Joseph Vogel – Vanguard for Michael

“Man In The Music”

MJJJusticeProject is a registered non-profit Activist Group that endeavors to bring Michael’s real character and personality to the forefront and as such, we are promoting Joseph Vogel’s “Man in the Music.”   The ban has been lifted by publishers who at one point refused to print any books that were strictly positive about Michael Jackson.  In the wake of Michael’s passing,  there seems to be and understanding or an awakening to the fact that he has 30+million supporters throughout the world.  For the publishers it will be business as usual, but for MJ advocates it is finally a chance to hear the full story not the half-assed and malicious depiction of the gentle and giving soul.  Please join us in promoting this book and insure that it becomes a Best Seller.  The success of this book will insure that others like it will be written, and that is the way the TRUTH and TRUE legacy of Michael Jackson will be presented.

On Friday, May 13, 2011 Please join us in a discussion with Joseph Vogel and Rev.Catherine Gross on BlogTalkRadio 4pm-7pm EST.

MJJJusticeProject urges all to discover THE MAN. Due for release,
November 1, 2011

Pre-Order Today Available @



Make “Man In The Music” a bestseller — Let’s work together to show the publishing houses that there is money to be made on PRO- Michael Jackson books

BUY – Man In The Music — by Joseph Vogel

Make it a best seller and MORE books like this will be published. Michael’s truth as been a long time coming. It is up to us to put our money where our mouths are, to make sure his truth and true legacy is told.

Support Joseph Vogel in his endeavor to get Michael’s true legacy circulated around the globe. Mr. Vogel has always been an advocate for Michael.

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One Response to Joseph Vogel – Vanguard for Michael

  1. Nina Hamilton says:

    I intend to buy this book, and the one written by Germaine Jackson, ‘You Are Not Alone.’


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