Dr. Patrick Treacy w/Aphrodite Jones

IMPORTANT –  Dr. Partick Treacy on Aphrodite Jones   

Transcribed in case video disappears:

Aphrodite Jones (AJ from here out): There is going to be a smear campaign…

Dr. Patrick Treacy (Dr. PT from here out):…mmm hmmm..

AJ: …against Michael Jackson

Dr. PT: mmmhmmm..

AJ:…by the defense of Conrad Murray team.

Dr. PT: I think it is starting out already and that is predictable. One of the reasons I am making this interview now in NY is the fact that I think Michael Jackson’s legacy is tainted and as somebody that was a brand, I feel very sad to think that nobody really knew the Michael Jackson I knew.

AJ: The fact that all kinds of evidence is going to be put forward to say that he was a drug addict, as a physician and his only attending physician when he lived in Ireland for all those months, you did not get approached by Michael for any kind of narcotics?

Dr. PT: Absolutely not.

AJ: And somebody who knows and understands what the symptoms or signs would be for someone who is an addict, did you see any of that in Michael Jackson?

Dr. PT: Absolutely not. I can only talk about the period that I knew him in Ireland and certainly during that period, he never asked me for any sort of controlled substances. He never had any in the house that I was aware of and he certainly never acted as if he had any.. that ..in my..um humble opinion medical or otherwise.

AJ: What was your gut reaction when you realized Michael Jackson was really gone?

Dr. PT: I think one of astonishment that somebody so young, 50 years of age, you know, sort of had and passed away, Iknew there had to be some reason for it.

AJ: Is it possible that he became a drug addict and a completely different person after he left Ireland?

Dr. PT: You know, of course that is possible, I mean I couldn’t see why it should happen, but I mean it would be inappropriate of me to not take into account every single aspect of it.

AJ: The autopsy report says Michael Jackson was basically fine all the way around, other than something to do with his lungs that had to do with a bronchial condition…

Dr. PT: mm hmm mmm hmm

AJ: ..um this was a person who was dancing, moving, singing ..um he had a dancer’s body, he was limber…he from all record and all accounts, was a healthy man.

Dr. PT: Yes, by the autopsy report, I would contend to concur with that. And certainly, during the period I knew Michael, he certainly was in good physical health, so for a 50 yr old to die out of the blue, you would almost have to be something that would have happened- the fact that he sort of had been killed by a drug in a way that made sense to me. I knew he was in good enough of health, he was not going to die of a heart attack out of the blue.

AJ: The inconsistency of calling 911, the idea that there are a the number of minutes that passed between the time that Michael Jackson was rendered not breathing…

Dr. PT: mmm hmmm

AJ: …according to Conrad Murray’s own mouth, to the time that the paramedics were actually called…

Dr. PT: mmm hmmm

AJ: … there was a lot of time lapse there.

Dr. PT: Absolutely.

AJ: What does that tell you about the standard of care? What was this doctor really required to do if he was uhhhh…practicing medicine the way umm..we expect a doctor to have practiced medicine?

Dr. PT: I suppose we don’t fully know the circumstances surrounding it and will probably come out in the court.

AJ: The guard who appeared first on the scene in Michael’s bedroom, described Conrad Murray as performing CPR with one hand- is that even logical?

Dr. PT: Again, I was not there when sort of Murray was in the room trying to perform CPR but normally uh you would need 2 hand to do it and we know from the autopsy report that at some state, somebody did do proper CPR because he had a fractured sternum and at least three other ribs fractures. If the evidence is true, then it would seem to me to be a little unusual for a cardiologist perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in that manner. So I am sure we should prepare ourselves for rocky waters ahead. He’s going to be “Wacko Jacko the drug freak” and you know there is a lot of people who is going to believe that…

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