A Vanguard for Michael – Tom Mesereau

Tom Mesereau was successful in proving Michael Jackson’s INNOCENCE

Tom Mesereau has his own slideshow regarding his meeting and defending Michael Jackson. His profile on the website begins – “he is best known for Acquitting the late music legend, Michael Jackson, of all fourteen charges in the most watched trial in legal history. Tom is widely recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in the country. He has been selected by his peers as one of “The Best Lawyers in America” and has been listed as one of the “One Hundred Most Influential Attorneys in California” by the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the leading legal newspaper in California.”

Even though Mr. Meserueau defended high profile clients, like Michael Jackson, he also does pro-bono work in the South for much lesser known defendants, who he feels have been unjustly incarcerated. An interview on  Celebrity Justice demonstrates clearly how how he lives by his principles and how he applies them to the law –

“My father always taught me to keep an open mind, to look for injustice and always be very sensitive to people who face oppression, who face injustice, mainly poor people.”

WE honor and respect Tom Mesereau for his overall work ethic and his determination to seek justice whether it be for a iconic legend or the common man.  In Michael’s case, as he said, he kept an ‘open mind’ and was sensitive to a man who faced ‘oppression’ and ‘injustice’. He demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that has been one of Michael’s most avid of Vanguards because not only did he defend him, he befriended him. Immediately following the resounding victory in the 2005 case, Mesereau did a variety of interviews in which he criticized the media for the sensationalized and inaccurate way they portrayed Michael, the case, and the trial proceedings.

These are some quotes from a Larry King Live interview:

“Celebrity injustice is sending 70 sheriffs to raid Michael Jacksons home in a search, it was putting more experts, more sheriffs, more investigators in this case, than a serial killer. MJ was treated different because he was a celebrity. “

“Prosecution tried to create the impression that other people were molested and they all came in and said they weren’t. “

“The more I got to know Michael Jackson, the more ridiculous I realized these charges were.  He was a gentle, charitable kind hearted, decent person he. He was honest and down to earth, straight forward to deal with. The Michael Jackson I know doesn’t even come close to the Michael Jackson that they tried to portray. to see a simple person.. honest about his loneliness, honest about childhood.”

“Michael is a very resilient person and yes he’s been a target for many years, he’s been maligned, he’s been scandalized – but he’s also one of world’s greatest artists, one of the world’s greatest talents, and also one of the world’s greatest humanitarians “

Mr. Mesereau continues to be a staunch supporter of Michael Jackson even after his death and was interviewed on CBS. He praises the funeral services as depicting the wonders of the man himself.  Please listen starting at 2:05

” There was magic in the air, everyone sitting there just soaked in the aspects of this very unique person. . . .  Michael had a universal quality where he reached out to mankind to try to heal the world through art, through music, through love, through kindness..  and then there was the individual .. when he helped a child from the inner city with an icecream or he introduced them to an animal at Neverland it would put a smile on his face. . . .  this was a very special and unique person I think both services brought out what kind of person he really was. ”

When you hear affirmations of Michael’s total innocence, gentleness and true nature from a well respected man like Tom Mesereau, who knew him personally, it carries so much more weight, yet the news agencies rarely incessntly repeat the opinions of anyone who has anything positive to say about Michael Jackson.

Here again,  he totally dispelled the fact that Michael was a pedophile and especially that lingering doubt that Jordan Chandler was molested but the media didn’t pick up on this story. Listen to him carefully at 1:56

“… he’s the one that got a settlement in the early 90’s, my understanding is the Prosecutors tried to get him to show up, and he wouldn’t, if he had I had witnesses who were gonna come in and say he told them that it never happened and that he wouldn’t talk to his parents for what they made him say..and it turned out that he went into court and got legal emancipation – his mother came in a testified that she hadn’t talked to him in eleven years… ”  Tom Mesereau

We must all endeavor to be as loyal and vocal as Mr. Mesereau and be Vanguards for Michael.

Please watch Tom Mesereau video with LKL

Mr. Mesereau has made his views on media coverage of Michael Jackson NO secret;

(Nancy) “Grace put Jackson on trial in the court of public opinion by presuming his guilt from her seat behind an anchor desk.”

“I think her coverage of the Jackson case was sub-moronic. She didn’t know the facts; she didn’t know the evidence. She didn’t know the witnesses. She didn’t know what was happening in the courtroom,” Mesereau said. “She tried to spin a verdict through a lot of emotional innuendo that was just buffoonery as far as I am concerned. When she was humiliated by the acquittals of Michael Jackson, she lashed out at jurors. I thought she was a disgrace. I thought she was the bottom of the barrel.”

If you wish to read the “sub-moronic”  views of Nancy Grace spews open this link .. the aricle is from 2009.


Please read T. Mesereau’s interview with @ValmaiOwens of

Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait


UPDATE:  Mr. Mesereau speaks June 25th, 2011 at a Celebration of Michael Jackson’s Life at Gardner Elementar School Auditorium

Find our more about Tom Mesereau- Please visit his site and read his full profile and truly understand the generous spirit of this attorney.

UPDATE: Susan Yu, legal associate of Thomas Mesereau, in the 2005 trial discusses the fine qualities of Michael, why she felt drawn emotionally to his family, the trial & personal philosophy: English begins at :53   


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8 Responses to A Vanguard for Michael – Tom Mesereau

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  2. Seven says:

    Don’t miss the Honorable Tom Mesereau’s YouTube Channel here:


    I have encouraged people to download these and any other videos that reveal the truth about Michael because they keep disappearing (blocked for various reasons). Sometimes they are re-uploaded. Other times however they are not.

    You can save them using http://www.keepvid.com

    I encourage saving these videos because there are as always efforts to ‘erase the truth’, about Michael – and now that he’s gone from physical life here, efforts to erase his true legacy and instead supplant it with the decades of media(loid) lies about him.

    An entire industry has been created around peddling these lies about our brother and the endeavor is of course to keep it going by keeping the lies going and the truth buried. This is an income stream for them. It’s serious business to them.

    Save everything. Because once it disappears for one reason or another, we will be the ones to pass on the truth about this dear, wonderful man – this light – that ignorant and self-serving individuals and entities tried and continue to try to bury in darkness.

    The medialoids will not not tell the truth. They are only concerned with hiding it and peddling salacious propaganda for continued profit, career-making, & greed. They will destroy nations or international icons for money. It doesn’t matter to them. Nothing matters to them other than themselves and their bottom lines on Wall Street. They are the antithesis of everything Michael Jackson was.

    That means it’s up to us to save his legacy – literally and otherwise. No one else is going to do it. Capture his light before they snuff it all out beneath a cloak of musty decades-old tabloid headlines and memes. They tried to do it when he was alive, and they may think that it’s a free-for-all now that he’s gone. But it’s not. Not if we don’t let it happen.

    Capture his light, push aside that musty cloak, and let it shine. “It starts with us. US. Or else it’ll never be done.” -Michael Jackson (on saving the planet ie: Earth Song)


  3. P says:

    Thank you Mr. Mesereau, from the bottom of my heart. You stood up to show the world the REAL Michael Jackson instead of the media created version that the tabloids and unscrupulous “journalists”tried and continue to shove down our throats.

    We must continue to stay united in our efforts to protect Michael’s true legacy, press on sisters & brothers, press on!!


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    • We give none of what Randy Tababorelli writes any credence what so ever.. He met Michael many years ago but wrote his book as if he was part of his life for 20yrs … most of his information comes from third party sources who have agendas of their own.. for example .. he writes very unflatteringly about how Michael acted when photographed by Santa Barbara police. RT was NOT in the room so where would he have gotten that information? This is why we don’t promote his book. He like many others made their careers by holding onto the tail of our bright and shining meterorite: Michael Jackson.


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  7. Tom Mesereau is the only one,whom I trust completly.He knew Michael and he always support him.Dear Tom,we need you back to defend Michael,s legacy.We love you<3


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