Jennifer Batten: Lead Guitarist

June 14, 2011 Interview with Jennifer Batten

Interview on 89.3 FM, Steve Kraske talks with Jennifer Batten, who was Michael Jackson’s right hand guitar player for 10 years on tour. She speaks of touring with Michael and says when she first met him she thought to herself “he is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever seen… just gorgeous ..just radiant,, everything about him was gorgeous” At approximately 4:00 the discussion of Michael’s death, his persecution by the media and her views on the evil that was after Michael Jackson are very poignant.

Kraske: So when he passed, when he died, How did that hit ya?

Batten: Of course it is very sad and mostly I felt sad for his kids ‘cause, he loved them so much and they’re so young. – But in a sense, I felt a relief for him …
‘cause he was so dogged by the media, so unfairly and I just can’t imagine having to live like that.

Krake: So it was ever bit as bad as we have come to believe it was?

Batten: Oh people were evil ….
He had so much evil headed at him

Kraske: Why was that?

Batten: Why WAS that?

Batten: I think because of his energy.
Every body wanted a piece of him. Everybody wanted his money.. people that were able to get a certain closeness to him ended up using him and stabbing him in the back, I mean there are countless stories of that.

Kraske: It’s probably not a surprise but you defend Michael Jackson and you say he was ignorantly and unfairly judged, ridiculed and viciously attacked by those with ill intent and you say THAT, despite the child abuse sexual charges.

Batten: Absolutely

Kraske: What about that ?

Batten: I think it was all extortion. Once again people trying to get at his money. Especially it was so transparent with the 2nd case that came about, the woman spent her life making money from lawsuits.

Kraske: Yeah

Batten: And ya know there’s a lot people that do that, workin’ the American legal system where they’re very sue happy.

Please read this Charles Thomson’s Huffington Post article, on how media twisted and turned the false accounting of Gene Simmons into a story and ignored the true facts of Jennifer Batten’s regarding Michael Jackson on tour.

UPDATE: Feb 8, 2012- Jennifer Batten Honors Michael Jackson w Tribute

Jennifer Batton has her own blog page –

Also please read an indepth analysis The Bias Agaisnt Jackson is Undeniable, from VindicateMJ.wordpress

To listen to 89.3FM Steve Kraske/Jennifer Batten full interview


Special Thanks to Elizabeth Olney for providing the interview link to 89.3FM

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2 Responses to Jennifer Batten: Lead Guitarist

  1. Doris Gorgo says:

    Thanks to Jennifer for standing up for Michael. She is a true friend. I have several DVDs with her on tour with Michael. She is an awesome guitarist. Michael thought the world of her.


  2. Thanks. Thanks to Jennifer. She es a real friend. She loves Michael


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