We need the support of the MJ Global family once more to take a stand for MJ. Since the airing of Dr. Murray’s LAPD interview in court, networks all over the world will continue a brutal character assassination of MJ and they will include all the slander MJ ever endured once more, just as they have done for 20 plus years. Now the media will have a festival which in no doubt can last years to come.

Networks such as HLN has been predominately portraying MJ as a addict, when in fact, the ONLY drugs in MJ’s system were propofol, lorazepam, diazapam, midazolam, and lidocaine- these were prescribed by Murray. The truth is there were NO opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, cannabis, alcohol, Demerol, and morphine or any derivatives or compounds detected in MJ’s autopsy report. The autopsy report ran extensive blood, urine and tissue tests indicating the ONLY drugs in MJ’s system were the ones prescribed by Murray- his tissue analysis indicated he was a healthy man. That means his internal tissues were not saturated or tainted by long term drug abuse, therefore the old rumor that MJ was a drug addict does not fit.

Furthermore, Dr. Murray is the only doctor on trial and it is that way for a reason. MJ’s former doctors were investigated and apparently, the LAPD did not determine that they had any responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson. It’s plain and simple. Before any verdict is out, they are set to ensure that MJ is forever branded as a drug addict, despite any positive testimony illustrating otherwise. MJ had an issue with prescription meds back in the late 80’s and mid 90’s, however, MJ told us he overcame that problem. MJ did turn his life around, it was media that would not allow it.

We must speak up for MJ. WE are his voice. WE will speak his truth.
It is time once again….

Please send these two links : http://tl.gd/dh3jo1

to these twitter media names below:

@CNNLive –
@nytkeller NY Times


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6 Responses to MJ Global Family MISSION: #NOTDETECTED

  1. 111FAS says:

    That list is AWESOME! Thank You MJJJusticeProject for all you do for Michael Jackson. This is a great idea. I’ll get busy tweeting right away!


  2. ykyn says:



  3. patricia says:

    justice for michael jackson


  4. gilitis says:

    Considered it done. The important thing is for the public to know what those medications are about. MJ had an inability to sleep and all those medications are either sleep medication or a medication that can cause sedation.
    Those were not drugs to get high.


  5. Thank you so much for your participation in Mission #NOTDETECTED. Every bit we do, as a collective, does help tremendously. The truth will come; it sure IS coming….we must do whatever we can to help bring the truth out to the world. The time is NOW….please don’t let the moment go by and do nothing. We need ALL of you to help do something, whatever you can. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated beyond what words can express.

    Much love and hugs,


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