MJNO.com Vs. MJNO.net

BE AWARE  the Mjnewsonline individual has purchased the domain name mjjjusticeproject.com and has attached this picture of Michael Jackson

in an attempt to FOOL, fans, advocates, activists and the general public into clicking onto his forum full of hateful photoshopped images of Michael.  He is using this photo of Michael to lure unsuspecting people because not surprisingly, he has NO members, only his sad, sick self.
The created several twitter accounts including mjjjusticeproj, which we have reported to Twitter but they have chosen to ignore our repeated reports.  They used their other twitter account, mjsnewsonline, to inform us back on March 10th, 2011, that they would be willing to sell…the domain to us for $1000.

They have several YouTube channels in all sorts of variations of the name.

Please read below to understand the mindset of this mjnewsonline person and how he came to use mjnewsonline as his name.

A young British man, Paul Akinbanjo created the MJNO fan group and site 2002/2003 and you can still find a loving tribute to our brother, Michael on this link: http://www.mjnewsonline.com

Obviously, Paul is a Vanguard for Michael from way back. He is a beautiful soul who did much to perpetuate the truth and wonderful legacy of Michael Jackson and we want to highlight a video we ran across.

Please read a post regarding the original MJNO.com created by this dear Paul Akinbanjo verses the MJNO.net that has been created by a major MJ hater.


Monday, July 26, 2010 – 08:59

Fellow MJ fans, it has been brought to my attention via Twitter via @dmoonstreet that there is an imposter/hater who is relentlessly causing trouble and dismay for Our Beloved King of Pop’s fans. As I understand the person behind the trolling is trying to make MJ fans believe they are the ORIGINAL proprietor of a respected MJ Fan website that was established in 2002.

MissMoonstreet Informs:
“MJNO.COM (MJNEWSONLINE.COM) was started by a British fan called Paul around 2002/2003. For a few years it was THE main MJ forum, and Michael knew about the forum. It closed at the beginning of 2008, for a few reasons…[not to be discussed on here.]”
“I sent Paul a message this morning, when I saw on twitter fans talking about MJNO.NET.”
“This is what he replied, some of which I condescended and put on twitter. He said it was ok for me to pass on the info he sent me.”

Paul’s Reply:
”I am aware of that website, yes. Of course as you know, mjnewsonline.com is the real MJNO; this website was created by an old-time hater who had been trying to terrorize MJNO since it’s very inception!
He popped up again after Michael’s death, posting on forums pretending to be me, saying he was re-launching MJNO. No-one believed him of course, and this site is almost all that remains of his campaign.
This person has been around for maybe 6 years. He is relentless. The only thing to do is to ignore him – that has been the only proven way to get rid of him.
Yep, this guy is totally insane. But I must warn, he feeds off of attention. This site isn’t new – anyone giving him any attention whatsoever will just encourage him to stick around. Take this from someone who has dealt with him directly over many years.
As for having the site removed, there’s no grounds for doing that really. It’s up to his web host to host the website, and if they decide not to anymore, someone else will host it. Even the act of trying to get the website removed will be enough to spur him on and continue trolling.
I honestly don’t think that anyone would think that’s the real MJNO, especially considering I still have the site up in some form at http://www.mjnewsonline.com. This guy is quite an idiot, and is utterly incapable of convincing anyone of…anything.
But of course, by all means, if this guy harasses anyone, it should be reported to the proper authorities – whether they be the police, or twitter staff, or what have you. If I recall correctly, he is based in Texas.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Please be cautioned fellow MJ fans…though we haven’t had to deal with this issue directly here, I believe it suffices to say that we need to keep our defenses up. This matter arose due to conversations on twitter by fellow MJ fans. With the amount of fans who are barely joining social networks to help them thru their grief, we must be certain that they are made aware of the dangerous trolls that are out there only set on damaging and tainting Michael’s legacy.
These are the Tweets from MissMoonstreets Twitter which I was given permission via her to copy and paste. Regardless of any distaste or differences ANY of us, including myself, have had with Moonstreet, we must not let that get in the way of living out our promises to fight for Justice for Michael Jackson…and in my opinion…JUSTICE 4 MJ isn’t restricted to a Guilty verdict…it includes protecting and defending his legacy from ALL insult, disrespect, defamation, and slander. Do not seek this @mjnewsonline troll, simply report them if you happen to come in contact or receive any harassment or threats from them.
@dmoonstreet REAL MJNO http://www.mjnewsonline.com, still owned by original owner, which closed in January 2008 about 2 hours ago via web
@dmoonstreet frm orig owner of MJNO,the act of trying to get the website removed will be enough to spur him on &continue trolling. about 2 hours ago via web
@dmoonstreet frm orig owner of MJNO,guy is insane,site isnt new, attention will encourage him to stick around,from some1 who has dealt with him directly about 2 hours ago via web
@dmoonstreet the hater is a well known “troll” who feeds off attention, & the original owner of MJNO has had previous battles over many years about 2 hours ago via web
@dmoonstreet FAO MJ Fans, the hater site mjnewsonline.net is NOTHING to do with the original MJNO MJ fan site about 2 hours ago via web
@dmoonstreet RT Every1 send a complaint email to http://registrar.godaddy.com bout http://www.mjnewsonline.net they r the server n only 1’s who can take it down about 3 hours ago via web Retweeted by dmoonstreet
@dmoonstreet Every1 pls report @mjnewsonline for spam. They are spreading disgusting lies about Michael and we can’t let it continue.

MJJJP- As we can all see the original MJNO was great fan group lead by a very nice young man that for some reason disbanded in 2008. This Texas based MJ hater decided to bastardize the name to infuriate the supporters of Michael Jackson and is a sad sick fellow in need of attention. He is now attempting to discredit MJJJusticeproject by pretending he owns our domain.  He has attempted to retrieve the password to this wordpress account and we have alerted WordPress Admin to this attempted breach. His twitter account and his Youtube accounts are being flagged and reported by MJJJusticeproject Warriors and the MJGlobal family of sisters and brothers who have pledged to defend, protect and honor the name of Michael Jackson.

WE will continue to be vigilant-  as WE stand as Vanguards for Michael.

See Troll Update for details

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4 Responses to MJNO.com Vs. MJNO.net

  1. As one of Michael’s Soldiers in HIS ARMY OF L.O.V.E. I will keep an eye on him as will the rest of Michael’s REAL Soldiers. Thx for the update



  2. lcpledwards says:

    Hey guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but these MJ haters have hijacked your name! They have a youtube account titled “MJJJusticeProjject” (with two J’s in project), and they just started posting more trashy videos! We should try to get them deleted!



    • Yes, that is @mjnewsonline again trying to hijack us ….they’re still at it. We have updated our “Troll -Update” article – if you have not seen our update on that article, please read it. 🙂 We are very thankful for you and your support. Much love to you always. 🙂 MJJJP


  3. This “Tex” guy obviously has no life and clearly no brain or heart either. Don’t fight hate with hate, simply ignore him (as the great Paul said <3). I honestly feel BAD for the guy because this is his way of seeking out attention and it's a terrible thing to do. I'm glad to see such great MJ fans, such as yourself. All I can say is keep up the work and thank you for sharing this with other fans; especially those new fans.


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