A Vanguard For Michael – Aphrodite Jones

Some people may say that Aphrodite Jones was one who was not always a Vanguard for MJ and perhaps they were once correct, however, we view her differently.  She had admitted in her book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” that she believed he was guilty and had a negative mindset about MJ previously.  However, we have incredible respect for someone who has taken a step a select few journalists had done at the time or since.  ANYONE who is “big enough” to admit an error, make amends to somehow make it right, and to continue to do so is honorable.  People may say AJ wrote about MJ only to serve her own agenda (ie. to make money), however, something positive must be recognized.   She wrote a book and made some money, sure.  However, she did NOT write a book AT MJ’s expense.  She seems to genuinely try and doesn’t give up – that is the difference.

Aphrodite Jones was inside the courtroom during 2005 listening to ALL the testimony and as an investigative journalist, she knew aspects that we would not know: such as other media activities, their articles and said testimony.  She saw the evidence- actually the lack there of and saw how the allegations were contradicted in witness testimony first hand.  She documented what was NOT printed in the media, made comparisons to what the media did print to what wasn’t, AND she had the guts to admit she fell into the media’s trap.  AJ’s book is a must read for anyone wanting to know the truth.  We’re simply saying, she is telling the truth and her book has accurate information in it.  The 2005 transcripts are a VERY lengthy read- we suggest you read that too.

Tom Mesereau wrote the “forward” in her book to indicate “her book is the most accurate account” of what happened in the courtroom in 2005.  He publicly supported her and her book many times.  Mr. Mesereau’s words are indeed profound and should be taken seriously.

Aphrodite Jones and Tom Mesereau speak about her book:






MJ was targeted in extortion..it’s so sad really.

I have read her book AND compared her words to testimony transcripts.  Her book is indeed very accurate.  If you want to learn the truth, learn by those who speak the truth with integrity- those whose words are backed up by verified and proven direct sources/materials as opposed to the ones who cite invisible “SOURCES”, third party comments or heresay.

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5 Responses to A Vanguard For Michael – Aphrodite Jones

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  2. Bridgett_361 says:

    I second. All the above and have read AJ book and going to reread it
    I am on the side of truth and say out with the lies and cold hate.


  3. clearmjsname says:

    Sorry, but I don’t trust Aphrodite’s motives. I have spent some time looking at what she says and I have come to a contrary conclusion. But thats only my opinion.


    • I had some issues with Aphrodite Jones having the pack media mentality to begin with, but ultimately she realized her error and attempted to redeem herself. I respect and honor Tom Mesereau for being a staunch defender of Michael during the trial and even now during Murray’s upcoming trial. Since he has put his stamp of approval on her book by writing the foreword, I put my approval on it as well – Budsgirl


  4. telitabobita says:

    I read this book and side with Aphrodite.She has always been honest about thinking Michael guilty at one time,but ultimately realized and believed his innocence. She admitted this IN HER BOOK…she came to his defense…
    Yes, I also am on the side of truth:)


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