Passive Aggressiveness towards Michael Jackson

Passive Aggression against Michael Jackson continues=

Example #1- NME

NME online magazine led a contest to find ” The Greatest Singer of All Tme” in the latter part of June so it coincided with the anniversary of Michael’s passing. This seemingly done on purpose to arouse grief in our already heavy hearts.

Expectedly,  the love for him poured out and dedicated to honoring him the votes poured in. Michael Jackson was the clear winner of this poll.  However, rather than praising Michael Jackson, their article covering the results of their OWN poll were less than complimentary to him.

We believe it was their purpose to demonstrate to the fans of Michael Jackson that he had lost his supporters but it didn’t pan out that way. The NME magazine was chagrined at the outpouring of love for Michael, and before the tally they threw down, what we labeled,  a sequined gloved gauntlet to Freddie Mercury fans to get on the stick. MJGlobal community held a bigger stick.

#2 MTV
MTV is following in NME footsteps and conducting a poll- Most Iconic VMA Performance

When? August. YES…. in fact it will end August 24th, a mere five days prior to Michael Jackson’s birthday. It’s time for Michael’s world wide family to step up again to accept this challenge and demonstrate that this type of mental attacks and aggression will  not go unnoticed.


We know that MTV has disrespected Michael in the past so this contest has the same goal as NME’s. The MTV Vanguard Award was originailly named in honor of MJ and they removed his name. There is an ongoing effort to restore his name to that award.  We urge the MJGlobal family to support this endeavor – Please click link for details on what you can do  –

It is quite apparent that this passive agressive behavior MUST be addressed by the 30+million fans of Michael … Please continue to vote on the MTV poll, circulate the link and also support MTVRespect MJ campaign ..

Be part of the PROJECT- Stand up for MIchael.

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6 Responses to Passive Aggressiveness towards Michael Jackson

  1. SWB says:

    Imagine if these places and their advertisers got 30+ million notes from MJ fans telling them we won’t be reading your mag, watching your show or visiting your website. Ouch! That will make ’em squeal. By visiting these sites, fans give them ratings which in turn get then advertising money.


    • This is exactly the goal of MJJJP… We want to UNITE in purpose… We have an enormous resource of people who love Michael and want his truth and true legacy to be properly presented and promoted.
      So what is the major mal-function? Instilling in them that change CAN be made. That EACH individual voice standing up for it …IS critical.. We need ;a groundswell of determination that will flow like molten lava with a power unimaginable.

      Throw your pebble… make those ripples… SPREAD THE WORD …


  2. Suzy says:

    These websites want “klicks”. And whenever they include Michael in a poll, they can count on a large number of MJ fans voting. I think that’s why they are doing it.


  3. You’re correct ..but it’s not only that … there is a deep-seated need to “put down” Michael, .Remember MTV had a poll just recently to find another “King”… so it’s so very obvious their intentions. The fans won’t tolerate these dismissive attempts. They didn’t let it happen in the NME poll and we are pretty sure they won’t let it happen in the MTV poll. The love and dedication to Michael Jackson is fierce.. not only because of his unmatched musical genius…but the underlying theme of his life… He was unparalled in his Humanitarian efforts and this is what his MJGlobal family knows.. ..they love him for his humanity.

    His true legacy will live on ….


  4. Marcela says:

    Of course DONE!!. I´ve just signed the petition. I´ll never forget Michael Jackson. I always figth for him, for his legacy, for justice for Michael.

    Thank you


  5. We are so pleased to announce that tonight on the 2011, MTV VMA Awards – August 28th.. the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award was reinstated and present to Britney Spears for her conribuitions to music. The MTV_RespectMJ team is to be congratulated for this wonderful achievement and in organizing and cooridinating the MJGlobal family to work together in this letter writing campaign. Much love.


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