Harrassment-  YOUTUBE

3/1/10 Update: Poser opened a Youtube MJJJUSTlCEPROJECT  *removed by YTube

3/6/10 Update:  Poser opened another Youtube  – mjjjusticeprojject *removed by YTube

3/7/10 Update: Poser opened another Youtube – JusticeForMJJ *removed by YTube

** Youtube has suspended all three of his accounts after we reported him for impersonating us.

This person is now attempting to hack into ALL of our MJJJusticeproject accounts, as we received notices from our email & WordPress Admin.

Please Be forewarned – this person left a link on our comment section of wordpress that when opened released a virus- This harassment is a cyber crime.

Harassment – TWITTER

They have three accounts on twitter-  is he contacting all of the MJJJusticeProject warriors in attempts to confuse our beautiful MJGlobal family and advocates for Michael’s justice.

Documented Harassment – From @mjnewsonline toward MJJJusticeproject

First, they create and attempt to pass it off as OUR domain

March 1st-

  1. #MJJJusticeProject#mjfam AVOID THE MJJJUSTICEPROJECT mjjjusticeproject are HATERS and insult michael and his children and try to steal mony 5:25 PM Mar 1st via web
  2. #mjfam#mjfan WARNING MJJJUSTICEPROJECT is pretending to be a Jackson support site but is actually a hate site. 5:21 PM Mar 1st via web

3. @MJJJusticePrjct why the hate site at 5:27 PM                      Mar 1st via web in reply to MJJJusticePrjct

That didn’t fool ANY of MJGlobal family – so now THEY claim it as their own.

March 3rd, 2010

  1. #mjfam#mjjjusticeprojecti understand blogs and bad peoples sites coming down as soon as tomorrowMarch 3, 2011 9:38:14 PM PST via web
  2. #mjfam#mjjjusticeproject We own and just filed articles of incorportation for 3, 2011 9:37:55 PM PST via web
  3. #mjfam#mjjjusticeproject So MJNO had to pay some legal fees to get the unofficial mjjjustice peoject shut down

March 7th – 2010 – Doesn’t get the expected response so resorts to the usual immature Name calling –

  1. @MJJJusticePrjct ure a total cunt March 7, 2011 5:21:24 PM PST via web in reply to MJJJusticePrjct

March 11, 2010   More Legal threats …

  1. mjnewsonline gonna deliver the fatal legal blow1 day ago via web
  2. 1e7af733-de8b-4a5d-8c48-9db35f8c0eeb_normalmjnewsonline Ok the attack against the fake mjjjjusticeproject going down this weekend 1 day ago via web

March 13, 2010  More threats , more name calling..

  1. @KingMJJ1958 @MJJJusticePrjct it’s on Bitch about 13 hours ago via web in reply to KingMJJ1958
  2. Sitting in with the mjno attorney lol. Premtive strike against the fake mjjjusticeproject today #mjjjusticeproject

As documented, his goal to harass us and try to usurp our MJJJusticeproject name that WE have been publicly using since June 2010 in various capacities. It is clear that he will stop at nothing to try to defame us as he attempts to defame our brother, Michael.

These are HIS youtube accounts- Please Flag his YT videos IF they break Youtube Community Guidelines and thumbsUP our positive directives on his videos. If YouTube won’t take him down,  at least our positive information regarding the various Vindicate MJ sites will be highlighted at the top of HIS comment section.

Since WE, MJJJusticeProject used free speech afforded us, and  left comments on his YT page and flagged him, he has decided to attempt to discredit US, by saying that we are MJ haters. He even set up a site that is linked up to disgusting MJ hating site

This is his message from Youtube-

mjnewsonlinenetMJNO 1 week ago  (March 3)

@MJJJusticeProject You have some nerve to come to my page and flag people. Didn;t you beg mjno last year not to come after your site?
mjnewsonlinenetMJNO 1 week ago (March 3)

This troll has severely underestimated the dedication and the intelligence of the MJGlobal family and the Warriors across the world, who have taken on the responsibility of fighting back all the negative and sensationalistic bull that these trolls continue to spew. We understand that they base their hate speech on erroneous information from Diane Diamond and the other unethical medialoids, that continue to spread salacious and totally false information all over the internet. They refuse to use their intellect and read the mounds of information to discern fact from fiction and basically simply ‘ape’ whatever they hear.  They are socially inept people who find solace in the confines of their solitary and lonely existence and they reach out negatively to gain a little notoriety and ironically they are exactly the kind of people that Michael would have pitied and attempted to help in some way.

The Trolls are an anti social group of misfits, sociopathic and hate on everyone, not just Michael Jackson. They have honed in on our beloved brother because they yearn to engage in dialogue and upset the fans who love him so dearly. This is how they get their kicks, by harassing and upsetting fans, so please do NOT engage them in conversation. When you go to any of their sites, just flag, report and if  you wish, make a comment. Your comment should contain reference to Vindicate MJ sites, Tom Mesereau, and any of the other Vanguards of Michael. Keep it positive and always state a MJ fact because history and the truth is on our side. In the past they have attempted to impersonate CEThomson and Deborah Ffrench so we are honored to at least be in that same category.

When the trolls make these attempts it only proves that they fear US.  WE, the MJGlobal family, the soldiers who fight for his true legacy, the Warriors in the trenches doing the flagging and the reporting have them worried.

We appreciate all the loving messages and support and are steeled by your commitment to seeking justice for our brother, Michael.

As we have often said,  “This has always been about him. “

This is simply a LOG to document continued harassment of this mjnewsonline and all their aliases on US- the Mjjjusticeproject.


Please READ DETAILS on past activities –  See VS

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6 Responses to Troll UPDATE

  1. HelloDearFriend says:

    Sadly, There Are Those Who Lack Love And As You Said, “are socially inept people who find solace in the confines of their solitary and lonely existence and they reach out negatively to gain a little notoriety…” It’s These ‘Lost Souls’ Who In Their Darkness See “notoriety” Disguised As Light. We Can Pray And Keep Faith That In Time, Their Mask Will Dissolve Revealing To Themselves The Error Of Their Ways. Until That Time, We Must Conduct Ourselves Accordingly Being Certain To, “Respond Intelligently Even To Unintelligent Treatment.” Together, We Are The ‘marathon’ Runners Of Truth And Our Combined Endurance Is Unfathomable. Love To You And Peace Within.


  2. Mary says:

    Is there some way to report his website? This troll isn’t new. I already saw this horrible website some time ago, but I don’t found any way to report it.


  3. cawobeth1 says:

    You are right, HelloDearFriend and though I pray for such people because hate has for what-ever reason overcome human capacity to express love, it is unnecessary for such channels to contaminate youtube.
    As love breeds more love. Unfortunately such is also the case with hate.
    Though we need not reply or respond to such people, it is important to stand up; report and work to overcome such vehement behavior with love.

    Their mask need not show and God willing they will either remove it or replace it with a more pleasing one.
    May they not continue to take love & life for granted.


  4. HelloDearFriend says:

    I Couldn’t Agree With You More. The Rabid Behavior Displayed Needs To Be Addressed. As ‘front runners’ Of Justice, It Is Our Determination and Perseverance That Will See To Extinguishing These Devious Fires.

    The Only Flame That We Should See Is One Which, Illuminates Truth, Safeguards Integrity And Preserves The Legacy Of Michael Jackson.

    Love To You.


  5. Nina Hamilton says:

    I looked only the other day on and he is still there! He is the one called Stonegrooved, I believe.


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