Dresses from Neverland delivered on Michael’s Birthday

500 Dresses…Mission Accomplished!

2300MakeAPact https://www.facebook.com/notes/2300-make-a-pact/53-years-and-500-dresses/225777850803432

Announcement: With an abundance of support and generosity, we were able to meet the goal of our summer project “Dresses from Neverland,” by collecting, sewing and sending 500 dresses to Dress a Girl Around in celebration of Michael Jackson’s 53rd birthday on August 29, 2011! Michael was an advocate for children’s welfare his entire life and would have undoubtedly been very proud of our gift for him. The dresses were sent to four locations in Kentucky and Tennessee where they’ll be delivered to little girls from families afflicted by poverty and/or the results of natural disaster. Distributors include Sunrise Children’s Services, Project Worth and Outreach, Clark County Community Services and Pumpsprings Baptist Church. We hope to have photos and stories from the deliveries to share with you soon!

Clothesline Galleries
Be sure to check out photos of our dresses, materials, shipments and donor letters in our galleries on our Facebook.

Our *Superstar* Seamstress
Our campaign would not have been possible without our very own Mary Kelly-Ciancetta, aka “superstar seamstress!” who volunteered to sew and collect materials from our donors. She even surprised us by sewing and donating four Michael-inspired dresses that raised $300 from bidders which was directly donated to Dress a Girl Around the World. When Hurricane Irene hit her home in the East Coast on the eve of Michael’s birthday (our deadline!), Mary could not be distracted…she continued to sew by candlelight! Thank you, Mary, from the bottom of our hearts!

Dress a Girl Around the World
Rachel Eggum Cinader, Founder of Dress a Girl Around the World, welcomed “Dresses from Neverland” with open and supportive arms. Even when she was in Fiji delivering dresses and teaching the native women how to sew, Rachel’s enthusiastic correspondence about our campaign never waned. She always wanted to know the latest! She continued to rally contributions from various Dress a Girl chapters throughout the U.S. and eventually introduced us to Karen Mills-Thomas of the Virginia chapter, who ended up being responsible for the vast majority of our dress collection. When it became clear that we were short of our mark, Karen went to work with her fellow seamstresses in Virginia and also recruited more volunteers from Texas, Tennessee and Washington. Dresses started magically appearing overnight! It was truly miraculous the amount of dresses these women finished within a few short weeks. We are so grateful for you and your gifts. Thank you, Team DAG! www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com

We LOVE Our Donors!
We’d like to extend a very special thank you to all of our donors who gave dresses, pillowcases, buttons, thread, appliqués and most importantly, LOVE! We enjoyed reading the letters you enclosed with your packages…they truly inspired us along this journey! We received donations form 10 different countries, which is a trademark and beautiful reminder of Michael’s global family.

A heartfelt (and Michaelful!) thank you to all of our donors:

Mary Kelly-Ciancetta, DAG Founder Rachel Eggum Cinader, Karen Mills-Thomas and members of DAG Virginia, Suzanne Schenk Lofgren and members of DAG Washington, Ingrid Thurman Simmons and members of DAG Texas, Helena Wilcox, Peggy Vandervelde, Sam McCormack, Valerie Kasler, Kate McNamee, Karen Edwards, Irma Yackobashvili, Christina Tozer, Chantal Couret, Tina Kelly, Arina Angelescu, MJJ Justice Project, Inc., Monica Carvalho, Yvonne and Justine Wolfs, Sherry Hulet, Julie Noel, June Montalbano, Stephanie Anthony, Debbie Jackson, Marie Cook Aucello, Sherry and Sheryl Davis, Michelle Anderson, Jennifer Bevin, Linda Hughes, Andrea Hill and Homa Lily Moheimani.

“Sewing for girls to help them discover their worth, beauty and dignity!”
We’re already looking forward to our campaign next spring/summer and hope you’ll join us again to make a difference in the lives of little girls, who are so deserving of our efforts. Dress a Girl delivers dresses all over the world, so our destination(s) may be in your backyard next year!

With Gratitude,

Sherry and Sheryl Davis
2300 Co-Founders
2300 Make A Pact

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One Response to Dresses from Neverland delivered on Michael’s Birthday

  1. My goodnes this is fantastic, I have to admit that I have not been able to read on this page to often, today when I finally did I was so touched by the good that you all doing – I am very proud of all of you that contributed to make this great action possible in Michaels name – and I will make sure that from now on I will read and try to help all I can – thank you so much – PEACE AND LOVE


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