A Million Trees For Michael

July 21, 2014 UPDATE:  A Million Trees for Michael Website seems to be inoperable at this time

“Take care of the planet and each other, because we are all One” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an early pioneer on conservation and protecting our Earth. He spoke openly about his concerns regarding the destruction of the rainforests and the abuses that we are heaping upon our planet and the need to address the situation. His extraordinarily beautiful and emotionally charged Earth Song became a rallying cry across the world.

Please listen Michael Jackson’s recitation of his Planet Earth poem and experience his loving devotion to our blue orb.
          Joe Vogel writes:

“Before An Inconvenient Truth, before Avatar and Wall-E, before “going green” became a catchphrase, came Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song,” one of the most unusual, audacious protest songs in popular music history”

“Earth Song” would become the most successful environmental anthem ever recorded, topping the charts in over fifteen countries and selling over five million copies. Yet critics never quite knew what to make of it. Its unusual fusion of opera, rock, gospel, and blues sounded like nothing on the radio. It defied almost every expectation of a traditional anthem. In place of nationalism, it envisioned a world without division or hierarchy. In place of religious dogma or humanism, it yearned for a broader vision of ecological balance and harmony. In place of simplistic propaganda for a cause, it was a genuine artistic expression. In place of a jingly chorus that could be plastered on a T-shirt or billboard, it offered a wordless, universal cry.”

In HONOR of Michael Jackson’s “universal cry”, WE are proud to highlight as our JULY -Charity of the Month – A Million Trees for Michael which was founded by Trisha Franklin.

“My vision was to have Michael Jackson Memorial Forests on every continent of the world because he was so beloved in every continent of the world.”
Trisha Franklin –

A MILLION TREES FOR MICHAEL works in collaboration with American Forests to plant trees in honor of our brother, Michael Jackson. It is a magnificent idea and organized beautifully by Trisha and we encourage all the members of the MJGlobal family to participate in Michael’s name.

On this website you can watch a video of Trisha Franklin; sign up for the mailing list and receive their newsletter.  Supporters and activists of Michael Jackson can do their part to “Heal the World” and honor Michael’s commitment to the planet by planting trees in memory of him, for only $1.00 per tree (with $15 minimum). Each of these trees are approximately 1ft saplings. Please also use the facebook, and twitter icons to circulate this beautiful reforesting campaign.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/a-place-in-your-heart/2010/06/11/trishas-tribute-of-trees-to-michael-the-humanitarian   Rev. Dr. Catherine Gross’ interview on BlogtalkRadio with Trisha Franklin regarding A Million Trees For Michael

Twitter @trees4MJ ~~ Please circulate this  A Million Trees for Michael website link to 10 new people on twitter by harvesting name from the right side panel under “Who to Follow”

Important links:

Joe Vogel’s full version of ”Earth Song – Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus” is now available at AMAZON.COM, iTUNES, and BARNES & NOBLE!

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5 Responses to A Million Trees For Michael

  1. Desperado MJ says:

    I really wish I could.. I’m still a student 😦 This is for a great cause.


  2. linny says:

    How do u donate to this?


  3. Linda says:

    I donated to American Forests last month, to have 15 trees planted in honor of him. Will have 15 more planted for x-mas etc.


  4. nasa100 says:

    I think it is wonderful to donate to these organizations, but I wish that it was advertised to the news organizations. The media have no clue that MJ admirers are doing this in honor of an icon both in music and as a humanitarian.


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