Transcription of MJ BodyLanguage-CJB Part 2

Michael Jackson Interview On Oprah – My Body Language Analysis.

Virgin Question. CJB

CJB:  Hello, welcome to another Body language tutorial for you.  Liars, cheats and Happy Feet.  I have another Michael Jackson video for you.  A couple of days ago I did the Oprah Winfrey Interview which was pretty good and then I had 74 emails on my hotmail asking me to cover the rest of the video and so by popular demand it’s got to be said, is the other part of the Oprah Winfrey video where she is asking Michael Jackson really personal questions so I need to check out his non verbal responses.   We start the video right at the beginning. Remember what I said before about the steepling gesture that Oprah Winfrey likes to use on Michael Jackson. That is where we place our hands together in an almost awkward fashion so it looks like a church steeple. We use this kind of power play when we appear to have all the answers or we want to appear confident. So don’t use that gesture (pointing to Oprah Winfrey’s hands) when you’re around your boss!

So let’s start the video !

Oprah Winfrey:  So you have had your nose done obviously?

Michael Jackson:  Yeah, but so have a lot of people I know.

OW:  Yeah and so when we hear all these things about you and there have been …

MJ:  But I’ve never had my cheekbones done, never had my eyes done, my lips done and all this stuff.  They just go too far it’s crazy.  It’s something that happens like every day with other people.

Time:  01:22    CJB:  So let’s scoot back to Michael Jackson’s baseline (rewinds video).  I did another Michael Jackson Video this morning on the 02 press release when he was going to do his tours in London about making his illustrators with his hands and again we see Michael here pointing to the areas when he is talking so we have got timing and synchronization and acute gestures and his verbal communication (points to MJ’s hands when he is speaking about the areas of his face)

MJ:  But I’ve never had my cheekbones done, never had my eyes done, my lips done and all this stuff.  They just go too far it’s crazy.  It’s something that happens like every day with other people.

Time:  01:46   CJB:  So again honesty.  This is good. (Continues Video)

OW:  Are you pleased with the way you look?

MJ:  I’m never pleased with anything I’m a perfectionist. It’s part of who I am.  (Pauses video)

OW:  And so the ….. (pauses video)

Time: 02:00    CJB:  So again, look at Michael Jackson’s seated position.  He’s altered from his original position you would need to look at the other video I did on Michael a few days ago (Referencing part 1) where he sat making a big defensive anxiety cluster where he’s got one leg on here (pointing to his knee) and he’s holding his shin and his ankle tight for additional security, additional comfort.  His seated position now looks like more stress and anxiety so I think a Oprah starts getting to the juicy bits of the interview.  So let’s just keep watching.

OW:  So the image that looks back at you are there days when you say well, I kind of like this or I kind of like this today.

MJ:  (laughs) no!

OW:  Do you every say well I feel pretty cute today?

MJ:  No I’m never pleased (laughs) pretty cute today!  Ummm, I try not to look in the mirror I really do because I’m never happy with what I see so I go on with my work and I get it done.

Time:  02:48    CJB:  Which is a shame really.  Michael is using an example of what is called “happy feet” but he’s not using happy feet in the sense that we all do.  He’s bopping around a bit.  He’s almost like a boxer trying to dodge out the questions.  Watch how he moves from side to side (points to Michael as he moves his head from side to side) so it’s like he’s in a fight. Watch how he dodges back and forth.  So you could have a boxing match with Michael (CJB makes a fist and pretends his punching Michael as his head moves back and forth) There we go, look at this, there we go.  He’s all over the place so again it’s a classic anxiety manipulator. So in this video Oprah is asking some difficult questions

OW:  I have to ask you the ladies in my audience have said to please ask you this question.

MJ:  Yeah

OW:  Why do you always grab your crotch?

MJ:  (Laughs) (pauses video)

Time:  03:27   CJB: (Laughs) Okay right here that’s a good response there but look at Michael’s initial reaction here watch that micro expression.  There you go so the hands up to the head.  What’s that expression?  Shame, absolute shame right there . It’s probably embarrassment really; I don’t think he’s overly ashamed he’s just like “I can’t believe you’re asking me these questions”.  Let’s see Michael’s response. (Continues video)

MJ:  Why do I grab my crotch?

OW:  Yeah we think you got to thing with your crotch going on there?

MJ:  I think it happens subliminally.  When I dance, If you’re a dancer  you know you’re just interpreting…. (Pauses video)

Time:  03:57   CJB:  There you go. Look at Michael’s reaction.  Look at his finger gestures there (Michael’s fingers in a pinch mode).  Again, so even throughout this interview, the one he made with Lisa Marie Presley, the one he did a couple of years ago with the press conference and now this one with Oprah Winfrey.  He loves that gesture there (CJB makes the pinching gestures with his fingers).  He loves it so he’s using it again here to articulate. (Continues video)

MJ: …. Interpreting the music, the sound, the accompaniment of the music.  So when there is a driving base you become the base.  When there’s a cello or a string you become that, you become (pauses video)

Time:  04:21   CJB:  Look how he articulates with his hands there.  Look at his facial expressions when he’s talking.

MJ:  So when there is a driving base you become the base.  When there’s a cello or a string you become that you become the emotion of what that sound is.  Okay?  So if I’m doing a move and I go BAM (grabs the back of his head with one hand and his crotch with the other) and grab myself it’s the music that compels me to do it. (Pauses video)

Time:  04:47   CJB:  So these kinds of crotch displays here are common place with most guys but I think what Michael is talking about here it’s all about here. It’s all about the symmetry with the music.  So again, timing and synchronization.  (Video continues)

MJ: So it’s not like I’m ready going down there and it’s not a great place…. You don’t think about it (pauses video)

Time:  04:51   CJB:  The good thing about Michael is I could interview him all day because he doesn’t make any speech errors or paralinguistic errors and his interviews are done with style.  That’s been a constant theme with Michael Jackson, he has style when he does his interviews.  (Continues video)

MJ:  So I look back at the footage and I go “did I do that?” so I’m slave to the rhythm.

Alarm goes off in Neverland.

Time:  05:11   CJB:  So this bit is rather embarrassing for Oprah.  The smoke alarm is going off.  Must be Michael’s burning loins for Oprah OR NOT.  Look at Michael’s reaction there; look at the pursing of the lips.  Look at that expression here, look at that one.  (Michael’s lips).  So Michael instinctively knows because of Oprah’s difficult questions and now the smoke alarm is going off he is getting a bit annoyed and you can see it there.   Let’s just scoot forward, let’s just get to the best bit.

OW:  There is another rumour starting that the only way that I could have gotten this interview was that I contractually agreed to call you the “King of Pop” and I would just like to say to the world Michael did not tell me to call him the King of Pop as a matter of fact I haven’t called you the King of Pop once here and I frankly

Time:  06:05   CJB:  That’s honest.

OW:  I frankly think that the “King of Pop” is probably too limiting a title for you

Time:  06:14   CJB:  What does Michael think about this?

OW:  I think that most of the world will agree …

Time:  06:19   CJB:  Come on Oprah, spit it out, bloody hell, it’s only fifteen minutes on you tube, come on love!

OW:  You would be King of Entertainment.  Liz Taylor said that you were the King of Pop, Rock and Soul. Where did this whole notion that you proclaimed yourself “King of Pop” come from?

MJ:  I didn’t proclaim myself to be anything.  I’m happy to be alive. I’m happy to be who I am.  Umm….

Time: 06:40   CJB:  So Michael is displaying anxiety here by having his hands tucked in together.

MJ:  King of Pop was first used by Elizabeth Taylor on one of the award shows.

OW:  As a matter of fact we have that video….. (Pauses video)

Time:  06:46   CJB:  If we just go back to the previous interview. He’s more comfortable I think as the interview is going on and on now he’s at a break with the fire alarm going off and he’s got to get back into his seating position and compose himself again I think the stress is coming out of Michael here. (Video continues)

(Award show video is shown)

Time:  07:01   CJB:  Let’s just skip this. Still talking about the King of Pop here.

MJ:  The fans in all the stadiums they bring big banners that say the “King of Pop” and jackets, t-shirts,  and they chant it outside my hotel “King of Pop, King of Pop” so this became something that is known all over the world.

OW:  But you didn’t tell me to call you King of Pop.

MJ:  Nooo (emphatically) why would I tell you to call me King of Pop?

Time:  07:23   CJB:  You can also see Michael’s feet here as well starting to twitch.  If you look at his right leg and his right foot (points to Michael’s foot) he’s getting stressed and anxious.  He’s getting bored now.  His feet are mimicking the action of walking. His feet are moving away, whenever you see that kind of gesture somebody wants to be elsewhere.

MJ:  Again, do not read the tabloids, it’s crazy.

OW:  Do you go out?  Do you date?

MJ: Yes. (rewinds video)

Time:  07:46   CJB:  Now this bit is absolutely crucial. So let’s watch this so Michael Jackson is asked about his dating.

OW:  Do you go out?  Do you date?

MJ: Yes

OW:  Who do you date?

MJ: Well right now its Brooke Shields.

OW:  umm hmmm

MJ:  Well we try not just to be everywhere…. (Pauses video)

Time:  08:07   CJB:   Oh ho!  Now look at that! Michael made a false start there, which is very unlike him because usually he tells …he talks about what’s exactly on his chest. (Rewinds video)

OW:  Do you go out? Do you date?

Time:  08:22   CJB:  (points to Michael as he answers) Ok question.

MJ:  Yes

OW:  Who do you date?

MJ:  Well, right now its Brook Shields.

OW:  Ummm hmmmm (pauses video)

Time:  08:30   CJB:  (Points at Oprah Winfrey who has eyes closed) Look at Oprah Winfrey’s retort there “ummm hmmmm” So if someone said that to me and said that about my Mrs. I would be irate. So there’s no transaction of  analysis there you see.  When he said “Brooke Shields” she should reply which would make Michael Jackson talk again but she’s not done that there. (Continues video)

MJ:  … be everywhere it’s mostly at home or I will go over to her house because I don’t like going out in the public.

OW:  Have you ever been in love?

MJ:  Yea (nods head)

OW:  With Brooke Shields?

MJ:  Yes and another girl (smiles) (rewinds video)

Time:  09:03   CJB:  Okay Michael let’s just scoot back there what did you do there?  Let’s have a look at that one.

MJ:  … be everywhere it’s mostly at home she will come over or I will go over to her house because I don’t like going out in the public.

OW:  Have you ever been in love?

MJ:  Yea (nods head)

OW:  With Brooke Shields?

MJ:  Yes and another girl (smiles)

Time:  09:21   CJB:  Okay right here.  This might come as a bit of a shock to you because I do a lot of Michael Jackson videos but it’s not like Michael Jackson to break eye contact with someone when he’s talking. So what he’s just said there, the classic limbic response going on.  Michael Jackson does not break eye contact when he’s talking about something like this.  Watch it! (Replays same section where Michael says he’s in love and point to when Michael moves his eyes away from Oprah) there you go!

OW:  I’m going to ask you this and it’s embarrassing for me to ask you this (pauses video) (Michael Jackson is shown scratching his ear)

Time:  09:44   CJB:  Look at the pacify Michael Jackson is making and that is testament to why he broke eye contact with Oprah Winfrey and that’s why he is making the pacifying gesture with the ear scratch.  So his ears now are burning and we need to just scratch them slightly to get rid of some of the anxiety.  Now the next question is absolutely key and this is the biggest question I’ve been asked on you tube since I’ve put all these videos on is this next question. (Continues video)

OW:  I’m going to ask you this and it’s embarrassing for me to ask you this but I’m going to ask you anyway.  Are you a virgin?

MJ:  (Puts his hand up to his head and gasps) How could you ask me that question? (Pauses video)

Time:  10:18   CJB:  MY GOOD GOD!  What the hell is Oprah Winfrey doing to Michael Jackson here?  That is deeply offensive asking about someone’s private life, someone’s intimate life.  You don’t need to be fluent in understanding non verbal communication to understand what that expression is (Michael Jackson bringing his hand up to his head and closing his eyes).  The question is when do you put your head down, eyes down and cover your eyes? When do you do that? That is when we show deep embarrassment. I mean this guy, I feel so sorry for Michael during this interview because this is so unnecessary. It just makes Michael look terrible because what kind of answer can he give that. If he says “yes” than he is going to get ridiculed by the press. If he says “no” then she’s going to delve further and say “well who did you lose your virginity to? And it’s massive news. Either way, I think he’s been set up left, right and centre here Michael by her asking that question(Continues video)

OW:  I just want to know (pauses video)

Time:  11:15   CJB: And she doesn’t… It’s crazy because obviously we can see by that expression (Michael’s) that you can just stop there Oprah. You don’t need to press on, but she presses on for the kill(Continues video)

OW:  You’re a gentleman

MJ:  I’m a gentleman, I’m a gentleman

OW:  You’re a gentleman so okay. (Pauses video)

Time:  11:30   CJB:  Look at Michael’s reaction now I mean what does that say to you?  What expression?  Eyes down, tight lipped smile – concealed anger for me.  Concealed anger – look at that massive….(continues video focussing on Michael’s face) Ohhh look at that jaw jut there.  Scoot back here (rewinds video) watch his jaw, watch it jut. There you go! Classic anxiety and classic anger.

MJ:  That’s something that’s private I mean it shouldn’t be spoken about openly.  I mean you can call me old-fashioned if you want but to me that’s very personal.

Time12:12   CJB:  Very personal! Michael tries and laughs it off now because he’s got a good heart and tries to forgive and forget you see. Obviously his fleeting expressions I can pick up on was classic anger.

MJ:  I’m embarrassed!

Time:  12:25   CJB:  Yeah you can see the embarrassment. Now he has resumed his normal position when he was talking about things he wasn’t comfortable with before, and that is Michael’s classic anxiety manipulator.  We’ve got the leg barrier in front of Oprah Winfrey and making a double barrier by having his hands interlocked in front of Oprah Winfrey again (Pointing to Michael’s gestures)

Look at her seated position throughout the interview (pointing to Oprah) Oprah has sat back in this chair nice and relaxed. Now she’s grilling Michael about his intimate life and look at this position here and look we also have got the steepling of the hands as well so Michael is doomed in this question because there is no escape. (Continues video)

OW:  We would like to know whether or not there is a possibility that you are going to marry one day and have children?

Time: 13:09   CJB:  And I’m going to stop it right there because I’m sure you want me to do more. So if you want me to finish this interview off and do the rest then please leave me a comment.  Furthermore if you would like to join my body language page it’s called Understanding Body Language:  Liars, cheats and happy feet! on facebook or you can find the link underneath this video which is www. Facebook\cjbax and please click that and please like it and am on a quest to get one million views on my you tube body language videos by the end of next year and that would be great. So, if you like that analysis please let me know and if you would like me to continue with it further because it’s on part 4 of 8 so there is plenty of Michael Jackson left if you would like me to finish off,  leave me a comment and we will have a chat soon. From everyone here at body language take care and bye for now.


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  1. SC says:

    Yes, please do more!!!! I’m enjoying this series very much! I know you’re looking for the footage — I will look as well and hopefully we will here more from you about this video!!!!


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