Transcription of MJ BodyLanguage- CJB – Part 1

We were requested to provide Transcription of  the CJBaxter Body Language Analyses of MJ video’s by one of our readers. We thought it a fabulous idea  – We hope that anyone who is not an English speaker can use these transcriptions and translate them so that they may better understand Mr. Baxter’s astounding and revealing analyses of Michael. Please feel free to share these transciption on any of your Vindicate Michael blogs, forums or chat rooms.  We believe that 40+million Michael Jackson advocates around the world can spread his truth if we all work TOGETHER.  Much love – Buds

Michael Jackson Interview On Oprah – My Body Language Analysis.Video Tutorial. Part 1. CJB

CJB: Hello, welcome to another video tutorial on Understanding Body Language: Lies, Cheats and Happy Feet. Today I have done three videos.  I have done Lady Gaga, I’ve done David Beckham and I’ve done Justin Bieber and my final one today is going to be on an old favourite Michael Jackson.  The vast majority of my body language videos are on Michael Jackson and I have a ton of requests to do more videos by Michael and so this one I am going to do the Oprah Winfrey one which is a few years ago. So as per normal I am going to run through his movements, his gestures, his illustrators, his positioning, things like that and we can see what his non-verbal’s are saying so let’s start the video.

Video starts Michael talks:  My mother is wonderful, to me she is perfection. I just wish I could understand my father.

Oprah Winfrey:  So let’s talk about these teen years.  Was that when you started to go inside yourself?  Because you haven’t spoken to any of the world……. (Video continues while CJB starts to analyze Michael).

Time:  00:59     CJB:  So let’s look at Michael’s opening baseline seated position.  If we have a look, he has his legs crossed in the direction of Oprah Winfrey and he is making a double palm gesture on his knee, which is almost like a restraining gesture but just as I pause he is just about to move his arms and what is he going to do?  Ahhh, here we go… he has automatically assumed, I have not actually heard what Oprah has said but Michael has assumed a defensive barrier here by subconsciously moving his leg (CJB showing Michael’s leg on screen) directly across to create a barrier. He is also using a manipulator here (showing his arms) by holding on to it (his foot) for extra protection.  Whatever Oprah Winfrey has just asked it has rung alarm bells in Michael Jackson’s Limbic system, his most honest part of the brain, to put up a barrier. 

I didn’t quite catch what Oprah said so let’s see if we can scoot back and see what was said to give Michael that reaction.

Oprah Winfrey:  … 14 years is your last televised interview.  So you went inside and became a recluse (pauses video)

Time:  02.02   CJB:  So what Oprah Winfrey is doing there is using a “steepling gesture”.   We place the hands and fingers together to convey confidence; though Oprah Winfrey is a powerful lady she is conveying that confidence through Michael Jackson.  Also that particular gesture there (steepling) is out of respect as well. I’m sure Michael will know that as well.

OW:   (continues) … So you went inside and became a recluse. Was that on purpose or was it to protect yourself?

MJ:  I felt that there wasn’t anything important for me to say.  Those were very sad, sad years… (pauses video)

Time:  02:37   CJB:  Michael had a big speech pause there before he answered that question. He also took a big deep gulp in if you noticed (replays same section of video).. So one, two, three (counting while Michael hesitates)… that’s a long time for Michael Jackson to stop.   (Video continues)

MJ:  (continues) Those were very sad, sad years for me.

OW:  Why so sad?  Because we see you on stage performing, you’re getting your Grammies… why so sad?

MJ:  Oh, there’s a lot of sadness about my past life and, you know, adolescence and my father and all of those things.  It just made me very, very, very sad.

OW:  So he would tease you?  Make fun of you?

MJ:  Yes (pauses video)

Time:  03:17    CJB:  So what we see here is definitely classic sadness from Michael Jackson.  Also note his increased blinking rate when he’s mentioning the really sad things.  Look at his eyes (pausing video and focusing on his eyes) his eyes flicker and we do that with truth sadness.  Points to Michael’s eyes … double flick, double flick, yes so his eye movements, especially his eyelid behaviour shows he is very accurate in what he is saying.  He is very sad and his eyelids, his oculesics, his eye movements speak volumes.  Again we can see Michael has been tremendously honest about this.  (continues video)

OW:  So he would tease you, make fun of you?

MJ:  Yes

OW:  Would he… did he ever beat you?

MJ:  Yes

W:  He did. (pauses video)

Time:  04:01  CJB:  So Michael potentially was about to lie there.  Look at the tight lipped smile he just gave before he said “yes”. He was just about to conceal I think.   (returns to appropriate portion of video)

OW:  Did he ever beat you?  (pauses video on Michael)

Time:  04:18    CJB:  There you go.  So look at that, Michael is automatically breaking eye contact with Oprah Winfrey and made a tight lipped smile there, which potentially we do when we conceal information but I think Michael thinks better of it by being honest.  (continues video)

MJ:  Yes.

Time:  04:37   CJB:  There we go so that’s why he smiles (when he answers) so internally he might have thought I might try and conceal and say no but instead he told the truth(continues video)

OW:  So that was difficult to take.  Getting beaten then going on stage and performing.

MJ:  Yes.

OW:  And why would he beat you?  (pauses video)

Time:  04:47   CJB:  You can hear Michael’s voice getting softer and softer and again we do that with sadness and realization. (continues video)

MJ: Because he saw me …. (pauses video)

Time:  04:54   CJB:  Now Michael is still assuming that same position.  He is not making the double arm barrier where he is holding onto his lower ankle here for additional support but he is still using that barrier against Oprah Winfrey so I guess that this topic of his father… he is having a response in his brain which is making Michael use barriers. So just let go back.  (returns to appropriate portion of video)

OW:  And why would he beat you?

MJ:  Because he saw me … he wanted me to ….I guess maybe I was his golden child or whatever it was.  Ummm some may call it a strict disciplinarian or whatever but he was very strict, very hard, very stern, I mean just a look….(pauses video on Michael’s face)

Time:  05:33    CJB:  I mean look at these fleeting expressions that Michael is making here where he is making reference to his father.  (returns to appropriate portion of video)

MJ:  … he was very strict, very hard.   (returns to appropriate portion of video)

Time:  05:41   CJB:  Sadness.

Michael:  Very stern.

Time:  05:43   CJB:  Anger

Michael:…. And just a look…

Time:  05:46   CJB:  And we have got fear as well. So we have three fleeting macro expressions in the sake of about two seconds there.  (continues video)

OW:  Were you scared of him?

MJ:  Very. Frightened.  There has been times when he would come to see me and I would get sick you know. I would start to regurgitate.

OW:  As a child or an adult?

MJ:  Both.

Time:  06:04    CJB:  Massive honesty there!

MJ:  He has never heard me say this. I’m sorry; please don’t be mad at me.

OW:  Well I mean I suppose…(pauses video)

Time:  06:11   CJB:  Note the tight lipped smile that Michael gave there he feels so good to get it off his chest. (restarts video)  Look at that one, look at that tight lipped smile.  Now he is so relieved he has it off his chest.  That’s relief.  Well done Michael!

OW:  I suppose everybody has to take responsibility for what they have done in life and your father is one of those people who also have to take responsibility.

MJ:  But I do love him!

OW:  Yes I understand.

MJ:  And I am forgiving.  I don’t go around….

OW:  (Interrupts) but can you really forgive. I say this on my show all the time. Can you really forgive if you haven’t gotten angry?  If you haven’t dealt…  (pauses video)

Time:  06:47   CJB:  Michael still making that defensive barrier there (with his crossed knee and palms on them)(video continues)

OW:  I don’t know if you can go from having been abused to forgiveness?

MJ:  I do forgive. (video paused)

Time:  06:57   CJB:  Big deep breath in.  (video continues)

MJ:  I do forgive. There is so much garbage and so much trash that is written about me.  They are so untrue, they are complete lies and those are some of the things that I want to talk about.  The press have made up so much “God-awful” horrifying stories… (video is paused)

Time:  07:12    CJB:  You can see how Michael has changed from his softly spoken wordage about his dad and being very apologetic to telling people live on air now he moves into anger about things, about themalicious and vicious rumours that are circulating about him.  (video continues)

OW:  I know

MJ:  They are completely appalling, completely appalling, and it’s so far from the truth and it’s made me realize the more often a person tells a lie, the more times you hear a lie, I mean, you begin to believe it.   (pauses video)

Time:  07:37   CJB:  It’s true Michael.  Mud sticks and I’m afraid that’s what happened in this case. (video continues)

MJ:  …if it’s told often enough you start to believe it.  It’s appalling the things that they have said about me and they are completely false.

OW:  There are so many.  I normally don’t write questions down but there are so many ….

Time:  07:52   CJB:  So these are very very interesting, let’s watch this and see Michael’s reaction.

OW:  I have been in this house getting lit and getting prepared for this and I have been all over the house and I have been upstairs when you weren’t looking…..

Time:  08:03    CJB: Now notice now they are talking about the room…Michael has shifted his leg position to a more comfortable position but he’s also making a little bit of a pacifying gesture by touching his wrist. So you can see he is slightly anxious about these questions but who wouldn’t be because this was the first interview he did after a long time being in the dark so…. (video continues)

OW:  Laughing… I cannot find an oxygen chamber anywhere in the house.

MJ:  That, that story is so crazy. I mean it’s one of those tabloid things (shows a picture of Michael in a chamber)

Time:  08:30    CJB:  So there is his oxygen chamber.  Let’s just scoot forward here (fast forward video)

MJ:  Why do people buy these papers when it’s not the truth?

Time:  08:42   CJB:  Okay I am going to fast forward it a bit I want to get to the more juicy bits. (fast forward video)

MJ:  Do not pass judgement on anyone until you are talking to them one on one. I don’t care what the story is. (returns to appropriate portion of video)

Time:  08:50    CJB:  Now there look at Michael’s finger gestures.  The point.  This is as angry I have seen Michael Jackson been in a long time.

OW:  You’re right that story, that story it was like it had legs.

MJ:  It’s crazy.

OW:  It is.

MJ:  Why would I want to sleep in a chamber?  (laughs)

Time:  09:12    CJB:  So they are still talking about the oxygen chamber here.  We can see that fleeting expression here of concealed anger.  We go from a smile and then we go into the tight lipped smile, watch this and then anger. (continues video)

OW:  Rumour has it that you slept in the chamber because you didn’t want to grow old.

MJ:  That’s stupid, that’s stupid. They are completely made up and I’m embarrassed.

Time:  09:30    CJB:  It’s ridiculous.

MJ:  I’m willing to forgive the press and forgive anybody because I’ve been taught to love and forgive which I do have in my heart. But please don’t believe this crazy horrifying

Time:  09:35    CJB:  He’s got a good heart Michael.  He forgives and forgets but sadly the press don’t I’m afraid.

OW:  (interrupts) Did you buy the elephant man’s bones?

MJ:  No, that’s another stupid story.

Time:  09:48   CJB:  Good baseline, honest.

MJ:   I love the story it reminds me of me a lot you know I can relate to it. It made me cry because I saw myself in the story. No but I never asked for the elephant man’s bones.  Where am I going to put (laughs) where am I going to put some bones?

Time:  10:02   CJB:  So there we go so when we start being jocular about something chances are it’s the truth. So again, we are seeing some good hallmarks here about honesty again. So do you see a trend about my Michael Jackson videos about honesty?  (video continues)

MJ:  Someone makes it up and everybody believes.  If you hear a lie often enough you start to believe it.

OW:  And yes, people make money selling tabloids.

MJ:  Yes.

OW:  Alright, just recently there was a story and I know one of your attorney’s held a news conference over this. It’s a story about you wanting to have a little white boy play you ….

MJ:  Ahhhhhh (rolls his head back)

OW:  in a Pepsi commercial.

Time:  10:34   CJB:  See Michael’s reaction.

MJ:  That is so stupid.  That is the most ridiculous horrifying story I have ever heard.

Time:  10:40

CJB:  Anger

MJ:  It’s crazy; I mean why would I…

Time:  10:42   CJB:  Truthful

MJ …Number one it’s my face in the child. Me, when I was little. Why would I want a white child to play me?  I’m a Black American, I’m proud to be a Black American, I am proud of my race (pauses video)

Time:  10:54    CJB:  Look at those gesture illustration emblems right here by touching himself while he’s talking.  So again these are hallmarks of honesty here honest baselines from Michael.  (Video continues)

MJ: … that’s like you wanting an oriental person to play you as a child.  Does that make sense?

Time:  11:06    CJB:  Open palm gestures (video continues)

MJ:  I just wish people would stop believing these horrifying stories

OW:  (Interrupts) Okay Michael then let’s go…..

Time:  11:11    CJB:  What annoys me there is that Oprah interrupts him during a key part of that and you can see Michael’s expression there like sadness. Like” why the hell did you butt in?”

OW:  …. Is the fact that the colour of your skin is obviously different then it was when you were younger?

MJ:  Yes.

OW:  And so I think ummm it has caused a great deal of speculation and controversy as to what …

Time:  11:33    CJB:  Okay so this is a key question.

OW:…. You have done or are doing. Are you bleaching your skin? Is your skin lighter because you don’t like being black?

MJ:  You know number one, there is, as I know of, there is no such thing as skin bleaching. I’ve never seen it; I don’t know what it is

Time:  11:46    CJB: ( Points to Michael’s hand that are touching his chest) Honest! Honest body language.

OW:  They use to have those products (starts singing) “Always use bleach and glow” but you would have to have about three hundred thousand gallons …

MJ:  Okay number one. This is the situation. I have a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of the skin.  It is something that I cannot help.

Time:  12:02CJB:  You see the sadness from Michael, the head shake actually in congruent with the “No”.  Actually congruent throughout.  (video continues)

MJ:  It’s a problem for me okay I can’t control it okay but what about all the millions of people.  Let’s reverse it. What about all the millions of people that sit out in the sun to become darker to become other than what they are.

Time:  12:20    CJB:  Anger. Michael is getting frustrated. (video continues)

MJ:   ….Nobody says nothing about that.

OW:  So when did this start? When did the colour of your skin start to change?

MJ:  Well, sometime after Thriller around Off the Wall, Thriller so sometime around there.

OW:  (Interrupts) So what did you think?

MJ:  It’s in my family.  My father says it’s on his side. I can’t control it I don’t understand. I don’t want to go into my medical history…

Time:  12:43    CJB:  Double shoulder shrug. That’s good. Honesty!

MJ:  ….because that’s something that’s private.

Time:  12:49    CJB:  Again these are all hallmarks of honesty from Michael. This is a similar trend in all of my videos of Michael Jackson. (video continues)

OW:  So let me get this straight. You are not changing the colour of your skin. You’re not purposely trying…

MJ:  Oh God. No! We try to control it and using make up evens it out because it makes blotches on the skin… (Michael uses his hands to show how the makeup is placed on his skin)

Time:  13:03    CJB:  So he’s using illustrators with his hands. Making the action he would use.

MJ:  But you know why is that so important?  You know that’s not important to me. I’m a great fan of art I love Michelangelo. If I had a chance to talk to him or read about him I would want to know about what inspired him.

Time:  13:18    CJB:  That’s good.

MJ: … to become who he is, the anatomy of his craftsmanship. Not about who he went out with last night or why he wanted to sit out in the sun so long. What’s wrong with… I mean that’s what’s important.

Time:  13:30    CJB:  So again open palm gestures from Michael.

OW:  How much plastic surgery have you had?

Time:  13:33    CJB:  Big question.

MJ:  Very very little. You can count them on two fingers. (holds up his two fingers)

Time:  13:38    CJB:  So he’s using an emblem using the number two in sync with his words. (video continues)

OW:  Once we say it we don’t have to say it anymore.

MJ:  Read my book Moonwalker it’s in my book.  You know let’s just put it this way.  If all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery.. if they want on vacation. There wouldn’t be a person left in town.

Time:  13:57    CJB:  Yeah, he makes a good point. So there we go, another body language video done for Michael Jackson. If you’re interested in checking me out on Facebook.  Click my “Understanding Body Language:  Lies, Cheats and Happy Feet page which is here (shows on computer) If you’re feeling very generous you can click the share button. You can scroll down on my page and click the share button. I’m on a quest to get 1,000 people on my page before 2012 and I’m on an even bigger quest to get one million in my views on my videos on you tube. So if you would like to see more Michael Jackson videos. Please let me know I shall do a few more for you.  So I hope you enjoyed that video analysis on Understanding Body Language; Lies, Cheats and Happy Feet and I shall speak to all of you again soon. So take care and bye bye for now.

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  1. Very well done! But How can I share this on my facebook page?


  2. meigadas says:

    Great!!! I´ll translate it into spanish and share it!!
    Thank you very much!


  3. Siu Siu from Hong Kong says:

    Thank you for this wonderful work. I would like to translate into Chinese and share with my Hong Kong MJ fan-mily.


  4. Yes.. please feel free to translate the transcriptions that is how we will spread Michael’s truth all over the world. Please check back ..because we plan to transcriibe ALL of the Body Language analyses of Michael Jackson done by Craig Baxter.


  5. elena Lucheroni says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  6. Jade Jackson says:

    Very interesting. I feel a bit nervous when Michael feel uncomfortable with the questions, I just can imagine one parcel of the emotions vortex he was feeling when answer these questions. You can see how rigid his face becomes when he talks about his skin disorder, he is very uncomfortable, sad, and angry.. I think that his face is a kind of barrier, like he was tired in talk about this personal problem that he still tries to deal.


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