DD Lacking Clarity

It is clear that a heaping absence of individual thought when reporting on Michael Jackson, along with a big dollop of laziness has created a different kind of “journalism’. One that is generally not substantiated with facts, but rather based on opinions and rumors formulated from tips from unnamed “sources” and repeated, under different bylines, but usually using the exact same sentences structure and implications. The dangerous aspect of this kind of reporting is that unsupported opinions all too often soon morph into fact and up through the morass of misinformation rises up someone like, the self-proclaimed ‘MJ Expert’ – Diane Dimond.

This so called “investigative reporter” has spent almost 20 years chasing after Michael Jackson in an attempt to assassinate his character with facts that she procured from “viable, confirm-able sources” or so she claims on her blog.

It is always curious, however, to watch how she dances around facts that don’t hold to her perception of Michael Jackson. The FBI files clearly demonstrate more than anything else that after a thorough 10 year investigation of this man, by this federal law enforcement agency, nothing was found to substantiate Sneddon’s hounddog insistence Michael Jackson had committed any crime.

On her blog she gives a meek and convoluted attempt at explaining how the FBI files don’t exonerate him with a link to one of her Daily Beast write ups. She trots out the same old tried and true Dimondized versions of assertions based on nothing, and actually sounds like some kind of corny joke. Did you hear the one about the Mexicans, a Mormon and two Canadians on a train? It would be funny if it wasn’t so sickly full of her earnestness to prove his guilt regardless of the lack of real evidence. Charles Thomson, one again disproves most of her and other media’s disregard for truth in reporting  on the FBI files in this link:


Charles also highlights Dimonds way of getting false stories about Michael Jackson perpetuated during one on one interviews. Notice her modes operandi in this excerpt from his Huffington Post article, “The Most Shameful Episode in Journalistic History”.



“In a similar instance, Jackson’s lawyer Mark Geragos appeared on NBC in January 2004 and announced that the singer had a ‘concrete, iron-clad alibi’ for the dates on the charge sheet. By the time Jackson was re-arraigned in April for the conspiracy charge, the molestation dates on the rap sheet had been shifted by almost two weeks.

Sneddon was later caught seemingly trying to plant fingerprint evidence against Jackson, allowing accuser Gavin Arvizo to handle adult magazines during the grand jury hearings, then bagging them up and sending them away for fingerprint analysis.

 Not only did the majority of the media overlook this flurry of questionable and occasionally illegal activity on the part of the prosecution, it also seemed perfectly content to perpetuate damning propaganda on the prosecution’s behalf, despite a complete lack of corroborative evidence.

For example, Diane Dimond appeared on Larry King Live days after Jackson’s arrest and spoke repeatedly about a ‘stack of love letters’ the star had supposedly written to Gavin Arvizo.

“Does anyone here… know of the existence of these letters?” asked King.

“Absolutely,” Dimond replied. “I do. I absolutely know of their existence!”

“Diane, have you read them?”

“No, I have not read them.”

Dimond admitted that she’d never even seen the letters, let alone read them, but said she knew about them from “high law enforcement sources”. But those love letters never materialized. When Dimond said she ‘absolutely knew’ of their existence she was basing her comments solely on the words of police sources. At best, the police sources were parroting the Arvizos’ allegations in good faith. At worst, they’d concocted the story themselves to sully Jackson’s name. Either way, the story went around the world with not a shred of evidence to support it.”

CEThomson’s article demonstrates clearly Dimond style of reporting her sensationalistic story that she “knew”’ was true. Simply throw out a statement or two with no basis or fact and let that little sound bite seep into the subconscious mind of the listener. 

Listen to how many unsubstantiated soundbite bombs she drops in this Insider interview –

She stated or IMPLIED – 

”…..Michael Jackson has long been a drug addict, had a drinking problem as far back as 1993, a man with a long term substance abuse problem since the early 90’s, heroin, meth, and cocaine, heard in trial he had vast amounts of pills everyday and every single day drank vast amounts of alcohol, indictments (for drs) like the Anna Nicole case, not a man who likes to go without pain killers, mixes them with alcohol, anyone who wants the children wants the money, Debbie Rowe, surrogate and sperm donor will be in a long court battle for custody…….”

It is bad enough that she continues to carry on even after his death with 
her opinionated reportings, but when she feigns compassion for his children it reeks of hypocrisy. She has literally made it her life’s mission to assassinate the character of this gentle man for no other reason but to make her own name, and then has the audacity to say that “these children should be top of mind for everybody” ?  Seriously?

MJJJusticeproject along with other vindicate MJ sites will no longer remain quiet and watch this woman continue to spew her unsubstantiated drivel. Below are two links that detail the duplicity of Dimond and the calculated way she continues to go about portraying Michael Jackson with little or no regard for truth.

Please read –  http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7101

and        http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7151

We are going to embark on a full blown expose of this tabloid princess. It will detail what might have been her motive, her multitude of allegations and distortions that are not supported by fact, and her numerous speculations that never panned out.

MJJJusticeproject — It’s Time to take a Stand for truth.

“An injustice to one man, is an injustice to mankind”

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  2. Lezlie says:

    Good work! I can’t stand her lying ass.


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