Murray Documentary Transcription

MJ is one of the world’s most known entertainer- the general public is certainly aware of his identity but there is an incredible difference in behaviors between the general public and MJ’s fan community.  The distinction between the behaviors of MJ fan community members and the general population is considerable.

The MJ fan community (old and new) are motivated to read/research a plethora of details about MJ.  They are vested and always interested in anything MJ.  Their knowledge base of many details to MJ’s life is astounding and astonishing.  Some have knowledge base going back 20 years- they knew how extensively the media mischaracterized MJ for years.  MJ once said his fans would fight for him.  Many were by his side when he needed support most and told the media, that they represented all the fans who could not physically be there to support him.   The media turned that around too and started to target the fans by calling them crazy and rabid to discount and dismiss any time they stood by, stood up FOR MJ.  Most of MJ’s fan community watched the Murray trial, was committed to understanding the facts, identified the untruths and shared it worldwide.  Many worldwide MJ communities have been standing up for MJ quite diligently, to tell MJ’s truth and honor his legacy.  Though there are differences of opinion, the MJ community shares a common unconditional love for MJ.  Most want to see him vindicated and held in the honor he deserves.

The “general public” is simply the people of the world; they may not be fans, they may just like his music, know a little about MJ or not even care to know more. The general public is NOT like the MJ fan community for the main difference is that The general public does not behave the same; they do not share the same level of interest or have the same”knowledge” base in comparison to MJ’s fan community.   The general public will interpret the information about MJ differently because of their limited research and knowledge base of trial, testimony, and has viewed many tabloid stories and know the salacious stories about him, however, they do not recognize the lies regarding MJ’s life and this aspect alone has a profound effect on public perception of MJ. The general public is not motivated to uncover the truth, for they are unaware the truth has not been told.  They rely on media for information and believe the media has been honest.

The general public is not like an MJ hater either, for MJ haters are very enthusiastic and dedicated to share negativity about MJ.  MJ haters take the time to have a little information about MJ, but most often, their information is not well researched and worse,  the haters believe the media lies against MJ.  MJ haters twist information further than the media does, and they certainly help spreading the negative conceptions with enthusiasm and vigor.  The general public may engage in gossip or repeating information, but usually, they do not do it with malicious intentions as the same purpose of an MJ hater.  An MJ hater appears to love to get MJ fans riled up and enjoy turning people against one another.

Worldwide, everyone has a chance to view the same information, but we cannot assume that the regular population has taken the time to pay as close attention to everything written about MJ the same as MJ’s fan community or the haters.   You cannot predict what the general public will read, view or understand.  Since some of the media does not tell the truth on their own, and the general public does not research to find the truth, the general public is blindly led to believe the perceptions the media presents. Due to repetition in the media, the general public may believe the negativity “must be true”.   Repetition doesn’t necessarily mean truth so we must arm ourselves with facts that can be backed up with verified and trusted sources.    If the media presented the truth to the masses to begin with, there would be less MJ haters in the world and the general public would not have such a distorted view about MJ.

Sure, there would always be a chance for some to misinterpret any information, but that is the point everyone must realize.  The Media significantly contributed to ENSURE the general world WOULD have a distorted view about MJ.   This is why it is so important for the media to ensure they are printing the truth, honoring ethics and fairness.  The MJ community must try to get the truth out there if some of the media won’t.  The more we can do to increase the exposure of the truth, the more the public has a chance to see the truth.  When they know the truth, then they can choose to form their own opinions based on the truth.  Furthermore, we must eventually strive for mandated ethics in the media, so things like this have less a chance of happening as it did to MJ.  WE are culpable if WE allow otherwise.

Murray’s documentary will have more effect regarding MJ, than Murray on the general public than the MJ community.  It already has.  Murray’s documentary was not about his side of the story.   Though everyone has had the same opportunity to view all information out there, no one cannot assume that the public has viewed all the same information or understood it as the MJ fan community.   Remember the masses did not know that the media didn’t tell them the truth.

Having that been said, MJJJP’s mission is fighting media bias against MJ.  The MJ community should understand  our focus is on media representation of MJ and that this is what we do.  The media dehumanized MJ for over 20 years and scrutinized his every move, decision, speculated every bit of gossip, which contributed greatly to how the general public perceives MJ.  If the media accurately printed the truth about the events in MJ’s life  and if they did not repeatedly confuse the issues through deliberate misrepresentation and sensationalism whenever they bring up MJ’s name, there would be little room for the general public to misinterpret the information.

The dynamic MJJJP is trying to get everyone to understand is that the media is solely responsible for THE CONTENT and presentation of media publications because that process creates a “perception”.  Perceptions are reinforced with repetition, behaviorally speaking.  General Public perception of MJ was heavily influenced by the media due to how the media presented their “news”.  Every chance the media has, they re-introduce things from MJ’s past so it never actually passes- it remains “present”.  Any time MJ was in the news, they had to bring up some negativity from his past and by doing so, it keeps the subject fresh in the public mind.  To complicate matters, the media keeps confusing the issues with more distortions to keep MJ in that constant public scrutiny.  Some media mentions MJ’s name when speaking about key subjects having nothing to do with MJ whatsoever, but because the subject is about molestation or addiction/drugs, or some other salacious subject the media could conveniently “associate” TO MJ, they pull MJ’s name into it, which subconsciously reinforces any associations of the subject to MJ in the public’s mind.   The media connects MJ to such things because of their bias against him and by the media behaving this way, it increases the public bias and confusion regarding MJ.  This is very unfair, unethical and downright bullying behaviors.

The Murray documentary will also affect the public opinion of MJ.  The amount of media trash and biased articles in response to Murray’s documentary alone has given other media to not only twist information of Murray, MJ and the trial, but also opens the doors for the media to entertain all the old lies about MJ once more.

Though initiated by Murray, Murray’s documentary is media.  Furthermore, Murray chose not to testify under oath, in court, and if he did take the stand, he would have been cross-examined.   Instead, Murray chose to “testify” to the public in his documentary (by they way, a documentary he had been making since 2009, indicating the possibility he had no intention to testify in court and endure cross examination).   The documentary included the verdict, so they edited the film after Murray was found guilty.  It is appalling that MSNBC STILL gave a convicted felon, who refused to testify in court, a platform to “testify” and wasted no time to aired the show four days after the verdict.  Everyone should be questioning WHY MSNBC chose to do the documentary and why they were was so hell-bent on airing it despite strong opposition.  MSNBC is MORALLY culpable and the world should be in an uproar.  Murray’s documentary was constructed with deliberate bias and was meant for the public to deliberate against Michael through the world wide media.

Murray used the documentary to add commentary and to re-iterate some of of the things he said in the police interview and if you did not see or read it in its entirety and had heard all the testimony of the 2011 trial, you would not recognize the inconsistencies between the interview and the content in the documentary.  There is an incredible amount of information mixed with false media representation over 20 years.  If the general public did not pay as close attention as the global MJ fan community, how can they be well informed? To understand the dynamic of how the media has influenced the public’s mindset and beliefs, you have to understand that the public does not read everything about MJ to begin to discern the BS from truth.

MSNBC has given Murray, a now convicted felon, a platform to “testify”, this time for continued public trial against MJ possibly to reinforce the negativity about MJ.   MSNBC stated that they were counting on MJ fans to view it out of curiosity, and thus counting on us for increased ratings.  They did not care how the general public would interpret this information, nor did they care the media aftermath afterwards.  Either way, it gives the media MORE to twist and sensationalize upon.

Now to address the bias content in Murray’s documentary.

The documentary is entitled:  “Michael Jackson and THE DOCTOR: A Fatal Friendship”.  The title of the documentary has MJ’s name first and Dr.Murray is nameless.  This is the very first red flag that the documentary will NOT be kind to MJ in any way, and that the focus will primarily be on MJ, rather than Murray’s “side of the story” as they claim.  By Comparative example as to how the media covered the trial testimony, this is a similar tactic used by Murray.  During the trial, quite a few media outlets entitled their coverage, “Michael Jackson Death trial”, rather than “Conrad Murray trial in the death of Michael Jackson”.  (We acknowledge other media did change their titles to the “Conrad Murray Trial.”)  By saying that Murray and MJ were FRIENDS…friends do NOT endanger you.  Genuine friends look out for you and have your best interests in front of theirs as they engage with you.  Friends do not drug you up and then secretly tape you slurring your words….The use of the word “friendship” is sensationalistic because of the impact of Murray’s betrayal.

As the documentary opens, the first pictures they show are pics of MJ, bottles of pills, MJ’s room, and of course more pics of MJ, then at some point, some pics of Murray.  Then before commentary really begins, they finally say the documentary is Murray’s “side of the story”.  Visually, this has a profound impact enriched in bias towards MJ because they just spent many seconds, minutes, showing pictures that pertain more to MJ than to Murray.

The manner by which this is presented, visually and verbally, is deliberate and intentional for the person viewing it to have MJ more prevalent in their mind.   The FIRST images you see, the FIRST words you see and hear are all toward MJ…..for many seconds before they show Murray.  Then at the end, they say this is Murray’s side of the story.  The emphasis was on MJ for much of the initial presentation, including the title, and then a small blip at the end, is Murray’s name and that this is HIS story.  But remember what did you JUST SEE visually with MORE frequency and duration of view??




Pictures of a messy room.

MORE Pictures of MJ.


More Evidence of the case- mostly, medicine, combined with many key prosecution witnesses.  Shafer. Alverez. Steinberg. Prosecution Lawyers.

Then they showed very few images of the defense, their witnesses and Murray.

For a documentary that is supposed to be Murray’s side of the story, they do not SHOW you that focus right from the beginning.  Psychologically, this prepares the viewer – the general public- with MJ as primary focus and distracts you from the position that the documentary is Murray’s “side of the story”.   The frequency and duration of reference to MJ reinforces that focus to be centered on MJ.  THIS method psychologically ensures that the aspect of MJ is more present in the mind than Murray, but you don’t think about what the focus was said to have been as you are watching it because they set the beginning with MJ as the primary visions.   Your mind then interprets the focus IS MJ because the emphasis visually is primarily and initially all about MJ.

Having that been said, this is and was the worry regarding media publications.  The general public has such a negative view of MJ because of all the repetition of media slander against MJ.  There has not been not enough publications (until recently) to effectively counteract past media lies.  Sure, there have been many trying: Dr. Patrick Treacy, Tom Mesereau,  Aphrodite Jones, Geraldine Hughes, Ramone Baine, and many of MJ’s closest and trusted inner circle members, but this is NOT enough.  In time, it may be enough with more help.  Because the media lies have gone almost unchallenged for many years, the public remembers what was previously written- for whatever they read.  The frequency of the repetition of slander and gossip reinforces the negativity of combined “information” when it is repeated once more.  The point is the general public would form opinions based on just what they hear, read and 1/2 read, often NOT researching for the truth.  The general public is misinformed about MJ due to 20 years of media slander against MJ and many will not take the time to search for the truth.  We need to make the general public aware of the slander and lies in the media because the media sure is not writing the truth.  We must then write the truth and get it exposed.

Our concerns with Murray’s documentary is the content.  The public will hear Murray’s statements and take it at face value or simply repeat it without genuine knowledge of the truth, and without extensive knowledge of MJ’s life and trial testimony.   The information that the general public may repeat is only based from what they have read.  Since we know they are not invested in MJ, they will not have evaluated all available information. And so the cycle continues.

The general public will hear that Murray said:

(paraphrase): MJ was addicted to Propofol.  They will see Murray mimicked MJ “begging” for Propofol.  Murray stated that other doctors gave MJ Propofol and that MJ wanted to sleep 15-18 hours a day.  Murray said MJ was addicted to other medications.  He said, MJ was unclean and cared little to take care of himself.  When Chernoff and Flanagan et al talk about the items in MJ’s room, they will hear Mrs. Flanagan alludes about the children paintings “staring at him day and night.”  They will hear the group talk about how “sick and weird” MJ was.  They will hear that MJ wet his bed and that materials in his room were moldy and mildewed and that Murray was the one to clean it up.  Murray said that no one was allowed in MJ’s room and that the security was not even allowed to walk around or be inside MJ’s home at any time.   They will hear in the documentary that Judge Pastor would not allow out-takes from TII and perhaps not question why or know the reasons it was not admissible.  Murray said that people around MJ said that he was in financial distress and did not have other means to make money.  Which all of this we all know is absurd, bc we watched every moment of the trial and know details about MJ’s life to know better.
In the first ten minutes of the documentary, Murray was able to bring up every lie about MJ’s past, 2005 trial and allegations, including generally speaking 20 years of media distortions and other untruths, and THIS is what the public will HEAR first.  The general public may or may not question why Murray did say all he did in the documentary UNDER OATH when he had the chance.  Do they even know Murray ELECTED not to testify?  They know Murray is a convicted felon now. They may say many things.  But the truth is, Murray’s documentary fed all of the MJ haters, fed the people who have not researched to know the truth AND fed the media another opportunity to do what they have always done.  Murray’s documentary was NOT kind to MJ at all and why would anyone expect it be?  Murray is now convicted of killing MJ, course he wanted to blame MJ for it all.  Murray painted a horrible picture of MJ as an unhealthy person, an addict, and a cruel man who took no measures to care for himself, his children or his finances in any way.

Will the public know for example MJ would provide food to his visitors as well as staff?  Will the public know that MJ always had his refrigerator full of food for anyone to enjoy?  MJ’s cooks over the years have stated that they not only cooked for MJ and his children, but also guests and staff.  MJ was not the kind of person to allow anyone to be hungry.  MJ and Janet would deliver food to the homeless.  When MJ was on holiday, and fans were outside, he would order them pizza because they would wait to see him all day long.   Will the public know that Kai Chase prepared healthy meals for him and his children and that he wanted time to have lunch with them even as he was rehearsing?  Will the public know how much MJ did take care of his health and body the best he could?  The truth is MJ had many means to make money, he did not have to do a tour, so when Murray comments on MJ’s finances, citing Randy Phillips from his “recollection”, the public may believe MJ had no other way to make money other than to go on tour.  Do they know that MJ had hundreds of songs and demos he created and left in his vault?  Do they know MJ had his business invested in several domains and would conduct 3-5 hour business meetings as necessary?  That means MJ had COGNITIVE clarity, which cannot be achieved if he were on drugs all the time.

Will the public question how is it logical and physically possible for someone to sleep 15-18 hours of the day, have 8-10 hour rehearsals, have time for travel, having time to self-care and take care of his children,  and have time maintain his business when 15-18 hours of sleep leaves only at max 9 hours of the day left to accomplish the other things?  It was ridiculous for Murray to claim that MJ wanted to sleep 15-18 hours a day.  Just which details would the public “understand” and in what way?  Murray’s documentary was certainly lacking in so many details.  The documentary showed distinctly that Murray was trying to re-iterate his defense in the documentary, but will they honor that the jury heard ALL the evidence and made a decision based on FACTS?  Will the public understand that the defense tried to say all of that Murray said in the documentary and failed to disprove the prosecution’s witnesses testimony and evidence and understand that is why they convicted Murray?  Would the public know that they jury was shown well over 250 pieces of evidence and heard approximately 49 witnesses give testimony?
Murray showed a blatant disregard to the jury’s decision and tried to undermine it by showing his documentary within days after the verdict.  Murray violated a gag order to do make the documentary- he not only had media crew working on the documentary, he also made interviews with the media that are included.  It makes no difference that Murray showed the interviews post-verdict- he still violated the gag order, not to mention HIPAA (a regulation in the US regarding privacy with medical conditions and information sharing).  Will the general public realize this despite all the trash Murray said in the documentary?  Will the public recognize the unethical behavior of Murray’s lawyers seen in the documentary?  The documentary was certainly meant to put MJ on public trial all over again.  Many media outlets have responded to Murray’s documentary since it aired, repeating what he said and many fallacies.   Media outlets such as HLNTV have not been in favor of MJ, however, even Vinnie Politan said that Murray’s documentary was just the most horrendous attempt at blaming a victim as possibly could be shown….and so the cycle continues.

The public should be very upset with MSNBC for buying Murray’s documentary AND showing it post-verdict.  By airing this documentary, MSNBC is demonstrating their own disregard not only for MJ but for the judicial system.  Their support of a now convicted felon, clearly demonstrates they don’t care how they make money.

We hope that the general public will see through Murray’s attempt at blaming the victim.  Murray made some deliberate statements in the documentary that he said happened.  He should have said this if he testified, but he chose to speak in a documentary, thus avoiding cross-examination.  It makes NO sense for Murray to make his claims now when it will not affect his future.  He already has been convicted.  The purpose of this documentary appears financially motivated and a deliberate attempt to place MJ on PUBLIC trial.

As you read this analysis, we will set it against Murray’s interview with the police and facts uncovered in trial.  We will also show you information regarding Murray’s lawyers that are inconsistent to their words and behavior.

Michael Jackson and the Doctor:  A Fatal Friendship
Aired on NBC November 11, 2011

(beginning of the documentary showed pictures of pill bottles and evidence uncovered during the trial.  There were pictures of rooms in disarray, however, it just shows things are not put away neatly.  They showed pictures of MJ’s notes on his mirror.)

video of Chernoff opening statement)
(voice over) During his opening statement Ed Chernoff, Murray’s lead attorney dramatically introduced the idea that Michael Jackson took the fatal dose of the drugs Propofol and Lorazepam himself.
Ed Chernoff: What it’s gonna say is Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson because he was such a …
Unidentified male:  It looked like.
EC: that would look like I was going after Jackson. I need to play.
UM: I think the whole notion that you laid out with Lorazepam that killed him, I think it went whoosh
EC: It was surprise. They didn’t know this.
UM: So is it okay to go around to the media and say “you do hear what happened right? You hear what the defense theory is?”. Is that cool to do Ed?  (on phone) : I told you there was a surprise today. Go over the opening of our opening statement. you will know what killed him and it wasn’t Propofol.

Notice how they begin with the soundbite that MJ took the fatal dose himself.  People who did not follow the trial closely may or may not know that this was one of the defense strategies that was disproved in court under testimony.  The defense did not prove ANYTHING they stated in their opening statement.  The general public may not have listened to testimony daily to know all the details.  The documentary began with the thought that MJ killed himself.  A very strong sound bite to echo in the minds of the general public.  We know that this is what the defense was trying to prove in court, but the truth is that they did not convince the jury that MJ killed himself.  The testimony of Dr.’s Steinberg, Shafer, and Kamangar all proved that it was not possible for MJ to self-inject.

(voice over) From the offset the defense has struggled to get their message across to a hostile media.
EC: The way the media is running this it’s as if Dr. Murray came from hell up to earth for the specifically for the purpose of killing Michael Jackson.

The media did not ever say that Dr. Murray had the purpose of killing MJ.  In fact, media such as HLNTV, InSession and many others have been PRO MURRAY and many were heavily entertaining the notion that MJ was a drug addict and or dependent on medications.  Many media outlets were dredging up MJ’s past from the 1993 allegations all the way up to 2009, but none that I recall ever said that Murray was intending (on purpose) to kill MJ.  Many media outlets were not hostile towards Murray –

(voice over) Conrad Murray’s relationship with Jackson began 5 years ago. One of Jackson’s security team recommended Dr. Murray – the doctor who saved his father’s life. He made a house call to the singer’s mansion in Las Vegas to treat his children.
CM : This is where I met him. I took care of himself and his 3 children initially. Then we developed a relationship as of that time on. He could not really enjoy this property. I mean paparazzi was here, fans were around. everybody was looking into the property and we escaped many times actually in this said vehicle. He would climb in the back seat and lay low. He would tell the security team “don’t follow us” (inaudible) a little bit. Yeah he liked those risks. I think he kinda cheered it on.

Murray now introduced the idea that MJ “liked to take risks”.  His statement implies many assumptions that could be derived by hearing that statement.  People are liable to make an assumption that since Murray said that MJ liked to take risks, if that is true, then assume he took risks from his safety to his health.  Nothing but a soundbite and buildup in attempt to support CM’s allegation that MJ did not take care of himself and was not concerned for his safety.

(voice over) With Las Vegas as their playground the Jackson/Murray relationship deepened. Murray says he gave Jackson a level of care he never experienced before.
The commenter phrased this carefully- Vegas was MJ’s PLAYGROUND as opposed to his living in a community.  The phrasing assumes that people, especially MJ, live in Vegas as a playground as opposed to a home.  Do people ONLY go to Vegas to “play”?? Certainly, not.  Course, Vegas’ reputation as a gambling site and place where men can find the accompaniment of a woman for a small price, so to speak, does not help.  People go to Vegas for many reasons, not necessarily always gambling, male oriented “private” activities and just to get married!
“Murray gave MJ a level of care he never experienced before” – stated as if NO other doctor cared for MJ with the QUALITY that Murray was trying to sell the public.  The general public may not take that statement and say instead “you mean the LACK OF (quality) care MJ never experienced before….”.  In other words, this section is subject to “free interpretation”, which certainly can vary.  The commentator’s intention is expressed as if Murray gave MJ the best care MJ ever had.  This statement is simply not true considering Murray’s lack of care caused someone’s death.

CM : There was some things that he needed. Personal hygiene changes and unbelievably he never had a manicure, pedicure all his life. Walking around with painful feet as a dancer. Unbelievable calluses. So I brought an appropriate specialist. He was very pleased of course. It was painful to step and now it was amazing.    He felt that I was someone that he can trust. All of his life he was searching for a friend. He had very close acquaintances. He spoke about Marlon Brando and his son, Fred Astaire and Ginger. but friends he did not have. He said “All my life I have found one friend which is you – Dr. Conrad.”

CM makes it seem as if MJ did not take care of his hygiene!  Seriously??? All dancers have callouses to my knowledge- many people have callouses from shoes alone, but Murray wants us to believe that MJ did not take the simplest of hygiene care, which is insulting to MJ.  CM’s intention is to build on the premise claiming that MJ did not take care of himself at all.     Furthermore, Murray stated in his interview with the police that he did not know of any other doctors MJ was seeing, but here he stated that he sent MJ to “appropriate” specialists?  (Murray interview with police, page 8, lines 10-18)  Murray NEVER mentioned in the interview where he stated HE sent him to ANY specialist. Furthermore, it was found that Murray never kept medical documentation while he was tending to MJ at MJ’s home.  Additionally, if Murray referred MJ to any specialists, why were THEY not called to be witness during the trial?
MJ had many friends he was close to other than the ones Murray mentioned.  Murray made it seem as if HE was the ONLY person MJ could trust and relate to, but MJ’s community knows this claim is not true.  Reducing people MJ WAS very close to as ONLY acquaintances, was very harsh and insulting not only to MJ but to his real friends.

(voice over) The LA County Coroner ruled Michael Jackson’s death a homicide. The autopsy recorded an overdose of the anesthetic Propofol killed him. The use of Propofol in a home setting is the most damaging evidence against Murray but the defense believed that the 25mg Murray states he gave Michael was not enough to cause his death.

The autopsy report indicated that there was a level of propofol in MJ’s body equivalent to put someone under for GENERAL ANESTHESIA for an operation.  During the trial, Dr. Shafer demonstrated that the level found in MJ’s blood was equivalent to much more than 25mg of Propofol based on a research study.  Dr. Shafer compared the numbers of Propofol mg dose and blood levels to what was found at autopsy.  By doing so, Dr. Shafer proved that much more than 25 milligrams of Propofol was given.  The “information” given here by the over commenter does nothing but re-iterate what the defense failed to prove during the trial.

(video of Flanagan cross examining Dr. Cooper on stand)
Michael Flanagan: She will start off with 60 mg. The doctor starts off with 25 he obviously wasn’t over medicating.

Here Flanagan does not include the fact that Dr. Cooper said when she had used Propofol on a patient, it was in a hospital setting, with the appropriate monitors and protocols were followed. Flanagan’s statement does not include ANY information about Propofol protocols and standard of care when using it.  This gives the impression that Propofol is just a drug you administer that does not require extreme special instructions for use.  If the general public did not research Propofol, standards of care in using it, they are not likely to know these details.  Some people may not even know that Propofol is a liquid and may think milligrams refers to solid forms of medication.

The autopsy report revealed levels of Propofol and other medications to be considerable amounts as well- Propofol comparable to at least 80mg- a far cry from “only 25 mg”.  Flanagan stating that Murray did not over medicate is ridiculous.  The general public would not know these other facts if they had not been following the trial or if they never read the autopsy report to understand the difference.

(Murray looking over some letters)
CM : lots of encouragement letters.
EC: (to Flanagan) The point is you get the information to the jury. You did that perfectly. I got it. They got it. I saw them get it.

Ah yes, encouraging letters that Murray did not share with the camera.  If they were not personal, just supportive, WHY NOT read a portion out loud?

The rest of the commentary is simply not true.  The jury obviously did not believe that Murray only gave MJ 25 mg of Propofol because then they would have had reasonable doubt and they would have decided Murray’s fate differently.  If you watched the trial, you might remember at times,  it was very difficult to follow the defense’s strategy because it changed so often.  Mr. Chernoff had much difficulty in structuring his sentences and also changed direction in mid sentence very frequently; this  is likely to confuse those listening and watching.   The prosecution’s directs and redirects, cross examinations questioning was incredibly focused and well researched.  The prosecution was well prepared, quite unlike the defense.  It is unclear how in tuned the general public was to the trial, but one thing is certain:  we cannot expect the main public that does not share the same level of interest as the MJ community does to pay as close attention to the trial and writings about MJ.

Chernoff made this statement leaving out a LOT of testimony information and to assume or claim that the jury “got the information clearly” is NOT representative to what happened at all.  Of course, Mr. Chernoff is entitled to his perception, however, he is a professional making the statement, and people may assume he was not being biased or assume that this was not his perception or opinion.  In other words, they may think that he stated this based on the testimony.  Anyone who did not follow the trial daily, is NOT going to know specific details Chernoff left out to know the difference, so relating this to Chernoff’s statement, a person can take what he said as fact without being fully informed to formulate that opinion on their own.

(voice over) Murray’s lawyers are now working for free. To save money Michael Flanagan the LA based member of the team and his wife Susan have invited Ed Chernoff to stay at their home.

This is a sympathy ploy because they state that the defense was working for free when that is not true.  Murray owed them money, and may not have been paid monthly, but this is not the same as a case that was worked pro-bono (without fee, free).  The defense wants the public to believe that they were working for free.

However, the general public may not be aware that Murray made 300K from MSNBC when they bought the documentary.  It is not clear when the transaction completed.  The over commenter declaring that the defense was working for free does not include the fact that the team WAS paid at least before the documentary aired, which was within four days from the verdict.  (There was time to edit the commentary.)   As stated in the documentary, that the lawyers were working “for free” is a misrepresentation of facts.  Media QUOTED Mr. Chernoff stated after the verdict, that the defense was paid and he did not question where the money came from- clearly opposite to what it means for the team to be working for free.

Granted it was reported that Murray was having financial issues during the last two years, In fact, later the same week as the airing of the documentary, it was reported recently, that MSNBC was being sued by Murray’s medical imaging company because Murray owed them over 147K.

There were several reports that the production company had PAID for lunches and transportation for Murray and the defense team for the duration of the trial.  Not to mention that media WAS present to film Murray and the defense, thus violating the gag order implemented by Judge Pastor.  So what if they did not release the documentary until after the verdict- they MADE the video WHEN the gag order was implemented.

The commenter stated that in order to save money, Mr. Chernoff stayed at Mr. Flanagan’s house.  As if financial obligation is a valid reason for the defense team to be bunking together, this behavior to the contrary is highly UNETHICAL.  Dr. White, one of the defense’s “expert” witnesses also bunked with Flanagan.  An expert witness is supposed to review the material, the facts and make an INDIVIDUAL assessment.  It was not ethical for White to bunk with Flanagan either.

Furthermore, Judge Pastor’s gag order included that even the defense team MUST refrain from speaking about the trial, not even with their spouses and especially all were asked to NOT speak to any media regarding the trial.  During the documentary, Mrs. Flanagan and filming crew were present while they were discussing the case, obviously a violation of the gag order that was in place through the duration of trial, the same time as when the filming was said to have taken place.  It does not matter if she is a lawyer or doctor, she was NOT an expert witness as far as we know, or part of the defense TEAM IN court.

(Flanagan , his wife and Chernoff is sitting around a table talking. Chernoff is drinking beer.)
MF : everyone flaunts around and there’s got to be a hundred cams. (inaudible) She said “What about Michael Jackson is so screwed up?” I said “yeah seen why he needed Dr. Murphy – Dr. Murray. That’s what happens when Dr. Murray is not around”
EC: You know what there’s nothing with that, you had first amendment right to that. in fact that’s fantastic. You just called him Murphy.
(Susan Flangan laughs)
Flanagan: What is his name?
(Chernoff laughs)

They are talking about the freedom to speech here as it is the first amendment.  The right to speak freely, in front of cameras, however, with a gag order in place, the freedom to speak to the press is no longer a granted right.  The defense wants the public to believe that they have the right to speak freely and failing to mention a gag order was in place at the time misrepresents the situation, perhaps as means so the public does not question the fact that they were filming a “documentary” during a trial with a gag order in place.  They did NOT have the freedom to speak in front of cameras.

Chernoff said that “she” – unclear who “she” is- stated that MJ was “screwed up” and that was why he needed Murray.  They implied when Murray was not around he was not screwed up by saying “that is why MJ needed Murray”.  This is pure sensationalism and slander.  “Messed up” can mean many things.  Exactly what do they mean?

Do they mean drugs?  Well, In court, a tape of MJ was played.  He was slurring his speech, but still saying he wanted to help the ill children of the world by building the biggest hospital for them.  The tape was made by Dr. Murray during a time when obviously in MJ’s presence and obviously MJ was compromised.  This completely negates what they just stated because one cannot assume how or why – other than prescription meds- but you cannot assume MJ took anything ON HIS OWN.  According the the recorded tape, Murray was around MJ and MJ was slurring his speech.  When Murray was NOT around, such as in the TII movie, MJ was clear headed, well vocalized and focused.  The defense and Murray wanted to give the impression that MJ was “screwed up” daily and that was why Murray needed Murray’s help, but from testimony, MURRAY over-medicated MJ, not the other way around.   MANY people testified that MJ was never “messed up” as he was WHEN MJ WAS treated by Murray!

Other meanings of messed up can include how MJ conducted his life but here, they implied that the way MJ lived was messed up- it is an inferred reference.  If people followed the media slander without knowing the truth, then they can further interpret the “messed up” meant also  towards MJ’s every day events.  That is not fair to do to someone and it is hardly kind.  The defense did not explain who the woman was who said it without any detail and this is where they were wrong to include the segment.  What does THAT woman’s view have to do WITH MURRAY and the content in his documentary since this documentary was meant to express MURRAY’s side of things?  The thoughts of that woman have NOTHING to do with Murray or the documentary whatsoever.  While they are not responsible as to how people interpret the information, they are responsible on the REPRESENTATION of content in the documentary.

This is an INTENTIONAL misrepresentation of MJ and slander.   The statement is an intentional stab to MJ, but it is a  general representation of what the general public can assume about MJ without being well informed to the truth.

EC: (showing around his bedroom) This is my filing system here. I’m up every morning at 4. I get up to check my emails. I usually get 5-6 emails from hecklers. You know people just calling to tell me I suck or you know to critique my performance. Win, lose or draw the truth of matter is this is going to change everything I do from now on. There’s not going to be any other case like this.

Chernoff allowed the camera into his personal space, his bedroom, which has piles of books, files and a few things laying around.  This is a deliberate comparison to the pictures of MJ’s room.

Chernoff reveals he gets up at 4am and checks his emails and complains about the 4-5 “hecklers” insulting him.  So now we get a picture that Chernoff appears bothered by these 4-5 emails, hardly a comparison to the BS MJ endured, and he obviously viewed this as a negative reflection upon his “work” and ego.  He then states something interesting “win, lose or draw, this is going to change everything he does from then on because there will be no other case like this one.

Four or five heckler emails is hardly a scratch of the surface to the scrutiny MJ endured in any day of his life.  All I can think of is something MJ quoted: “do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in a man’s moccasins”…..but Chernoff and his team have already judged MJ harshly in the documentary and they never  even attempted to understand MJ’s world or anything he endured.

This part appears to have been an appeal for the defense for sympathy, rather than personal sympathy for Chernoff.  People may assume that the “hecklers” are MJ fans- the point is, people’s minds automatically fill in the blanks since information is missing.  There are many ways to interpret this section.

The phrasing Chernoff used in that part of the documentary, presents himself as someone who was using the opportunity of this trial to boost his career, and self esteem.  However, is this something the “general public” would perceive?  The MJ community is very sensitive and compassionate to MJ because no one in the community would want MJ to be used for personal gain nor would they want anyone to harm him in any way.  MJ haters would not view Chernoff in this manner.  Perhaps the public would miss the importance of how this part is portrayed.  A professional of public service is perceived to have qualities of humbleness and humility, though human, can still have an internal drive to succeed, but hopefully, never at the expense of another.   The general public is not as compassionate to MJ because the media dehumanized him for many years.  While MJ’s community may understand that Chernoff dug his own hole in this segment, the general public may not understand the significance or have enough verified truth to discern BS from fact.

The major point to this analysis is for everyone to understand that the documentary will be interpreted differently in the public’s eyes and this aspect will have a profound effect to how they view MJ.

(voice over) 4 months before his death Michael Jackson pushed for Dr. Murray to close his Las Vegas and Houston clinics and become his personal physician. He wanted Murray to help him prepare for the extraordinary demands of the TII concerts.

Information uncovered in the testimony indicated that Murray asked AEG for 5 million dollars to be MJ’s private physician because “he had to close 4-5 of his clinics.”  NO where did anyone say that MJ “pushed” Murray to close any clinics OR pushed to hire him.

CM: He said “Dr.Conrad I have watched you. I have looked at you for so long”  I said  “why are you looking at me? What was that about?”. He said  “I had looked at you because I tested you and You are the one”.
(voice over) In April 2009 Murray finally agreed to become Michael Jackson’s full time physician. He shut his private practices and moved to LA. He was granted special privileges in Michael’s new home.

Here Murray’s phrasing is intending to appear supportive to the previous paragraph- “emphasizing” Murray’s claim that MJ was PUSHING him to become his doctor.  However, NO testimony indicated where or how MJ pushed to have Murray as a physician.  In fact, Murray’s contract with Michael and AEG was ONLY signed BY Conrad Murray.  If MJ was so insistent that Murray be his doctor, MJ would have signed the contract.

Paul Gongaware, Co-CEO of AEG, stated that MJ did ask for Murray to be his physician, so PG called Murray to negotiate payment.  PG said Murray asked for 5 million dollars and claimed he had to close his 4 other practices and pay to lay people off.  Gongaware stated that Murray felt that 5million was compensation per year to have his practice closed.

However, Murray wrote his patients that he was going on sabbatical and he would refer them to another physician.  The five million was for what again??? (

Asking and pushing are two different behaviors.  Sure, MJ asked for Murray , based on testimony, but he did not “push” as Murray stated.  MJ did not even sign Murray’s contract and neither did AEG, so how “badly” did “MJ PUSH to have” Murray as Murray claimed?  Apparently, not very.

CM: I had the entire reign of anybody in the house. The people that would be the house was the children, Michael and myself. The security never permitted to come into this house.  (voice over) There was a second bed chamber and adjoining bathroom which was off limits to everyone but Michael.

Course MJ would want his own personal quarters, what celebrity would want security to be allowed in personal chambers, such as a bedroom, when their job is to secure the home and ensure MJ and his loved ones are safe?  There would be no need for any security to go into MJ’s bedroom unless someone broke in any bedroom to harm MJ or his children.  CM intended for his statement to be interpreted as if something was odd about MJ restricting certain staff from certain areas.  Furthermore, CM wanted the public to believe that MJ gave him “reign” or allowances that he did not allow any other.  CM stating that certain places were off limits is hearsay anyways.  MJ is not available to negate anything Murray claims MJ said to him in private.

However, parts of this statement Murray made during his interview.  No new information here.

CM: He always had a chamber that was exclusively his. That chamber was reserved and completely locked out. Not even the maids can go in there. The children go in there with him once in awhile but they always walked in there to get together. So that was off limits. The bedroom that he slept in and where I worked with him at night that I had persuade him to get it eventually cleaned. Because one he peed the bed, it did not smell good, there was mildew and I had to get it cleaned.

First of all, Murray made statements like this regarding who could go into his room in the police interview.  (p. 17, line 20-22, p.18, line 15-21)  So this statement is not “new information” but just a re-iteration of what Murray stated in his police interview.  This statement is nothing but hearsay, slander and illogical.  It is slander to say that MJ wet the bed and that he was unclean or otherwise not taking care of himself or his quarters.  It is illogical  and silly to believe that the most successful man on the planet was too lazy to bring himself to the bathroom or too lazy to take the most basic care of himself.  Murray wanted the public believe that HE TOOK CARE OF MJ in many ways, which is ridiculous.

In Murray’s statement to the police, he said that MJ was awake most of the night and energetic enough to not fall asleep when attempted.  (p. 24, line 6-7, p. 24, line 14-15, p. 28 line 11, p. 29 line 3-6, p. 29, line 13-21, p. 30, line 8-22, p. 32, line 3, p. 34 line 15-21 are all lines where Murray said MJ was up all night and wide awake.)  If MJ was awake, he could have very easily walked himself to the bathroom and did not have the need of a condom catheter.     If it was common practice for Murray to give MJ Propofol with the other medications he claimed, MJ would have had passed long before AND would have had the need for a condom catheter EVERY evening while under sedation.  The technical scientific testimony did not lend to the scenario that Murray said to the police, and here, Murray is setting the public up to question the jury’s verdict as well as testimony in court.  The only thing Murray reveals is his own dysfunctional thinking to those paying attention enough to question such a ridiculous statement.

CM: Who would have believed a man his age would still be wetting his bed?
(unidentified voice): and was that a result of medication or psychological problem leftover  from childhood?  CM: Psychological.

This statement is slander.  MJ did not have psychological disorder.  In order for Murray to convince the public that MJ wet the bed is to say he had a psychological foundation to do so.  Murray could not say that if MJ ever wet his bed was due to medications, it would implicate Murray himself since it was MURRAY who over medicated MJ.    In fact, condom catheters were brought up in court because it was stated that this was something MJ had on according to EMT testimony.  Logically speaking, if Murray gave MJ the doses of medication he outlined in the interview with the police, he would have definitely needed a catheter if he was truly given the meds Murray said he gave in the order he said he gave it.  But you see, in the interview, Murray stated that MJ was “up all night complaining he could not sleep, even after 5 am when medications like Diazepam, Lorazepam and Midazolam were administered close together.  If MJ was UP and AWAKE with energy, and vigor, as Murray emphasized, then, MJ also had enough energy and capability to physically walk to the bathroom.  Murray wanted the public to believe that MJ was “lazy” to even get up and go to the bathroom, which IS slander because of the inference.   Murray stating that MJ had a psychological problem of wetting the bed established his own reasoning and mindset of the trash he was trying to sell the public and it has no true foundation otherwise.  It was stated in testimony that if a person is on Propofol for a time expending medical procedure, a doctor can prescribe a catheter because Propofol does not allow the brain to control muscle movement to even breathe.

If you are not aware of the testimony of expert witnesses, or aware of the content of Murray’s police interview, you would not know the difference to question the validity of this part of the documentary.

Murray : What is done to him was far more than beating by his father. He harmed Michael. It is so deep that it moved the world off its axis.
(Michael’s note on the mirror:  DISCIPLINE WITH LOVE, NO VIOLENCE EVER)

Murray and the producers associate the picture with Murray’s statement as if the note on the mirror is supposed to substantiate or that it was meant to be associated with any childhood trauma MJ endured.  Murray’s words after it is supposed to provide more support for the picture and what he said in the previous paragraph.

MJ did not keep the secret of what his father did to him and his siblings.  However, MJ himself demonstrated his internal determinism to overcome the pain and experiences.  MJ said himself he didn’t want his children to ever feel the same way MJ felt for his father in interviews.  Additionally, in interviews, MJ said he forgave his father and they had mended their relationship as best as possible.  MJ loved his father and said so.  If MJ’s father wounded him so deeply that it moved the world off its axis, MJ did not behaviorally show that was true.  MJ continued to become the greatest entertainer and performer the world has ever known.  Furthermore, in interviews, MJ’s children said that MJ was the best father in the world.  Many said that MJ was a very caring and loving individual.    MJ had maintained close relationships with others, was successful in his career and home life.  These are not the behaviors of a deeply wounded man that was so terribly broken inside as Murray wants the public to believe.

Murray: I saw him cry so many times and I told him it’s okay to cry. its okay. It’s okay Michael you can cry. It’s too sad. The life he’s lived and the life he’s had to endure. He lived a life greater than 100 years of pain for any human on earth.

MJ never hid that he was an emotional feeling person.  MJ was not afraid to cry neither in his personal life or on stage, nor in the presence of others.  The ability to cry in front of others is a strength of character, not a sign of weakness. Crying is a normal part of human existence.  Crying is the symbol and manifestation of feelings inside and if people were to never express crying or their emotions, they act out behaviorally.  MJ was not the kind of person to show violence towards another.  Crying is a healthy way to cope because it helps the person evacuate negative energy inside.  Sure, MJ endured a great deal of pain, but he was not unhealthy behaviorally to demonstrate the inability to cope with such extremity.  Murray wanted the public to believe that MJ was abnormal for crying and abnormal for all he endured.  What was abnormal for MJ to endure was the extreme frequency and lengths people (not his father) would go through to hurt him.  MJ said he had a better relationship with his father to the media because he wanted the world to know the healing that took place between them.  Again, if people are not cognizant to the things MJ said himself, they would not know the whole story MJ conveyed about his personal life.

(Flanagan, Chernoff and his wife  around the dinner table)
Flanagan:  No one has been in that bathroom and it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for months.  When those pictures start coming out and the public finally gets to see what that bathroom looks like. What are they going to think

Flanagan entertains the idea that MJ did not take care of his surroundings, which could imply that he also did not take care of himself.

OK, so let’s entertain this silliness.  How do we know that MJ always left his room as indicated in the pictures?  The pictures just show things out of place and not immediately put away.  MJ was extremely busy at the time the pictures were taken, who is to say those materials were left there all the time like that?  There is no evidence of layers of dust or cobwebs, that to me would be more of a sign of someone who did not clean even weekly.  The picture of the bathroom had ONE SET of MJ’s clothing on the floor- the clothing he changed out of that night.  Is that a sign of months of not cleaning?  Hardly.  MJ had more than enough clothing to go through months of wear, don’t you think that if MJ NEVER cleaned that there would be more evidence of dirty laundry on the bathroom floor?   Please.

Flanagan could be stating this because he wanted to provide Murray the support to what Murray said about MJ’s lack of tidiness.  Flanagan was looking to support what Murray said because he IS a defense lawyer and that is what they do.  Flanagan’s room was no better…..just sayin.

Susan Flanagan:  Explain a 50 year old man, who sleeps with a baby doll and has pictures of basically, infants to two years old children looking at him every night.

Now Mrs. Flanagan makes a statement meant for the public to question MJ’s relationship regarding children.  MJ was found innocent of molestation charges and for her to suggest that a fifty year old needs to explain why he has pictures of children in his room and a doll as something abnormal, is putting MJ on public scrutiny again- as if a doll and pictures of children are evidence of inappropriateness.

First of all, she did not say what kind of pictures MJ had of children.  However, artwork we know MJ to have is surely NOT inappropriate in content.  If MJ were to have a photograph of a child, who is to say that child is not of family relation to him?  NONE of the pictures shown were inappropriate in content.  Even if a friend’s child, a family he is close to, it is NOT abnormal to have photographs of friends or of their children.  It is akin to having family pictures in YOUR home.  I (lovelight) personally do NOT know of any friend or family that does not have pictures of their friends and children.  To suggest having general, neutral content, PG rated pictures of children is abnormal or inappropriate is slander.

MJ has long said that children were inspirational to him.  There is nothing wrong with being inspired- and to suggest that the inspiration was inappropriately founded or in meaning is slanderous.

SF:  He is amazing in his field of music.
EC:  I think the media made him appear weirder than he is.  I mean it’s not normal…
MF:  You gotta be kidding me?  You can’t be any weirder than he is.

Here is where Flanagan and Chernoff declared that MJ was weird and sick.  Professionally, their job is to defend Murray.  Both Flanagan and Chernoff demonstrate personal bias against MJ and that is what you see here.  This belief had an effect as to how they are going to portray MJ.  If THEY think he is sick and wierd, they will convey that in court.  The defense DID portray MJ was sick and weird throughout the trial.

What is worse is they just put that LOUD soundbite that “MJ is sick and weird” without any substantial foundation and KNOW the public and haters will entertain that thought to either confirm or disprove that in their mind.  They did said it to hit a sensitive cord with the public, MJ haters AND MJ communities.  Chernoff said that the media made MJ to be more weird and sick, and added, ” than what he IS- That is not normal.” That statement assumes the adopted perceptions that MJ was already weird and sick before the media made it worse.

Well no, MJ was not abnormal or weird- what is both not normal and weird is the 20 years of media character assassination of MJ…

Voice Over:    After being widely blamed for Jackson’s death, Murray had a spiritual revelation.
CM:  The darkness occurred during the first few weeks commencing with the passing of Michael but as of July 15th , 2009 at 3 am things changed.  (Murray staring into the camera) The Holy Spirit came to me and I could feel the warmth, I could see his face, I could see his garment as he came down to touch me, he lifted me out of that hole of darkness. He brought me to light. He saved me, he protected me.  I am protected and he will keep me safely within his tabernacle. Thank you Father. Thank you, thank you, I love you Lord.

After being widely blamed for MJ’s death?? Ummm….. HE was the LAST one to see MJ alive, of course there would be speculation.  Ask yourselves, was blame undue?  Unwarranted?  Coming out of no where for no reason? Please.

Murray now shares a “spiritual revelation”.   Possible meanings include: Newly found religion, already religious, and the impression of innocence or forgiveness.

Forgiveness is only necessary when you have done something wrong or when perceived to have done wrong.  Murray was trying hard to make himself look innocent.  Murray plays upon the spiritual aspect because it has potential to cause positive emotions and sympathy.

Voice Over:  Michael Jackson’s life changed forever with his child molestation charges in 2005. (showing Michael dancing on the roof of his car) He was acquitted but his reputation was in tatters. By 2009 he was suffering financially and was even more isolated.

In this part, Murray and producers take the opportunity to bring up the 2005 allegations and the sensationalism regarding when MJ stood on top of his car at a point during the 2005 trial.  The media had a field day scrutinizing, ridiculing, and chastising him for this action.   This situation of the 2005 trial has NOTHING to do with Murray’s side of the story, only to say that because they perceived MJ never recovered publicly and that this was the psychological reason why MJ was abusing drugs and never took care of himself.

Murray’s team is using a tactic of utilizing a true situation of the 2005 trial and exploiting upon it  for sensational purposes and to reinforce former perceptions the public may have had during that time of MJ’s life.

It is NO secret that MJ was deeply hurt by not only the trial, but allegations, however, MJ was a strong man.  MJ afterwards had taken some time to be with his family, got out of the country for while and continued his music business, at least behind the scenes for a while.

MJ appeared on the cover of Ebony and he put out the Thriller 25th anniversary compilation sometime between 2006-7, after the 2005 trial.  MJ also was back in the studio working with other artists during the 25th compilation; So much for MJ hiding and being too depressed to work…

(Showing TII and Michael singing Earth Song in court)
In court the prosecution produced footage of the rehearsals as evidence that Michael was back on his way to his best. But the judge declined the defense’s request to show outtakes from the documentary that they believed would reveal Jackson was struggling.

The defense has the opinion and perception that the out-takes from TII showed MJ under the influence of prescription drugs- disoriented, unable to think coherently- charging that the producers of TII edited film to hide MJ’s “real condition”. The defense does not give a complete explanation why the judge did not allow out-takes.  They want YOU, the pubic, to question the judge’s decision and for the public to speculate the possibility that MJ was often inebriated.  These soundbites feed the old exaggerations, distortions and lies about MJ.

CM:  The producer, Kenny Ortega had made several statements that he was going to quit, this could not go on.  If Michael was not going to do what he was expected to do they could not have a show and they could not get Michael to conform to what they wanted. Michael, on the other hand, was saying they were working him too much. He did not want to be worked as a machine. He felt like a machine.  Voice Over:  Kenny Ortega, the Director of TII warned of Michael’s poor condition in an email five days before Jackson died.  (Ortega reads his email)  
Voice Over:  With all 50 shows sold out, Ortega’s email had an immediate impact. A crisis meeting was called at jackson’s home with Michael, Ortega, Murray and Randy Phillips, the CEO of AEG Live, the concert promoters.
(Randy Phillips is shown on the stand)

Notice how they do not include other parts of Kenny Ortega’s testimony.  Kenny Ortega worked with MJ on the Dangerous and History albums and knew MJ since 1990.    KO said that Murray only attended ONE rehearsal and met Murray in May.  KO said that shortly after Murray began “treating” MJ, MJ began missing rehearsals in June and KO was worried.  KO said that he was told it was due to “scheduling issues” rather than health issues.  KO testified that MJ was ill June 19th and he and MJ agreed that MJ would go home and rest, instead of partake in rehearsal.  MJ spent about an hour or so at rehearsal watching the dancer’s routines and other parts of the show.  KO comforted MJ, kept him warm and helped MJ care for himself before they both decided MJ would go home to rest.   They had a meeting on June 19th and an email was sent on June 21st- which is the email Murray brought up here.

The email simply stated KO’s account of MJ’s condition that day and that he noticed MJ’s staff (security AND assistant) were not concerned/apathetic that MJ wasn’t feeling well.  It is apparent from the email the he had never seen MJ so ill.  MJ did not attend rehearsals until June 23rd as there were no scheduled rehearsals on the 21 and 23rd.  KO, Randy Phillips and AEG had a meeting with Murray and MJ. These people had known MJ much longer than Murray and all testified they had never seen MJ so ill.

KO said that MJ had plans for the future, was excited about the tour and was looking forward to all he had planned.

Notice, all this information is left out in Murray’s documentary.   Granted, the documentary is supposed to be Murray’s “side of the story” but all Murray is telling from his side is nothing but what he said in his police interview and harping on all the sensationalism from all time.  Murray is exploiting and sensationalizing more than giving any quality information about the interactions with Murray, MJ, KO, RP and AEG.  If he was going to “tell his side of the story”, don’t you think that would include even these conversations?

Voice Over:  According to Murray, Randy Phillips took him aside to warm him of the dire financial consequences to Jackson if the Live concerts were cancelled.  
CM:  That’s when I got the shock . Randy Phillips ask me to step out of the living room when the meeting had ended. And this is him (Murray grinds his teeth) grinding his teeth. “He does not have a f***ing cent, a f***ing cent (Murray raises his voice), what’s this bullshit all about? Listen, this guy is the next skid row. He will be homeless, a f***ing popsicles that his children are sucking on. Those kids: 9 security cards what’s that all about?  Why does he need that?  I’m paying for that shit. I’m paying for the toilet, I’m paying for the paper he wipes his ass with. He doesn’t have a f***ing cent and if he don’t get this show done, he’s over, this is it, this is the last chance he has to learn any kind of money.  He’s ruined, financially has nothing. Zero!”
Voice Over:  Under oath Randy Phillips denied any such conversation.
EC:  You did not go after the meeting and tell him that meeting?
Randy Phillips:  No I did not.

EC: Okay, do you know if Kenny Ortega did?
RP:  No, we all left together so I don’t think so.

This is the only insight that Murray gives regarding any interaction with RP, but realize it is only animation on his part.  If this is what happened exactly to Murray’s recollection, why would he not say it in court, under oath?  This conversation WAS referred to in the Murray trial, however, Randy Philips’ side of this account is different.

In court, Randy Phillips denied having this conversation with Murray and stated that he left with Ortega at the same time. There was NOT opportunity for RP to pull Murray aside and speak, let alone this way.  Randy stood up in court and testified to it.  Murray did not.

The point is, the issue was addressed in court and Murray didn’t testify because he would have to answer to discrepancies under cross examination.  Murray used to documentary as a platform to talk when if he were telling the truth, he should have testified to his recollection.  Since Murray didn’t testify, all he states here is hearsay and it is unverified.  Randy Philips testified the conversation didn’t occur.

Voice Over:  Only two people will ever know whether that conversation took place.  (Inaudible) of rehearsals extends from his recurrent insomnia and a dependence on prescription medicines. Years before he had turned to Propofol, a powerful anesthetic as a drastic measure to get him to sleep. Michael Jackson called it his “milk”.  Murray admits he first gave Jackson Propofol only after becoming his personal physician.

Murray claimed in his interview with the police that MJ called it his milk.  (p.33, line 12, p. 35, lines 7-9)   The statement is nothing new from Murray.  The comment made here is intended to increase suspicion and speculation in the public’s mind about “milk” and the conversation Murray said he had with Randy Phillips.  It is pure sensationalism & speculation, and meant to cause doubt and suspicion in the public’s mind.  For those who listened to all the testimony, or researched it, would know more details regarding the AEG meetings with MJ, Murray, Randy Phillips, and Kenny Ortega and surely it was a lot more than what was revealed in Murray’s documentary.  MJJJP (we) have revealed MORE verified information in this article alone than  Murray did.

Continuing…..Murray then attempted to “filled in the blank” with his own explanation as to why MJ was ill and missing rehearsals.  KO, and others who worked with MJ for a long time testified that they had never seen MJ so ill. Murray was not treating MJ’s health appropriately- or lack there of- to MJ so of course it is why Murray wanted the public to believe it was something other than the treatment he received from Murray.

CM:  He spoke of because of this current concert he needed to get sleep so he could compose properly, be ready for his performances and this was only because of the TII Concerts.

Again, Murray already stated in the police interview that MJ said he needed “propofol” to sleep so he could attend rehearsals.  Murray stated in the interview that he was hired to attend to MJ during the O2 concerts for this reason.  (p.55, lines 15-23)

While it is true that Murray was MJ’s personal doctor, Murray’s contract was NOT signed by MJ or AEG.   Murray didn’t receive ANY payment from AEG as it was revealed in court to these facts.

Voice Over:  Days before Michael’s death Murray recalls how Jackson’s craving for sleep intensified.

CM: He said I want fifteen to eighteen hours of sleep. That’s what most doctors give me.  Give me ten minutes. Give me twenty minutes. And I said to him why would ten minutes help you? It doesn’t make sense, how would twenty minutes make a difference? “Oh it will, it will, it really helps me, I can really … I’m composing, I’m at this stage of the production …. ”

Murray said something similar  like this in his interview with the police.     Murray claimed in the police interview the ridiculous notion that MJ said he wanted to sleep 15-18 hours and that doctors helped him sleep that long.  (p.55, line 20)   There is no new information he was offering in this documentary.

Please note that Murray’s interview with the police was addressed in testimony and Murray’s story of the whole scenario was proven not possible.

Voice Over:  By week three of the trial the testimony of the prosecutions expert witnesses is devastating.   In 2009 Murray gave a statement to the police in which he set out how he used Propofol with Jackson. The Prosecution’s interpretation of this statement is hotly contested by the defense but Michael Flanagan is struggling to make any headway.
MF:  He never said he gave a drip?
Alon Steinberg:  I disagree with you it says here.  Dr. Murray goes “The dose and the drip” in line 22. He says it! This is about that night! It says “and drip”.

Throughout Murray’s interview with the police, Murray was asked extensively about how Murray administered medication.  MURRAY said there was a drip many times.  Murray didn’t recall WHERE he placed it other than “a leg”. (p. 20, line 1-3)

Murray said he set up an IV for hydration- saline IS given as a DRIP.  (p.20-21, and directly, p. 23, line 1-4 )

Detective Martinez asked Murray if he administered medication in the DRIP and Murray did NOT correct Det Martinez with the use of word “drip”.  (p. 22,line 17-23)  Murray said he gave MJ medication in this section as an IV push, but Murray did not say “there was no drip”.

In relation to propofol: pg. 34 line 6-11- it is described as a slow infusion over time, which inadvertently, is a drip. Specifically, the page and line Dr. Steinberg is referring to is exactly this (p. 39, line 22)

So there you have it, the prosecution’s witness combed Murray’s interview with the police and found where Murray said propofol was given to MJ by a drip.  Murray and his team knew this well enough as they had a transcript of Murray’s interview with the police, but again, Murray chose to say what he already said in the police interview once more in a documentary, and did not fully explain testimony.

(Driving in bus with others) CM:  Flanagan has to wake up, he needs a lot of coffee and some pit bull or red bull. End of sorry.   (STORY?)
MF:  Didn’t you understand that to be referring to what he handled before
AS:  No, I don’t see it that way.
(In the bus) CM:  This is why I say I am available.  Ask me questions. I AM THE SOURCE. Talk to me, spend time with me. Get to understand it. So when you go there and you’re F***ing around in that court of course it pisses me off.

Murray stated here that he was available to ask questions, but yet he chose not to testify.  Murray was trying to present here that his lawyers were messing up, not understanding him, not asking him questions for clarification, and then messing up in the court room.  MSNBC and the production company allowed Murray a platform, and opportunity, to set up his own defense for not only the appeal, but possibly the chance for a new trial since Murray was declaring his lawyers basically incompetent to understand Murray’s “facts”.  Murray did not present here HOW the prosecution’s expert witnesses further ripped apart Murray’s interview in court.  If someone was not watching the trial, daily, they would not know facts uncovered in the trial testimony.

(Michael Flangan’s home with Ed Chernoff) MF:  I should have controlled them a little bit better. I’ve tried a lot of jury trials where I will tell you right now that I have never lost a case in which I felt my client was certifiably innocent. THIS COULD BE THE FIRST.
EC:  Yeah. (Walks away). F**K

Soundbite to reinforce their notion that Murray was innocent.  Controlled them better?   You cannot control the facts.  The lawyers are expressing that they can control how someone answers the questions by how the question is asked.  In some cases, perhaps one can, however, an expert witness, or someone telling the truth is going to simply relay what they know.  If the questioning attorney can get someone to rationalize through a scenario that fits what they want them to say, then they can follow up with a causal relationship from the speculation to the real situation.  Dr.Shafer did not fall for that and neither did many of the other Prosecution expert witnesses.

An example of the trying to get someone to fold or assume more responsibility than necessary was when they questioned Kai Chase regarding what Murray asked her to do.  Murray said to her, “go get help, get security get Prince.”   The defense tried to say that “get help” meant “call 911, however, Kai Chase did not know the extremity of the situation because Murray did not tell her or anyone else to immediately call 911 or exactly what happened.  This was how the defense was going to try blaming everyone else but Murray.  The defense did the same thing to Elissa Fleak, the investigator from the Coroner’s office regarding whether she made mistakes in collecting evidence. Her fingerprint was found on the syringe and the defense tried to get her to say something alternative to the truth.  The truth was that regardless whether her fingerprint was on the syringe, MJ’s prints WAS NOT found on anything substantial.

The Prosecution came back in re-direct and got everything back on track, on the facts and the facts only.  Facts are indisputable.

Voice Over:  Rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson is submitted into evidence of his well being.  It was recorded after the “crisis” meeting at Michael’s house and, according to the doctor, after he started weaning the pop star off  of his reliance on Propofol. Two nights before Michael’s death, Murray states he finally got Jackson to sleep without administering any of the drug. Jackson’s performances in those final days were a transformation.
(Shows TII Rehearsal)
Kenny Orgeta:  He entered into rehearsal full of energy, full of desire to work, full of enthusiasm and it was a different Michael. We had two very successful days of rehearsal. Michael was feeling great and he asked me if I was happy and I said I was happy and I asked him if he was happy and he said he was very happy.

First of all, Propofol is a hypnotic.  It is NOT addictive.  It does not fall into the class of drugs such as opiates, which are highly physically and emotionally addictive.

Second of all, if one was to entertain the possibility that Propofol is addictive, then “detox” from it would be akin to the illness that comes from withdrawal:  Incorrigible behavior, cruel words when angered, or even “jones-ing” (craving the medication), but here, Kenny Ortega describes MJ during the two days Murray supposedly “weaned” him.  Weaning is tapering off -giving lesser amounts over a period of time, but Murray said he did not give him ANY propofol for two days- that is NOT weaning or tapering, that is stopping.  If you just STOP a truly addictive drug, then you will see discomfort and body aches, pains, during that time until it is out of their system completely.  Kenny Ortega described MJ as being happy, feeling great, full of enthusiasm and energy and they had “two great rehearsals”.  Ask yourselves, does this SOUND appropriate for someone who was supposedly “detoxing” from a “addictive”drug???  Course not.

So if MJ rested, felt good, was not taking the Propofol those two nights, how can one believe he had been taking Propofol every day for 2 and 1/2 months like Murray said?  It doesn’t make any sense.

First, Murray wants the public to believe that Propofol is addictive and needs weaning.  He wants the public to believe that MJ was on a lot of medication that he hired Murray to”wean him” off.  If you heard the testimony, Murray ordered an obscene amount of medication such as lorazepam, lidocaine, and Propofol and paid for it with Murray’s business checks.    People assumed it was only for MJ because it was delivered to Nicole Alverez house as opposed to a business and those drugs that was ordered were found in MJ’s system!  Furthermore, Murray gave MJ so much medication on June 25th, 2009, that it would NOT make it hard for some to believe that MJ had a high tolerance for it, and that IS the impression he gave during his police interview.  However, who said that all that was FOR MJ only?  MURRAY implied it.

In testimony, it was uncovered that MJ had medications ONLY for procedures and ONLY under the right conditions.
David Walgren:  As you now know he never returned to Staple Centre, following that rehearsal Michael was taken home and he arrived home about 1:00 in the morning.  The question becomes what transpired then between 1:00 in the morning and Michael’s death?
Voice Over:  It had been another good rehearsal. Jackson was excited but needed to sleep. At approximately 2:00 am Murray says he administered some Valium and Lorazepam but refused to give him Propofol.  At 3 am the doctor gave him Midazolam. Jackson still did not go to sleep. Hours passed.
CM:  He was basically hysterical. He really could not sleep and he begged and pleaded and asked me “please, please Dr. Conrad I need some “milk” so that I can sleep. If I don’t get any sleep today I could not perform, i could not do anything. AEG will be upset, everything will basically go down the drain.”  He looked to me, during that morning, should be like thriller.  Have you ever seen the “Thriller” image when he was made up? He looked that hysterical. Now I did not want to give him the medication because I’m trying to show him a different path but I thought this is it, it’s over for this man is he does not make this happen. (Sighs)  I thought and struggled, I rubbed his feet, it felt such a weight I was so worried about this man who was my friend, thinking about where AEG promises future would lie. WOW!

Murray said in the interview that MJ was complaining that “they” were working too hard, but Kenny Ortega said that MJ was HAPPY and motivated those days and felt that way from the beginning.  Ortega said that MJ was very excited about the future and MJ talked with him about plans he had.  If he was pressured and concerned whether he could deliver, why would he be so excited and motivated TO deliver?   Remember, MJ accomplished so much in his career than no one else said he could do, WHY would he be worried he couldn’t DELIVER??  MJ already KNEW he could accomplish great things, so he already had the skills and experience to deliver.  Kenny Ortega testified that MJ was in good shape and healthy with the exception of that day when MJ was indeed physically ill.  Other people said that MJ had never stopped dancing and making music when he was appearing quiet to the rest of the world.  The coroner who did the report testified that MJ was a VERY healthy man, in fact, HEALTHIER than MOST men of the same age.

Furthermore, When Mr. Walgren (Prosecution Lawyer) cross-examined Dr. White, a defense star witness, he asked Dr. White if he took everything Murray said as the truth and the only truth.  Dr. White, finally, said yes.  Mr. Walgren asked if it was possible that Murray was lying in his interview, and finally, Dr. White said yes.  The truth is the Prosecution’s witnesses: Dr. Steinberg, Dr. Kamangar, and Dr. Shafer all pulled apart Murray’s statements in the interview and gave explanation, based on expertise, proved by graphs and studies that what Murray said happened was not possible scientifically.

But you see here, Murray wants to reinforce that MJ was not healthy and or addicted.  Murray was trying to verbally demonstrate that he was a very caring person and doctor towards MJ.  However, if you were to have heard/read the testimony, you would not think Murray was a good doctor for MJ.  Murray had defense witnesses of former clients all testifying that he gave them “quality care”.  The testimony of the expert witnesses revealed Murray made at least 18 deviations of standard of care when he treated MJ.

Murray apparently “forgot” about the standards he was supposed to adhere to while treating MJ.
Voice Over:  Dawn breaks.  Despite the drugs Murray had given him, Jackson still couldn’t sleep. Murray remembers the singer retreating to his other private bed chamber.
CM:  There was several times he would walk away from me and go to the other room and to me that was a break, that was a break.  That the longer he stayed away was the less I had to deal with the fact that I couldn’t get him to sleep.  After he begged and pleaded. I said “you know what, if I give him this tiny amount of Propofol (25 mg) slowly infused I may just tip him into sleep” and the other medication may all get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication before.  And the medications he had already had before , I had told him “Michael, I could put an elephant to sleep. This is not normal. It’s not normal.”  When he fell asleep I was very pleased.

Now here is a blatant inconsistency.  Murray stated throughout his interview that he was by MJ’s side ALL THE TIME because he was “monitoring him” closely for all that he had given him. Here Murray stated that MJ walked away from him several times to go into another room.  Murray did not say that MJ walked away from him at all in the interview.

Murray stated he started the IV for dehydration when MJ came home.  If MJ “walked away from him (Murray)” several times, then he would have had to take the IV stand with him, a detail which is lacking in this segment.  Furthermore, MJ could take the opportunity to physically walk to the bathroom also.  So this does not jive with the other things Murray said.

Using reason further, if this “tiny amount” plus the medication before could “Put an elephant to sleep”, then what was his point?  To say MJ had a high tolerance for that is what he was implying.  The “tiny amount” was not so tiny since all he gave MJ had the effect to kill someone!   Comparing MJ to what would be given an elephant is likely to instill a fallacy that MJ was addicted, when the truth is in the autopsy, MANY drugs were #NOTDETECTED, he was #NOTADDICTED, therefore did not have a high tolerance.

Murray’s lack of compassion shines through in this statement:  “CM:  There was several times he would walk away from me and go to the other room and to me that was a break, that was a break.  That the longer he stayed away was the less I had to deal with the fact that I couldn’t get him to sleep.”  This statement contradicts all the other statements where Murray stated he “cared and loved MJ” so much. 

Voice Over;  It was 10:50 in the morning. Murray says he then watched over Jackson for twenty five minutes. The effects of 25 mg of Propofol wear off in about 10 minutes. At 11:15 am Murray began making phone calls.

Murray just stated in the previous paragraph of “all he gave him” and how that could put an elephant to sleep, and yet, he did not see the need to continue to monitor him-  a previous point that Murray iterated in the police interview was how “closely, intently, carefully” Murray monitored him and cared for him, and now at this point, he thought it more important to make phone calls and could abandon his duty to MJ for ten minutes.

Murray did not abandon MJ for ten minutes.  He abandoned him for at least 30-40 minutes according to his phone records.
CM:  It was not unusual for me to make calls or return calls during the morning hours while he was still asleep. That wasn’t unusual.

If Murray had been administering Propofol and the other medications like he said he was for 2 and 1/2 months, MJ would have died the very first night considering Murray had no pump to control any infusion (a protocol for using Propofol), amongst other standards were not followed.  Remember, Propofol is a medication that will act the same way whether in a hospital setting or in a home.  If other medications such as benzodiazapines, the effects of Propofol are HEIGHTENED.   Murray disregarded so many protocols and medical standards of care so it is very difficult to believe that he “maintained” MJ on this regimen for so long. Murray is saying he abandoned MJ frequently while he was sleeping.

Murray wants the public to believe that his own behavior was ok, but you see, this is a contradiction to his police interview also.  Murray stated repeatedly in the interview that he was monitoring MJ closely.  Murray was saying it was not unusual for him to leave MJ, so basically, he was saying he had MJ on this dangerous drug, without appropriate monitoring equipment and USUALLY left his side many times.
Voice Over:  His last call was to Sade, a waitress he had met recently. He never completed that call.
Sade Anding:  I said Hello, hello? and I didn’t hear anything and that’s when I pressed the phone against my ear and I heard mumbling of voices. It sounded like the phone was maybe in his pocket or something it was ssshhhh!
Voice Over:  Murray discovered Jackson unconscious.
CM:  He was not breathing. So my concern was has those agents, the Valium, the Ativan, the Versed acted together and has now overwhelmed him once he went to sleep. Not the 25 mg of Propofol.

If Murray was so concerned about “all the medication he had given him”, he should have been there monitoring him.  The “tiny” amount was not insignificant as Murray would like for you to believe.  Murray did not want to admit that the combination of medications was the issue.  “NOT THE 25mg of PROPOFOL” is the soundbite here.  Murray is showing the incompetence of his application of his treatment.  Murray had a purpose for saying it here, however, for those who have heard testimony and read his police interview, you would understand that this was the approach the defense failed at proving in the trial.
Voice Over:  Instead of calling 911 Murray attempted to revive Jackson. No one heard the shouts for assistance. He called Michael Amir, Jackson’s head of security. No Answer. He ran to get help.
Kai Chase (Jackson’s personal chef) :  I saw Dr. Murray come down the stairs into the kitchen and he was frantic. He yelled “get help, get security, get Prince.”
CM:  The first security guy that showed up finally when he realizes it’s an emergency comes to the door, his name is Alberto Alvarez. He got to the door and he remains standing there.
Alberto Alvarez (Jackson’s Security): I was reaching for my phone in my pocket and as I was doing that Prince and Paris came behind me and Paris screamed out “Daddy”.
CM:  I told security to get the kids away from there, get the kids away from there because I did not want them to see their father receiving CPR or having such a resuscitative event.
AA:  Dr. Conrad Murray said “don’t let them see their dad like this”  and I proceeded to turn around to the children and kind of ushered them out and said  “kids don’t worry, we’ll take care of it, everything is going to be ok.”
CM:  And he says “Oh Doctor, doctor, what happened? I need help, I’m doing CPR, Mr. Jackson is not breathing come in here. Get me… call 911, I need you to call 911.

These were all things brought out in the trial.  Murray did not contact 911 immediately as he should have and there was at least 25 minutes delay.  Murray had a cell phone to call MJ’s assistant, he could have very easily called 911 instead.  Murray was cognizant of the extremity of the emergency, yet his actions demonstrated a total disregard for MJ in so many ways.

It is clear that Murray was using the documentary in lieu of testimony under oath.  Murray’s approach in the documentary was the same approach the defense tried to do throughout the trial.
(911 emergency call is played)
CM: In addition to me doing CPR, chest compressor and trying to resuscitate this patient, he’s … I’m controlling him on the 911 call. How old is this patient? 50!

“Controlling him on the 911 call?”  Seriously?  Dispatchers have a resource that outlines what to do until paramedics arrive on the scene.  There is no such thing as controlling the person on the 911 call.  It was as if Murray was saying he was the authority, and usually a doctor is, however regardless, Murray was administering CPR on a soft bed, which is ineffective.  A cardiac doctor should know very well a patient must, if possible, be moved on to a firm surface.
(911 continues to play)
CM:  I said tell them were we are and get the f***k over here! Get here, I need your help, Come on!

The individuals present did not say in testimony that Murray said this to them.
Voice over:   …. Medicines were found in his blood. An overdose of Propofol and Lorazepam killed him.  After four weeks of trial, neither side has proved who gave him those drugs. Dr. Murray or Jackson himself but the Prosecution’s case is much wider than that. They argue Murray violated his professional duty of care to Michael.  Not calling 911 immediately is a case in point.

Cause of death was Propofol intoxication, with benzodiazapine effect according to the autopsy and all the drugs listed that was in MJ’s system were: midazolam, lorazepam, lidocaine, Propofol and diazepam.  Midazolam, lorazepam and diazepam are in the same class of drugs known as benzodiazapines.  Murray stated in his police interview that HE gave MJ: midazolam, lorazepam, lidocaine, Propofol and diazepam. According to Dr. Cooper’s testimony, as well as other doctors at UCLA Medical Center, Murray did not reveal all of the medications he said he administered in the police interview to ANY of them.  Dr. Cooper testified that Murray told her that he ONLY gave MJ lorazepam.

The extent of violations to the professional duties Murray had to MJ was one aspect the Prosecution DID prove in the trial.  They further proved that Murray’s scenario of how he delivered the medications to MJ was not what he said in his police interview.  Dr. Shafer had run a series of calculations on simulation to see if he could match the findings of the autopsy report regarding blood levels.  Dr. Shafer proved that the amounts Murray gave was significantly higher than what Murray said in his police interview.  The defense did try to prove a reasonable doubt by suggesting that MJ took the “extra” medications himself, however, Dr. Shafer, Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Karmangar all proved that it was not possible for MJ to self-administer.
David Walgren:  Conrad Murray actually called someone else and left a message and made no indication that 911 was required.
Steven Shafer (Expert Witness for Prosecution /Anesthesiologist) I almost don’t know what to say that is so completely and utterly inexcusable.
(Murray in Lawyer’s office)
CM:  I have never been in the situation where I was alone trying to do all of these things with no help in sight. It’s such an odd situation where I couldn’t shout for help, I didn’t have a phone to call for help and the only one access to a phone I had was Michael Amir, who was his head of security. I am not a lay person, I am trained. If I say a man is down and I’m on the scene I will resuscitate you.

Murray HAD a cell phone- he used it to make 45-50 minutes of calls between 10:15 am and 1100 am on June 29th.  Murray called MJ’s assistant and security guard- Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammed -one of them, more than once.  Both men testified that Murray did not say to call 911 immediately nor did Murray tell them the extent of the dire situation.  They also said that Murray was the doctor and they trusted he knew what he was doing, that he was trained to handle emergencies.

Murray stated he was not a lay person and that he was trained and if you’re down he would recuscitate you.  Well, Murray was lacking in skills and appropriate decision making regarding MJ.  In fact, there was 17 serious deviations to the standards of care required by physicians.  “Steven Shafer (Expert Witness for Prosecution /Anesthesiologist) I almost don’t know what to say that is so completely and utterly inexcusable.” is a stance that every doctor who testified had expressed.  Dr. White (a witness for the defense) actually said that he would not have determined some infractions to be as serious as the others said, however, during cross-examination, Mr. Walgren effectively questioned Dr. White to the cracking point.  Dr. White finally did admit that certain infractions to standard of care was as extreme as what Dr. Shafer and others testified.

Gerald Posner: Journalist/Attorney:  If somebody in the house, not just you, but somebody in the house called 911…
Unknown person: If you called 911 you’ve don’t the right thing.  If you’ve got the expert doctor in the house and he could do what they are going to do first, calling 911 is a delay.

Every expert doctor, with the exception of Dr. White, testified that they would have called 911 immediately and that no delay is excusable for a supposed trained doctor as Murray.  They also testified that they would have never agreed to treat MJ in his home as Murray did.  Murray is no expert doctor for he surely did not act as such.  Real experts such as Dr. Steinberg, Dr. Kamangar and Dr. Shafer, as well as Dr. Cooper and other doctors at UCLA all testified that Murray acted with extreme negligence- hardly an “expert” manner.
CM:  And again, the only reason to call 911 unless he had continued to persistently remain impaired also right? However, if he came out of it and he was fine, he and I would have had a serious talk and taken my bags and say “you know what? If you allow that to happen and I anywhere in the vicinity of your environment I’m gone”.  That would be my exit (smiles). That was going to be my exit because there is no discussion he could have had with me that day to compensate for the unexpected change, even though it was the result of his own hands.  He  wanted me to take him from a healthy man, who said he was fine, to just keep surveillance in case my kids get sick or I get the flu. Help us to get better fluids, wash our hands so we don’t get infection.  But once I got in there I was entrapped. Okay?

Every doctor who testified in this case, even Dr. White, testified that they would have never agreed to administer or treat MJ the way Murray did.

There were MANY reasons to call 911 that morning…but much of what Murray said in this section does NOT make sense.  Nonchalant. Carelessness to no one but himself.  Lack of compassion- and his wording here: “He wanted me to take him from a healthy man who he said was fine to just keep surveillance in case my kids get sick or I get the flu-help us get better fluids, wash our hands so we don’t get infection”- whose words was he relaying here, his or MJ’s?  See how he shifted from HE to I?  He was struggling to make a cognitive association between these words, MJ and himself! This means, they WERE HIS OWN words and thoughts, not something MJ expressed to Murray.  See the soundbite he just had to throw in there:  “who said he was fine”? Murray jumped from he to I and confused the two beings.

“However, if he came out of it and he was fine, he and I would have had a serious talk…”  this whole part is not compassionate at all- suggesting Murray would scold MJ like a child and that Murray should only get a slap on the wrist or early bedtime without dessert?

In the trial, Murray had some of his patients speak in honor of his care, saying he gave them such quality beyond any other.  Compare the care it was said he gave to them to what he gave MJ.  Seventeen serious, unconscionable, incomprehensible infractions that every doctor was in complete astonishment as they reviewed Murray’s actions against ethics and ethical standards.  Murray violated such elementary standards to the millionth degree….and this section is only a demonstration of Murray’s sick mindset he had towards MJ.

Murray closed his businesses without even a referral, but increasingly abused MJ, his body, his trust and his life.  If anything, Murray’s statement reflects his own mindset, immaturity, unwillingness to take responsibility and complete disregard for another human being.  It is completely unfathomable to compare the care he supposedly gave to his former patients to his treatment of MJ.

The part regarding entrapment is where Murray blamed MJ once more.  When Murray said this, he is inferring that MJ was a risk-taker, didn’t care for himself and basically MADE Murray administer propofol and the benzodiazapines to him, regardless of the consequences, as if MJ held a gun to his head each night??  Please….

Voice Over:  With the trial drawing to a close, Dr Shafer is proven to be the Prosecution’s most compelling witness.
DW:  Dr. Shafer you have very clearly described seventeen egregious violations of the Standard of Care.  These seventeen violations individually were likely to result in injury or death to Michael jackson?
SS:  yes.

Boo-yahhh!  There you go.

(Dr. White, Ed Chernoff, Michael Flanagan in Flangan’s home)
Voice Over:  To counter Dr. Shafer, Murray’s attorney’s call in their own expert Dr. Paul White, a world authority on Propofol.
Paul White:  Well he (Dr Shafer) presented Dr. Murray as a non-doctor, less than a lay person.
EC:  And I think the jury believes all that. We have to bring them back to the issue of causation.
MF:  We gotta get it to be a cardiac arrest (inaudible) otherwise you lose mathematically.
EC:  Do you honestly think that during cross-examination of Shafer, he’s going to admit it’s a cardiac arrest? We are going to have that argument, that conversation.

Again, one should question whether it was appropriate for Dr. White to be in consult with the attorneys defending Murray. Dr. White was supposed to give his EXPERTISE without undue influence from the defense attorneys.   It would be one thing if Dr. White had information that could prove otherwise Dr. Shafer’s work, however, Dr.White had nothing substantial to give based on actual research and facts.  Dr. White was extremely biased not only in how he responded to what was asked of him, but he also tried to deliberately paint another picture by IGNORING facts.

Dr. Murray demonstrated his own lack of competence and care.  During the trial, this part was essential.  If they could get Dr. Shafer to say it was cardiac arrest, then it was more positive for Murray due to the calculations.  Dr. Shafer was too smart for them and explained it well.

Dr. Shafer said that it was apparent that MJ suffered respiratory arrest first, then because he was not breathing and Murray was not using equipment to breathe for him, cardiac arrest would occur next.  Dr. Shafer was clear in his testimony that a person stops breathing first.  The lack of oxygen to vital organs (heart and brain) would then cause cardiac arrest then brain death if no remedy was made to correct it.  He said that propofol is a medication that interferes with the body’s ability to automatic function, such as breathing, and when breathing ceases, there is no oxygen circulating, and then because of that after a certain time, the heart has an arrest.  If the body’s vital organs do not get oxygen within minutes, the heart would stop beating, and would die, just as the brain would.  He said there was no remedy for propofol, no antidote, other than a simple thing to ensure the patient can breathe.  If the patient can’t breathe, you breathe for them, by checking their airway in tilting the head back to ease the tongue from the back of the throat, and if that did not work, then to help the breathe with the equipment you are supposed to have at hand.

Dr. White was not quite what anyone expected.  He lacked in research, took Murray’s words in interview as truth, ignored the signs that showed Murray was not telling the truth (based on the science) and downplayed the 17 severe infractions to just a few.  Dr. White did not give his expertise based on his own thoughts from his experience or FACTS.  Dr. White was a paid consultant who stayed with Flanagan and Chernoff and was heavily influenced verbally, financially, and by his own ego, to help them find a way to prove what Murray said was correct.  Dr. Shafer knew his material, did extra research and did simulations based on nearly every scenario to see which one matched up with the autopsy results.  There was only ONE scenario.

The scenario was that Murray gave much higher doses than just 25mg of propofol and the medication given earlier was later in time than Murray said to have the result that happened.
MF:  I think he’s got to admit he doesn’t know because he has never studied the effects of (inaudible)
EC:  And as soon as I ask him Isn’t it true you don’t know? He’s going to say  “I do know and here’s why I know, here’s this, this, this, this and this.”  We’re not going to do that, we’re not going to get into the science with this guy.  That’s what we have scientist for.
MF: No.
EC: Well, I’m not going to argue with you about the methodology behind it.
MF:  I will keep my mouth shut.
EC:  I mean I’m not going to have an argument with this guy on the science
MF:  No. F***k you!
EC:  I’m not going to do it Mike. You want to spend three hours doing that go ahead.
MF:  No, no, you don’t see the issue. He’s got it all mapped out for you and you’re missing it.
EC:  See you guys tomorrow.

The defense did try to get Dr. Shafer to say he did not know and Shafer did say, this this this and this…..more than once.  In fact, Dr. Shafer was recalled to negate once more all the things Dr. White said, and he did so very effectively.

Voice Over:  The dispute over strategy led to Ed Chernoff taking over the vital cross examination of Dr. Shafer from Michael Flanagan.
(Michael Jackson fans outside the court room)
EC:  We’ve been dancing around this for six weeks.  Somebody just has to say it.  If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson, would this doctor be here today?

Murray did NOT show what actually happened in testimony in the cross examination of Dr. Shafer.  In fact, Dr. Shafer was recalled after Dr. White’s testimony and totally blew Dr. White’s “theories” out of the water once more.  The main difference between Dr.Shafer and Dr. White’s approach to the evidence is that Dr. Shafer took the scenarios that Murray stated in his police interview and tested each one against a simulation.  This means that Dr. Shafer did not take Murray’s testimony as if true and work around it as Dr.White did.  Dr. Shafer scientifically placed each aspect Murray said against Murray’s own words and the simulation to either prove or disprove what was said.   The practice of placing all possible scenes against each other and in turn against evidence (what is true) in every possible way (to identify inconsistencies and other aspects) is objectively sifting through to find facts and it is an aspect that is performed not only  in science fields, but also in behavioral analysis.
(Conrad Murray holding hands with friends and praying)
CM:  Teach me the way Oh Lord and lead me in a smooth path because of my enemies. Do not deliver me to the will of my adversaries for false witnesses have risen against me. Wait on the Lord be of good courage and he shall strengthen my heart. Wait I say on the Lord.
Judge:  Ladies and gentleman of the jury I am advised that the jury has reached a verdict.
Court:  We, the jury in the above and entitled action, find the defendent Conrad Robert Murray GUILTY OF THE CRIME OF INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.
(Crowd cheering and crying outside the courthouse)
Voice Over:  Dr. Murray was refused bailed, remanded into custody and will be sentenced on November 29th, 2011.
November 2009
CM:  It was so sad. It was just horrible. (crying) I tried so hard. That was just horribe.  I will never want to relive that experience. I remember running down the hall in the ER and I was punching the wall. (wiping tears) I was punching the wall.  I didn’ want to lose him, I love him.  I don’t want to talk anymore. Gets up and walks away crying. 

Murray was not shown in the hospital as punching walls or running anywhere nor did anyone there testify as to Murray behaving in this manner.  Murray may be a religious man, however, the use of  religion in this documentary was meant to evoke compassion amongst the listeners.

Murray did not reveal anything new to the defense’s strategy and he did try to enhance some aspects to his police interview.  The things Murray added was sensationalism and speculation to what was uncovered in court testimony.  The documentary presents with pictures of MJ first, his past, drugs, 2005 trial and finally, then Murray last so that you would have MJ in your mind more than Murray.  They harped on the very salacious aspects of how the media portrayed MJ throughout the years.  Murray’s documentary brought up stories about MJ’s past, by inferences to the 2005 trial.  The defense team and Mrs. Flanagan discussed MJ’s past and questioned his relationship with children.  They said MJ was sick and weird.  They tried to present MJ as a 50 year old man who did little to care for himself, his children and his surroundings.  This is pure sensationalism.  There were over 700 media articles the first day in response to Murray’s documentary, most writing about the same usual distorted views about MJ.  They too speculated about drugs, addiction, molestation, “weirdness” all over again.

There were a lot of facts left out, even from “his point of view.”  Murray was supposed to have detailed his “story” in the documentary, but it was not any more detailed than his police interview.  Murray’s defense team approached the case based on what Murray said and the documentary confirms it.  There was no reason for Murray to create the documentary other than as means to appeal to the public for sympathy, to further the nasty rumors and salacious stories about MJ in the public’s mind, and for him to have a platform to speak in lieu of testimony. Murray did in essence say what he did in the documentary in his interview, and added only some embellishments that are not as of now subject to cross examination because the trial is over.  However, everything that was said in the documentary was addressed.  If the public was not watching the trial daily, they would not recognize the inconsistencies and bias of the documentary.

The defense lawyers said that they did not know of the media interviews, but they were right there with media making the documentary with Murray.   They knew very well of the documentary even though a gag order had been in place.  It should not make a difference as to WHEN the documentary was aired, the point is, it was made while a gag order was implemented.   It is a fact that they wasted NO time in planning to have it aired within 4 days of the verdict. His lawyers said that they were paid for their work as his attorneys, but refrained from inquiring where the money came from.  Many sources have indicated that Murray was paid 300K for his “exclusive” interview/documentary.  MSNBC had given a convicted felon a platform to speak at a chance Murray refused in court and paid a lot of money for it.

The bias against MJ in the documentary is apparent if you recognize the ways it is.  One would have to have followed the trial and listened intently to testimony in order to discern the bias.  The way the documentary is presented is with the focus of MJ in mind, rather than Murray.  Murray and the defense spent much time entertaining the rumors about MJ and did not show you enough to fill in the blanks with facts- that is unless you are aware of fact from fiction.

Murray’s documentary is pure fiction in how they portrayed MJ.  The defense failed to prove that MJ was an addict, failed to prove that MJ took more medicine than what the doctor administered to him, and failed to prove every point they were trying to make.  The closing arguments of both prosecution and defense are as integral to read as the rest of the testimony.  Like in the documentary, the defense tried to blame everyone but Murray.

The problem with the documentary does not stop there.  The problem is that it is now in publication and has been aired in several countries worldwide.  The worldwide population includes both MJ communities, non-fans, and haters.  The documentary gives much fuel to the haters just as it does to all the media distortions of 20 years.  The unfairness and unethical aspects to film and air the documentary is to cause more confusion in the general public’s mind.  This is not fair to do to anyone.  Murray no longer had the option of freedom of speech when he was found guilty of his crime.  The documentary no doubt will be played at key moments in the future among the other despicable documentaries and interviews already on copy.

We encourage YOU the PUBLIC to research for the truth and verify information from ONLY trusted sources.  People like Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace, Maureen Orth, Dr. Drew, Rabbi Schmuley, Randy Taraborelli, Ian Halperin, and their ilk are NOT trusted sources.  They have either paid or have been paid to lie about MJ for years.  There are many others who have CONSISTENTLY lied or distorted the truth for one reason or another.  Research court documents (we have supplied transcripts at the end of the article) and read testimony in its entirety.  Research names such as Dr. Patrick Treacy, Tom Mesereau, Aphrodite Jones and other vanguards for MJ (including sites such as VindicateMJ, Reflections on the Dance too- they are well researched and backed up by verified sources).  When reading through passages such as Murray in the documentary, use your critical thinking to analyze material.  We’ve given examples in this passage on how to match words and phrases against one another.  We have plenty articles based in behavioral research theories against verified sources.  YOU decide what YOU will believe and do NOT believe all things the media tells you.

We must continue to tell MJ’s truth.  WE are his voice now. We must do all we can to ensure that the general public at least has an increased opportunity to see what the media should have been reporting on all along.  We will have much more work to do in the future should the media continue on this path.

Summary of testimony of all witnesses. *Please be sure to read if you have not already.  Conrad Murray Police Transcript in entirety  Autopsy report.  Pay attention to all the medications that were NOT detected. VindicateMJ wordpress regarding fallacies on the Murray trial,0,879493.story  LATimes article on Murray Documentary  example of article written in response to Murray conviction.  Reuters reporting that the production company paid for defense transportation to and from court room

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4 Responses to Murray Documentary Transcription

  1. The MJ Fan Community … I am one of them. Tired of seeing lies after lies.
    Destroying a man reputation worldwide … Like come on ..
    Or does it give you that much pleasure in hurting someone to this magnitude?
    For crying out loud. Is this what society has become? Let’s be realistic here….

    To whom it may concern:
    What have you all done? Where is the respect, independence & privacy we all strive to keep?
    How would you feel if this would affect you directly? Or better yet your inner circle.
    Think about it for a minute.
    Every day seeing it, hearing it … looking at it. Every day. Wouldn’t you be hurt?
    Being ridiculed. Not being understood. Being called names
    Are we not telling our children not to behave like this?
    Then why are adults doing it? Better yet … why is media &/or tabloids doing it?
    Then most of you wonder why he could not sleep. During the trial, I saw how hurt he was.
    I repeat .. he was found NOT GUILTY by a jury. Enough is enough
    Even after the trial some still persisted. Which is fine but not this way.
    Everyone must have a voice… but like this? This is not right.
    It has not been right in many decades

    Before you say anything else … why don’t we all take a long look in the mirror
    Who did you see? Did you see someone with the core of some human values?
    Did you see someone who is able to respect others the way he/she would want to be respected?

    I invite you to listen to all the songs named below.
    Eric Clapton – Change The World
    Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

    MJ – Can You Feel It
    Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you. ~Mother Teresa

    Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On?
    MJ – Earth Song
    Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
    MJ – Black Or White
    Twister Sister – We’re Not Gonna It
    We Are The World
    Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    MJ – Heal The World
    Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. ~Author Unknown

    Sister Sledge – We Are Family
    MJ – Man In The Mirror
    If you have no will to change it, you have no right to criticize it. ~Author Unknown

    MJ – Smooth Criminal
    Pink Floyd – Money
    MJ – Come Together
    Martina McBride – Independence Day
    MJ – Cry
    Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
    How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank

    MJ – They Don’t Care About Us
    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss
    Little Texas – Kick Little
    MJ – Beat It
    Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now
    MJ – We’ve Had Enough
    Helen Reddy – You & Me Against The World
    Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful. ~Author Unknown

    George Michael – Freedom
    MJ – Leave Me Alone
    Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love
    We can do no great things, only small things with great love. ~Mother Teresa

    MJ – Privacy
    Aretha Franklin – Respect
    MJ – Threatened
    Billy Ocean – Honesty
    MJ – Scream
    Trooper – Raise A Little Hell
    MJ – Hold My Hand
    Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B.

    RiceBob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind
    John Lennon – Give Peace A Chance
    Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen
    John Lennon – Imagine
    Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

    These songs are only a short list. I am on a quest to find more ….
    What do you think now about respecting humanity as we all know it?
    What are the messages? Now … do u all get it?


  2. To whom it may concern:

    This is in regards to the Conrad Murray Documentary.
    If CM wanted to defend himself … don’t u think he should have done this in court.
    Why should we believe a documentary when it is full of LIES …
    Wouldn’t u want to know the TRUTH
    I am a seeker of TRUTH ….. and I am looking for answers … like right now

    Read a few quotes below:
    Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? Confucius
    Knowledge will give you power, but character respect. Bruce Lee
    When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you. Lao Tzu

    Don’t u all think Jackson Family & Fans have had enough of this Please respect & boycott

    Thank u! With Love


  3. Hello, Sylvie,

    Thank you for wanting and searching for the truth. Every song you mentioned should be a source of inspiration, and hopefully extending to others in action and not just by listening to a song’s lyrics. We can make this world a better place, if we all try with active engagement and participation. Please feel free to share this wordpress, links, etc. which include many links and resources to finding the truth about MJ. If they did all this to him, and they continue to get away with it, bullying behaviors will become a normal way of life in the future. History should teach us something, so let’s bring a much needed awareness worldwide.

    “You can change the world …I can’t do it by myself…woah myy”~Michael Jackson in Cry.

    A humble but great man set out long ago to change the world. In so many ways, he did change the world and helped many worldwide. Now, it is our turn…and together, I believe great things can be accomplished.

    Much love and hugs to you,


  4. basia says:

    luv Ya, MichAngel!!


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