Dresses from Neverland

We fight against the sins of omission and commission of the media regarding Michael Jackson by offering up the more accurate view of the man and what he represented to the world at large.  Since Michael so loved the little children and his life goal was to alleviate their suffering we have decided to highlight a different charity each month that affects the lives of children.

DRESSES FROM NEVERLAND is a new sustainable disaster relief project from 2300 which aims to provide dresses for little girls whose families were recently afflicted by the historic levels of flooding and tornado outbreaks in Appalachia.

As a sustainable initiative, we’ve decided to use pillowcases to make beautiful summer dresses for these girls, many of whom lost everything from these natural disasters.

A pillow is magical and associated with childhood dreams. Since our effort is in loving memory of Michael Jackson, who devoted himself to helping children his entire life, we decided to call the project, “Dresses from Neverland.”

The idea for this project came from 2300 supporter Mary Kelly-Ciancetta, who was inspired by designer friend Erin Daley, who had already sewn pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa and Haiti. We are indebted to Mary and Erin for dedicating their time and talents to leading our sewing efforts for this project!


Watch these uplifting videos that show the joy and smiles on these beautiful children’s faces.

In Uganda –

In Pakistani orphanage –


In Uganda, Phillipines, Cambodia, Romania, Haiti, Guatemala, Nicargua, Dominican Republican, Kenya .. and little girls at the well and the garden.


The organization to whom we’re donating the dresses is Dress a Girl Around the World which is a division of Hope 4 Women International. Both are under the umbrella of Hope 4 Kids International which was founded in 1973. We are working with Rep. Rachel Cinader to ensure that the dresses are delivered to the locations where they are most needed. 


-  Pillowcases of all sizes (gently used or new), thread, double-fold bias tape, and items to accessorize the dresses such as buttons, patches- and ribbons.

You may also opt to make dresses yourself to include in our shipment.


All materials must be sent to us by July 22nd in order to give ample time for the dresses to be made and shipped by Michael’s birthday on August 29th.

-Please contact Sherry for mailing details at   sherry@2300makeapact.com



Please read this message from  @cadeflaw @mjbrookins @2300makeapact if you wish to make a Monetary Donation

Hello! 🙂 We’ve received requests from many of you wishing to make a money donation instead of a materials donation for our “Dresses from Neverland” campaign.

We’re working directly with Rachel Eggum Cinader, the Founder of Dress a Girl Around the World on our project, so we were able to seek her advisement. If you wish to make a money donation, please write your check to Hope 4 Women International and specify that it’s for the “Dresses from Neverland” account. The money will be credited to our campaign and used for our specific cause.

We will be notified about how this money is used on our behalf. Donations are tax deductible. You’ll receive a receipt for your donation from Hope 4 Kids International, the governing organization of Dress a Girl Around the World.

Hope 4 Women International
P.O Box 74010
Phoenix, AZ 85087 U.S.A.

MJJJusticeProject – Heal the World – one sundress at a time.

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4 Responses to Dresses from Neverland

  1. Nina Hamilton says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea and I would like to do something here. However, I clicked on ‘sherry@2300makeapact.com’ and it said the page could not be found, so how do I get in touch for mailing details?


  2. Do not understand why the email doesn’t work – We were able to reach her through the email sherry@2300makeapact.com … we will get the mailing information for you 😉


  3. Nina Hamilton says:

    Sorry. My mistake. Yes, the email address is correct.


  4. Linda Hughes says:

    What a wonderful idea! I am unable to help this year as I am moving at the end of this month and my sundress patterns, fabric and my 2) sewing machines etc.. are all packed. I am a seamstress by trade. If you do this again some time can you e-mail me? I would love to make the dresses in memory of Michael.


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