Do Not Trust the Media

Last week, @Stinky20045, a soldier in MJ’s army of love and justice mentioned she had written a college essay in regards to the biased media’s reporting on Michael Jackson. We asked her to email it to us so we could add it to our wordpress and she has so graciously allowed us to post it.  This is a prime example of how ONE person can make a personal attempt at righting an injustice.  She threw her pebble when she wrote this essay and we want it to have some rippling effect  – Thank you, Danna.

Danna C Nichols

Persuasive Essay

Final Draft

Do Not Trust the Media

     In the world we live in the news is a huge part of our lives. There are many outlets to use for receiving the news be it television, radio, newspapers, or the internet. We also have our choice of what type of news we want in world news, local news, entertainment news, or international news. One thing I have noticed is that people are eager to blindly believe what the media puts out as news. I have learned to not be so trusting because the news is full of half-truths, a lacking of research, and rumors.

On March 10th of 2005 Michael Jackson arrived at court in pajamas over an hour late. As everyone watched the news it was referred to as Michaels ‘pajama party’ (Grace, 2005). What the news failed to report was that Mr. Jackson had fallen coming out of the shower early that morning and was arriving at court straight from an Emergency Room.  He had bruised his lung badly, gashed open his forehead, and damaged his rib cage (Jackson, 2005). If the media had informed the public of the complete story behind his appearance in pajamas and lateness it would not have been so negative towards Mr. Jackson and the public could have made a sound judgment about the situation.

In June of 2005 the media was informing the world of Michael Jackson going to the Emergency Room for back pain. It was putting across to the public that he was only trying to avoid court. The media failed to research the story or they would have known that Mr. Jackson had injured his back when a part of the stage he was performing on collapsed out from under him in Munich in 1999 (Reiter, 1999). The media also had not informed the public of the bad fall Mr. Jackson had sustained earlier in the year where he could have re-injured his back. If the media had done a complete job of researching the story the public would have been more informed and not made assumptions and opinions off of a poorly researched story.

In recent news Michael Jackson has been accused of being disappointing in a performance at the World Music Awards (BBC News, 2006). What the media had told the public weeks before the show was to be held was that Mr. Jackson would be performing ‘Thriller’ at the show (Associated Press, 2006).  At no time did Michael Jackson or his people announce or confirm that he was to perform. Mr. Jackson answered reporters’ questions about the performance by saying that it was ‘rumor’ and a ‘misunderstanding’ and that he was to accept an award and not perform (MJNI).

In viewing the news stories of just one person that were plainly half-truths, poorly researched and rumor filled it has clearly proven that the media is not to be trusted so blindly. When listening to a reporter or reading an article it is excellent practice to hold off on passing any judgment or opinion on what is being reported. The best way to get the whole story is for the public to do a little research of its own and find out what the media has left out or overlooked. Once the whole story is researched and seen then most of the time it will make more sense and the public will have peace of mind that they are making sound judgments and sound opinions on what they have learned.

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3 Responses to Do Not Trust the Media

  1. casper07mj says:

    This is an excellent start to a rippling effect for Justice4MJ. Well done!!!


  2. Siu Siu from Hong Kong says:

    I am delighted to read such a good article. It seems it is from a school student. I love to read something written from the next generation on Michael. Well done. Keep it going!


  3. Marcela says:

    Excelent article. Thanks for sharing!


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