June 25th- Commemorating Michael Jackson

We at MJJJusticeProject are so proud of the MJGlobal family and wish for you strength to get through the weekend of commemorations. Our brother’s universal energy is still gloriously with us, we need only to open our hearts to the lovelight that he so freely shared.

Trending  – Send your love message to Michael on Twitter with a TT #WeMissMJ

Special World Flag Procession at Forest Lawn with 10am moment of silence for our beloved brother.  See @jobay55 on Twitter for UPDATE and Details – http://tl.gd/b837ks

UPDATE: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/06/michael-jackson-fans-from-around-the-world-descend-on-gravesite-remember.htm

June 25th Forest Lawn Video-

If you haven’t already visited this site, please do. Leave a message to Michael and please share this link with your friends.

Message to Michael

This is a lovely site for lighting a candle dedicated to Michael Jackson. Click the link, light an unlit candle and follow the directions. This will make you feel at peace.

Light A Candle for MJ

Listen to Michael’s own words spoken lovingly by other people. Hear his profound wisdom through the voices of others who loved this man.

Spoken Word Tribute

For BeLIEvers and non-believers alike ..this is a beautiful reminder that his music was only a small part of the Greatness he possessed. Our beliefs are as varied as our nationalities but one thing UNITES us all and that is our love for this man.

Letter to Michael

Musical Tributes

Mike Tompkins Acapella Tribute PYT

DeStorm Beat Box  

Flash Mobs








Hong Kong




Inmates in the Philippines

If you have a special tribute to Michael that you would like to add to this post please send us the link at mjjjusticeproject@gmail.com  OR here to our wordpress

Much Michael love to all of the Warriors fighting for Michael Jackson justice on a sustained and dialy basis.

IMPORTANT rolling campaign https://mjjjusticeproject.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/invincible/

Keep throwing your pebbles…  we are making ripples!!

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One Response to June 25th- Commemorating Michael Jackson

  1. NEHA JHA says:

    m just ‘speechless’ & i just wanna say 2 michael,wherever he is(now wid my granny),dat “I LOVE U,TOO!”


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