Justice Beyond the Murray Trial

Today we begin travel down a road of Justice for Michael, not only to observe how the legal system approaches handling of the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray but how the media overall, handles the victim- Michael Jackson. We’ve had a 20+yr preview of the bias that some of the most vitriolic talking heads, ever to spew falsehoods and allegations against Michael, therefore, we are not novices to this experience. Noticeably, as the truth that has been so cleverly obscured is slowly being revealed – the wave of support for Michael has surged since his passing, and daily the numbers of MJ advocates across the world increases exponentially –

While we may merely observe the legally wheeling that is sure to be evident in the courtroom – and accept what the jury and the justice system metes out, we have another pressing obligation. We can be participatory in rectifying the damage these medialoids have done through their incessant and unscrupulous diatribes against our beloved brother lo these past two decades. Many of them have fed and clothed their families based on the slanderous lies that they perpetrated against him and therefore, they will not be receptive to a change in their approach.

But rest assured- Change is a comin’

It’s critical that WE as his Global family stand firm and together in this endeavor to bring him justice even AFTER the Murray trial concludes. Murray took away Michael’s physical life…but years before this the media machine attempted to assassinate his good name, his dignity and any chance he had of pursuing happiness, which was his right as a human being to expect.

We must rally now and lend support to one another for this trial …but be very aware that this is only a very small skirmish in the war we are waging to obtain Justice for Michael Jackson.

Truth, like the sun can not long be obscured.

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18 Responses to Justice Beyond the Murray Trial

  1. Melissa says:

    Michael jackson you are my one and only! I love you


  2. Hi all help us trend these and remember We stand tall We stand strong We’re 4ever bound as 1 We arent just fans were an army of L.O.V.E #United4Michael #Justice4MJ “I love you more”

    Grand Junction, CO


  3. you can always count on us, The Sisterhood of Michael Jackson, to continue to fight for his legacy.


  4. Julie Richards says:

    I am a lifelong Michael Jackson fan and we must make sure that his legacy as an entertainer and more importantly a humanitarian be kept in tact..I love and Miss you Michael


  5. Much L.O.V.E to all MJFAM………..From AUSTRALIA ….. XO


  6. So true and beautifully written… God bless Michael’s Children at this time!


  7. Iris Jackson (SoulJackson) says:

    Michael Jackson 😥 I love you so much and you’re the best and you’ll always be the best, thank you for everything you do to me, for all the emotions you give me everyday with your magical voice…your voice is in my soul ❤ My love, there are so many things my heart would like to say, I love you endlessly and more 😥 how words cant explain and I miss you more day by day 😥 You're the sense in my life… Michael Jackson if you saw the way you give me hope, you always make me smile when I feel like cryin' , you make me live when I feel like dyi'n 😥 you're my life forever and I could do anything for you, my life for you 😥 I love you the most and I'd like to tell you so many things… 😥 My love, know that I love you more than words can say and that I'm always near you, always 😥 I miss you sweet love of my life 😥 I LOVE YOU FOREVER MICHAEL JACKSON, I'll always defend and protect you, always ❤ 😥 God bless you my love, I wanna be where you are 😥
    Michael 😥 I just can say that you're the best person I've ever known and that you're the sweetest, the most beautiful and the best man God created ❤ and I love you more 😥 You're always in my heart, and you'll never be alone 'cuz I'll always be by your side 😥 My love 😥 you're the most important person of my life, you forever 😥 I LOVE YOU THE MOST MICHAEL JACKSON, God bless you ❤
    😥 😥


  8. PA3166U-1BRS says:

    Dr Conrad Murray was paid $150,000 a month by Michael Jackson. Dr Murray was a fool cuz MJ woulda been alive til he was 105! That is $15 mil


  9. I am proud of my global family and rest assure that I (we) will not rest until justice is done for all the past damage that it was done to our dear Michael and for the present – I hope and pray the Dr. is found guilty and that his liscense is taking away – a good dr. should know how to perform cpr and does not leave his patient site like dr murray did – L.O.V.E UNITED WE STAND FOR MICHAEL


  10. Cynobia says:

    Michael will not be put on trial here, he’s not the criminal. He trusted the one man with his life and that is who’s on trial. I will have faith in our justice system to get the job done. Michael will have justice and people will see that he has been mistreated and misunderstood. He was a victim of not only the media, but even the people that were around them. Michael could see no evil in anyone, so I blame everybody that took advantage of this. Yes CM is guilty as is every other doctor that helped kill him. Michael will be remembered at a great humanitarian and performer, all the rest of this unnecessary stuff will fade and all that will be remembered is that Michael did it all for L.O.V.E

    As people know Michael Jackson all the other stuff is irrelevant

    Cynobia Tubbs


  11. Tenemos que estar mas unidos que nunca, tenemos que apoyar juntos a Michael, el se lo merece, sus hijos lo necesitan y nosotros lo vamos a hacer.
    Michael, Love You More!


  12. Tahlia says:

    Could anybody please help me with this?


    This attack has made me very angry, I’m used to hearing this crap, but not from people who are supposed to be ‘christians’. I have written a letter to them, and hope that others could spare the time to do the same. I believe these people need to be shown that they can’t speak about people this way and get away with it. Here is the link to their contact info:



  13. 111FAS says:

    It’s my honor, in Michael’s name, to voice my comment(s) in his defense! Thank You MJJJP for all your hard work and loyalty towards the justice for Michael Jackson.


  14. Blessed are the pure in heart. Michael Jackson had the purest heart I have ever known. I pledge to do my part to persist and insist that his dignity remain intact long after this trial concludes and for all the days of the rest of my life.


  15. Linda Angel says:

    I have been a fan of Michael Jackson & The Jackson since 1969, I have friends with Michael Jackson for 6 years and I will always stand by MJ, his kids & family. L.O.V.E to all.


  16. MJ4ever2908 says:

    Thank you! There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.


  17. Letta(IbeLieve) says:

    I believe that all the Truth will come out and everyone envolve will pay.


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