NMEMagazine – Michael Jackson Undeniably the Greatest Singer of All Time

In their recent poll for “The Greatest Singer of All Time” which ended June 20th, 2011, NME Magazine has proclaimed Michael Jackson the undisputable honoree with a top score of 9.03. Freddie Mercury came in second with a final vote of 8.39 and Elvis brought third place in with a 7.17 after an amazing surge within the last few days.

With 10 million registered votes the WORLD has sent a loud and clear message and while it really didn’t take a poll to quantify his glorious and sustained reign of extraordinary and profound Greatness, it always instills a sense of pride when the idea is stamped and confirmed with a public albeit, begrudging acknowledgement from NME Magazine.

Quite simply, Michael Jackson is the greatest performer in human history and possessed one of the most unique musical minds in modern times. He is a legend in every way; posterity will adore his music for centuries and his fame reaches levels unfathomable to most humans. His dance moves have redefined the limits of physical expression. He has sold well over 750 million records, making him one of the greatest, if not the greatest, selling artists of all time, has scored 13 number one singles on the Hot 100, won 13 Grammies, and set jaw dropping concert attendance records throughout his career. He has the most awards of any entertainer, both musically and for his stellar humanitarian work.

Elizabeth Taylor penned him the King of Pop, Rock and Soul and he has lived up to that moniker throughout his life as he enthralled millions with his superlative talents. His God gifted talents of song and dance will most probably never be exceeded by anyone else and his historical relevance will be studied along side other Masters of the Arts, such as Mozart and Beethoven.

He is often cited as the most famous person on Earth, as he traversed our world spreading a much needed love and gentleness to distressed masses. Dr. Wayne Dyer is quoted as saying “ he single handedly fed half the population of the world” with the proceeds he contributed from the “We Are The World.” His lifetime philanthropic mission along with his amazing musical contributions insure that he will go down in history not only as the Greatest Singer of All Time but also the Greatest Humanitarian that Ever Graced this Planet.


(Some of this write up was unashamedly stolen from a Feb 2007 topix post entitled
The Greatest Entertainer of All Time – Michael Jackson from XDU – Budsgirl)

READ an  in-depth analysis of Michael Jackson historical relevance to music  by purchasing  “Man In The Music”  –  by Joseph Vogel


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6 Responses to NMEMagazine – Michael Jackson Undeniably the Greatest Singer of All Time

  1. HelloDearFriend says:

    “A King Who EARNS His Throne, Can Never Loose It.”

    What a wonderfully sound article; beautifully articulated. Truth always prevails. A Man of this caliber deserves every success and we WILL ensure that every effort is taken to safeguard his Legacy.
    Love to you.


  2. Wow. There isn’t much else to be said. I just wish that everyone in the world could read all that, the doubters, the haters and the media tabloid trash merchants. My heart rate went up and I felt slightly breathless with emotion.


  3. MJ Fan says:

    Wish he could be here to see this. A great honor to one the most original and inspiring artist to grace this planet. Not to mention beautiful inside and out. Love you Michael and thank you for all the joy ❤ ❤


  4. marcial says:

    wow! im happy for michael, true king of music.., he deserves it. love you michael!


  5. Ankur says:

    MJ u r great!


  6. laurie solomon says:

    There will never be another Michael Jackson. Not as an outstanding entertainer and not as a spectacular human being. He is untouchable. Anybody who says differently is either jealous or racist or both.


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