2001 TRL Interview of Michael Jackson

UPDATE: Pic added 7/28/2014 – Much easier to see the huge crowd outside the Virgin Mega Store in NY that greeted Michael   – pic courtesy of @MJacksonHD instagram

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This is an amazing video of Michael in 2001,  courtesy of sophiemj on YouTube.

First at the MTV Music Video Awards.. … surprising the audience with a fantastic performance where he outshine the boy band  N’Sync…. and POPS.

Secondly –  at 1:46 ..  2001 TRL interview with Carson Daly from MTV .. ..

Please note how humble, polite and gracious Michael is during this interview, so much so that he says “Thank you, sir” to Carson Daly.  This type of courtesy is something we rarely see from other artists, and clearly demonstrates the kind of gentle way Michael  always conducted himself.

Transcript of interview:

Voice over : Well, I tell you what guys, I’ve been doing this along and I’ve just really never seen anything like the chaotic scene outside the the Virgin MegaStore across the street. Sheer pandomonium to say the least, and for ONE reason only.. The King of Pop is here – the biggest selling artist in the history of music. TRL Welcomes Michael Jackson. As you see Michael saying hello to New York city, and just unbelievable, the scene. He’s in great spirits, I had a chance to say “hi” to him moments ago – All smiles, excited about the release of Invincible but even more so to be here in New York City that just loves Michael Jackson. Especially now, it’s a great time for him to be out here, exactly what the city needs. Invincible is the record, it is out and I’m gonna have a chance to talk with Michael in just a little bit, as he is in a media frenzy right now. It’s just amazing to be this close, the man is unbelievable. We’ll chat with him in a second ..


Carson: As you can see total and utter chaos in the streets of New York, ya know it’s been a really tough tough seven or eight weeks for the people of New York city, today just getting an incredible thrill.., the King of Pop, Michael Jackson being so kind and coming to Times Square to say “hi” and we are absolutely honored and thrilled and myself personally to be here with you. Thank you very much

Michael: Thank you

Carson: I have to ask you- How does it feel to have the number one album in every country – World wide.. Again?

Michael: It’s a great honor, I’m very happy about it, we worked very hard on it and I’m blessed that the fans accepted it the way they did, and I’m very honored. I really am. I don’t take anything for granted. Everytime there’s a number one album or song I feel excited as if it’s the first one. . so I’m very happy about that.

Carson: Well, congratulations, the record is indeed amazing, and so’s the video that we’re gonna watch right now.. this works out nicely. . here’s You Rock My World .. it is the King of Pop, Here’s Michael Jackson at 7 at TRL

(Clip of You Rock My World is shown)

Carson: ..that’s great. video Seven is Michael Jackson’s, You Rock My World and it is great again to be here with you … .So many people I’ve interviewed on TRL, just about everybody, let me change that , everybody,    lists YOU as an influence. Are there any artists that influence you?

Michael: Lot’s of artists.. mostly entertainers, I would say Sammy Davis Jr. James Brown, Jackie Wilson … there are so many great singers ..Aretha Franklin, Streisand …

Carson: Yea

Michael: and I love the Beatles music, i just love great great music

Carson: Michael was incredibly generous, nice enough to send over his entire record catalogue for our studio audience at TRL, so those kids are all getting hooked up by Michael Jackson. Thank you for your time.

Michael: God Bless you and thank you very much ..

Carson: Congratulatios on the record, it was a real pleasure.

Michael: Thank you sir, thank you.

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3 Responses to 2001 TRL Interview of Michael Jackson

  1. Thank you for posting this fabulous video!


  2. Sheryl Wilder says:

    Thank you for adding this to the website. No other entertainer has the depth of Michael.


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