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Stonegrooved on YT

More than likely if you are a Michael Jackson supporter you have run across the major MJ hater named stonegrooved at least once on YouTube. We thought it might be beneficial for the public to see an example of how this … Continue reading

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Forbes Everett Landis – Vanguard for Michael

–The American Public Must Demand Honest Journalism. –

by Forbes Everett Landis What does our silence about the attacks on one of the most visible achievers of the American Dream say? Are we not forfeiting our children’s future into the hands … Continue reading

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BE AWARE  the Mjnewsonline individual has purchased the domain name and has attached this picture of Michael Jackson in an attempt to FOOL, fans, advocates, activists and the general public into clicking onto his forum full of hateful photoshopped … Continue reading

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MJChildren’s Petitions March 8: Arte will rebroadcast the Peretti documentary, stating once again that Michael was a pedophile. Surely soon: Discovery Channel will think to schedule the reconstitution of the Michael’s autopsy, undermining his dignity. In France, a book just … Continue reading

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Choose Honor

by Peggy VanderVelde Posted on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 7:30pm on Facebook Michael Jacksons’ murder trial is coming up starting March 24, 2011. After some thought and some study I decided to post some quotes and some lyrics each … Continue reading

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— IMPERSONATOR TROLL— Harrassment-  YOUTUBE 3/1/10 Update: Poser opened a Youtube MJJJUSTlCEPROJECT  *removed by YTube 3/6/10 Update:  Poser opened another Youtube  – mjjjusticeprojject *removed by YTube 3/7/10 Update: Poser opened another Youtube – JusticeForMJJ *removed by YTube ** Youtube has … Continue reading

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