Media Bias in Journalism

Media Bias in Journalism

(updated links January 23, 2011)

MJJ Justice Project
Jul 6, 2010 from

Its time to demonstrate that we the public feel the media behaves on occasion without ethics, humane treatment and certainly lack of professionalism. Behaviors such as: withholding/omission of the truth, selective stories and presentation of opinion, sensationalism and other ways of distorting the truth have no purpose in journalism news other than ratings. Their values and priorities seem as distorted as their stories they print. Ratings are not good enough reason for media bias and distortion. It is not what Journalism is about as a profession.

Journalism: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts/description of events w/o attempt at interpretation. Journalism: writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest. (Webster Dictionary) The operative phrases are: presentation of facts…without attempt at interpretation and writing designed to appeal to public interest. How do the media decide content of “public interest” if they have not printed it yet? “Without attempt at interpretation” means to refrain from imposing personal opinion, media opinion, or directed point of view. Journalism has violated this very definition for years. Its time they govern themselves in this definition and with responsibility to the public and those they serve.

It is time to set the record straight. It is time for the media to own up to their professional integrity and fiduciary responsibility to humanity. It is time for those they harmed to have a peace of mind. It is time it no longer happens to others. The only person in history to endure a grotesque magnitude of negligent, inhumane treatment and bias within the media was Michael Jackson. There are others who have succumbed to the slayings of the media. We speak for you.

The MJJJusticeProject is a worldwide campaign with a purpose to revolutionize the journalism field to ensure integrity and responsibility in all media domains for the benefit to Michael Jackson, his family and humanity. In the past, the media has acted irresponsibly and without ethical standards and fiduciary responsibility to mankind. The media is worldwide and many will encounter some media bias in journalism. It is time the media understands their impact to society and a person’s life. The individual impact of media bias is profound to include long term psychological and emotional effects in all areas of an individual’s social and personal dynamics. (Please view links below.) Journalism as a profession interacts with human life socially, globally and on a highly individualized level. Professions that have potential to inflict harm are bound to standards and ethics and we feel journalism as an established medium between individuals worldwide should be held to such standards. Our campaign by no means is meant to infringe upon freedom of speech, but to ensure domains in power abide by fairness and humane treatment to their public and the individual subjects within journalism content.

Some journalists (and other professionals) have taken the initiative to attempt to correct this wrong for MJ: Charles Thomson, Tom Mesereau, Geraldo Rivera and Aphrodite Jones. We thank you for taking such a bold step in your careers for the truth. Please review content below and perhaps do research on your own. Please join our cause.

Resources and Links

Understand the impact the media has on human life.

first press release revised

Thank you Mr. Thomson for attempting to set the record straight and the truth. Thank you for being bold to print what was not during the time of MJ’s 2005 trial.

Aphrodite Jones on the MJ conspiracy

Aphrodite Jones, Gerlado Rivera on MJ conspiracy

To the top… and we will not stop until: we have the truth, the media governs by ethics and standards to humanity and the record is straight.

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