YouTube ADSense Nonsense

With many impressionable young children unfettered by parental supervision perusing the internet daily, it is our Global societal responsibility to make sure hate speech is not condoned, promoted and especially sponsored by major corporations through Google’s ADSense program.

Are sponsors such as Weight Watchers, ADT, AllState Insurance, Oprah’s OWN  ..etc.. aware that their ads are placed on vile Youtube videos?

If not, WE  hope to make them aware.

Would the spokesperson of some of the companies using ADSense be appalled that they are associated with a company that would PROMOTE their product on prejudicial hateful bigoted videos?

WE hope so.

Jennifer Hudson, for example, a spokeperson for Weight Watchers, might be interested in knowing that Weight Watchers placed a full running ad in France (see link)  on an anti-Michael Jackson YouTube video – video link *   This is a Global issue.

Please also click these links to see Allstate Insurance and Travel Nevada as  “proud” sponsors of hate and prejudice by using  AdSense.


We wish to expose Google/YouTube and their AdSense progam which seems to randomly place ads on ANY video regardless of its hateful, prejudicial and bigoted nature.

Above and beyond proving that Michael Jackson hate videos are sponsored with full length and/or banner ads from prominent companies, We must prove that other issues such as porn, sexism, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, homophobic are PROMOTED and SPONSORED as well. We can make a greater impact if other non-MJ groups are involved in this endeavor, however, we must present proof positive that a problem truly exists.


We need a task force of people who are willing to spend time

1- Locating the offensive videos that have these ads in all of these realms.

2- Screenshot them, twice-
a. with Ad on the video
b. the video itself.

NOTE: Two tutorial videos on how to capture a screenshot at bottom of this article.

3- Archive them in respective groups
a. Sexist
b. Racist
c. Homophobic
d. Anti-Semitic
e. Islamiphobic
f. Animal cruelty
g. Child endangerment

4- Locate the contact information of EACH Sponsor
a. Prepare a correspondence for each with attached proof of the offense
b. Email, tweet or facebook the responsible Sponsor.

5- Contact Owners PUBLICLY especially well-known entities
(example; Oprah Winfrey)

6- Identify spokespersons for the Sponsors using Adsense
(example: Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers)
a. Locate contact information
b. Contact them to explain issue and send them screenshots
of the offenses.

7- Identify  “Other Groups” who may be willing to assist in addressing
the responsibility of AdSense and their sponsors.
(examples and not limited to)
b. Stop Racism
c. Anti-Defamation League
e. Jewish Defense League

8. Locate the ‘Other Groups” contact information
a. Develop communication with them
b. Absorb feedback and incorporate for future use.

If ANY individual or group is interested in participating in this endeavor –

PLEASE  contact MJJJusticeProject a

Twitter accounts –   @MJJJusticePrjct  @budsgirl11954 @lovelightmagic

OR Our email

OR  leave a comment here.


For Mac users

For Other PC

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14 Responses to YouTube ADSense Nonsense

  1. Christina Tozer says:

    I would love to help in some way. I am not very computer savvy but if you tell me exactly how to do a screenshot, etc. I will certainly do whatever I can with the time I have to me. I have been a long time MJ fan and grew up with him (he was a year older than me) and the injustice of this is disheartening to say the least. Please let me know what I can do. My twitter name is @iluvdepp


    • Thank you for your interest in being part of this task force to document proof of ADsense ads that sponsors hate on YouTube. Taking screenshots depends on what type of computer you have. Here are two tutorial videos that visually explain the process.

      For Mac users

      For Other PC

      If this does not help – please let me know.


  2. Henry Vaughn says:

    Count me in! I have experience with #1 thru #3 on your list. I’ll start searching for these videos right away and email you my findings. Youtube needs to be accountable for the loads of junk on their site. The Community Guidelines they’ve set is nothing but a big joke that even they don’t follow!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it needs addressed. The cesspool needs pumped!


  3. Siu Siu from Hong Kong says:

    I love to help, please count me in. I’ve posted a lot of positive news about Michael to help my family members (immediately or relatives) and friends to understand more. I hope it will help.


  4. tish says:

    I am not as aware of doing screen shots either, but I am willing to assist in promoting positive feedback about Michael Jackson and bring attention to negative attacks to his haters. Thank you.


    • Send me an email … mjjjusticeproject@gmail – I’ll find out how your particular computer functions for the screenshot. We must have them before “we prepare to proceed”



  5. Norma says:

    Jennifer Hudson has no control over where the ad’s run, so no she more than likely will not care or do anything about it. Contact Weight Watchers with your complaints.


    • Weight Watchers is being contacted but as the old idiom goes.. “there’s always more than one way to skin a cat” (although the image is quite disturbing) We shall try all avenues of communication. Google/YouTube/AdSense owners don’t give a flying flip – so we’re taking it to the streets.



  6. P says:

    I don’t know how to do a screen shot but I’d like to help if someone could expain how to do it. I don’t believe these advertisers are aware of all the crap on YT


    • Taking screenshots depends on what kind of computer you have… Send me an email to mjjjusticeproject@gmail I will try to locate the instructions for you.

      Thank you for your interest in addressing this issue.



  7. skydance says:

    How do I get a screen shot?
    I’d love to help
    Let me know
    you have my email
    Thank you
    with much love,


  8. Good Post, wait for the next part.


  9. Christina Tozer says:

    Hey Buds, I am still here and willing to offer my services to head up this campaign…. Maybe we can talk soon… This is a huge problem!


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