DD- Hate Speech

hate speech is not free speechAmerica’s history is replete with incidences of hate speech that has incited violence against targeted groups or individuals and many times has resulted in the tragic death of these innocent people. Racist views that are openly and legally expressed under our right of ‘freedom of speech’, by Klu Klux Klan or Skinhead members most likely incited the horrific murder of James Byrd, in rural Jasper, Texas, in June1998. Also, through the years, intolerant rhetoric from Anti-Gay groups, most of them religiously motivated, have continued to pump out demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals. This type of intolerant and incessant hate speech fueled the violent episode that occurred October 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming in the similar brutal murder of Matthew Shepard.

In these two cases, the hate speech directed at the targeted group rendered two individuals within those respective groups as less than human in the eyes of the bigots. This allowed for an irrational ‘moral’ stance that seemed to give the perpetrators of the violence a sense of righteousness and permissibility in acting out on this hate, which resulted in the death of Byrd and Shepard.

The murderous results that emerged from incessant hate speech was so obvious that Anti-Hate Crime legislation was born out of these two very prominent nationally publicized cases. However, a victim does not have to die to be a victim of a hate crime that is instigated by intolerant and incessant hateful rants upon a group or individual.

Hate speech is defined as – “A term of speech intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against someone based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The term covers written as well as oral communications.“ *

This type of speech creates a warped sense of superiority and a predisposition to judge others different from the “norm” and allows for unbecoming behavior to emerge. Incidents may not involve physical assault, but merely the threat of it or damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults are also part and parcel of these crimes. Insidiously, with the advent of the internet, the cyberspace aspect of these manifestations of hate have become a new age way of displaying violence and hate against others anonymously.

Such speech generally seeks to condemn or dehumanize the individual or group; or express anger, hatred, violence or contempt toward them. Hate speech and instigating a disdain for one particular individual is a bully tactic and can be extremely damaging to the victim. By attributing qualities of their being as anything outside expected societal norms, an emotional disconnect is created and this sets them up as a pariah. This is what the media, especially the tabloid princesses, did in mischaracterizing Michael Jackson as a drug addicted gay pedophile as they set him up to be reviled as a “freak”. Voicing her opinion, based on suppositions, speculations and allegations of “insiders” with various axes to grind against Michael, tabloid reporters like Diane Dimond have continuously spewed untruths about this man and in doing so, have spawned an industry of hate against him.

Due to her incessant manipulation of facts throughout the past 20 and her reluctance to accept the clear evidence and his innocence proven in a court of law, she has perpetuated hate and a vile scorn against him. She basically used her self –anointed status as the “MJ Expert” to create in the minds of the general public, a Michael Jackson that did not exist. By intimating that she could substantiate everything she uttered against him with her usual “my sources from inside the family tell me” she spat out innuendos and falsehoods, and now, even after his death, is relentless.

She used her own deep-rooted, dark psyche and attached any and all types of perceived weirdness onto his persona to create a villain that the world could love to hate. We must question the motivation behind annihilating another person’s character for decades. There has been some speculation that her obsessive, anti-Michael Jackson propaganda is based on a deep-seated racism. We will use Dimond’s own defensive salvo “We can’t confirm that”… however, our source from this video seems to think so.

There are many videos of her opinionating on Michael Jackson and her implications are generally defaming and slanderous. She, however, knows how to hide behind the shield law as proven in the lawsuit that Michael Jackson brought against her and Victor Guiterrez in April 1998. She has stated in the preface of her failed book that she would never reveal her “sources”. What she fails to tell anyone is that her sources are often overzealous individuals in “law enforcement” or disgruntled ex-employees that have been sued by Michael Jackson and most information is bought.

What are the absurd and sometimes dangerous conclusions she so commonly slings out about Michael Jackson that promotes hate of this man?

Apparently, her so-called ‘insiders’ who she touts so much, never confirmed he had vitiligo so he bleached his skin so as not to look African American. His sexual exploits were kept private and he didn’t behave as a disgusting womanizer, therefore he must be gay. He admitted going to rehab for addiction to pain meds, and used various prescription medications to control his other health issues, therefore that makes him a drug addict. He drank wine like millions of people all over the world, but somehow that makes him an alcoholic. He cannot be the biological father of his eldest son and daughter, because biracial children, in her estimation must have dark skin, brown eyes and black curly hair. His father beat him and he had plastic surgery ergo, he has body dysmorphic disorder. He lived reclusively on a 3000 acre park replete with Disneylandesce rides, therefore he’s a child predator and molester of children.

She wove a very dark tapestry of a man who defied societal conventions and in doing so amassed a following of Jackson haters that are so vitriolic they continuously attack his image and defame him and his fans and supporters. Coaxing out the most hideous impulses of the common man to believe the worst about Michael without any kind of substantial proof she successfully dehumanized him in the eyes of the public and this is the definition of hate speech.

Once she created this abnormal view of him it was easy for internet trolls to capitalize on the contempt held by many. They continuously setup heinous Youtube, Facebook and other sites which propagate all of her false allegations. They distort his image and create cartoons depicting him in all kinds of outrageous and vile ways. We hesitate to hyperlink any of these horrific sites as many of them are beyond the pale and would be considered X-rated. Frankly, we are amazed that the owners of Youtube and Facebook would allow such sites prejudice to be circulated as their message perpetuates intense hate and incites emotional verbal exchanges as demonstrated in the comment section on many of these videos and sites.

Dimond’s propaganda against Michael Jackson has created a hate industry directed at a man who by all medical, evidentiary and legal accounting was innocent of any crime. The intense and negative emotions that she has embroiled in the minds of the MJ haters of this world are clearly palpable and would seemingly be unlawful. Unfortunately, under the First Amendment tabloid reporters, newspapers and magazines can say what they like about minority groups, religions and individuals – even false, provocative or hateful things – without legal consequence.

So we will end where we started – Historically, America is replete with incidences of hate speech that create intense emotional contempt toward groups or individuals that can sometimes lead to hate crimes and the death of innocent people. In this case, her unsupported opinion biased reporting has assassinated the character of a very gentle and giving human being. With her hate speech, Dimond used a repetitive verbal assault on his character to annihilate his reputation and murder his true legacy and in doing so created a hate industry focused on demeaning him, his family, and the millions of supporters who love and understand the true nature of this man of grace.


*Definition of Hate speech & Hate Crime



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To understand the innocence of Michael Jackson – Please read M.O.N.E.Y. The Extortion Attempt of Michael Jackson (1993) Part I & II  :



Matthew Shepard’s Mother speaks about missing her son for  15 yrs -http://www.huffingtonpost.com/judy-shepard/15-years-without-matt_b_4086226.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003

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23 Responses to DD- Hate Speech

  1. P says:

    This is EXCELLENT and 1 of the truest assestments on hate speech that I have every read! I don’t see how Diane Dimond (Demon) sleeps at night, she is a vile and disgusting tabloid princess and far from a journalist, in fact she’s a disgrace to REAL journalists everywhere!


  2. MJsldestfan says:

    Diane Dimond, doesnt know her head from a hole in the ground. Ms. Dimond. You have lied about Michael. You have no clue whatseover. Paris, Prince and Blanket are undeniably 150% MICHAEL’S CHILDREN.
    1. Prince has the onset of Vitiligo on his hands and neck, So does Michael.
    2. All Children are born with blue eyes, duh!!!!
    3. Their mother was blonde however NOW LOOK AT THEIR HAIR, TWIT!!!




  3. Layne says:

    The point about Michael’s children is that he is their father. There are many, many
    adoptive parents who Dimond and others insult with their focus on the genetics of
    that man’s children. It is sad and a reflection of where her mind is; it is not about
    Michael at all. Would she take on a couple in Illinois who adopt a child? Would it
    become a topic of derision and gleeful questioning? I think not. The more she or
    anyone harps on this topic, the more obvious it becomes that she/they have a
    vendetta or need to demean Mr. Jackson, and he alone.
    Dimond is simply a part of an industry that rejoices in disparaging this man and take his many admirers and do the same marginalization. It’s about ego and money and
    it continues after Mr. Jackson has passed. It’s bullying and it isn’t pretty. They need to be continually called out about it and that is happening. It isn’t 2005 any longer and the silence that allowed the mischaracterization of Mr. Jackson is over.


  4. Franci Shepherd (111FAS) says:

    WOW!! I am without words, and for me…that’s a rare. I’ve known about this woman for many years, what her “game” was, but never have I viewed her in a manner such as disgusting as this, so completely, all in one “bad package”!! This commentary is very well written. It brings it all into fruition about Diane. I’ve often wondered what makes her detest Michael so much. How she can “go after” a world known and world loved icon like Michael Jackson in the first place will always be beyond my comprehension. Especially when all the evidence of innocence point toward him and why she wouldn’t ”go after” the Chandlers and Arvizo’s, where all the evidences of guilt rest. I’m surprised someone didn’t put a stop to her foolishness a long time ago. Her, Maureen Orth and Nancy Grace, will be held accountable for their evil deeds toward Michael one day…I hope.


  5. ladyplatinum says:

    This article is truth beyond truth. The thing perpetrating as a human being, DD, is not only pathetic, but is ignorant, demonic, wretched and hopeless. She took the soul of a beautiful human being, Michael Jackson, and with words and demeanor of a double edged sword, sliced him up for the brainless followers to feast and who continue to believe her ridiculous babble.

    I cringe every time I see network media allowing this slimeball to report anything specifically pertaining to Michael. I still don’t understand why she has a leg to stand on in journalism, because I wouldn’t pay her with bird droppings to report on which tree branch is the best to drop them from.


    • Brenda Beazley says:

      “…..I wouldn’t pay her with bird droppings to report on which tree branch is the best to drop them from.”

      Beautifully spoken words!!!


  6. SeptSpirit says:

    Thanks! Dimond’s propoganda created a “Hate Industry”. So unfortunately true.

    Let us not forget that she wanted him investigated because his children were homeschooled. This, after he was stalked by Sneddon for a decade; subjected to an unprecedented raid of his home; thoroughly investigated several times by CPS; and acquitted of all charges.

    If a Slamloid reporter is going to publish information that will slander another- destroy their reputation and livelihood; violate the persons Right to Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness; they should not be allowed to do so based on Rumor and Gossip, and also be required to expose their sources and document the evidence. Otherwise, their irresponsible and anti-social behavior could have serious ramifications for the victim. Since citizens are tried in the Media- Court of Public Opinion- they should adhere to the same restrictions used in a courtroom. Facts, no rumor or petty gossip.

    I seriously believe that Dimond should seek help for her obsession with Jackson. I think many of her “sources” are figments of her wild, suspicious, imagination. Her body language when speaking about Jackson is very telling. She looks like she’s hopped up on amphetimines. Overly excited and salivating. She painted herself into a corner that will be very difficult to get out of. Unless she sees the light, swallows her pride, and gets honest. (Someone should plant a suggestion… want a bestseller, unlike the last two flops? Write a confessional “Be Careful Who You Lie About: They May Have an Army of Advocates”.)

    She should sell all of Michael’s personal possessions that she owns and donate the money to charity. Seriously, if you despised a person and believed in your heart they had harmed children, would you want to own any of that their possessions, much less proudly display them in your home? Somethin’ ain’t right about that.

    She’s a terribly insecure woman, seeking approval and “success” at anyone’s expense. She needs love, perhaps “tough love”, in the most desperate way.


  7. Thess says:

    I just wish this girl will leave Michael Jackson alone. Now that he is gone many eyes were opened how this man has lived his life and changed other lives as well. Her opinion doesn’t matter to all of us who loved MJ from the start to the end of his life.


  8. MJJFAN4EVER says:

    This is so true. She acts like she knows everything, but the reality is that she doesn’t know the difference from the sky and the ground. AND OF COURSE THEY’RE MICHAEL’S KIDS!!! Like the Dad had blue eyes…. hmmm she sounds like she SOUNDS like she’s an expert on the family… guess not! Ugh hate her hate her hate her. She’s ignorant and plain cruel.


  9. Donna says:

    Diane Diamond looks like she has some black blood in her. I believe some where I read there is black in her blood line. Whats the mattter Diane can’t stand what you might be
    You have no right to slander Michael Jackson when the United States is made up of a multitude of races. I don’t remember God going on vacation and leaving you in his place. Get off your high horse worrying about Michael Jackson because oviously he was more popular,had more money,more sense, and more looks then you ever will. I see you as jealous and evil becasue if you were normal you would worry about yourself . My advise to you mind your own dam business.


  10. Kitty says:

    In several other countries people honor, respect, and celebrate their artists with museums, and parks, etc. For example, the Picasso museum in Spain and Vigeland park in Norway, where there are hundreds of sculptures of the human form created by Vigeland. Maybe one day this country can honor M.J. in the same way. As a nation we need to expose people like Diane D. who radiates negativity! Let’s respect media, and even celebrities that can bring some joy to humanity like Michael did. We desperately need it!


  11. samantha says:

    Oh my Gosh! shes insane..she needs to see a doctor…she really needs help now or else shell be seen dead because of obssesion to MJ..pity this woman so much. por diane DEMON of all and other who let MJ down all throughout but they never succeed..because GOD knows HE is REALLY 100% INNOCENT to all people in the whole world. How can they let this woman say something that is not factual & truth..goddness. she should be exiled. shes not a good reporter nor a honourable journalist..shame on this woman. maybe because she loves michael and couldn’t help it but to dish the man in order for her to get attention to the people..geeeez..i was right then, this kind of attitude tells something..thats my instinct..Does she know of a good journalism? how can she had her degree at all! she fight to the end of this battle against michael yet she failed and now shes very very lonely woman..


  12. nika soloki says:

    DD is a very sick person and people who did not stop her with her lies are even
    sicker than her.
    We live in a world that abusing the freedom of speech is not a crime.
    DD and her associates know that very well.
    I am not an american nor living in US OF A but feeling deeply sorry for that nation.
    Democracy in that country slowly but surely became hypocracy!!!
    DD should be punished and dismissed from whatever she is doing in the media.
    He is a poor excuse for a woman and above it all as a breathing creature.


    • mjpassion says:

      M.J. was an international treasure, he is an icon, a legend and the most brilliant, extraordinary human being that walked this planet. Unfortunately his own country did not realize what a very precious gift he was to us. He inspired millions in every part of the world and his legacy and spirit will live on forever in his true fans’ heart. The number of these fans keeps growing. He had a beautiful soul and his genius talent came from his heart and soul. He gave all he could and still keep giving. His LOVE connected people all over the world and his beautiful smile will shine down on us to give us strength to see justice for him and his family. I can’t imagine how could D.D. and her followers look in the mirror for the crime they committed. How could they have been so blind and not see the man and what he meant for the world? I am proud and feel blessed to live in the time he spread his magic. I am not alone!!


  13. hesouttamylife says:

    No truer words have ever been spoken. Michael Jackson became an object to vilify and hate due to the mass dehumanization of him by the Diane Dimonds of the world. No different from Hitler, only in a dress. The question that I have been trying to discern in my mind is what gives these people the authority to scandalize at will with no fear of repercussion? It would seem they would be setting themselves up for lawsuits and putting their companies at risk. Do they bear no blame? Michael Jackson’s being so hated by many members of society stems from nothing more than propaganda, slander, and misplaced aggression on the parts of people who are in positions to influence and instigate by their own narcissic agendas. They are about the business of brainwashing and programming those who are susceptible to being led like puppets on a string. It is criminal what happened to Michael Jackson. Something should be done, some changes made whereby people are held accountable for this kind of victimization way before it reaches the point of bashing an innocent person to death.


  14. Doris Gräff says:

    Diane Dimond is devlish


  15. Keep The Faith says:

    As revolting as DD is(and she is) it’s painfully obvious that she is just another LIAR using MichaelJackson’s name to get her own name in the press like the famewhore she is getting attention is her game, and sadly I believe she has even convinced herself of the HATE she spews. really has she ever “reported” or written a book about anyone else besides MJ-when I think about it her obssession with MJ is freakier than anything she said was freaky about MJ………..Ugghhh sorry I could go on forever I just can’t stand her but in the spirit of Michael PEACE&LOVE.


  16. appleh says:

    I´m not a psychologist, but I think DD is very convinced about her actions. To me she is one of these conservative well-meaning citizens. She believes to do all the right things like investigating in every way about MJ. She was there when the police raided Neverland, she was at the trial, she was on several TV-Shows to exploit her opinion about MJ as an “expert” and she finally went into Holly Terrace to see where MJ is buried. Even after his death she can´t let him rest in peace.


  17. deborah mcdermott says:

    diane dimond is evil. she is consumed by hate of mj and his family. i think her views are not supported by facts. whenever i see this witch i like to spit in her face. enough said, i would not believe anything she had to say.


  18. Melanie Hoyle says:

    I knew she had done some horrible things to MJ but didn’t know it was this bad and that all the propaganda that had me believe 15 years ago that MJ was an eccentric child molester who was trying to have his skin replastered and bleached to be a white person with no resemblance to his father was propagated from her. The truth will prevail and I came to finally know the truth 2 years ago. MJ was a victim of gross misjustice and racial hatred. Even if he was addicted to prescription drugs in the end which killed him who could blame him for wanting something to take away the extreme stress and emotional pain he endured for decades because of (people) like Diane Dimond. I’m surprised from all the trouble he had to live with people trying to pin him down for child molestation, financial lawsuits, overzealous fans claiming to be wives, gay partners, or real parents of his children, and racial bigots that he didn’t hit a nervous breakdown!


  19. Kasi says:

    I think that Dimond is only a small part of the problem. What about Maureen Orth with those slanderous articles of hers in Vanity Fair, what about Bashir, what about all those people in media and show biz who vilified and still maintained the idea that Michael was a child molestor. No, Dimond is only the tip of the iceberg. Τhere are people who are more respectable than her, more popular than her , more powerfull than her who have and continue to harme Michael’s legacy. Changing people’s perspective about Michael is something very difficult to do, especially when we don’t have someone in the media or someone with power who is prepared to tell the truth about him. The only people who care are the fans, unfortunatelly.


    • This wordpress only opened in January, and it is our goal to research and deconstruct ALL of the perpetrators of lies against Michael. WE purposely focused on Dimond first, because while Orth, Bashir etc…were also instrumental in spreading untruth, she has been like a woman possessed for years. On her blog she has and ENTIRE section devoted to him only, which belies her statement that she has a “life” outside the MJ saga. WE know that Dimond is only one tiny link in the injustice chain. WE intend to deconstruct them all, one by one. –

      MJJJusticeProject – It’s Time.


  20. karen says:

    thank you. very well written article. I come from asia such great distance to there and yet this womans’ hate goes as far as here and i only wish someone pursues her and puts her in prison.


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