Michael Jackson’s Estate and Fans Outraged

The MJGlobal family has endured 29 months of suspense and grief after our brother, Michael Jackson was so brutally and carelessly killed by Conrad Murray.  WE have prayed, meditated, held candlelight vigils to support one another and the Jackson family.

Our collective  exhalations of relief at the Guilty verdict were fleeting and momentary as we discovered he and his lawyers had found a way to usurp the legalities preventing profiting from his crime.  Please read a letter from the Estate regarding the unimaginable temerity of MSNBC to purchase and air a one-sided ‘pity party” documentary prepared by “poor” Conrad Murray. We have removed addresses, emails and contact information to protect the privacy of the Estate attorneys.

John Branca letter denouncing Murray Documentary prt 1

John Branca denouncing Murray documentary part 2

John Branca sent this letter to all head of the corporate entity that oversees MSNBC

Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO or Comcast Corp

Stephen B. Burke, CEO of NBC Universal

Marc Graboff, Pres. West Coast Business Operation- NBC TV Network

Phil Griffin President MSNBC

We do hope that they will have a modicum of human decency and comprehend that their rash and inexcusable attempts at proffering the point of view of a convicted felon is an affront to all social sensibilities.  The only reason MSNBC even considered this unprecedented airing of such an atrocity is because the victim is Michael Jackson.

For years it has been quite acceptable for the media to treat Michael as if he were less than human. Twenty years he was chased, berated and scandalized by fabricated stories and baseless rumors from unnamed “sources” . Self proclaimed “experts” like Dimond, Tababorelli and now the newcomers Shmuley and Halperin all had axes to grind and agneda and books to promote.

When will it end???

The MJGlobal family in the time of grief must set aside their tears and stand up against this continued harassment and bullying of Michael by the media.

Please read letter which opines MJ Advocates views all over the World :


On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson’s life was taken.

The world lost a great artist and one of its brightest, humanitarian lights. A family lost a loved one, someone cherished to them in ways our own family members are special and precious to each of us.

Since Michael’s death, many have used and exploited his name for their own gain and benefit. Would we expect anything less from the man convicted of causing his death?

The same man who refused to testify in the trial, when a family and the jury were desperate for answers, pre-meditatively found the time to secure a media ‘fly on the wall’ deal for himself, in which now, presumably, full recollection of the events that took a relatively healthy father of three from his family, will now be generously explained. Murray did so while skirting the law and finalizing payment so it was insured he would be paid no matter the verdict.

It is known thatplans for this ‘documentary’ were made some two years ago and completed during Murray’s own trial. A sane observer would have to ask: Was this the reason Murray felt the need to illicitly tape his patient, the one patient he was hired to care for? Will this audio and other trial related artifacts appear in this film?

The facts speak for themselves.In hindsight, we can now allsee the clever game the defense team and their guilty client – Conrad Murray – played on the court, the American people and the justice system. While the defense team was telling the jury this was not a reality TV program, behind the scenes a ‘tell-all’ deal for big bucks and face-time was being inked.

So much for the tears.

But of course we have known all along that Murray’s so-called relationship with Michael Jackson was based solely on Murray’s greed. After this painful trial, a guilty verdict was heard around the world – a small measure of justice, but justice nonetheless. We all felt a brief sense of vindication, knowing that the man responsible for Michael Jackson’s death was finally being held accountable.

Only hours later, we would learn that Murray and MSNBC, part of the NBC Universal company, planned to air this ‘documentary’. This “reality show”, which will undoubtedly seek to negate the important statement the guilty verdict made, and will attempt to tell the world that “poor Conrad Murray” only mistakenly changed the course of four lives one morning in June 2009.

We are outraged that MSNBC, NBC or any other media outlet would even consider airing this ‘documentary’. Why, how, can this be justified for any other reason but money? The very ideaof this ‘documentary’ doesn’t just reward a crime, it diminishes the loss of a life, it diminishes NBC Universal, its shareholders and viewers – it diminishes all of us.

This verdict isn’t even a week old and sentencing is still to be finalized. Yet Murray — who had nothing to say in court when it really mattered — now wants to talk without the challenge of a cross-examination by DDA Walgren. The only thing that has changed since the trial is the price.

A man is dead, three children will never see their father again, but to “poor Conrad Murray”, MSNBC and Zodiac Rights — the timing couldn’t be better.

Michael Jackson fans have had enough. Ridicule us if you must, call us names, tell us we only think of Michael as an ‘idol’ — but we are not the ones selling his memory, objectifying him and making money off him.

We are boycotting MSNBC, NBC and will mount a protest to any media outlet that chooses to air this film. In the last 24 hours, we have reached out to MSNBC, NBC and some of their biggest advertisers, Pillsbury, Netflix, Comcast and others, to escalate this boycott. We call on all MSNBC and NBC sponsors to pull out their ads. 40 million fans worldwide refuse to endorse what amounts to nothing more than the shameless, contemptible exploitation of a human being — by the very hand that killed him.

Michael Jackson deserves better. His children deserve better and we, as a country, deserve better than this proposed obscenity.

Because crime shouldn’t pay.

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19 Responses to Michael Jackson’s Estate and Fans Outraged

  1. Tina says:

    I wish John Branca and John McClain could email the TV channel SVT (http://svt.se/2.7830/about_svt) here in Sweden. This disgusting documentary will be broadcast here in Sweden on Tuesday next week. I have emailed the TV channel but there are not much hope.


  2. Je demande l’annulation du documentaire… s’il vous plaît…….Justice pour Michael Jackson !


  3. Marie says:

    Excellent letter! Powerfully written and thoughtfully expressed. Thank you!


  4. This documentary would be yet another reason why this man deserves to be where he is
    now, behind bars. It is another show of his greed and need to appear upstanding and dignified
    when we all can see right through him. The real truth is I don’t know how the man looks in
    the mirror every morning and says I deserve another day here, when Michael never got that
    option… Furthermore what was he recording Michaels innermost thoughts for, is that something
    a trusting friend would do? Let’s be real and call it like it is.


  5. PRECILLA says:

    i totally agree, i will NOT be watching it!!


  6. Mulan Jackson says:

    The way the media still abuse Michael deeply hurts me,, they never give his family a break,, Doctor Murray was found gulity, instead of reporting on how bad this Doctor was they help him bad mouth Michael on TV,,, it’s almost like they want the world to think Doctor Murray was innocent,, No matter what they say or do it will never break my faith in michael’s love. I Love Michael Jackson With all of my heart and that will never change. Michael is a part of me(the best part)




  8. This simply confirms what we all ready know. This can also be viewed as an opportunity to correct injustice. Think about it, see it, visualize it. Are we each aware of the magnitude of Michael Jackson’s impact on this planet? What a blow to the negative forces if not a single fan or empathetic person, on Mr. Jackson’s behalf, turns on media outlets at the time of the broadcast. We, after all, have the power if we act as one. Ranting and raving will not do this. It takes two to argue. Correct?positive action speaks louder than words. Don”t let curiosity kill the cat. Turn off media outlets, let it simmer.Show media they do not have our attention. We refuse to be entertained by their antics.


  9. Nádia Alves says:

    We fans and everyone who loves Michael will fight against this documentary that was made by a man who did not have the capacity to testify, but talk behind the scenes? Michael deserves respect. Not is enough all that Michael has passed?Not enough the suffering of his family, his children, his friends, his fans, Michael’s own? We are the voice of Michael! Michael is not alone … The world is united by love for Michael. It is inhumane, is repugnant this documentary. Solidarity in the fight on behalf of Michael Jackson against the greed and pervesidade. Justice for Michael Jackson. Michael taught us the true meaning of Love, Faith, Solidarity. I love you Michael.


  10. Pingback: Carta del Estate de Michael Jackson en respuesta al documental de Murray == Estate of Michael Jackson Letter Re Murray Documentary | Tributo a Michael Jackson.

  11. otti says:

    Thank you for all you do. And so well you do.

    Proteccting Michael from airing that documentary. is proteccting the respect and consideration any human being deserves , much after his tragical death.
    Proteccting Michael is proteccting humand kind. How can people participate of watching such thing? I am very sad, that there are not scrupules after what we all saw on trial, towards Michael Jackon`s children.

    And it is true that is inconcebible to give a plattform to a criminal lies . Someone who used, his doctor condition to get the patient trust and use it, to het Rich and famous. And now, who is supporting this? This is being supported by unscroupoulus head executives of MSNBC, anything , no matter how disccusting and spoling can be. Even more, this is the perfect stuff for them to get, the worst is the more they pay. So Murray had to have a big deal in here. The problem is that MEDIA has been allowed and is being allowed to do such things. Till the moment they have a legal limit for it, this is unnstoppable. Do you realize already the exitement that this fight against the airing of this uncconcible documentary , has created?

    Murray is worst, much worst than a maughslaughter convicted. He is a evil man, who in front of any circunstances willl always try to get the prfit possible, no matter what his actions have to be.

    He left the court room full of arrogance, and indifference to the enourmous pain he has created.

    But at this point, people must understand than nothing will improve in our world unless we do the own necessary steps to contribute to it. Nobody will come and change it, but everyone of us..

    Michael was someone too precious for this world, whose liders are just not any good doing to change it.

    I just wanted he knew it, but his humbleness didnt let him realize how much he meant for the world.


  12. Maria Pacor says:

    After the trial i thought ; now he will R.I.P. ! But the battle continues because the Media will never give up… there is to much money (and hatred) involved ! I`m Exhausted !!


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  14. paula jackson says:

    michael is the king of pop respect him
    i love you so much MJ


  15. Diana says:

    I just saw the documentary (or a part of it), I am in TOTAL SHOCK & really SICK !
    They only show Murray’s side of the story, is this legal ?
    In Belgium they aired it on the Channel : VTM , “Telefacts” is the programme.

    When Michael passed away, they didn’t do the effort of showing a documentary about his life, they didn’t aire the Memorial on July 7th 2009, nothing… NO RESPECT !
    Not worthy to have known such a gifted, unique, warm person, with a golden hart, biggest talent & artist EVER !
    But this sickening Documentary…??? I’ve spend hours watching the trial… those who did the same, know ALL the facts, and know that JUSTICE WAS SERVED when we heard the word GUILTY !

    My stomach really turns, I’m really sick of people who DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY !
    “They ‘ll even sell their soul to the Devil…” sounds very familiar… 😦
    Poor poor Michael… I’m really Hartbroken !

    We are all sad that Michael has left us, but I am really convinced that HE finally is in a MUCH BETTER PLACE THEN WE ARE… I’M SICK OF THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN !

    from Belgium




  17. I have always support for michael,He is so very human personality of my life His love and harmony for the whole world ,I love him with whole my heart and soul from michael,God bless you my treasure<i mis you so very much ♥♥♥ xoxoxoxoL.♥.V.E and Care

    greatest michaelfanlove The Netherlands Elma nieuwlaats xoxoxo


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