Unabridged Truth

On February 9th 2011, a rare happening – like witnessing a shooting star occurred. A journalist, John M. Curtis, LA City Buzz Examiner wrote an article regarding the absurd rationality behind the Murray’s “clutch at straws” defense strategy. Notice how he doesn’t embellish with his opinion but stays mainly on the path of reporting the events as we KNOW them to have occurred. He uses what has been revealed during the pretrial hearing to relate to the public pure unadulterated fact. This is what a true journalist is supposed to do – this is an ethical reporting that has integrity and gives the public facts, not hyperbolic sensationalism.

Please read this straight forward and fact based article.

Kudos to John Curtis –

Michael Jackson is the victim in this scenario and this journalist has deftly and accurately brought this to the forefront. He doesn’t refer to Michael Jackson with any of the wild and unsubstantiated labels that have been circulated by other media talking heads. This is encouraging article as it proves that there are some journalists who a willing to go against the flow of anti-MJ rhetoric being spun out daily. It’s not easy to stand up with integrity unless your moral compass boldly points north and true. Curtis joins the ranks of other bold and independent minded journalists that we respect, like Aphrodite Jones and Charles Thomson in writing this piece.

The unabridged truth of what happened the day Murray negligently and with little or no compassion for his sole patient killed Michael Jackson, will be seen by MILLIONS all over the world. With the camera rolling WE, the public can witness what happens within the court. It may be tedious and heartbreaking to witness the callousness as it will be revealed, but it will be in real time.

Perhaps if cameras had been allowed in the 2005 trial – mass media could NOT have spun the goings on to make it seem as if the innocent Michael had gotten off scot free. By selectively reporting only on the sensational allegations without balancing the cross examination that would eventually prove them false, most of the media basically brainwashed the public into believing Michael Jackson was guilty BEFORE the jury deliberated.

In this case, the cameras will report to US what happens in court. It may be painful but at least the TRUTH will be shown and the tabloid princesses will be less able to fabricate stories that regurgitate the same anti-MJ hate speech they so readily spew. Those unending speculative and sensationalized erroneous sound bites that were so detrimental to Michael’s peace of mind and reputation, will have no foothold. The ability to assassinate his character with impunity will be severely deterred and that is comforting.

It will be very interesting to watch how these opinion writers and other unscrupulous media talking heads are going to get around the “live and minute by minute” trial reporting by the cameras in the Murray trial. The very same individuals that were so ready to denigrate Michael will now be forced into a position of presenting him as the victim of a crime. They will have to swallow some bitter pills and report accurately because now their words will be compared to the actuality of what occurs inside the courtroom.

John Curtis has christened the new era of accurate reporting on Michael Jackson and it is our keen hope a fair and unbiased representation of Michael’s life and true legacy is on the horizon.

John M. Curtis writes politically neutral commentary analyzing spin in national and global news. He’s editor of OnlineColumnist.com and author of Dodging The Bullet and Operation Charisma.

WE are fond of saying ;

Michael Jackson’s truth has been slow in comin’ –   oh..but it’s a comin.

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3 Responses to Unabridged Truth


    the truth is coming its been slow like a snail
    but when it explodes it will prevail


  2. Marie says:

    Justice for MJ is coming. It’s slow, but it’s coming!

    We love you more MJ! RIP angel.


  3. Pat says:

    Truth ALWAYS prevails. Sometimes later rather than sooner.


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