Final Thoughts on MJ Body Language – Part 9

Michael Jackson Interviews – 

CJB:  Hello and welcome to the final body language analysis I’m going to be doing for a while.  I’ve done around about forty videos now about Understanding Body Language: Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet page which is here and I have uploaded of the majority of them to You Tube.  I am having some great success but now I think it’s about time to just chill out for a bit and let the view count go up and just take a back seat from it really. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this and I’ve been getting seventy, eighty, ninety emails a day on my videos asking for different things and that and it’s eating into my free time and it’s eating into my times that I would spend with my loved ones.  So it’s about time now to just take a back step and concentrate more on other things, more important things, than me being on my computer all the time. So there you go, this is going to be my final video for a while and I have not decided when to resume yet, It won’t be for a while, I’m just going to take stock and do some more reading about body language and communication and then at some stage come back to do these videos for you. So there now so for my final video I promised I was going to give you my final decision on Michael Jackson with all the videos I have done about him.  So I’ve selected just a few out of the videos that I have done at the top here so I just want to run through them again, just a few of them just to explain  a bit and my understanding of what I did them.

Time: 01:39   CJB:  The first one was

Bashir. Now this guy just set up Michael left, right and centre. I mean we can see here he just asks difficult questions just purposely being argumentative and trying to paint Michael in the worst possible light. But like we said, he comes across very well here. Michael’s non – verbal’s shine through. So even though he may be getting a grilling by Martin Bashir and makes him out to be the devil he does remarkably well.  Now this interview damaged Michael’s career for a long time but I hope the video I have done is making things better for those who are on the fence about Michael Jackson so I do hope my video analysis locks people’s perceptions on Michael  and what his non verbal’s are actually saying and in that video is all honest. I hope that settles it on there.

Time: 02:33   CJB:  The next one I did here was… Is that really Michael Jackson on the O2 Arena press conference?  I got a ton of emails asking me before I did this to ask to see if this guy’s actually the real deal and we have analyzed that people have repeated chains of movement they give off. Michael Jackson’s is that one there (pinches to fingers together) remember where he pinches his fingers together to make a precise gesture. He uses this gesture here and he uses them in the rest of the videos I have seen now it would be very easy to manipulate that particular gesture but he uses it with good effect during his word usage as well. He’s got timing and synchronization in which what he says, a gesture there, perfectly in sync meaning it’s got to come from Michael Jackson. So that one, 100 percent is Michael Jackson.

Time: 03:19   CJB:  The other video I did as well was the 1996 police interview. Now this one has had nearly three and half thousand views on it. I’m so glad I analyzed this one because it categorized how INNOCENT MICHAEL JACKSON REALLY IS and the disbelief he shows when he is being asked these types of questions. There’s no shame there, there’s no guilt, there’s no remorse because he didn’t do anything and we can see it leaking out through his non-verbal.  So If anyone has not seen that police interview watch it and then watch my body analysis after and I GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT THINK HE IS GUILTY OF ANYTHING IN THAT VIDEO. HE IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY INNOCENT.

Time: 03:55   CJB:  The video after that one was this one about Teddy Riley.  I hadn’t a clue of who this guy was but apparently in the Michael Jackson community this guy is hated left, right and centre.   He went on Oprah Winfrey talking about Michael Jackson’s voice throughout the course of the last interview it wasn’t Michael Jackson’s voice so I’ve analyzed him and I’ve done two  videos and I can say from my opinion it’s that he is telling the truth. I’m not too sure about the other guy in the interview (Eddie Casio) he might be lying but from my eyes; Teddy Riley isn’t lying about a thing during that interview so I hope that clears up some things for you.

Time: 04:32   CJB:  The final one I will talk to you about today is the one with Oprah Winfrey and Elizabeth Taylor that I did. Now again, Oprah paints Michael in such a bad light here when Liz comes in Michael is in the reprimand stance here because there is no chair. There should have been a chair. I don’t know why Oprah didn’t have a chair there so it makes Michael look tremendously bad there but again his non-verbal’s shine through but in this irrespective his non-verbal’s… he’s angry that why he sticks his chin out and why he bites his lip and he makes his lips disappear because he’s angry. So there we go.

Time: 05:08   CJB:  So my overall analysis of these videos, I’ve done ten Michael Jackson videos now is that everyone I am seeing hallmarks of honesty throughout each video and there are no signs that Michael Jackson is lying about anything throughout these videos. Signs of deception are hard to spot. Signs of stress are hard to spot as well but I can’t see any kinds of stress leaking out through Michael Jackson where he is accused of anything but bear it in mind that Michael Jackson was never found guilty of anything and there is a lot of speculation about it BUT THESE VIDEOS I’VE DONE SHOW ME ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THAT HE WAS COMPLETELY INNNOCENT OF ALL THE ACCUSATIONS. So that is my final verdict. I hope that you’ve enjoyed these videos and I do hope I’ve shed some light and I’ve helped the Michael Jackson community with these videos and I got my point across.  Even if I wasn’t a big fan of his music I would call it “straight down the middle” and even if I thought Michael Jackson was guilty I would call it straight down the middle as well, it wouldn’t have helped my career at all but I deal with the honest facts and the truth of what I see in front of me so if he was guilty I would have called it right down the middle but I’m pleased to say that he is not (guilty)

Time:  06:16   CJB:  So during my leave of absence check out my Understanding Body Language page Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet the link is at the bottom of this page  Please check that out and I will be returning at some stage, I’ve not decided when. I’m going to spend more time with my family and I’m going to spend more time with my Mrs. (shows a picture of his beautiful wife) that’s my Mrs. and umm so I’m going to spend more time with her and with the rest of my family because I do take a lot of time answering all the emails and stuff.  I get like sixty, seventy, eighty emails a day which again, eats into my time which has been great but I’d like to go on record as saying there are a lot more important things in life than trying to get yourself famous like I’m trying to do like looking after the ones you love. So with that in mind, I do hope you’ve enjoyed all my videos Understanding Body, Language: Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet. I’ve got 4 videos up so If you want to see some more please leave a comment and when I come back you can start a petition if you like to get me to do some more videos that would be nice and I look forward to coming back in the not too distant future with some more videos, with some new learning and hopefully I will enthral you with some new videos but until then please share these videos as much as you can and I will return so mark my words. So from everyone here for the final time Understanding Body Language: Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet.  I’m CJB take care and I’ll see you there next time.


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3 Responses to Final Thoughts on MJ Body Language – Part 9

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  2. Chris says:

    Guys can u ask this guy to do the body language of Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Frank Dileo and Tohme interviews. They contradicted each other/themselves stories so many times so we know they lied about some things but it would be interesting to see what this guy found out from there performances.


  3. Travers says:

    C’est vraiment nécessaire ! I agree with you. We need that !


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