Stop CBS from Using ‘Jacko”

UPDATE !! UPDATE !! UPDATE !! UPDATE  CBS changed their copy from Jacko to Jackson September 7th 2011 ..   Congratulations MJGlobal family ..God Bless you for your efforts, especially the translators who worked tirelessly to spread the word world wide. Much love from all of us at MJJJP. 

Please understand the gravity of the term ‘Jacko” Watch this video and then participate in protecting your brother Michael.

To our dearest MJGlobal family members –

In the past, only tabloid trash like News of The World and Daily Mirror printed the term “jacko” to describe Michael Jackson. Apparently CBS The Early Show has dropped so far in ratings that they have resorted to similar tabloid sensationalistic titles- picking up on this cue of dehumanizing Michael, USAToday repeated it.

The time is now to stand up against Yellow Journalism.. and this term is the epitome of it. Just consider the imagery that is conjured up in that one word. It mischaracterizes and instills the thought that there was something wrong with Michael Jackson.  Please watch this beautifully crafted video entitled  The Man Behind the Myth made by Walking Moon Studios, Vimeo –  

This video is part of the Words and Violence book from Voices Education Project. It’s important to understand how words create images in the mind, direct emotions and sway public opinion.  Jackson was gift that God bestowed upon this Earth to bring His message of love, brotherhood and universal connectivity, yet he was demonized and dehumanized continously by a biased mindset within the media machine.  MJJJP began as an activist group in July 2010 we formulated a non-profit corporation and circulated a MJJJP petition please sign and circulate it freely.

You can make a difference by addressing CBS – Pls participate in the Four steps described below.

First – Copy and TWEET this – @theearlyshow Using the term “Jacko” is racially offensive, unacceptable and should be removed from your article:

Second- Go to their complaint page .. use the link

Select ‘The Early Show” for Category … and under Message Type choose: “Complaint”, Fill out your information and type a simple Message, then click Submit

Third- Go to their website, register your account, then make a thoughtful and civil request to remove the term ‘jacko’;contentBody#comments

Upper right hand corner is the word “Register” … fill out the form.. and then return to the link and comment.


Scroll down their FB page until you find the same story – Leave a comment

Make it clear in all of these complaints that they MUST remove this racially charged term in their article entitled “Lawyers hint they’ll claim Jacko killed himself ”

Portuguese translation:

Spanish translation:

September 5, 2011 – UPDATE !!! UPDATE !!! UPDATE !!! UPDATE !!! UPDATE  USAToday has corrected their headline –  Please note they have acted appropriately so please send them a comment immediately.. Tell them that you appreciate that they listend to our concerns and did the right thing.


Steps to contact and address USAToday


Step One-
Click the link below and leave a civil fact filled comment on the goodness of Michael and your concerns regarding them using this offensive, dehumanizing term.

Step Two-
Please send your complaints to –

Write ATTN: Standards Editor-  Brent Jones.

State your same concerns- Make it brief and polite.

Step Three  – Tweet, Copy/ Paste —->@USAToday – Name calling is a bully tactic- please cease using the term ‘Jacko”

Portuguese Translation – USAToday-                                            Spanish Translation –

WE don’t stand up for what is right .. then WE must simply stop complaining.

MJJJP says STAND UP for our brother – STAND UP for Michael !

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24 Responses to Stop CBS from Using ‘Jacko”

  1. SWB says:

    This is my message to the Early Show
    To CBS about the use of “Jacko” when referring to Michael Jackson:

    Please consider not using “Jacko” when speaking about Michael Jackson. That disrespectful name is extremely offensive to me, and many of Michael Jackson’s admirers from around the world.
    You may as well be calling him a “f*g” or a “n****r.”

    S Walker Bryant, MA, Public Relations


  2. My comment on the CBS website:

    by DS4Truth August 31, 2011 3:39 PM EDT

    CBS – Please… show integrity in your reporting. The term “Jacko” is an outdated staple in the tabloid rags. I thought you were above this? I watch your networks frequently but that will change in a heartbeat if necessary. I will not patronize anyone or anything that shows such disrespect. Michael Jackson’s accomplishments and humanitarian efforts are endless. His good name deserves to be honored and respected, he earned this many times over.


  3. this video made me so sad..I don’t mean to sound weak and a crybaby but I’ve always avoided the details on the humiliation Michael suffered when he was asked to appear before the prosecutors…this is the first time I’ve read about it; caught me by surprise I had to turn away. I don’t want to know the details of his genitals – this man’s entire life and body has been laid bare for public scrutiny, I can’t bare it I don’t know how he did, how did he keep going. I thought the vid was going to explore who started the term in the media and how it was perpetuated…didn’t expect this at all, but it was educational…I had no idea cases of vitiligo were documented so far back..curious now the difference between albinism & vitilgo..going to check that.

    Oh of course msg sent to CBS via their contact box. I have hated that term ever since they started using it so it’s been my personal mission the last few years to contact anyone who uses it.


    • The video is indeed extremely heart breaking not only for Michael Jackson but for all of those who have suffered at the hands of the bigoted, maliciousness ignorance of other men. Although it is not exclusive to American culture, the racial hatred that allows men to dehumanize other men due to skin color, is a very deep and ingrained part of our history. We are frankly shocked and appalled by CBS for using the term “Jacko” especially after learning and understanding how much racial baggage there is associated with this term. We are also saddened by the lack of support by the MJGlobal community in responding to CBS’s blatant disregard and disrespect of Michael Jackson. We should not shy away from an issue just because it is uncomfortable and challenging. Michael always stood up to correct things that he felt were societal wrongs and we will follow his example.


  4. The video is extremely disturbing. It shocks and assaults our senses; that is if we’re brave enough to allow it to. Yes MJJJustice Project you are so correct when you relate how deep and ingrained our tendency is to “dehumanize”. It is such a glaring flaw in humanity. That is why Michael was such a beacon of light and magnet of love. People are drawn to those who have pure hearts, who love unconditionally and value everyone, no matter race, religion, creed or nationality. If Michael had not to been the greatest musical genius and entertainer in the world, I could easily envision him a loving spiritual leader. In fact, he was and continues to be!


  5. cawobeth3 says:

    yes… well, what hypocrites. Recently, I happened to have CBS on the TV & there they were tooting their horn on their new ad. They have a new pitch for media competition. The late, great Walter Cronkite’s voice plays in the background as they tell the viewers “We’re the place for facts”. Oh, really… … …


  6. my message:
    Even if I am Italian, I follow your program very often and I am upset to the abuse of the term “Jacko”.
    Using the term “Jacko” is racially offensive, unacceptable and should be removed from your articles and programs. I hope that soon you can understand the lack of sensitivity on this term, coined to make an ugly and unreal image of the great Artist and Humanitarian Michael Jackson.
    thank you.


  7. Julie Richards says:

    I am a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson. I find it disrespectful and disgusting that he is still being referred to as Jacko. Calling him this is a slap in the face to his legacy as an entertainer but more importantly a person. If you have any class and respect to the King Of Pop please do whats right and quit calling him that.! His huamanitarism is undenible as as a person & entertainer..He doesnt deserve to be called Jacko! itsMichael Jackson not Jacko


  8. Julie Richards says:

    I am a life long fan of Michael Jackson and I find it disrespectful and disgusting that your network is referring to him as ” Jacko”. It is a slap in the face to Michaels legacy as an entertainer but more importantly a humanitarian. Plz do whats right and respect the late great King Of Pop and plz refer to him by his name: Michael Jackson!


  9. Kara PYT Jackson says:

    I am a life long fan of Michael Jackson , I find it very disrespectful that your network is calling Michael ” Jacko” he did not appropriate it Please do what is right and call him Michael Jackson


  10. Shirl Moore says:

    CBS really should consider being respectful of Michael Joseph Jackson.

    Mr. Jackson worked his entire life—from a young child—to bring love, beauty, and joy into the world. Mr. Jackson made the world a better place. There’s no denying that fact.

    Since he has transitioned, Mr. Jackson’s life and works have inspired future generations to embrace his mission of healing humanity and the planet.

    Mr. Jackson’s model for living life fully–with a child’s heart–inspires me to keep pushing onward. When I’m feeling down, like I can’t make it another day, I meditate on Michael overcoming his hardships. I think about Michael’s childhood trauma, medical conditions, and media crucifixion often.
    Mr. Jackson’s upstanding character and eccentric personality encourages me to accept myself as I am. I look at his beautiful face and recognize the pain I see in his eyes as my own. Thanks to Mr. Jackson, I am healing from a lifetime of trauma. I am learning what it means to love and forgive.
    Thanks to Mr. Jackson I have embraced the Child Within, and now aim to do those things that make my heart sing. In doing so, I am healing my broken heart, and my pained body. Thanks to Michael’s ‘hard work and tireless dedication,’ I believe I have to make it through my hardships so that I can be able to help someone else through theirs. So even though I often feel like giving up on life, Michael’s standard for living fully encourages me to keep my head up, hold on, and live my dream.

    21st century life in America is hard; most of us know this. So why do the media make life even harder by disrespecting the memory of our fallen hero, Michael Joseph Jackson? I cannot even watch or read any news concerning my Beloved because the media continuously malign his legacy and disrespect his name. It makes me so angry, I never ever read or watch the news about anything anymore.

    In my opinion, there are no trustworthy journalists (besides Geraldo Rivera and Larry King) on television. I especially distrust mainstream reporters who rarely provide honest news concerning my Beloved Mr. Jackson. That’s shameful journalism. It seems I should be able to find a fair MJ documentary televised by mainstream media. But all I hear are jealous, racist liars hating on a Mr. Jackson by spreading lies and innuendo.

    So I beg of CBS to set a higher standard of journalism than their competitors have. Please do the right thing CBS: Stop referring to my Beloved Michael Joseph Jackson as Jacko (or any variation of that pejorative term). Michael’s last name is Jackson, not Jacko. Please respect that.

    Thank You, Shirl Moore


  11. Louise Greer says:

    CBS do you really think it was a smart move to use the term Jacko when clearly all 40 millions fans around the world will agree with me that its totally childish and disrespectful to the legacy of this great man. Please retract now, Discraceful CBS


  12. elin says:

    Humanity loves, respects, and revers Michael Jackson, for all the love and joy he put into our hearts. He,his music, and his messages of love, will for ever live in our hearts and we will pass them on to the future generations. Michael is the God of Music, and as such he is immortal!!! Humanity will go on loving him for the whole eternity!!! Michael Jackson is beloved and respected by the whole world. So the world is asking the media to respect him and remove the term “Jacko”, because by using it you are not only offending Michael Jackson but also the whole world. Michael was a humanitarian and his music and humankind inspired millions. Respecting Michael is respecting humanity. So, on behalf of Humanity: PLEASE REMOVE THE TERM JACKO!!!


  13. The media needs to grow up and mature in their methods of journalism. What happened to the days of Walter Cronkite? Where are the days when a person could hear or read decent, true reporting. Now they are using this derogatory name “Jacko” in place of his proper name. Michael had asked that the media call him Jackson, not Jacko, because that is not his name. Yet the arrogance of the media thinks it has the right to say whatever they please. It is a true insult to a person who did more for the planet and its people, they anyone else. I fail to understand why this needs to be. Is it all about selling the news? How low have people gotten? I beg you to stop and think about what you are doing. Reach into your hearts and ask yourself, is this right and just? Please let your conscious be your guide and do the right thing. Respect the man.
    Justice For Michael ❤
    Peace and love Christiane (mj lover)


    • I totally agree with you! I once wrote to “Bild Zeitung” A Daily Biggest Newspaper here in Germany to stop writing Jacko, instead call him Michael Jackson! I was amazed that the newspaper react but some weeks later another news called him again “Jackso2 altho the news was postive about him” I could feel only that here the newspaper in Germany thinks this name is “cool” Michael despised this name to the core…and we can just keep on writing and hope to be heard, once and for all!

      I wish you a magical Michaelful moment… for all time



  14. elin says:

    No matter how hard the media try: just as you can’t prevent the sun from shining, you can’t prevent the world from loving, respecting and revering Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. Because Michael is like the sun, nobody and nothing can’t prevent him from shining. He is larger than life. And Humanity loves him more and more every day. So media, you’d better give up trying, stop being offensive and remove that offensive term “Jacko”. THE WORLD WILL FOR EVER BE IN LOVE WITH MICHAEL AND HIS MUSIC!!!


  15. Rosie-Kate says:

    This was my comment to CBS:
    I notice how you have had hundreds of complaints all ready, on this article, on your Facebook page or from the complaints area of your site, yet, you, CBS, has failed to make any amendments to the headline of this grotesque article and it’s content. The term “Jacko”, is degrading, racially offensive and disrespectful to this man who deserves so much more, but at the very least, to have his proper name used- Jackson, or, Michael. Even MJ is acceptable! This is the nick-name that British tabloids first introduced years ago. Tabloids which are shown little respect and laughed apon by the industry. If you feel you need to lower your expectations and meet the level of these papers, shame on you. Showing zero respect for a Worldwide legend, who isn’t any longer with us is unacceptable and downright rude. I am not the only one who this has incensed, as I’m sure you can see, and I request that this and any future articles be edited to ensure that no further mistakes of this man’s name are made in your stories. Thank You.


  16. tish says:

    This is so tragic people are still using this hateful term towards him. I will do what I can to help


  17. Carm says:

    There has actually been a small victory. Fans protested the use of “Jacko” by U.S. Today News and got results! CBS has yet to respond though.


  18. My comment to CBS
    My name is Ramona Williams. I am writing in regards to the August 30th CBS/The Early website’s use of an unwelcome slur “Jacko” in reference to Mr. Michael Jackson. USAToday used the term as well, but (due to the seriousness of the matter) showed considerable empathy, compassion, and understanding by correcting their copy.
    I am asking you to please consider first that Mr. Jackson disliked the derisive name and second he never carried himself in any manner that would warrant such disrespect. I never considered myself a fan of Mr. Jackson, but have researched and viewed everything possible since June 25,2009. I see clearly what happened in the past as well as what is happening now. I also see that we have not learned the one lesson that would lift us as truly spiritual beings, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    I never met the man so my research was open-minded and objective. It didn’t take much to see what was happening nor why. Mr Jackson was wronged and all it takes to correct the wrong is a little integrity, empathy, and compassion. On behalf of his children, fans, and myself I ask that Mr. Michael J. Jackson be addressed by his proper name. If only for his children’s sake, please do the right thing.
    Thank you for taking the time to hear me I truly appreciate it.


  19. Hi Mj family,
    Thank you for your great dedication and good work that you are doing for our dear Michael!

    Here is my comment I posted awhile ago on CBS!

    Dear CBS!
    I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prompt reaction to The flee of the Michael Jackson Community.
    “JACKO” is the name that never fit the GOOD MAN MICHAEL JACKSON! He was the True great Humanitarian ever lived who deserves Love and respect from the World! Again, my warmest appreciation. More Power to you1 God Bless!


  20. manar says:

    i love this video, i will share it and pass it on, i love you michael and i always will,no matter what this world treated you like, u know the fans and ur family never thought or treated you like the press and the haters and u know we will always love you with all our hearts.:) ❤ rip amen and gr8 job on this video,ill never stop watching it. thanks so much for making it.pls make more,spread his message and love everywhere cmon ppl dont be shy


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