Billboard-Ad Promo by MarketingZ-

As a advocates of Michael Jackson across the world, the MJGlobal family working in concert with one another addressed a vimeo video that was a puppetlike parody of Michael’s life and death on September 13, 2011. The tone of the video is sarcastic, demeaning and the purpose behind it highly immoral.  At the end of this parody ran an advertisement for Billboard Magazine, it’s logo brazenly plastered across the screen. Michael Jackson Estate was notified through their MJOnlineTeam which is the established protocol for such issues.

The MJGlobal family contacted Billboard en masse and their immediate response from was encouraging because within the hour the vimeo video was shut down and Billboard tweeted –

Billboard tweets Sept 13, 2001 allegign no knowledge of vimeo video.

No sooner had we breathed a sigh of relief that Billboard had taken appropriate steps to eliminate this abhorrent advertising ploy, did it resurface on YouTube and Facebook. It would appear that Billboard could simply contact Gregory Jeandot the owner of MarketingZ and request removal of the video, however, it may not be that simple. We and many other’s in the MJGlobal family began tweeting our concerns to Billboard again and we received a tweet directly:

Septermber 14, 2011 Approx- 5:30 pm

We appreciate the efforts of Billboard, but while we are waiting  for them to legally address the situation, MJJJP has made a formal complaint on Youtube and we would like you all to follow suit.  Youtube only removes videos after they received a large amount of complaints. To address Youtube with a complaint is NO easy task..because truth be told …they don’t want to process complaints. First create a Youtube account which takes about five minutes, then follow the steps.

Here is the step by step:  click link Safety_Help

When you see the screen below: Select Option- Hate Speech and Push  “Continue”

SELECT - Hate Speech

When you see the next screen below : Select-  YES, then Push  “Continue”


When you see the next screen below: Select – “The user is using hate speech against a protected group” then Push “Continue”

When you see the next screen USER: Type in  MarketingZvideo it should automatically open the next step (if not, click continue)

Type in MarketingZvideo

ISSUE: Select “MarketingZvideo is using hate speech against a protected group” and                           Select “Race or ethnic origin”  PUSH  “Continue”

Select the OPTIONS shown

Videos & Comments :   Select-  “Videos”  PUSH  “Continue”

SELECT - Videos

A new screen will pop up that has the Videos from the user MarketingZ .. use the Blue scroll bar knob on the right, scroll down until you see the “Billboard – Michael Jackson”

Click the box – and PUSH “Continue”

Scroll down to find "Billboard- Michael Jackson"

Block User:  Check box to block MarketingZ and PUSH “Continue”

Check the box to block

Comfirm: See below for example of what to write in the “Additional Notes” then PUSH “Continue”

Example of what to write in the “Additional Notes”

To make a video that satirizes the death of black man, Michael Jackson, and  puns the skin condition of his vitiligo is outrageously racist. Using this racist video as a marketing ploy is an added repugnentcy.  Click “Continue”

After you see the screen above you are done. Youtube SHOULD send you an email confirming they recieved your complaint, but don’t count on it.

You can make the complaint as many times as you wish by going through all the steps again. If you do try to work in the facts – Billboard has publicly decried this video as NOT representing them in any capacity & MJ’s Estate has copyright over all his music and images as well. Pls remove this offensive video.

God Bless All the dedicated warriors who have Youtube accounts and can address this issue with the love held in your hearts for our beloved brother- Michael.

FLAGGING may also be effective if we all use the same reason

Click this –>  Billboard- Michael Jackson video,

Press the Flag Icon  – Select – SPAM

You can choose any one of the options in the drop down box, as they all apply-

But FRAUD may be the best choice.

Mass Advertising

Misleading Text –

Misleading Thumbnail –


If we all select the same reason, maybe Youtube will sit up and take notice.

Again, much love and admiration to all that can participate.

MJJJP-  “Indifference is not an option, when you are dealing with evil”  Rebiya Kadeer

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10 Responses to Billboard-Ad Promo by MarketingZ-

  1. I went there and flagged too… I almost threw up! How disgusting this video is…
    Thanks for warning me about… I’ll do everything I can to protect MICHAEL and my love for him…


  2. The sad thing is that, it’s actually tasteless. It can’t be taken down just because of tastelessness alone. It has to something specific. It’s not making fun of a minority group. (It would be the same if Michael had been born Irish, Italian, German, etc.) It’s not advocating violence, or promoting child abuse etc. The only thing that really can cause the video to be removed is that it “makes fun of a person w/ an illness”. Basically, if you really want YouTube to take it down, it would be best to tell your readers to hit the “disability” button, since it really is poking fun that he had vitiligo. Hope this helps! Also, sorry that I didn’t send it to you earlier.


    • Thank you for your input – Buds


    • Actually, in the video, the author states that MJ “changed color”, which is meant to encourage rage and hate regarding race through the words chosen and therefore could be a reference to either race and/OR his vitiligo. I see it either as a two punch approach to cause issues once again.

      People accused Michael of disliking his race, which was not true. MJ was very proud of his heritage and race as we well understand. MJ expressed very eloquently how that rumor was untrue in interview. In my mind, a person can flag this either way.

      Vitiligo is a disease, yes, but because of the result of the disease, people used it as an inference that he wanted to change his color. Vitiligo is not anything someone has control over, but they used it against him to ensure years of speculation and media abuse regarding him loving his race. There are people out there who still believe MJ bleached his skin because of “flip” comments made such as in this video by them saying “(he) changed color”. Even if the people who made this video understand MJ had vitiligo and know the difference, there are people out there who don’t understand the difference. The video is meant to fuel the fire so to speak.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Warm Regards,


  3. Dear mjjjusticeproject,
    I have carried out all the steps for Billboard-Ad Promo by Marketing etc. seemingly successfully, but when I came to try to flag the video on the website you gave, there were two choices put up, and the one that worked was:- you tube user marketingzvideo p u 4 jqd0jhdzzny.
    Just thought you ought to know, and that it would be helpful for everyone.


  4. I checked again and the correct website is:- tube users market video p u 4 jqd0jhdzzny
    I didn’t get it quite right!


  5. Nina – The url for the video in our post is . I will remove the actual video and just put a link to it- so that it less confusing. Thanks for you input. – Buds


  6. Thank you! we keep informing other fans. God bless


  7. Done! reported! and I’ll keep doing it over and over and over again


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