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RE: Dr. Richard Ruffalo

In reporting on the Conrad Murray trial , the Media Spin has already begun in earnest to put the blame on the victim Michael Jackson. Just by reading a few headlines, it is clear that the oft repeated soundbite morsel ‘drug addict’ is going to be flung about so that any potential jurist will indeed have that ‘reasonable doubt’ clearly implanted in their back of their mind. During the preliminary hearing, Dr. Richard Ruffalo, an anesthesiologist called by the prosecution in the case gave testimony January 11, 2011. In his testimony, he was reflecting on what Murray had told investigators during his almost 3 hour interview after the death of Michael Jackson.

Associated Press Released Jan. 12, 2011 described Dr Ruffalo testimony :

Dr. Richard Ruffalo, an anaesthesiologist who testified as an expert witness, said Murray expressed concern about Michael being addicted to the anaesthetic, in an interview with police two days after Michael’s death. The cardiologist told police he left Michael alone to use the restroom, and when he returned Michael wasn’t breathing.

“It’s the same as having a heroin addict and leaving the syringe next to him and walking away,” said Dr. Richard Ruffalo, an anaesthesiologist who testified as an expert witness.

He said Murray lacked the proper medical equipment to properly monitor Michael, who was receiving Propofol to help him sleep six nights a week, for at least two months before he died. Ruffalo, gave the judge an exhaustive rundown on the sophisticated medical equipment that should have been present when Murray administered Propofol, in Michael’s bedroom. Among the devices were monitoring equipment for heart and lungs and resuscitation equipment.

“You need to know what you’re doing with the expectation your patient will wake up quickly,” Ruffalo said. ‘Even if you’re using Propofol for a short time, it can do a lot of unfortunate things, especially if mixed with other drugs.”

He also said Murray should have been keeping written charts while monitoring Michael’s vital signs, every five minutes while he was under sedation. Police have said they never obtained written charts from Murray, who could face up to four years in prison if tried and convicted.

Ruffalo also indicated that Murray didn’t properly attempt to revive Michael, calling his attempts to perform CPR on the singer’s bed “useless.” The technique must be performed on a hard surface.

Compounded with Murray’s delay in calling 911, which prosecutors said could have been as much as twenty-one minutes, the doctor’s treatment of Michael represented an extreme deviation from the standard of care, said Ruffalo.”

Today a Google search revealed that the spin has begun.
“Michael Jackson accused of drug addiction: ‘It was his milk’ , by Sunny Pepper. Examiner, January 25, 2011


Pepper manipulates the facts – she writes –

“He gets upset if he doesn’t get his milk,” Dr. Richard Ruffalo, an anesthesiologist hired by the prosecution, said in reference to Michael’s purported drug addiction.
Ruffalo also added that leaving the drug with Jackson was like “leaving a syringe with a heroine addict” who will do whatever it takes to get their fix.
While he was making the case Dr. Murray was guilty for his death regardless if he administered the drug or not, Dr. Ruffalo’s accusations that Michael was an addict shocked the family. Media present for the case noted the “audible gasp” from the Jackson family upon hearing the addiction accusations, but a jury will be left to decide on March 28 when the case goes to trial.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (Remember how it finally came to light that the “Jesus Juice”  phrase was a term that law enforcement members used regularly?..  Well.. it turns out that propofol better known by medical professionals as “milk of amnesia” is used by them for what they call “powernapping”…..Coincidence?    We think not,  and we shall delve into this in another post- MJJJP)

And another distortion of fact in an MTV article – “Michael Jackson Doctor Murray to Be” Gil Kaufman,   January 25, 2011

“It’s like leaving a syringe next to a heroin addict,” Ruffalo stated. “If he’s not getting what he wants, when you leave the room he might reach for it himself … Either way, it doesn’t matter. He abandoned his patient and didn’t resuscitate appropriately.” Ruffalo said Murray should have anticipated that Jackson, who had previously asked to inject himself with the drug, might potentially administer it to himself. “He gets upset if he doesn’t get his milk,” he said, explaining that Jackson often referred to propofol as his “milk.”
In addition, the pathologist who conducted Jackson’s autopsy acknowledged it was possible, though improbable, that the singer gave himself the fatal propofol dose. Speaking to police two days after Jackson’s death, Murray told investigators that a sleepless Jackson had begged him for more propofol on the day he died. The King of Pop was in the midst of a grueling series of rehearsals for his planned “This Is It” comeback shows at London’s O2 Arena at the time of his death.”


Again it is written ambiguously as if the ‘milk’ and the “addiction” reference was made by Dr. Ruffalo and not by Murray. Dr. Ruffalo did NOT testify from first hand knowledge that Michael Jackson referred to propofol as ‘his milk’ NOR did he testify from first hand knowledge that Michael Jackson was addicted to propofol. He testified that Murray said both of those things in the police interview.

What difference does it make?

Give a good think over it.

Why is this little fact being distorted by the Examiner and manipulated by MTV to make it appear as if Murray isn’t the source?

Coming from the accused murderer it can be dismissed as a way for him to cover his ass, by blaming the victim.
Coming from the prosecution’s witness, it seems damning on Michael, as someone desperate to perform ‘self-help’

So you see, the spin has already begun.

One can only imagination how this type of distortion of fact was rampant in articles written in his lifetime and how he felt helpless to stop it.  The time has come for all of his sisters and brothers around the world to challenge these types of mischaracterizations of fact. We must point out the discrepancies and put an end to the fallacies that the most of the media perpetrated and continue to espouse in their opinion blogs regarding Michael’s character and his life.


MJJJusticeProject —   This is only the tip of the iceberg; We must be ever vigilant.

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