Diane Dimond, Revenge Based Reporter

Late September 1994, Gil Garcetti and Tom Sneddon in a joint press conference implied that the only reason the case didn’t go forward against Michael Jackson was that Jordan Chandler would not testify. Sheepish from their own failure, what they couldn’t admit was after millions of dollars and 400 witnesses, they were unable to substantiate any claims, nor find any evidentiary proof against Michael Jackson to support their case. It is obvious that in the years following the “child molestation scandal that broke in 1993” tabloid princess, Dimond and her cronies, were actively bent on not only reporting but actually fabricating stories swirling around Michael Jackson to assist Tom Sneddon in his failed attempts to prove Michael Jackson guilty and sway public opinion.

Back in 1995, ever the searching hounddog for Sneddon, Dimond was sifting through a “constant stream of calls and letters from people making dubious claims” however, when she got one from Canada she just ‘knew she had to go and check it out “ herself. She was compelled to go, since the prosecution’s case fell apart and she had a personal burning motivation to stick closely to this case. Jordan’s description did not match the photographic or physical evidence and he steadfastly refused to testify against Michael Jackson. Two grand juries could not find enough evidence even with transcripts of phone calls, photographic evidence, statements from disgruntled employees and conniving bodyguards, thorough searches of Neverland, illegal seizures of personal items, and psychological assessments of child psychologists to make a case against Michael Jackson.

It was critical to find another “victim” for Sneddon to focus on, Dimond and other tabloid journalists were doing their damnedest to secure or enlist other victims to bolster the Sneddon’s case which  was left open. Unfortunately, for Dimond her trapesing into the Canadian suburbs turned into a wild goose chase and she ended up with her having egg on her face. Instead of finding another bonafide Michael Jackson victim she found another con being perpetrated by a well trained scam artist. The phrase this boy’s video ‘could have become Michael Jackson’s worst nightmare” turned out to be a pipe dream for Diamond. Perhaps when that bubble burst, she decided that come hell, highwater or kids who turn out to be scammers, she was going to be the one to bring down Michael Jackson. After all, it had cost her employer a bit of money to chase down this story that turned out to be a fraud, and now she would have to redeem herself. The way she details the salacious molestation allegations in this Hard Copy  “news” story, but then summarily concludes it rather quickly without tying up the loose ends of the scammers reveals a lot about her pathological need to screw Michael Jackson over.

The plan was to meet the Canadian boy who wrote the ‘compelling letter” AND John Templeton who made the video that came along with it.  In her report, she details her interaction with this streetwise kid whose face is blurred and name not revealed so to protect his identity. The mysterious John Templeton doesn’t show so she spoke only to the boy for “hours” and “he never wavered and his story stayed consistent.” She and the Hard Copy producer Frank Grimes, thought he was credible and they gave him a series of “tests.” She states “looking straight into the camera and using no notes he describes in graphic detail how he and another teen were molested by the superstar.” Since he was able to draw maps and seemed extremely knowledgeable about Neverland, and “he always came back to claims of molestation,” Dimond was more than ecstatic that she had found Sneddon’s much needed golden child.  She “delivers” this boy over, as if he’s a gift, to the Canadian police with his claims that he didn’t want money from Michael Jackson. He avowed, that he only wanted ‘justice’ and after a six hour interrogation, they found him a ‘believable”  and credible victim.

Her phrasing of “he never asked us for money” doesn’t mean she didn’t offer any as it’s a matter of record that Hard Copy bought stories from alleged witnesses and ‘victims’ of Michael Jackson. In November of 93, Dimond would avow in an interview on Frontline that Hard Copy was “absolutely pristine on this, we paid no money.” However, early in December she’s proven a liar because contracts with Hard Copy and five disgruntled ex-employees who had been fired for stealing from Michael Jackson would surface. These five witnesses were among the ones that the two 1993 grand juries felt were less than honest in their sworn depositions. Their claims of “witnessing” molestation paid for by Hard Copy to the tune of 100- 150 thousand dollars would later, under sworn depositions in 2005, and under threat of perjury be totally denied. This is the kind of ‘source’ Dimond used back in the 90’s and is still currently using for her infamous opinion based reporting.

This report she gives in the Hard Copy video has so far been salaciously relating all that the boy has alleged and says ‘he must be telling the truth’. However, around 4:53 on the video she makes a startling confession in her report that is inconsistent with her whole theme. She says, she didn’t tell the boy that for the last year she had been receiving letters from many boys who lived in the same small Canadian suburb. She even holds up a handful of letters for affect and we have to wonder if she told the Canadian police that little tidbit of information before she handed over the boy to them. It seems that now she’s going to switch gears and attempt to pass this off as an investigative look inside FALSE allegations? Why? Because this hot little tip now has all the markings of a fraud. Here, she begins to ruefully weave in the connection between John Templeton’s back story. Ironically and rather hypocritically Dimond is making a report on how , Michael Jackson’s was being falsely accused by a minor child who had been coached by a man obsessed with revenge. Déjà vu for Michael Jackson.

The question is if she had received so many letters from different boys in the same small Canadian suburb why did THIS one in particular seem more credible? What compelled her to believe it wasn’t just as “dubious” as all the others and why wasn’t the multitude of letters from the same area suspicious to this ‘investigative’ reporter? Because she’s clueless? No. Because she’s bent on destroying Michael Jackson and she would invest a lot of time and money on the off chance she could find another victim. We know she didn’t go to Canada to expose this young streetwise kid of fraud otherwise her report would have started off in that vein. So the switchover was only to allow her to save face.

She continues in the video to claim she wants to understand the ‘motivation” of the boy so she goes to meet this John Templeton, which turns out to be a man, aka Rodney Allen. A long time psycho who has been making wild unsubstantiated claims against the whole Jackson family for years and she wants us to believe her shock and surprise at meeting him. Her “what the hell is going on?” sounds very scripted and then adding he “appeared to be a man bent on revenge” falls flat too. He admitted he was the one writing all those letters to her for the past year and had fed the boy all the details he needed to make his fraudulent claims of molestation against Michael Jackson. Then she explains that this savvy street wise boy finally admits to the police, that he and Rodney Allen made up the whole thing.

The police charged the boy merely with “public mischief’ when hours before they were prepared, as a law enforcement agency, to be instrumental in using this boy’s word as proof against an innocent man.   In interesting choice of words, it seems that Dimond would have loved nothing more than to be the one to report on this “international scandal” that could have ruined Michael Jackson’s life. Interestingly and disappointingly, Rodney Allen was not charged with anything. Is there no law against using a minor in a plot to defame and falsely accuse someone of molestation? Is this not somehow contributing to the delinquency of a minor in the commission of a crime. Isn’t it illegal to give false testimony to an officer of whose responsibility is the enforcement of the law? John Templeton/Rodney Allen did this by enlisting this minor child and planting detailed information regarding the layout of Neverland, employees and other information regarding Michael Jackson that only insiders should have known, yet no charges were brought against the adult in this scenario? Obviously, Dimond is not the least bit interested in “investigating” that part of this story.

Now generally speaking when a news report is aired a conclusion has already been drawn. The theme of this report should have been an obsessed Rodney Allen attempts to falsify evidence against MJ by using a minor child as a pawn in a scheme of revenge. However, Dimond reports this story in a way that the main focus is that she found another victim and focuses on the allegations of the boy purposefully. She knows that its sound bites that people remember not the outcome and she was planting many in this report. She even had a bit of conversation whereby the boy speaks of what Jackson actually said to him regarding a “saddle shop” to impress in the minds of the viewers that he actually had a conversation with Michael Jackson. Never mind it was all a pack of lies.

This has always been Dimond’s tack from her early tabloid days and she has not and will not change her modes operandi because she’s got an emotional reason for being so tied up with Michael Jackson. She’s never been unbiased when it comes to reporting on Michael Jackson, and for good reason. She has an affinity with all of her “inside sources” she’s always touting because she was also sued by Michael Jackson. Publicly, without proof, she had proclaimed that a video existed that depicted Michael Jackson sexually assaulting a young boy. No such thing ever occurred so Michael Jackson sued her and Victor Guiterrez another Hard Copy employee, for defamation of character. If Sneddon had not pulled some strings to have her name removed from the suit she would have ultimately owed Michael Jackson some 2.7 million just like Victor Guiterrez.  Imagine what that may have done to this self-proclaimed “MJ Expert” and her reputation.

Her revenge motive for searching high and low trying to find some evidence of his guilt is not hard to fathom, however, why she is continuously hired to report on a man who once sued her IS unfathomable. The fact that she continues to be hired by any news agency to report on him is outrageous and her biased opinion based reporting should be seen as what it has always been: Revenge motivated sour grapes. To this day she continues to use the Blanca Francia story to bolster her continued slander on her blog when it’s been well documented that the maid was fired by Michael Jackson in 1991, fabricated a story about Wade Robson that he flatly denied on the stand during the 2005 trial. Blanca Francia even told Dimond point blank that she wasn’t sure about what had or had not occurred. She sold her story to Hard Copy for $20K and then later in deposition admitted that she embellished for her story and had NOT seen any molestation’s take place. Tom Mesereau summarily dismissed the son’s Jason’s accounting of his tickling molestation and the jury found both he and his mother less than credible as they too had extorted money. Dimond can not prove out what she claims but that doesn’t stop her from continuing on her crusade to vilify Michael Jackson and her inability to cease in her continued character assassination of this innocent man has created a hate industry.

FACT-  In 1994 AND 2005,  Tom Sneddon’s vendetta failed as he was unable to prove Michael Jackson guilty of child molestation because he had NO credible witnesses, NO physical evidence, NO evidentiary evidence- NONE.  Not even an FBI file filled with over ten years of research and investigation could produce a scintilla of proof, and because false allegations does not proof make, Michael was proven innocent. Lucky for Michael Jackson that in a court of law PROOF and not slanderous innuendo and false rumors paid for by tabloids, are required to convict.  However, Dimond has continued her vendetta to vilify Michael Jackson and assasinate his character without proof and she is allowed to do so under the ‘freedom of the press’ statutes.  It is clear that she won’t stop her slanderous opinon based reporting because there is nothing sharper than the tongue of a woman scorned.  She has paved her career by hanging onto to this false caricature of Michael Jackson that she has fashioned through what seems to be a sick obsessiveness, that is deeply laced with revenge.

“Have patience awhile; slanders are not long-lived.
Truth is the child of time; ere long she shall appear to vindicate thee.” Immanuel Kant

Michael Jackson’s truth is slow in comin’…..  but it’s a comin’ – MJJJP

UPDATE: A nice compliation of Dimond’s extreme obsession with Michael Jackson that includes much of what we’ve written here plus a very well researched addition of the Victor Guiterez and Diane Dimond connection- video by Twitter LoveUSev

Tabloid payouts to people willing to lie for money

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    Hey, great post! Here are some posts from my blog that you can add to your references!

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    The truth must finally be said, and broadcast to the world ..


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