The INVINCIBLE Michael Jackson

Update 2012 After serious consideration, it has been determined that irreparable damage as been done to the campaign to get Invincible to number one by a lack of cooperation and team approach by the originator of this drive. It is unfortunate but any sort of big push for Invincible will have to be put on hold for a more opportune time.

As always we would encourage everyone to post comments on Invincible links below and link Invincible songs in every capacity that is available to you, via fan clubs, forums, twitter, facebook etc.. and continue to request the tracks  to your local radio stations.

UPDATED 11/13/2011 Unfortunate circumstances have propelled us to disassociate ourselves with Deborah Francis, otherwise known as mjsinvincible1, clearmjsname1, 13June2005, LoveInvincible and whatever  other name or account she has on facebook, twitter, or any other online account.

We are not encouraging anyone to leave her campaign or to stop giving her support.

We stand by what is on our MJJJusticeProject tweets dated 11/12/11 on our twitter timeline and will not go into details of what has transpired between Ms. Francis and us, as it has been 2 years and many issues too lengthy and unnecessary to describe here.

However, many times during this particular campaign we were approached by others who were dissatisfied by her handling of the MJsInvincible campaign.  We repeatedly urged them to set aside their hurt feelings and encouraged them to remain supportive because we knew that in numbers there is strength, until now. We cannot in good conscience support a woman who supports the Conrad Murray documentary nor can we encourage others to do so.

Anyone who has worked with us knows that for over two years we have supported many campaigns that we truly believed in whether or not we even KNEW the originator of the campaign.

If it’s for Michael..we are for it! We go full out and support ANY campaign that promotes Michael’s justice and reflects  his truth and true legacy.

Unfortunately, the stance that she has taken regarding the appropriateness of the airing of the Murray documentary has revealed a huge schism in our beliefs regarding the best way to support Michael. Ms. Francis has openly promoted the Murray documentary on her Twitter timeline, despite that the overwhelming majority opinion of the MJGlobal family that it allows Murray to defame, belittle, and dehumanize Michael without fear of perjury.  Of course it is her right to have this opinion but it is also our right to stand up and say she is wrong. 

It saddens us to have come to this empasse but sometimes it is better to sever ties than to keep butting heads with someone who does not have the same kind of mindset in the protection, support and promotion of Michael’s true legacy. Please see our apology to the MJGlobal family for engaging in an open dispute with Ms. Francis on Twitter.

MJJPeace and U4MJL have publicly disassociated with the current campaign as well. They are eager to work with us in preparing a different approach to promoting Michael Jackson’s most beloved album.

We welcome any other MJGlobal family member or group who would like to align and create an Invincible Campaign where all of our voices will be heard and respected. If you are interested please tweet @MJJPeace @U4MJL @lovelightmagic @budsgirl11954 or @MJJJusticePrjct as we will be setting up times for discussion regarding reworking and refocusing in a more productive manner.  You may also leave a message here if it is more convenient.

This account will be updated as the campaign begins to take shape. – Buds

In the meantime —

A little Background Michael Jackson’s Invincible was released Oct 30, 2001, peaked at number one in twelve countries and received a multiple double platinum designations by selling 13 million copies worldwide. Michael wrote fourteen of, the sixteen tracks of this album and his personal favorite was Unbreakable. As usual, with Invincible Michael Jackson used his creative genius to produce a major pioneering masterpiece of sound and soul.  It was the recipient of one Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance – Male, as well as being voted, by readers of Billboard magazine, the best album of the decade, despite the fact that Sony did little to market the album after a dispute with Michael.

“You Rock My World” premiered in 2001 off of Michael Jackson’s final studio album, Invincible. The video is actually a short film written by Jackson and director Paul Hunter. Special guest appearances are made by Chris Tucker, Michael Madsen, Billy Drago, and Marlon Brando. This is the last video by Michael Jackson to feature his active participation; subsequent videos used archival footage. “You Rock My World” won an NAACP Image Award for Best Music Video in 2001. (C) 2003 Optimum Productions

What you can do until we formalize some details

– Call your local radio station daily and start requesting them to play Invincible tracks, Unbreakable or Invincible.. (or your favorite track from the album)

-Use the right hand panel on your Twitter “Who to follow” use those names to urge other MJfamily members to tweet Invincible songs and encourage fans who don’t know much about the album to learn about it.

-Use your Twitter account to Post messages that promote the album INVINCIBLE –     Examples:

RT Pls support Michael Jackson – BUY Invincible

RT Pls ask your radio station to play Unbreakable daily or any other tract from Invincible.

-Use your facebook, blog, forum, myspace, chat room and any other online site that is available to you to post messages regarding  the  Michael’s Invincible album.

Play and Rate INVINCIBLE Videos – More Views and ratings sends a message that the MJGlobal family is going to support it wholeheartedly. Also use these videos links as tweets; ask other’s to rate and retweet.

Please take some time to visit each of these videos and rate them with a Thumbs Up, Leave a loving comment for Michael and a supportive message.




Break of Dawn

Heaven Can Wait

You Rock My World



2000 Watts

You Are My Life


Don’t Walk Away


The Lost Children

Whatever Happens Threatened

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26 Responses to The INVINCIBLE Michael Jackson

  1. clearmjsname says:

    Please support the #mjsinvincible campaign and make the Invincible Album number 1. You have the power to make this happen.


  2. Tammy Moore says:

    please everyone help get the album INVINCIBLE to be heard and the videos to be seen every were all over the world.We need you to give it your all in this to help bring this album up to number 1,and we need to help Michael so give your support in this please.


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  4. Breakodawn says:

    Please yes lets make this album INVINCIBLE no1.It is truly a masterpiece.This is a brillant way to support MICHAEL,


  5. sophie vadam says:

    i love invincible album


  6. Desperado MJ says:

    I’m gonna buy Hard copies; All the 5 covers (In 3 months period). And if I’m lucky, if the shelves are empty after I buy, I’ll ask the shopkeeper into bulk ordering Invincible!


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  9. INVINCIBLE has always been, and is always MY FAVORITE Album..
    This album has HIS story…and the songs are WONDERFUL…
    Michael…I Love you with all my heart…


  10. Marian says:

    Please spread the word support #mjsinvincible.


  11. i wanna thank everyone for your help with spreading the #mjsinvincible campaign this can make history and its of for love all for michael jackson!!!


  12. yasmine says:

    This album is just as beautiful as MJ n im sure it wld have been # 1 back in 2001 if it wasnt for the Sony dispute n all the crap the media was putting out abt Michael. We need to def bring it to # 1. We need to all support the album n buy it. Going to youtube to view it n rate it. Lets all keep Michaeling. ❤


  13. LoveMJmore says:

    Support the campaign Invinciblle … For me the Invincible album is a gem … You have to delve into each of the topics your message goes beyond what you hear comes the center of your soul and your heart … A true masterpiece of our Michael Jackson genius… Definitely I love Invincible ..Join this campaign…LOVE


  14. Mari says:

    Very beautiful album, I love all songs. Music is wonderful. Michael always the best. I love you, Michael.


  15. Ily Michael says:

    MJ’s the man and Invincible’s the album! I love them both!!


  16. Michaholics says:

    #Michaholics will do all we can to further this cause. It was our pleasure to stand strong at a time when Michael needed his #MJFam most and it serves us well to continue forever more. Michael Jackson was a good and gental man described as second only to Jesus Christ in History! Time will tell. History is best when it is being made. #Michaholics are proud to have been there.


  17. Michaholics says:

    #Michaholics will do all we can to further this cause. It was our pleasure to stand strong at a time when Michael needed his #MJFam most and it serves us well to continue forever more. Michael Jackson was a good and gentle man described as second only to Jesus Christ in History! Time will tell. History is best when it is being made. #Michaholics are proud to have been there.


  18. I’m going to write a review of Invincible for Amazon! Everyone should!


  19. Mulan Jackson says:

    I love this album, I love Michael so much, supporting him in anything is what I love and live to do 🙂


  20. clearmjsname says:

    Bud you have made a serious allegation about me, i will be taking legal advice and would suggest that you remove your slander/defamation before further action is taken.


    • <– Perhaps you should heed your own words- Buds


    • Rather than create further division and lie about MJJJP on your mjsinvincible facebook account you need to realize that your twitter is seen publicly. Pls see this twitpic of your tweets YOU have called yourself a “non-fan” many times as you attempted to chide MJ fans into feeling as if they were not supporting your campaign enough. You wanted the world to believe that “non-fan” was doing a better job than the MJfanbase. If you use it yourself, how can it be “name calling” when I tweeted “perhaps your non-fan status has clouded your vision” ?

      Additionally, the whole “urinating on people” thing would be hilarious if it wasn’t so stupid. Judge Judy Sheindlen, a famous TV judge coined the phrase ‘don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” she even wrote a book about it – When I tweeted that euphemism to you – I was telling you don’t try to tell everyone that the Murray documentary was pro-MJ … when we all know it is a total smear of his character.

      Thirdly – Perhaps you need to reread my blog as there is not one single slanderous statement in it. No hate either. Just because we’ve decided to take a different path does not constitute hate of any kind.

      Disassociating from someone is not slanderous and you should know this because YOU publicly did the same thing to 4THELEGACY on the mjinvincible wordpress, accusing her of all kinds of malfeasance with your facebook, not too long ago. Neither is stating that the campaign has been ‘mishandled,’ this is the opinion of others and me. YOU have derided MJJPeace when she was simply offering advice (screenshot of these tweets are also available) YOU have recently tweeted disparaging thngs regarding the ‘lame’ and amatuerish letter of John Branca’s regarding the Murray documentary. Are we to believe that YOU are allowed your opinion regarding the caliber of work by others, even a powerhouse attorney, but no one can challenge your abilities?

      This has already been a sad distraction. I have always preached UNITY and to be put in a position where I was forced to stand on principle rather than keep my mouth shut regarding working with someone who does not remotely reflect the same kind of thinking as the philosophy of MJJJusticeProject was necessary.

      There are many causes in the Michael Jackson community that are supported by more than one group. It serves no one to carry on this vendetta against us, so we are requesting that you please focus on your campaign as it is sadly lacking direction and the leadership you were supposed to supply.



  21. “I feel that it’s a bit like animal farm on twitter- you have a few very vocal people – and if you dare to have your own opinion- you are questioned” mjsinvincible1 11/12/11 Twitter Timeline

    “Questioned” or threatened with a frivolous lawsuit. – Buds


  22. Invincible is a gem. I have bought three copies and would love to try and find the coloured versions. Anyone have any idea where they can be found?


  23. Pamela and pete says:



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