This month we would like to bring attention to the need for research and cure for Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affected Michael Jackson’s life and the lives of millions of others. Ninety percent of Lupus patients are women and there is a great need to contribute and fund this type of charity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In October 2003, Michael attended 

Beverly Hills Hotel on October 1, 2003 in Beverly Hills, California.

and gave a short speech in Beverly Hills California -Evening of Love, Light and Laughter to Benefit Lupus LA and Lupus Research. Image provided by Getty Images.  Please visit the LupusLA website.  Check out their Event tab for detailed information regarding donations, walk-a-thons and other events planned for the future.   On September 22nd, 2011, a “Get Lucky for Lupus” fundraiser is scheduled, please donate generously. 

How Lupus Affected Michael Jackson 

Below is another picture of Michael Jackson with his physician- Dr. Alan Metzger, a Lupus Specialist Rheumatologist focusing on immunology, at the same LupusLA fundraiser. The fact that Dr. Alan Metzger specializes on Systemic lupus, and was  Michael Jackson long time physician his whole life and that both attended fund-raising events for lupus patients supports the idea that Michael’s lupus eventually developed into this form of lupus which often happens to the discoid lupus sufferers. Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.34.28 AMThis month we are highlighted the Lupus LA charity because this skin disease, severely impacted Michael’s health. However, even though he suffered with this debilitating and often times painful disease he never allowed it to stop him from achieving his goals or realizing his dreams. Michael always lived in faith and he said, “Without hope, we are lost.”

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 10.50.20 AMIt has been confirmed that Michael Jackson was diagnosed with Lupus in the mid 80’s when he exhibited the Malar rash that and experienced pleurisy which are two of the early onset symptoms of the disease. Being a private man it was not his habit to discuss his medical history and it was this desire to keep his medical history private that allowed the media to fabricate malicious stories to fill that vacuum of information.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, in a People Magazine interview is quoted in People Magazine as saying “He had a lot of blotches on his skin, huge white patches all over his body. So he would cover up his body and that of course gave food for fodder to the press.”  After Michael’s death, Dr. Arnold Klein who treated him for this skin condition, spoke extensively to Larry King about both Vitiligo and Lupus –

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to watch and listen this very informative video of Dr. Robert Lahita. of the Newark Beth Israel Center speaking with Diane Sawyer. He explains that many of the behaviors of Michael Jackson, i.e. – the use of the umbrella, clothing and were part of a physician prescribed advisory to protect him from further trauma from the sun.

Additionally, he describes other symptoms of this very painful disease and it is important to note the Michael suffered in silence. Rather than publicize his health issues he did the best he could do to camouflage his spotted skin with make-up, gloves, etc..and control his chronic pain with medication prescribed by physicians. Lupus is a very painful disease as it attacks the joints by causing inflammation and this information was readily available to the press for many years, they just chose to turn a blind eye to Michael Jackson’s reality.  It did not suit their aim at mischaracterizing him as  a “freak” and a “wacko” so they simply buried the fact that he suffered with this condition.  Please click the links for two very informative websites that discuss Michael’s silent and brave health struggles: Vindicate MJ and MJJ777.  These websites are crucial reads and amazing posts regarding the press and how they constantly and erroneously planted the idea that Michael wanted to be white. It is important to understand this disease so please watch this video entitled “Invisible Suffering of Lupus Patients” in which the sufferers of Lupus describe this silent but painful condition.

Please donate generously to research and developement of a cure for Lupus.

Please VISIT Rhythm Of The Tide site which is a  very detailed source regarding Michael Jackson’s Lupus –



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7 Responses to LupusLA

  1. After reading about Lupus, i have even more admiration for Michael Jackson who still managed to set the world on fire with his talent and incredible gifts, despite having this debilitating condition.


  2. adamrafferty says:

    My mom has Lupus and it is a painful disease. Wow, I had no idea Michael had it…




  4. Thank you for providing a more in-depth examination regarding the symptoms Michael exhibited that collaborated with his coping this debilitating disease. Unlike some, he did not seek attention or sympathy only understanding and awareness. This is admirable but like all things related to Michael, this was not to be. Thankfully we have those like the creator of this to chronicle and document the truth behind the myth.


  5. Tks a lot for these information. Unfortunately I know lupus very well, because I have it. And it’s not funny to deal with it. The sun is a sort of killer for my skin… Michael uses an humbrela, I wear hats, I’ve always long sleeves and I’m always totally coverd, even during summer. And if I’m able to avoid to go out during the day, I do it, because each time a ray of sun touches my skin, the day after there will be surely a wound…
    Along the years, lupus has changed my way of life…and surely cancelled the joy to be free…
    No, it not nice at all, and it’s really painful. And the most terrible thing is that there isn’t a cure for it..
    We have it and we must keep it..
    Michael has always been so brave to deal with his lupus, but we cannot know what he had inside his soul, his pain, his tears…
    I hope that in the future the research will be able to find something to heal this “silent” desease… perhaps it will be too late for us, but culd help the next generations…
    Tks a lot guys.. lym

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  6. BRUNA MJ says:


    The MICHAEL handled all this with great faith and love.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I think it would be a great idea for the fans, those living with lupus and loved ones to do something in Michael’s memory nationwide like they did with Susan Komen and breast cancer. This would be a great tribute in his memory.

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