Transcription of BL-CJB -Part 4

Michael Jackson Exclusive 1996 Police Interview

CJB:  Hello and welcome to another video tutorial on “Understanding Body Language:  Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet”.  This one I am going to do… one I had a private message on you tube this morning saying about ummm… this chap, ummm… if he was guilty or innocent and I’ve been scouring the net and I have found a pretty good interview so I’m not going to tell you who it is.  You will be able to guess within the next ten seconds I suppose.   So we will start the video and let’s see what I think.  (Screen comes on “ Michael Jackson:  Unseen Video”) Michael Jackson so…

Interviewer (off camera):  Were you aware that Jordon Chandler, or his family on his behalf, filed a lawsuit against you? (Pauses video)

Time: 00:44   CJB:  (Video shows Michael leaning back into his seat while his head and eyes look down) Okay that’s called a “gestural retreat” see how Michael sits back into his seat and his head and eyes go down. So non-verbally that means “yes”. (Continues video)

Michael Jackson:  Yes

Time:  00:56  CJB:  There you go!

Int:  To your knowledge Mr Jackson…. (Pauses video)

Time:  01:00   CJB:  Now then, keep your eye on this one.  Now then think about how you would feel if you were in Michael Jackson’s shoes. Keep in mind it was in 1996, so it was quite a while ago ummm about 15 years ago but listen to the question that Michael’s asked and think about your reaction if you were innocent.  So watch Michael’s reaction so let’s just scoot back a bit (rewinds video)

MJ:  Yes

Int:  To your knowledge, Mr. Jackson, were you ever accused of having sexually molested Brett Barnes?

MJ Attorney:  Don’t answer that! (Pauses video)

Time: 01:45   CJB:  I’ll stop it right there.  Just think about what reaction you would give if somebody just asked you if you sexually molested a child.  What reaction would it be?  ANGER, wouldn’t it? And disbelief that someone would accuse you of doing something as disgusting as that and look at Michael’s reaction when asked this question. Look at the micro expression. (Rewinds video)

Int:  ….were you ever accused of having sexually molested Brett Barnes?

Time:  02:13   CJB:  If I could pause it. Did you see that (shows Michael’s face) I was trying to pause it. Eyelids, eyebrows up, okay is that surprise or is that fear? For me, that looks surprised. (Rewinds video)

Int:  ….were you ever accused of having sexually molested Brett Barnes?

MJ Attorney:  Don’t answer that! (Close up on Michael covering his face with his hands)

Time:  02:37   CJB:  That is surprise… that is NOT fear. So think about it. That could possibly be the hallmarks of honest, surprise to hearing something like that. If he had committed something, if you actually done something like that you wouldn’t feel surprised. You would feel guilt or shame but you wouldn’t necessarily feel … actually you might feel fear as well because of the fear of getting caught. But this now (replays pertinent portion of Michael’s reaction) is pretty much what you would do if you were accused.  So what I think here is that Michael Jackson is potentially showing the hallmarks of honesty. Let’s keep watching. (Continues video)

Int:  Do you know a person by the name of Macaulay Culken?

MJ:  Yes

Time: 03:26   CJB:  So just because Michael said yes there, and he basically does know, that is his “baseline yes” so whenever he says “yes” in the future this is what he should do. (Replays video)

Int:  Do you know a person by the name of Macaulay Culken?

Time: 03:38   CJB:  So Michael’s baseline “yes” is “yes and the eyebrow goes up” (points to Michael’s eyes)

Int:  So you are allowed to answer questions about Macaulay Culken?

MJ Att:  I’ll let him answer that one!

Time: 03:55   CJB:  Disbelief!  Now that’s an interesting pose that one. That is not the hallmark of honesty is that pose (video shows Michael Jackson shaking his head and putting his arms and hands behind his head).  That’s an arrogant pose. It’s almost like you will never find the evidence pretty much a pose.  But you can see on his facial expression here that’s almost disbelief as well. He doesn’t show anger and also note his tongue there. Watch his tongue; did you see his tongue there?  That’s what Dr. Paul Ekman calls “duping delight” with his tongue, watch his tongue.  (Replays video showing his tongue)  There you see his tongue movement there. Now that can be possible seen as “duping delight” or it might be a sympathetic nervous system kicking in because when the sympathetic kicks in the salivary glands don’t operate which starts making your mouth dry.  Which again, the Chinese used to do in 100 BC is to get people who were accused of committing a crime chew some rice and if there was some rice attached to their mouth at the end were guilty. So again, think about the situation he is in here, he is being almost interrogated here so you would feel as he feels now. (Continues video)

Time: 03:55   CJB:  Disbelief with the head shakes (Michael continues to shake his head throughout)

Int:  Let me ask you this do you recognize the handwriting on these two sheets?

MJ: Yes (shakes his head) It’s mine!

 Time: 05:18   CJB: This was interesting!  Again, “Mine” eyebrows up.

Int:  Do you know what these documents are?

MJ:  Yeah!

Int:  What is it?

MJ:  Ummm crazy stories that people have created.  Things I wanted to set straight in an interview

Time: 05:36   CJB: Listen to this, this bit is very interesting!

MJ: (continues) ….not exactly, it could have been Diane Sawyer or whatever the interview was that I wanted to do

Time:  5:43   CJB: Now here come the hallmarks of honesty for Michael Jackson.

MJ (continues)… if you hear a lie long enough people believe it. People have lied on me.  I’m a Black American and am proud of it and I’m honoured ….

Time: 05:54   CJB: Watch the next bit for gestural timing, EVERYTHING is spot on!

MJ:  The bleached skin rumour. Which is a rumour.  I don’t bleach my skin. Someone said I wanted a white kid to play me as a child which was a rumour (laughs).  Inauguration rumour – saying that I didn’t want to do President Clinton’s inauguration. I am not Gay! …. Ummm this says… (Pauses video)

Time:  06:18   CJB:  Note how illustrates when he says he is not GAY!  Emphasis on words – paralinguistic.

MJ: … ummmm this says don’t judge a person unless you have spoken to the one on one, which is true … because what you hear is a lie …. (Trying to read it) I can’t make out this part here.

Time: 06:44   CJB: So there we go… so. Michael Jackson video complete.  In my eyes here we show surprise, (replays video where MJ shows surprise to few first questions) that looks more surprised.  That there looks surprised.  So what I think?  I think in this video we see lots of different emotions. But I think what is categoric (sic) for me is that the reactions here in this video is what you would feel.

So there you go, if you would like me to decode some more Michael Jackson videos leave a comment on this and I shall do m y best to find some new ones and this one just recently came out it’s from News of the World. If you would like me to do more Michael Jackson videos let me know and I will let you know my thoughts. So from everyone here from Understanding Body Language hope you enjoyed that and will speak to you all soon.

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