Michael Jackson Interview

Diann Collins … Michael Jackson

Please enjoy this rare and relaxed interview of Michael Jackson prior to the wickedness coming his way. Marvel at his voice, innocence and shy laughter and his views on work ethics, challenges, music, race and motivations.



These are just bits and pieces of what Michael said in the interview with Diann Collins. When you hear him speak it is easier to understand the gentle man that he was and how unique a spirit he possessed.

His Work Ethic:

Loving what I do and speaking from the heart being honest, really

I can’t quite form it down to a special formula or anything ..its just wanting to do great work and doing it.. Carin’ and lovin’ and putting your heart in your work .

Theres nothing like writing a song that you feel good about like BillieJean, Beat It, or Be Starting Something .. and stuff like that and you feel like you have a great prize when its done and you work hard on ‘em.

No matter what you do, your competing against your previous product… and everybody expecting more .. you’re really trying to top yourself all the time.. it’s really hard.. but I believe in doing better work. As you grow, you should get better.

It’s a challenge…..its fun. …I shouldn’t say.its a game.. but I have a lotta fun doing it… getting paid for something you love do is a treat … I’m getting paid to do something that I love to do so it’s a lot of fun, I’m just having a ball.

To Relax:

I don’t think you’d find me in a disco or nightclub … all of those places are fine if that’s what you like to do.. it’s just because it becomes work, instead of pleasure ……they announce that I’m there, play all my music, and I’m signing autographs… I’ve done disguises and all kinda things …it just doesn’t work.

…spend time with my animals or being with children.. I love kids … the young ones..and play with them swim and stuff like that .

Black and White Aspect in Music:

I don’t think in terms of color or race .. I don’t say when I write a song that this is for the blacks and this is for the whites

I just write and it comes out and I’m influenced by what I hear .. and it just comes out that way. . . since I was small up to now it’s a total sum musically of what I was raised on.

And I don’t think in terms of color ..cause I don’t believe in that- I really don’t
Music is colorless, it’s for the world , its for everybody to enjoy

Music is my contribution to life … I have my heart in it.

To the fans:
Thank you and I love you.

Regarding Movies:

It’s important to be selective and find the right vehicle for you.
Surprising the public is what I’m really interested in
It will be something, gosh, futuristic..
something very different …that’s all I would say.

Regarding Pioneering new Sounds:

Heartbreak Hotel was a stimulant for Ron Temperton to write Thriller, ‘cause he told me how much he like Heartbreak Hotel, ‘cause he told me how much he liked all the sounds and the falling and all the sound effect… I was trying to step into the future with HBH trying something different…. integrating drama and sound effects with music .. and it worked. There’s a lotta of people trying that whole thing like Pink Floyd.. so many other people are coming out with sounds in their records now, different affects…that’s fine.

Regarding His Many Gold and Platinum Awards:

Its important not to take it too serious.. not to reflect too much on the past… you can get bogged down with your achievements instead of pulling out great works….instead of your past works, you can get lost in that, really. Sometime I put all my gold and platinum records out and look at them and try not to take it too serious because there’s so much more I have to do …and you kinda forget about that.


I don’t believe in failure … actually.. So I just don’t even think about it.
Take that completely out of my vocabulary …… the word “fail”
…cause I don’t believe in it.


Ummm it was pretty different being brought up on stage and on tour ..its not like the ordinary child life…it is different… it wasn’t like I had stage parents who shoved me into something I didn’t want to it …it wasn’t like that …if it was, I don’t think I would have made it this long, I probably would have overdosed or something…

Being on Stage:

But I enjoy it….it’s a love that I have
It a love that I have…there’s nothing like being on stage ..you cant put it in words when the lights hit you.. and there’s a certain spirit you feel and I just don’t like coming off.. it’s true

(so you don’t regret one minute?-DC)

Not one minute, not one minute

NOTE: Had some techinical difficulties loading the video properly – Please visit the YouTube user channel  – http://www.youtube.com/user/digdatmusic#g/u to view them in sequence.

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