Transcription of MJ BodyLanguage-CJB – Part 3

Michael Jackson New Interview – My Body Language Analysis – Oprah – Elizabeth Taylor – CJB

 CJB:  Hello and welcome to another video tutorial on “Understanding Body Language:  Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet”.  It’s me as normal CJB.  I hope you everyone is ok and had a nice weekend.   So the next video I’ve got for you today is another instalment of the Oprah Winfrey interview that Michael Jackson did a few years ago.  Now I’ve been scouring the net left, right and centre to try and find this video.  There are quite a few videos on this particular topic with Michael Jackson; however none of them are actually in sync.  So I had to scour the world and I found one with I think Portuguese subtitles but we can see Michael Jackson and everything is in sync.  So let’s start it from where we left off last time.  So let’s hit play and see what we can spot.

Oprah Winfrey:  Wait a minute in the video, we are going to see later we are premiering the world video but you say… the line where you talk about “being quenched”  so what kind of person does that?

Michael Jackson:  Right! (Starts to sing) “Quench my desire”…..

OW:  Yeah…  (Pauses video)

Time:  00:55   CJB:  So Michael here just goes through the motions as normal.  Just showing his baseline movements and stuff and he’s not showing any stress or anxiety just yet like he’s done in previous instalments of this video with Oprah Winfrey so Michael just going through the motions and let’s just see what happens next.  (Continues video)

MJ:  Yeah…. Well.  Brooke (Shields).  I’ve always liked her and when I was little I used to stay with Diana Ross, me and my brothers.  (Pauses video)

Time:  01:20   CJB:  Diana Ross.  (Sings a Diana Ross song)… Sorry. Let’s see what Michael’s doing here with those hand movements.  Ok Michael’s baseline has altered and if you remember from previous videos he was making that leg barrier with his hands around his ankles clasped but he’s shifted that here but don’t read too much into that because he looks comfortable  in this position. (Continues video)

MJ:  … when I was little I used to stay with Diana Ross, me and my brothers. We stayed with her for years. I’ve always… I’ve never said this but I always had a crush on her!  (Pauses video on Michael’s face).

OW:  You did!

Time:  01:52  CJB:  Ok now look at that embarrassment.  Look at the eye break there and look at how he drops his head slightly.  That’s classic embarrassment but it’s not really malicious embarrassment so he’s slightly apprehensive.  (Replays pertinent part of video)

MJ:  I’ve always had a crush on her…

Time:  02:03  CJB:  There you go the head drops down.  (Continues video)

OW:  I heard too… this was another one of these rumours … (pauses video)

Time:  02:08  CJB:  Now look at that a parting smile.  Michael does that – a lip compression.  (Replays video) Just watch Michael’s lip compress.  His lips compress down at the end so that is almost like a non verbal to say “I’m not overly comfortable talking about this I wish you would shut up”.  So watch it again. (Replays video).  So watch those lips compress.  So that’s Michael smiling… let’s just watch those lips compress. (Oprah starts asking the rumour question) … There you go look at that little flash there, that’s a classic macro expression so I think Michael is trying to tell Oprah Winfrey here to just cool it slightly with that question(Continues video)

OW:  … that you had proposed to Elizabeth Taylor at some point?

MJ:  (laughs) Elizabeth Taylor is gorgeous, beautiful, she still is today and I’m crazy about her. (Pauses video)

Time: 02:50  CJB:  Now remember when we said about incongruent head positions with the verbal conversation. Michael Jackson here is saying how lovely Elizabeth Taylor is but if we were to turn the music off you can see his head shake “no”.  So just watch this (replays in slow motion) so if you were to watch this with music off we could see..  Watch his head shakes.  There you go, his head shakes and you would think he is disagreeing with something however that’s Michael’s baseline he often does this.  More emphasis really. So again don’t read too much into this because a lot of people have emailed me saying that Michael Jackson shakes his head one way and actually says one thing another. Like his verbal conversation says yes but his head shakes no.  Don’t read into that Michael does that naturally and that’s not an indicator of deception.  (Continues video)

MJ: … crazy about her!

OW:  Yeah, but did you propose to her?

MJ:  I would like to have!

OW:  Yeah… well Elizabeth Taylor is here. Liz, can we bring Liz in.

Time:  03:38  CJB:  Okay so they are about to bring in Elizabeth Taylor in here.  Now then does Michael know this is going to happen? Has this been prerehearsed?   Has he been prewarned or is it genuine surprise?  Let’s have a look and see Michael’s reaction.  (Continues video)

OW:  Now Liz has said she wanted to be here to hold your hand through this but you don’t look like you need your hand held (Elizabeth laughs) (pauses video)

Time:  03:56  CJB:  Okay did you spot anything in there? Do you think it was all staged?  Do you think Michael knew about it? Or do you think he didn’t know about it? Let’s have a look (continues video)

OW:  Now Liz has said she wanted to be here to hold your hand through this but you don’t look like you need your hand held (Elizabeth laughs)

Time:  04:06  CJB:  Now let me just scoot back and I will tell you exactly what I think. If I could just pause at that right moment.  

Oprah:  can we bring in Liz now.  Liz had said she wanted to be here to hold your hand through this but you don’t look like you need you hand held (Elizabeth laughs)

Time:  04:19  CJB:  Can you see Michael‘s parting of the mouth there towards the end.  I will just try and get it for you. There you go. (Points to Michael) the mouth is wide open and that to me emphasizes massive surprise.  So I don’t think Michael Jackson knew that this lady was coming out.  (Finds the exact spot where Michael’s mouth is open)  Look at that Mouth open!  There we are we can see his mouth open here (outlines Michael’s mouth) so we’ve got massive massive surprise coming up right there.

OW:  Elizabeth Taylor!  (Elizabeth kisses Michael and sits down)

MJ:  Hi Elizabeth!

Time: 04:53  CJB:  Now look at that embrace there. That’s not too bad that is an embarrassed or almost a surprised embrace really that “Oh my God Elizabeth Taylor has just walked in and we are talking about her.  But it’s good how Michael leans into the kiss first. Look at that one. So straight instinctive.  Look at that (points at Michael kissing Elizabeth) so Michael goes in straight away. Beautiful!  Now then… (Continues video)

OW:  Have a seat. Did Michael ever propose to you?

Elizabeth Taylor:  NOOOOO! (Pauses video)

Time:  05:19  CJB:  Oh my God, Lord, this has got to be a nightmare for Michael Jackson.  Look at that stance and position that he has left himself in because there isn’t two chairs, only one chair. Obviously Elizabeth Taylor’s got to sit down but look at that position, a nightmare for anybody including me.  At what stage in your life would you be stood there like that? (Pointing at Michael who is in the middle standing between Oprah and Elizabeth Taylor). Let me tell you! If you were ever at school and you did something wrong and you had to go to the Headmaster or the Headmistress with your mom or dad.  Your mom would sit there or dad would sit there (points to Elizabeth Taylor) and your headmaster would sit there (points to Oprah Winfrey) and you would stand there (points to Michael) like a naughty boy. Unfortunately Michael is in that position there and we can see shortly Michael Jackson’s expressions about being stood there.  A very weak position there and he looks defenceless. So Michael here has been set up royally! There needs to be two chairs here but unfortunately it makes Elizabeth Taylor here look far superior than Michael Jackson and that’s no good because this is his interview remember. It’s all about him.  Watch this!  (Continues video)

OW:  Hi.  Have a seat. Did Michael ever propose to you?

Elizabeth Taylor:  NOOOOO!

Time:  06:26   CJB:  So there you go, the old school representation (pointing to the screen).  Here we go (continues video)

ET:  NOOOOO! And I never proposed to him!

Time: 06:23   CJB:  Pretty truthful, that’s honest.

OW:  What do you think is most misunderstand about Michael Jackson Liz?

ET:  All the things you mentioned. (Pauses video)

Time:  06:42  CJB:  Now the thing with Michael Jackson here is that he’s not sure where to focus his eyes he hasn’t a clue what to do and that’s why he’s bobbing about, a  lot of nervous energy here. Watch Michael Jackson, look how he’s bobbing about (points to Michael standing moving back and forth) and the reason why he’s doing that is because he’s not quite sure where to stand, where to put his hands, where to put his eyes, when to speak, what to do and that’s because all the power has been shifted from him to Elizabeth Taylor and now nobody is focusing their attention on Michael here.  That’s why he is looking around. (Continues video)

ET: … he is the least weird man I have ever known.

OW:  umm hmm, he is highly intelligent

Time:  07:14  CJB:  He looks, he’s very uncomfortable here. (Continue of video)

ET:  ….. Shrewd. Intuitive, understanding, sympathetic…. (Pauses video)

Time: 07:28  CJB:  And we can see how he really feels by that compression of the lips there to make them disappear.  Watch Michael again (replays portion) watch his lips as the camera pans down. Did you catch that?  I shall just try and pause it for you… (pauses on Michael) So just as the camera pans down there!  (Pauses on Michael’s compressed lips) Did you see that compression?  I shall just move if back for you again (rewinds video)… and we try and hide the lips … there we go, the compression, so making the lips disappear.  We use that particular expression when we feel anxiety or stress.  Now Michael Jackson only made that gesture a few times in this interview.  Now he stood up and he doesn’t a clue where to go, where.. What to say, where to sit, so he’s making that particular gesture (shows Michael’s compressed lip gesture) and that’s testament to the brain activity.. ummm. Being associated with Michael here because he cannot sit down and he can’t engage in the conversation AND he’s being talked about and that’s why hes bobbing about left right and centre. (Continues video)

ET:  …. Generous to almost a fault of himself. Ummm and if he’s just… (Pauses video)

Time: 08:38   CJB:  And look at that expression there on Michael’s face where he juts the chin out.  Did you catch that one? (Pauses on Michael’s face).  Let me just rewind it for you. (Rewinds to pertinent part).  Watch Michael’s chin, watch how he juts it forward. There you go! The chin jut, did you catch that? When do we jut the chin out?  When we feel anger so Michael Jackson now has shifted from anxiety and stress to anger and he’s still bobbing about left, right and centre. (Continues video)

ET:  … and that he is larger than life and some people cannot accept that or face it or understand it.

Time: 09:16  CJB:  So the open palm gestures (pointing at Elizabeth Taylor) and these are all fine.

ET:  His talent on stage… which is why I called him the Kind of Pop, Rock , Soul, Music, Entertainment.

Time:  09:23  CJB: So very emotionless (points at Michael) he isn’t moving about now.

ET… there’s nobody that can come near him. Nobody can dance like that; write the lyrics like that,

Time: 09:31  CJB:  These are honest, good gestures, good use of illustrators with the hands (points to Elizabeth Taylor)

ET:  … Nobody can create the kind of excitement that he does.

OW:  Why do you think you all are such friends?  What has brought this kind of bond? Because people try to make this be weird. (Pauses video)

Time:  09:44  CJB: The thing that is happening here is that Oprah Winfrey has completely taken her eyes off Michael. In fact in that bit there where they are talking about Michael she doesn’t give him one bit of eye contact. (Continues video) Look at this (points at Oprah Winfrey’s eyes) Look at this she completely blocks Michael. She might have given Michael eye contact there (back to the camera) but it doesn’t look like it. Because when we give each other eye contact something happens in the limbic system with our legs and we will generally move towards the object that we have crossed eye contact with.  We don’t see it here.  And look at Michael here. (points to Michael) He is in the naughty schoolboy stance. His mom would be here (points to Elizabeth Taylor) His headmistress would be here (points to Oprah Winfrey) and Michael stood there. So he looks weak in the position here and I think particularly there should be another chair there which he sat next to Elizabeth Taylor to even out the power here but there’s not. (Pauses video)

So let’s move onto the next video here and we’ve got the other part of this video. I’m going to say thank you to whoever put this video on. My deepest regards, thank you very much. So let’s continue with the video.  (Continues video)

ET:  Well it’s not. Our childhoods are very similar.

Time: 10:56  CJB: So again, Michael here is looking weak and there we’ve got hair playing here, (a classic pacifying gesture– pointing to Liz Taylor).  Let me just click off that one (CJB had two videos running at the same time) Okay let’s start the other one.  (Continues video)

ET:  …. Close together from the very beginning.

OW:  And what is it… I’m going to ask Michael this question later on.  What is it that you most want the world to know about him?

Time: 11:22  CJB:  Okay let’s scoot back here so we can find out. (Rewinds video)

ET:  What a giving, caring, generous man he is and how good he is.

Time: 11:20  CJB:  So again, gestural timing, everything in the right place

OW:  and he’s funny

ET:  Oh, he’s wildly funny.

OW:  He can crack some jokes I tell you

ET:  Yeah

Time: 11:36  CJB:  Now Michael is biting his lip, can you see that here. (Pauses video)   (ET and OW talking about how funny he is) So he’s funny and Michael cracks a smile he makes a big smile and then he bites that lip. We bite the lip because he’s not happy at all by being stood up like this. (Continues video)

OW: …. Thank you for joining us too because I know you didn’t want to be on camera but thank you.  Coming up next Michael is going to give us not only a tour of his incredible amusement park and movie theatre but also a very ….

Time: 12:05  CJB:  Okay so let me end it there. So let me just scoot back to what I was saying before about this stance that Michael is in here and he can’t get away from it (rewinds video) He is stuck in this stance where he stood next to the individual. So it looks like Michael is a naughty school kid here umm and that’s not the expression you want to be in.  I mean this position here, let me just blow it … make it a little bit larger for you so you can see what I’m all about.  I’ve talked about it a hundred times. (Enlarges video) There you go. So again, just to recap in this position here Michael Jackson should be sat down by Elizabeth Taylor here to have the equal power. This is Michael Jackson’s interview so the focus wants to be around him. As soon as Elizabeth Taylor comes in here he has to stand up so automatically Michael Jackson starts to look weak in this position, which is a great shame for him because he’s trying to get his points across throughout the entire interview. Oprah Winfrey in this position (Points to Oprah sitting with back to camera) completely ignores Michael and the reason why she is doing this, I don’t know, however we can see a limbic response from Michael Jackson where he’s bobbing around, he’s biting his lip, he’s making his lips disappear, no one is talking to him and he feels isolated in that position. So the hand position should be behind the ummm behind his back which he’s got but he just doesn’t look in the powerful position, he looks almost like in the reprimand position so it looks like he can be told off at any point and that is not what we want here.  I think in this particular stretch of the interview Michael again, has been set up here to look really bad ummm and he knows this but I actually think the genuine surprise response we got from when Elizabeth Hurley, excuse me Elizabeth Taylor walked in was genuine surprised. So with that in mind, I hope you enjoyed that video.

If you would like to check out my Body Language page just type in “Understanding Body Language: Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet” into Facebook the link is below this video.  I’m on a quest to get a million views on these videos.  I would just like to say I am a fan of Michael Jackson, I’m a fan of his music but I know absolutely nothing about his private life. So all these interviews that have been done I have never seen them before so all I am doing is looking at his reactions, looking at his body language and giving an analysis of my opinion based on what I see and from what I see 9 times out of 10 is complete honesty. I see a lot of Michael Jackson’s have been ummm made him to look bad in some respects, which is terrible,  BUT HIS HONEST BODY LANGUAGE ALWAYS SHINES THROUGH! So I shall reiterate to everyone that is watching this MICHAEL JACKSON – COMPLETELY HONEST ALL THE TIME AND WHAT A PERFORMER.

So there you go, so hope you enjoyed that video on “Understanding Body Language.  Any questions, please leave me a comment and I shall do my best to reply. So from everyone here take care and bye bye for now.

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