Official Statement on Conrad Murray Trial Verdict

Original posting by @United4MJLegacy

“The Truth runs Marthons”  Micahel Jackson

Today, after a long and intense trial, the jury in the Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter case has rendered a ‘Guilty’ verdict. Around the world, fans and supporters of Michael Jackson extend their sincere gratitude to the jurors who put their lives on hold to serve their community.
Michael Jackson fans would like to thank the Honorable Judge Pastor, who ensured that this trial remained centered solely on the actions of Conrad Murray on June 25, 2009, rather than being reduced to a sensationalized media event. We also extend our deepest gratitude to DDA David Walgren and DDA Deborah Brazil for the outstanding vigor, focus and professionalism in which they pursued this case.
The Michael Jackson fan base has waited for over two years for this verdict. While the majority were anxious for the trial to begin and conclude with a conviction of Conrad Murray, we were also keenly aware that this trial would inevitably place the media microscope on Michael Jackson. For weeks we have watched and listened as mainstream media ignored the clear facts stated in Michael Jackson’s autopsy and toxicology reports, and the corroborating testimony given by various experts, that he died from acute propofol intoxication; preferring instead to speculate about issues unrelated to the crucial events of June 25, 2009.
Conrad Murray’s choice to ignore standard and essential safety procedures when applying a demonstrably inappropriate drug to treat his insomnia, led directly to Mr Jackson’s death. As the testimonies of Dr. Alon Steinberg, Dr. Nadar Kamangar and Dr. Steven Shafer attest, if not for Murray’s egregious deviations from the standard of care, Michael Jackson would have been alive today.
We, the undersigned, continue pledging our support to Michael Jackson’s artistic and humanitarian legacy and our love to his family, especially his three beloved children. His message is still very relevant today, and as we steadfastly push ahead without him, we are determined to live his message and carry it on to the next generation.
Today, although there is some semblance of justice, we truly believe when the media stops sensationalizing Michael Jackson’s life and death to the frenzied masses and show truthful understanding of the man, then and only then, will Michael Jackson receive true justice.
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2 Responses to Official Statement on Conrad Murray Trial Verdict

  1. Indeed there are a lot of nice people to thank

    Judge Pastor; kept it focused on Murray; especially liked the sidebars
    DDA David Walgren; congratulations & job well done; you’ve got my vote
    DDA Deborah Brazil; congratulations & job well done; you’ve got my vote

    All of the prosecutor’s witness. You stated the facts & the TRUTH. Just awesome
    To all courtroom staff; nicely done; I would definitely shake all of your hands
    To media; for keeping everyone informed & providing the live feed during the trial
    To Jackson Family & Michael’s Children; for supporting each other
    To All MJ Fans; proud that we raised our voice as 1; enough is enough



    • We finally got justice 4 Michael Jackson. It’s disgraceful that Murray has done a documentary about his relationship with Michael. It brought a lump to my throat, and tears to my eyes when I heard CM belittling Michael the way that he did.


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