AHOPE for Children/ A Lazarus Effect

RT Charity of the Month – August AHOPE for Children

In honor of our beloved brother’s birthday month, we are highlighting  a special cause that meant so much to him. Michael holds a record in Guiness Book of World Records for contributing to the most charities and he donated $500,000 to Elizabeth Taylor’s Aids Research Foundation and made many appeals to the powers that be.

It is very well known that Micheal Jackson befriended the ostracized Ryan White, who gained media attention after his public battle with school administrators who expelled him for having AIDS.  Michael was extremely sensitive to pain and suffering of sick children and was an avid supporter of Ryan’s advocacy efforts. Upon Ryan’s death, Michael honored his friend with the video “Gone too Soon” in 1990. Please watch Michael’s loving speech in 1992 at President Bill Clinton’s inaugural gala, Michael urged the President to increase funding for AIDS research and care.

In the years to follow, Michael continued to support a number of charities and humanitarian programs, including the AIDS Project L.A. and the Minority AIDS Project and in his honor of Michael’s mission to promote Aids awareness and research we support these two initiatives.

Click on these links :

The Lazarus Effect – Aids free Generation 2015
AND    AHOPE for Children 

Email: Rosemary@ahopeforchildren.org

104 Hume Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301

For a personal description on how this organizaton works please click and read June 1st entry on this blog  Under The Acacia Tree

Please watch this Lazarus Effect video –

It only takes 40 cents to make a difference –  Donate on Take Action

MJJJusticeProject – Promoting and Living Michael’s message

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