties. By allowing him to be bullied, lied about and ridiculed by late night talk show hosts, because we didn’t have the nerve to stand up and say it was wrong. We allowed the media to strip him of all the his rights and civil liberties as outlined in the Constitution of these United States; the country of his birth. Michael Jackson was understandably private about his health issues,  personal space,  and those in it that he loved.  Also, artistically and creatively driven he was continuously reinventing his sound, dance choreography and himself.  Because of the forced seclusion and the constant evolution of his persona he was somewhat indefinable, so the media needed to label him, and therein lies the problem: LABELS

Any of the reconstruction he had on his nose and chin, to correct a self perceived imperfection, an injury from a fall, skin cancer removal or repair damage from the ravages of lupus, was his right to make as a free thinking individual under the care of physicians.  No matter how much the press dehumanized him, he was a human being with constitutional civil liberties and was never under any obligation to open up his full medical history for the gawkers of this world. These procedures where in no way excessive by society’s norm, so WE have to ask-  “Why was he was singled out?”

Many celebrities have undergone more extensive changes than Michael Jackson ever did, but somehow he became the poster boy for body dysmorphic disorder. This label, bordering on absurdity, has been promoted by the press based on a field of “MJ experts”, none of which have ever interviewed this man. Had he not had the ill luck to acquire vitiligo and lupus, it is doubtful that anyone would have made a fuss over the minor adjustments performed on his face. Vitiligo removed pigment from his skin – This is medical fact, yet it this idea that he didn’t want to embrace his ethnicity, is STILL being reported and repeated ad nauseam. Lupus was even more insidious, as it is an autoimmune disease which causes the body to basically attacks itself and can be painfully debilitating.  A little research into this disease might have enlightened Dimond had she ever really done her job as an ‘investigative’ reporter.

Just try to wrap your mind around what he must have been going through at the beginning of his meteoric rise as a solo artist. The sheer adulation from female fans, fainting, screaming and idolizing him was tremendous, but all the while in his estimation, the man in the mirror was a “spotted cow”, as his mother related recently to Oprah. In his autobiographer, “Moonwalk” he even writes about an episode where his breathing was restricted and was ultimately diagnosed with pleurisy, which is an early onset symptom of lupus.  There are also a plethora of 80’s photographs, of the ‘butterfly rash” that displayed itself across his cheeks and nose on the internet and obvious loss of pigment on his throat and chest, when his make-up dissolved due to his perspiration during his performances. These illnesses can do much damage to a person’s self-esteem, and how they believe the world perceives them and can be socially and psychological paralyzing for many people.

Acquiring lupus AND vitiligo, might have thrown any other performer off their game but he chose to face this adversity head on. He did what he could to cover the white patches, the infamous taped fingers, the glove, the dark foundation, until it he had to finally give up on “being a color”, as he was totally devoid of any.  He put himself under the care and maintenance of qualified physicians to address these two very serious diseases. He didn’t want the conditions of vitiligo or lupus to define him, so he kept it private, however he hid it so well, the media was able to continually erroneously label him as a skin bleaching hater of his own race. 

Even after the Oprah interview when he publicly stated that he suffered from “a skin disorder” vitiligo, that occurred “sometime after Thriller” -cynics in the media continued with their ridiculous ascertains that he didn’t want to be a black man.

The other false label is “drug addict” and as one of the media princesses, Dimond, stated on video “ Michael Jackson uses meth, cocaine, and crack” ….. then she adds …..”but I can’t confirm that…” However, she put that sound bite out there and it reverberated from this self-anointed Michael Jackson “expert”, who by the way also NEVER met the man personally and depended and still does on dubious “insider sources”.  Was Michael Jackson taking various prescription medication to address his diseases and health issues? Yes, of course.  Did he publicly admit that he had become dependent on the pain killer prescriptions and enter rehab for help?  Yes. Does this make him a ‘drug addict’ in the way that she implies it? No.  Again, a little investigative work and Dimond would learn that addictions to painkillers are epidemic across the globe and to verify it, she could ask Rush Limbaugh for details. Having a dependence on pain medication does not make Limbaugh nor Michael Jackson drug addicts, and just repeating it doesn’t make it factual.

The child molester label was probably the most hurtful because they turned his love and admiration for the innocence of children into to something sordid and unthinkable in his mind. The repeated ugly connotations of the phrase “sleeping in his bed”, with lifted eyebrow for effect, says more about the depravity of the reporters than it does Michael Jackson. Considering the extent of the health issues he was presented with, it isn’t any wonder why he listened to his attorney’s and financial advisor’s ill advice on settling claims. Tom Mesereau has expressed he wished Michael had stopped touring and faced down the Chandlers way back in 93 just as he finally did in 05 with the Arvizo’s as it left a dark cloud over his innocent head.  It is unnecessary to detail how this utterly slanderous label brought him much personal pain as the media preferred to examine why he would pay off,  instead of examining why a parent would accept money rather than put the molester of their child in prison.  Suffice to say, it should have been put to rest in that Santa Maria courthouse, yet the ever vigilant or more appropriately vigilante press, were too busy reporting on pajamas and not on Gavin Arvisos perjury. What they failed to report was Gavin’s and his family’s inability to keep their story straight,  attempts by Sneddon to introduce falsified evidence, and the list of other perjured and discredited State witnesses. Tom Mesereau has repeatedly denounced the press and their anti-MJ propaganda during the 2005 trial and he is championing Michael again, now, before Murray’s trial.

The only label that the press abhorred to stick to Michael Jackson is actually the one that truly described him best – humanitarian extraordinaire. It would not have fit into their mold or idea of him as a freak so they conveniently ignored the unparalleled philanthropic mission that Michael Jackson fulfilled throughout his lifetime, and now even in death has continued to support with his charities receiving 20% of his Trust.

Michael Jackson from an early age decided that he would be a giver, a doer, a changer of the world. He gave, he did, and he made a difference across the globe and left his altruistic mark, so much so that the Chinese people have just recently memorialized him with a bronze statue to ring in the New Year. The world’s a better place because Michael Jackson lived. 

To find out his true legacy, the media could start by interviewing the administrators of the hospitals and orphanages  all over the world, where Michael supplied much needed equipment and supplies, while on tour. However, we won’t be holding our breath for that eventuality, because too many of the medialoids have tied their “journalistic” careers on the regurgitation of the Michael Jackson lies and it would expose them as frauds and charlatans.

Michael Jackson was an enigma to be sure: a delightful kaleidoscope of opposites and therefore indefinable. He exuded confidence on stage, but shy to the point of wearing shades to avoid eye contact in one on one encounters. A black man proud of his heritage yet by some twist of fate, his skin was devoid of color. Such a sex pot while in his ‘icon’ mode, that the word “mikegasm” has become a defined word in the urban dictionary, yet he was a virgin until he married Lisa Marie Presley. Born in Indiana, yet he didn’t call himself American, he embraced a Citizenship of the World. He was all about the creative process, in song,  music,  choreography, and studied philosophers and artists, yet shrewd enough in business to understand that buying the Beatle’s Catalog was a major coup and as he put it he was able “out think” Sony.

Indeed, most of the media were vigilant in bullying and LABELING Michael Jackson and creating a ‘caricature’,  so that the uninformed public  could be comfortable ridiculing him as well.  The 40+ million of his supporters KNOW his truth, and it is the MJGlobal family’s intention to spread his truth and speak his truth loud and clear. 

This is why WE must be vocal and jump on ANY commenters on articles that are going to rip up Michael. When Murray’s trial begins, WE can expect to see more and more of the same trash being thrown about by Dimond and her ilk. Let her be vigilante,  while WE will remain vigilant.

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3 Responses to LABELING Michael Jackson

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  2. Debbie says:

    Totally agree with everything said in the article. I only hope that somehow, we can get Charles E Thomson to come to the States for Conrad Murray’s trial. That is the only way an unbiased, untabloid-like account of the trial will be published for the world to hear.


  3. Karmen Legazpi says:

    Absolutely love each and every single word you say on here. It’s so true! But I would also say that it’s not just the media’s fault. The audience has the chance to NOT see/give money to those vultures, but still they keep watching Oprah and Dimond (not to mention Bashir).

    So we must remain vigilant but also inform people that if they stop watching those vultures, good journalists will come in and they will tell the truth. Is as simle as that.

    Thank you girls


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