Murray is Sentenced to Maximum

Today, 11/29/11, the MJGlobal family witnessed the sentencing of Conrad Murray. After a brief synopsis of the events, case and trial, Walgren asked  Judge Pastor to consider the documentary that Murray filmed and he did. Walgren said that Murray demonstrated that he takes no responsibility for his own actions and states “exact words from his own mouth, that he chose to produce were”  -‘I don’t feel guilty, cause I did not do anything wrong’.”  Additionally, David Walgren read Katherine Jackson’s Victim Impact Statement to the Probation Officer: After Walgren and the Defense gave their presentations to the Court, Judge Pastor, delivered a well-thought out and detailed reasoning of his decision. He concluded that Murray was convicted by a panel of 12 jurors of “Criminal Negligence”  not medical mal-practice. This distinction is critically important. He further stated that Murray was a ‘dangerous man’ who showed no remorse, culpability nor shame, as clearly demonstrated by his statements in his documentary, he so callously recorded. 

Some memorable quotes of Judge Pastor:

“One bit of evidence stands out the most, which is the audio of Michael Jackson. Why did it happen? That tape recording was Murray’s insurance policy. He taped his patient at his most vulnerable point. It is a horrific violation of trust, and can’t help but wonder if some issue had occurred between Murray and Michael Jackson that it would it have been used…..”

“Murray created this cycle of medical madness with propofol, for money, fame and prestige.”

“He engaged in a recurring continuously pattern of deceit and lies to assist Murray”

“Money for medicine madness will not be tolerated by me”

Judge Pastor declared that Murray should be sentenced to the MAXIMUM 4 yr sentence in California State Prison. However, the October 1st, 2011, California Statute of “Realignment”  denies Judge Pastor the power to place Murray in a state prison facility. Please check details on this link.

Judge Pastor therefore was forced to remand Conrad Murray into the custodial care of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department and County Jail to serve his sentence.  Additionally,  the overcrowding within the County jail system will also affect any incarceration time Murray will spend there. Please check this link for details regarding overcrowding in prisons and jails and how the inmates realize they can manipulate the system.

Ultimately, we all must come to the realization that no matter how much we are certain Murray should be punished within our legal system guidelines, he will never sufficiently be punished for taking the life of Michael Jackson.   Sheriff has told the media that anyone’s sentence is almost immediately cut in half, but surprisingly,  Beth Karas of HLN reported today that Murray is not eligible for house arrest and so that he will most likely serve the two years. This, is at least some consolation.

Chernoff said Murray’s burden of being “forever labeled as the man who killed Michael Jackson” should be punishment enough.  We hardly think so, but it is heartening to know that he will bear that ignominy forever more.

The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson

To hear Judge Pastor sentencing ruling on all its fiery glory, please watch the three-part Youtube series:


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3 Responses to Murray is Sentenced to Maximum

  1. I wish that Murray somehow feel guilty for the rest of his life – he is arrogant and in denial and he is a threat to the community as a Dr. hopefully he will never get his liscence back and hopefully the Sheriff honored the Judge sentece of 4 yrs – Michael was and for ever be this incredible human being, full of grace, talent, humanitarian, gentle soul, a family man, someone that cared for the World and the people on it – a perfectionist, an incredible mind in every way I hope that in someway this trial bring some peace to the family – May God Bless them and his children


  2. Celesteluna says:

    thank you for giving a rational voice for trial followers. The MJ fans at the courthouse make everyone look bad.


  3. Thank for share your information!. Something will have the Pastor Sentences complete in PDF?



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